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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 18/03/2008 In an unprecedented event, a delegate from Imam Ali Bin Mussa Al-Rida (pbuh) shrine panel in the Holy city of Mashhad in the Islamic Republic of Iran hands over to Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah Imam Rida's Flag raised on the Holy shrine. This flag has an exceptional story. The idea first came when an Iranian press delegation visited the Kheyam and Bint Jbeil villages in the aftermath of July victory in 2006. The delegation returned home and submitted a request to offer the flag raised on the shrine of Imam Ali Ibn Moussa al-Rida (as), the eighth infallible Imam of prophet Mohammad's (pbuh) household, as a tribute for Hezbollah's achievements. "They told me the request would be denied since such thing hasn't happened before, but we insisted on filing the request to Hazrat Imam Rida's panel. On the eve of Imam Rida's (pbuh) martyrdom anniversary, Ayatollah Sheikh Waez Tabassi, the panel's chief and representative of Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei in the holy shrine, approved our request", Mohsen Khozei, the representative of the Imam Rida shrine panel, told Al-Manar TV. It's striking that the flag wasn't made for such purpose; it was raised before the request. What's more attracting in the story is that all flags raised on the holy shrine before included the Divine Hadith: "There is no God but Allah is My shelter and he who enters My shelter shall be immune from My chastisement". However, without previous planning, the following Koranic Verse was written: "Help from Allah and a victory near at hand" As-Saf 13. Usually, flags are put in a special warehouse in the holy shrine; they had never ever been given to people. "When we got the flag, we visited the shrine of Sayyeda Massoumeh, sister of Imam Rida in the holy city of Qom, the Jamkaran mosque, the Sayyeda Rukaya shrine and the (Heads) in Syria where the flag was warmly welcomed", Khozei said. "Later on, we started our visit to Lebanon. People in Bint Jbeil and Kheyam villages enthusiastically welcomed the flag. We visited the house of Martyr Ali Monif Ashmar and his brother martyr Mohammad. We also visited martyr Imad Moghniyeh's family and the martyrs' cemetery", he added. The delegation presented the flag to Hezbollah deputy secretary general Sheikh Naim Kassem who in turn offered Hezbollah's flag to Imam Rida (pbuh) holy shrine. "We appreciate the hardship of traveling from the holy city of Mashhad to Lebanon holding a flag from the Imam Rida (pbuh) shrine", Sheikh Kassem said. "For us, it's a very nice and generous gesture. It also has a positive effect on the morale of the fighters and the faithful," he added. The delegate is to visit Hezbollah's former secretary general Sayyed Abbas Moussawi's mausoleum in Nabi Shiet (in the Bekaa region) where a celebration would be held to welcome the flag. The final destination of the flag will be in the hands of Hezbollah's Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah who is also Imam Rida's grandson. http://www.almanar.com.lb/NewsSite/NewsDetails.aspx?id=38222
  2. Selam millet! manda Azeri'yem! Wa man qurur duyuram ki Azeri'yem! Wa man qurur duyuram ki Muselmanam. Azerbaycan oyaxdi, Enqelaba dayaxdi! Hammiyizi sevgiyle selamliyiram! -Cihad-
  3. (salam) Dear Brother 'Jaane Ya Ali'. It is nice to see a brother like you who is actively thinking how to improve his imaan. I think that you are a good believer (momeen), but I do not believe your imaan will be better if you move to Iran. You have lived your entire life in the UK. You are a citizen of UK (and probably also from Pakistan). If you believe that in your environment now religion has a low place and that there is increasing amount of evil and corruption; than it is the responsibility of you and other believers in the UK to resist this and try to make the best of your environment and the UK. That there is evil, kufr and corruption affects everybody. By leaving this place, you maby want to save yourself. But we have responsibilities to our environment. We have to help and enlighten people around us. It is our duty to help any kind of people, just because God loves everyone. Once a Scholar said that 1 rakat of prayer that you do in a country where Satan has a lot of room (like UK for example), is far more better than many rakats you do in an Islamic country. This is true, because you resisted more. So I would advice you to think about the value of your deeds in the place where you live now and also to think about our responsibilities.
  4. From The Times June 6, 2007 Muhammad is No 2 in boy's names Helen Nugent and Nadia Menuhin Muhammad is now second only to Jack as the most popular name for baby boys in Britain and is likely to rise to No 1 by next year, a study by The Times has found. The name, if all 14 different spellings are included, was shared by 5,991 newborn boys last year, beating Thomas into third place, followed by Joshua and Oliver. Scholars said that the name’s rise up the league table was driven partly by the growing number of young Muslims having families, coupled with the desire to name their child in honour of the Prophet. Muhammad Anwar, Professor of Ethnic Relations at Warwick University, said: “Muslim parents like to have something that shows a link with their religion or with the Prophet.” Although the official names register places the spelling Mohammed at No 23, an analysis of the top 3,000 names provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) puts Muhammad at No 2 once the 14 spellings are taken into account. If its popularity continues – it rose by 12 per cent last year – the name will take the top spot by the end of this year. It first entered the Top 30 in 2000. The spelling Muhammad, like all transliterations, comes from replacing the Arabic script with what is deemed its closest Latin equivalent. There are many versions in Britain, depending on where the family are from and variations in pronounciation. Muhammad, which means “one who is praiseworthy”, is often given to boys as an honorary prefix and is followed by the name by which they are commonly known. It is regularly cited as the most common name in the world, though there is no concrete evidence. Mufti Abdul Barkatullah, a former imam at the Finchley mosque in northwest London, said: “Parents who name their son Muhammad believe that the name has an effect on their personality and future characteristics. They are saying that this boy will be of good character. “Some people may not really understand the history of the Prophet Muhammad and the name but they still want the association so they can be recognised as one of his followers. “In Arab countries, the name Muhammad is said when you don’t know the name of someone. On the sub-continent, it is different: Muhammad can be used either before or after another name. “When you get to the UK, it is essentially about translating the sound of the Arabic into English. A nonArab Muslim would have the name ending in -ed while an Arab Muslim would adopt the -ad ending.” Overall, Muslims account for 3 per cent of the British population, about 1.5 million people. However, the Muslim birthrate is roughly three times higher than the nonMuslim one. Statistics from the ONS show that Muslim households are larger than those headed by someone of another religion. In 2001, the average size of a Muslim household was 3.8 people while a third contained more than five people. According to data from CACI Information Solutions, men who are named Muhammad are 5½ times more likely to go on holiday in Asia and twice as likely to live in Yorkshire than most other people. Additionally, a man named Muhammad is most likely to be aged between 25 and 34 and to have an average salary of £25,000. The leading name for girls born to Muslim parents in 2006 was Aisha, in 110th place. Its meaning is “wife of the Prophet” or “life”. How do you spell that? The different spellings of Muhammad in 2006 and the number of occurrences Mohammed 2,833 Muhammad 1,422 Mohammad 920 Muhammed 358 Mohamed 354 Mohamad 29 Mahammed 18 Mohammod 13 Mahamed 12 Muhammod 9 Muhamad 7 Mohmmed 6 Mohamud 5 Mohammud 5 — Scholars and imams differ on why there are so many variants of the name — Some say it is the result of phonetic translations by Muslims who moved here from abroad. Others say that it is merely down to the personal choice of the parents The most popular names for baby boys in 2006 1 Jack 6,928, 2 Muhammad (all spellings) 5,991, 3 Thomas 5,921, 4 Joshua 5,808, 5 Oliver 5,208, 6 Harry 5,006, 7 James 4,783, 8 William 4,327, 9 Samuel 4,320, 10 Daniel 4,303, 11 Charlie 4,178, 12 Benjamin 3,778, 13 Joseph 3,755, 14 Callum 3,517, 15 George 3,386, 16 Jake 3,353, 17 Alfie 3,194, 18 Luke 3,108,19 Matthew 3,043, 20 Ethan 3,020 Source: Office for National Statistics/ The Times
  5. Imam Khamenei (ha) on his martyrdom: March 23, 2004 Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei condemned here Monday the assassination of Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin by the Zionist regime. "I was informed that the hands of the occupying Zionist regime have committed the abominable crime of shedding the blood of Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin." "Certainly, martyrdom was what this pious man aspired but this cannot play down the gravity of the crime the criminal Zionist occupiers committed. The blood of Ahmed Yassin will feed the Islamic resistance and will further flare up the wrath of the Palestinians. "The spirit of Sheikh Yassin is alive and his thoughts will be a source of the inspiration for Palestinian youth. The occupying criminals should know that their idiotic showdown is the greatest sign of their failure and weakness. The Zionist regime is doomed to failure.” He added. Ayatollah Sistani also condemned in the same manner this killing. I couldnt find his statement.
  6. Salaams, hope you are doing well brother Shiawarrior83. It is not difficult to help this problem out. If you find good help for this, the feeling and thought that you have will change in a good way. I, as a psychologist, would advice you not to listen at all to the shayk you have spoken. First of all, just contact your doctor/physician. I am sure he can help you further. Maybe it is also helpful to do the things you were adviced here in this forum. But FIRST OF ALL THINGS, go to your doctor and explain the situation to him. With salaams and dua.
  7. Salaams, What SydneyShia said is true. Although there are also Shia's in Istanbul, the chance is big the ones who did like your Thulfiqar were Alawi's. There are 5 million Alawi's in Turkey according to estimates. Total population of Turkey is 70 million. As for Shia Muslims in Turkey; the vast majority is of Azeri origin. To my information there is also a huge number of converts to Shia Islam in Turkey. http://www.zeynebiye.com/main.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IxZvp6xzuI (Ashoora video in Turkey, in the city Igdir; the only city in Turkey where the majority is Shia)
  8. (salam) The good thing about him is that he gives in a very clear manner the official Israeli opinion, without lies.
  9. Mustafa Khomeini's mausoleum reopens The mausoleum of the martyr Ayatollah Sayed Mustafa Khomeini, the elder son of the IRI founder Ruhollah Khomeini, reopened in Iraq's holy Najaf city Wednesday. The project was co-undertaken by the Iranian Institute for Publication and Organization of Imam Khomeini's Works and Ayatollah Sistani's Office in Najaf. Sayed Mustafa Khomeini was one of the closest friends and most devout followers of his father Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He was endowed with extraordinary intelligence and genious and as a distinguished scholar of the theological center in Qum, he stood by and aided Imam throughout each stage of his struggle against the dictator Shah regime. Sayed Mustafa Khomeini was finally martyred on October 23, 1997 suspiciously by the cooperation of the intelligent agents of the deposed American-backed Iranian and Iraqi dictators Shah and Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Meanwhile, head of the delegation sent to holy Najaf by the Institute told the News Center of the theological seminaries that memories and other works relating to Imam Khomenini in Iraq and France are being gathered and organized. Hojjatoleslam Mohammad-Reza Rahmat said that Imam Khomeini's residing place in Iraq had turned into a directorship center of the Islamic Revolution. He hoped that in the near future the place will be introduced and will gain its right position. Hojjatoleslam Rahmat pointed to the important role of Najaf Seminary in keeping and distributing religious teachings. Najaf Seminary has cradled great Shiite scholars, he said adding, "currently, more than four thousand religious students from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and other countries are studying in the Seminary." Source: IRIB
  10. Salaams, Let me add my opinion. I study psychology (inshallah this februari I will start with my Master in clinical psychology), and red much about schizophrenia. Before saying something about the question on anti-psychotics by the topic-opener, I want to react on some misunderstanding. Schizophrenia is not also called manic-depressive disorder. Manic-depressive disorder (better known as bipolar disorder) is another type of disorder then schizophrenia. Sister. Where these clients treated ONLY with medication? And clear for how long? Because the risk of relapse if medication is stopped is very high. Schizophrenia is NOT a personality disorder. Maybe you thought about schizoid personality disorder and schizotypical personality disorder. These are personality disorders, but not schizophrenia. Yes I did! I know a man who is has schizophrenia. He says and beliefs that he is the 313th companion of imam Mahdi (aj). As for the first question; According to the research I have done in my study, the use of anti-psychotics ONLY isnt the right solution (for the big majority of patients) on the long term. According to follow-up studies, the risk of relapse is very high if medication is stopped or even reduced. For long term positive results you have to take psychotherapy. To my opinion cognitive-behavioural therapy is the best treatment for dealing with schizophrenia. And I think medication can be very helpful in combination with a cognitive therapy. But this can differ from patient to patient.
  11. (bismillah) Ina lilah wa ina Ilayhi raji3oon. May Allah's mercy be upon this Great Scholar. Please everyone; recite another Fatiha for him. Al-Fatiha.
  12. (bismillah) Ina lilah wa ina Ilayhi raji3oon. May Allah's mercy be upon this Great Scholar. Please everyone; recite another Fatiha for him. Al-Fatiha.
  13. (salam) So according to Ayatollah Fadhlullah; it is Monday.
  14. Salaams, A couple of months ago, he left this world. May Allah have mercy upon him. When we listen to him, we will remember imam Husayn (as) thanks to him and his beautiful nohays.
  15. Salaams, In Frankfurt there is a shia mosk. It is from the Turkish community. Its called Fatima az-Zahra Mosk. I will ask the adress and if I know I will write it here.
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