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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I would like to ask all of the people who are stating that both men and women are equal but DIFFERENT with different roles asigned to them what are these roles? and who asigned them and where are they written? These so called roles do not exist, they are roles asigned to us by society NOT by god I would like to see solid proof from the Quran stating women were created for a particular role that men were not. I believe that God is all knowing and because of the situation of the Arabs of the time, certain verses were specifically for them. they were the ones who would have to spread the message
  2. can you guys delete my account for me please
  3. their jus joking around but its pretty cute what do u guys think?
  4. hey guys i fixed her scarf cuz everyone was telling me it sucked... dude a girl named tinkerbell? THAT IS SO WEIRD
  5. she follows fadhlullah and he said she doesnt have to wear socks BOOYA
  6. check it out and let me know what u think please =) http://livelikeali.deviantart.com/art/tinkerbell-76217892 click on it to make it bigger
  7. this story is so sad, and that guy was such a good person poor little boy, now he lost both parents =( WTF??? wtf is wrong with the world
  8. what is wrong with you people what planet are you from if you live in the real world and have to deal with the real world a CHADOR is not practical AT ALL... historically speaking it was the upper class women who would wear them because they never had to do anything themselves.. i went to iran like 2 years ago and we had to buy one to wear them now and then OMG I WANTED TO BURN MINE.. you cant move in it you look like [Edited Out] its so hot its BLACK.. worse experience EVER
  9. puppeter hijab except my hair is covered
  10. they jus ban it in public run places or government run whatever schools, banks etc. honestly id shave my head
  11. first off i dont think all guys are like that second depends on the guy and his intentions ... sometimes they may feel if they approach a muslim girl she may feel offended or be timid/shy whatever, they dont really know whats going on in her mind.. ^ and that totally depends on the girl and her behavior and how she holds herself.. if she wears hijab its an automatic sign for the guy to back off, unless shes really talkative and open ... some guys may be complete perves and they feel they can easily get a non muslim girl than a muslim one ... others may jus feel really shy.. they can talk to an
  12. i think to generalize all music is ignorant. not everybody sings about sex, fornication basically, encouraging drinking and drug abuse get real there is music outside of mtv people in the mainstream are called sell-outs there are real people who have a message and a purpose not everyone can learn through text books... actually most people cant its the arts that change people and im NOT talking about sami yusuf and yusuf islam... im talking about talented people not alif is for Allah b.s.
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