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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Any Muslim women from Hartford, CT? Let me know if you are from there

  2. whats wrong with the question.... i am asking if this is allowed and if some people practice it?
  3. Asalaam alaikum, So i was curious to know, would you or do you, do mutah, after marriage too? so like you have a permanent spouse but still want to do muta, with other women, for whatever reason, is this allowed? no silly answers please
  4. wa alaikuma salaam from what i understand of the quran a persons repentance is not meaningless until he actually dies, repentance will be unacceptable wen the sun rises from the west, anything b4 that i have never come across, please provide quranic reference to the underlined above.While u still hav a breath in your body and remorse in your heart (whihc we will not know wether he had or not and no 1 can say otherwise) u can repent, wether Allah swt accepts is another issue, That is between the muslim and Allah swt. I do not wish to argue with anyone here, i said what i wanted to and if people
  5. Firaun was not ABLE to repent b4 his death... The angels stuffed seaweed in his mouth while he was drowing becos he was about to repent and they new Allah swt would accept his repentance if he did so, hence why they did this. Firaun was not able to repenet b4 his death.
  6. i have answered your post, i take it you have no repsonse hence why u repeat yourself and i also assume from the way u are talking and passing judgement on others's sins, is becos u have none of your own....(whihc i doubt very much cos everyone has sins) so that makes u ...guess what?....a HYPOCRITE. Open your eyes and look at the bigger picture, read up more and educate urself about ISLAM and what Allah swt expects of u as a believer....Instead of eating yourself up with hate and resentment AN pray for those that have been harmed by saddam and by others. Ameen
  7. can u tell me how u know that that verse Allah swt would directly relate to saddam? stop passing judgement on what u know not. I dont deny what he has done. How do u know he didnt repent b4 his death and that it was accepted by Allah swt? B4 passing judgement on others sins, we should look at our own...
  8. if Allah swt forgives those who murder and turn away from him and have mercy on them, who are u as a muslim to say such things?yes he has done bad things, no 1 can deny that. as Allah swt said, those who have mercy and forgiveness on mankind, will have my mercy and forgiveness for their sins on Day of judgement. have fear of Allah swt , or are u jus perfect and have no sins to be forgiven? May Allah swt forgive u.Ameen
  9. Ina lilah wa layhi raji'oun May Allah swt forgive the sins of our brother and grant him jannah. Ameen May he Allah swt ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters all around the world, and give the wrongdoers the most painful punishment in this world and the aakhirah, Ameen.
  10. there is not jsu one type of zina, u have zina of the eyes (watching something haraam), zina of the tongue(backbiting, kissing,swearing etc), zina of the feet(if u walk towards a sin i.e. a pub/club) and so on and so on
  11. anytime Allah swt sent revelations to propehets or messengers, it was always thru the Angel jibraeel AS , Allah Swt did this as warnings to mankind becos on the Day of Judgement wen we all face him, no one will have ANY excuse/reason for sinning-Why? becos they were sent warners..i.e. messengers and Propehts may Allah swt send peace and blessings upon them
  12. hence the reason my confusion. wa alaikum aslaam J/k ali zaki i understand the intercession bit as this is allowed, u r correct, the impression i was getting from this shia person when they were talking was that shias pray directly TO the 12 imams and not Allah swt, i asked to clarify "so wen u make dua do u make dua directly to the imams or Allah swt" he stated yes directly to them, if this is the case then it wouldnt be asking for interecession from Allah swt would it, if your not even praying DIRECTLY to Allah swt in the first place. j/k for your response in advance
  13. serious? so both of the above statements are untrue? teh shia im tlaking about is a male BTW. so wat books do u refer to for the teachings of the prophet SAW? j/k
  14. i would like to enquire, i was tlaking to a shia the other day, and he stated that shias dont believe in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAW , only the quran, is this true? He also stated that wen shias pray and they make dua etc , that shias dont pray to Allah swt but the 12 imams, is this true? jazkallah khair in advance
  15. Assalamu alaykum InshaAllah we can use this thread to share ideas of good actions we can implement in our everyday lives. Please stay on topic! Al Sadaqat al Jariyah - The actions which outlives you! 1. Give a copy of Quran to someone and each timethey read from it, you will gain hasanaat 2. Donate a wheel chair to a hospital and each time a sick person uses it, you will gain hasanaat 3. Share constructive reading material with someone 4. Help in educating a child 5. Teach someone to recite a dua. With each recitation, you will gain hasanaat. 6. Share a dua or Quran CD 7. Participate in the b
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