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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @ Sipahi110 Thanks for explaining the different types of seekers of knowledge. At the end of the day it's all about intentions and your heart, it's a shame that in our Shia faith people are only good at criticising and blaming others without taking a look at themselves....nobody is infallible in this world and we all sin in one way or another? But Allah has hidden this from other people and he is the most forgiving of all..! Why are Shia's not united and like to attack one another? You frequently see big Marja and scholars doing this because it's all about attracting power and getting the Khums. Please stop criticising and trying to pinpoint everything that Sayed Ammar does! For god sake at least he's trying to educate people and the youth about Islam and the Ahlubayt(as), I know so many have been guided by this man and have learned so much from him. Those who like to critise him, I want to ask you what are you doing in your life now?! Do you really enjoy bacbiting about others? Are you propagating Islam and the Ahlubayt (as) to others? Or are you just busy looking at others mistakes whilst you ignore your own?! Leave the man alone and go and help the poor refugees in the world or the oppressed people! Stop trying to destroy the reputation of others.
  2. Interesting study article I read today, linking Tattoos with Anger! http://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2015/oct/15/study-restores-link-between-tattoos-and-anger?CMP=fb_gu
  3. There is a very big difference between getting your ear pierced and Tattoos..! Ear piercing is done on a very small part of your body, the Ear which contains a tiny hole that is enough to wear jewellery...specifically designed for women to beautify themselves. Whilst Tatttoo's is using a deep needle to puncture ink deep into the skin, and over time these inks will migrate to the lymph nodes and block them up. Now who wants to block up their lymph nodes?! Lymph nodes contain all the immunity cells of the body and if they get blocked up than the body becomes a mess. Plus getting tattoos all over the arms and hands looks ugly and a mess... Hence tattooing overall is associated with big health problems over time.
  4. Well said Muhammed Ali..! I totally agree with your statements, I personally think that those who have tattoos, go under the needle with all that pain must have some kind of underlying problems. As you say they must think that they are ugly or not wanted for them to go through so much pain... It's definitely an underlying psychological symptom of some kind. You see all these crazy famous people like celebrities and footballers getting tattoos, but this should tell you something is wrong. Why do we want to follow them?
  5. Agree about migrating if there is a compatible spouse but what about marrying someone from back home? Can there ever be compatibility if they have lived in a different country and culture than you...
  6. Lol... I've heard he's been married a few times before if I'm correct. I hope the breakdown wasn't due to girls drooling over him!
  7. I totally agree with you about how young girls go drooling over Sayed Ammar, it's so sad and it's like these young girls have lost their modesty!You even have girls on instigram painting pics of Sayed Ammar and quoting him...we are living in sad times! I mean the guy is young and handsome but he's looks are generally ordinary, he's not that good looking. But I will say he's very charasmatic and people get attracted to this. I actually feel sorry for his wife, I'm sure she won't be happy with girls doing this...
  8. @ Alirex Inshallah no hard feelings... Young speakers like Sayed Ammar should be encouraged as they are good in spreading the Shia knowledge and Ammar is charismatic so he knows how to attract and pull people towards him. For a short guy he definitely knows how to attract attention to himself...lol May Allah bless all speakers and scholars. The only issue that worries me is that some people have made them like gods...astigufurallah. This we have to be careful about as we should respect and give them some love but at the same time our love should not blind us to their faults...as they are still humans and need guidance as well. This is what we all have to be careful about.
  9. [quote name="alirex" post="2779146" timestamp="1424617800" bcoz we are not praising Ammar Nakshwani bcoz he is Fair in color or having Black eyes with Trim Eye brows. ?
  10. @ Alirex To all respect to you I think you are getting very confused between praising someone in a modest way and praising them too much like they are a Hollywood or Bollywood star..! Remember Sayed Ammar is still a normal human being like you and me, he is NOT infallible like the Prophets and Holy Imams (as)....do you understand this? I'm surprised that you suddenly try to accuse me of hatred, you need to be careful with your words. I didn't say anything wrong but people like you are making him too big and he already has a very big ego, so really you need to get to know him properly before you start praising him too much. In fact the substance in his lectures are reasonably okay but he does occasionally make mistakes and his own character is somewhat in hot water these days. His temper is well known and can be seen on YouTube, and his sometimes non-academic sarcastic tone towards Sunnis makes it very hard sometimes to show to my Sunni friends who just want to learn without being ridiculed. He also recently got his body tattooed in very public places, is this something to be proud of?? He charges around $2,000 a night for when he speaks and has the most luxurious hotels and watches and cars and clothes. His modesty is almost completely non-existent. Sorry but this is the real Sayed Ammar, and I honestly wish him luck in his various work and I hope he improves in his life. My biggest advice to you my dear brother is that you should take the Holy Prophet and the Holy Imams (as) as your guides in life and try to follow their examples in life. The Infallible Holy Prophets and Imams are our proper guides in life, not a normal mortal human being.
  11. Offcourse these scholars are doing a great job by promogating our religion and they work hard. But at the same time it's their job and they have chosen this path. The annoying part is how some people can make these speakers and scholars so great like some kind of Hollywood or Bollywood celebrities, this I think is wrong!
  12. @ Alirex Sayed Ammar always travels all over the world, so one day he maybe in the UK and the next day in Japan! That's the amazing part about being a religious scholar or speaker, they get to travel everywhere in the would. But I don't know how this will affect his health as flying too frequently is not good for the health..
  13. I heard about this rumour as well, but I'm not sure how accurate this is. Looking at the current situation in America nowadays and the way the media over there has portrayed Islam in a very negative way. I don't think it's a good idea to live in the USA either... Maybe he has wives or his children live over there!
  14. Yes he's been living for the past year in the USA but apparently he's been back in the UK for the past few weeks. I guess it must get tough to live away from your family for a long period of time...
  15. Yes that's very true I actually feel sorry for Sayed Ammar he's had so much criticism within the last few months!
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