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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Walykum Salam. Thanks for your answer. I understand it's not easy to stand and pray at the seat; I've never done it myself but I have found out that it is obligatory to stand at seat, if they don't allow you to stand at the rear of the plane. I like Turkish and KLM because they have no problems in this, but Qatar being a Muslim state doesn't allow. I think we just have to ignore the looks of the passengers. I think Riya should not be given any importance when it comes to obligatory actions. The mujtahids say that salat cannot be skipped under any circumstances. It means that it is not to be omitted whether one is travelling or at home; even if the time is running out, it is obligatory upon the Muslim, for example a traveller, to say his salat in a plane, ship, car, or a train whether stationary or moving; it could be performed any where: in the waiting room, in a public park, on the side of a road, or at the work-place, etc.When it is not possible for the traveller to say the salat in a plane or a car or a train in a standing position, he should say it while he is seated.If it is not possible for him to find the direction of the qiblah, he should face the direction that he most probably thinks to be the qiblah; if he is unable to prefer one direction to the other, he should pray in whatever direction he is facing.If it is not possible to face the qiblah except for takbiratul ihram (the opening "Allahu Akbar"), he should at the least say the takbir facing the direction of qiblah. (See the question-answer section below.)It is permissible to ask the airhostess about the direction of the qiblah so that she may ask the pilot about it. If you have confidence in their information, you can rely on it even if they are non-Muslims.Similarly, it is permissible to rely on scientific instruments for determining the direction of the qiblah, for example the compass, if a Muslim is convinced about its correctness. ------ The above shows that if it is possible to stand at the seat, then one has to stand.
  2. Thanks for replying. Yes, but I know people who pray standing on the seat. And the rule is that if you can stand, you then must stand. I have read in bathroom as well, standing, but have never read standing on the seat...many times while sitting though. So the question is.... Standing at the seat is going to be tricky... And people will obviously watch you as well....but we'll just have to ignore them? Is there anyone who has read namaz at the seat standing and how do you do ruku?
  3. Salam. I've traveled on many different airlines and have read namaz several times in air. Most airlines allow passengers to read namaz at the back of the plane. But Qatar Airways do not allow that and instead advise passengers to read it on their seats. I'm due to travel on Qatar soon and was wondering what is the right way to read on seat. Previously I have read it while sitting, but the rule is that if you can stand, then you must stand. Has anyone read namaz while standing at their seat? Do you do ruku in standing position or after sitting on the seat ?
  4. And let those who cannot find someone to marry maintain chastity until Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) makes them rich through His favours ..."(Surah 24, Verse 33) If someone is following the verse above, staying chaste when he/she cannot find anyone for marriage, as commanded by Allah, would this mean this will be harming their soul? If yes, then what should an unmarried person do that his soul doesn't get harmed and he suffers no negative consequences for as long as he/she remains unmarried.
  5. No, no. On the contrary I meant to say that sexual urge is definitely not like thirst and hunger. Yes, that's what I was implying myself. Sexual urge will not kill and that's why sexual sins do not become permissible - but the book seems to portray that the urge is uncontrollable and if one is unmarried , then that's it - he will resort to sin (and if not sin, he will still have negative consequences emotionally) - this cannot be right because it would imply that being chaste before marriage is causing negative consequences and we know that following Allah's commands does not lead to anything being negative.
  6. If one cannot tell a hungry person to refrain from eating and drinking, and sexual desire is even more powerful than hunger....then why are unmarried people required to refrain from sexual sins for as long as they are unmarried? The fact that one is required to be sexually patient till marriage indicates that it is not the same as hunger for food or water. Eating a pig or drinking wine becomes allowed when there is risk of death due to starvation, but sexual sins do not become halal if unmarried individuals feel any sexual starvation. Rather if they commit sexual sins, it would be considered as transgression of Allah's laws and they would be considered as those who have crossed the limits - as per Qur'an. Ofcourse Allah is most forgiving, but does that mean that unmarried people can justify their sexual sins?
  7. Hadith: "One who glances at a woman, but instantly looks away at the sky or turns his gaze down; before he could remove his gaze fully, Allah marries him to a black-eyed houri and he creates such a freshness of belief in his heart that he is extremely delighted." We are not saying it is easy or a piece of cake to avoid masturbation. It is even harder than Jihad in battlefield. It is definitely extremely difficult and requires almost super human effort. But there will always be some people for whom it will not be that difficult, rather they would feel extreme delight in NOT masturbating and maintaining their chastity and decency. I believe every unmarried person should aim for that target where lack of sexual fulfillment does not cause any frustration, rather he / she feels the sweetness of chastity and is automatically driven away from abusing one's own body. Easier said than done, but at least that should be the aim and when Allah helps, everything is possible. When Allah has promised that He will never test anyone with a burden greater than he can bare, then we cannot argue that avoiding masturbation is downright impossible (but it may be definitely extremely difficult).
  8. Allah is the judge, but the worst sin is the one which the sinner takes lightly. And if one is in a situation where there is absolutely no danger of adultery, no chance of adultery at all, would you say that he can still choose masturbation because it is a lesser sin? Nobody is claiming that Allah will not forgive - He can forgive adultery as well. But some people here claim that even though masturbation is a sin, it is still "wise" to masturbate and it is not possible to beat it. Such views would encourage people to indulge in this sin more rather than encouraging them to be patient as Allah has commanded. When a person believes he is doing something wise, he might not feel any need to repent or show grief or ask for forgiveness. When a person starts taking his sin so lightly that he thinks it is wisdom to commit that sin, then that is clearly a misguided thought.
  9. In the time of the rule of Umar a woman came to him and confessed of adultery. She also said, “Please impose the penalty of fornication upon me.” When Umar heard this, he ordered that the penalty of fornication be executed upon this woman. ‘Ali ((عليه السلام).) happened to be there and was surprised at this. He said, “Umar, inquire from this woman the conditions when she had committed fornication.” The woman explained, “I was extremely thirsty in the desert. When I went far in search of water, I sighted a black tent which belonged to an Arab. I approached him and asked for water. But he refused to give me any water without my having adultery with him. I did not agree to his devilish desires and ran away into the desert. My eyes became sunken and I felt as if each of my bones were breaking. I returned to this man and in exchange of a drink of water I gave my body to him.” ‘Ali ((عليه السلام).) said, “It is this compulsion which is mentioned in the ayat, ‘...But whoever is compelled by hunger, in inclining willfully to sin, then surely Allah is Forgiving Merciful,’ (Surah al-Mā’ida 5:3). This woman is not at all guilty of the crime.” Then Imam ((عليه السلام).) ordered for her release and she was released. -------------- Does masturbation fall in this category?
  10. We cannot assume which sin is more serious and which is not. The worst sin is the one which the sinner takes lightly. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) - "Do not look at how small your sin is, rather look at how great The One is that you're disobeying!" if you are propogating masturbation by claiming it is a smaller sin, then that is a very dangerous approach. We all sin - and we repent and Allah forgives. Nobody here is claiming any immunity from sexual sins, but to encourage people to indulge in a "presumed" smaller sin to avoid other "bigger" sins is not the way of Islam.
  11. Allah does not test anyone with a burden greater than he can bare.
  12. If a person is married and commits a sexual sin, his punishment is usually double that of the unmarried (the logic being that he has a spouse available with whom he can fulfill his needs but still chose to sin). But if a couple is separated for prolonged period of time due to being in separate countries, and have no halal means available to satisfy themselves, if they commit sexual sins, would their punishment still be double or would it be similar to the unmarried?
  13. Encouraging others to sin and calling it wisdom! Astagfirullah. Committing any sin but then feeling guilty and remorseful is one thing - but openly declaring that a sin is an act of wisdom is contradiction of Islamic principles. May Allah protect us.
  14. Then how can you say that it is prudent and wise to masturbate...
  15. If it had been prudent and wise to masturbate in order to avoid far more serious sins, then this would have been highlighted in Islamic law, for instance like :- "If one has fear of committing adultery/fornication, he should get married. And if he cannot get married, then he should masturbate." So, have you heard of any rule like that in Islam?
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