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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm gonna go back to the main topic and to clear one point out for the so called '' true believer '' No matter how much the number is...whether 1 or 1000..the path that these martyrs shaped is everlasting and shall not be whiped out..Our martyrs are our greats as the Sayed Abbas Al Mousawi :ra: once said.. so no matter how much you try to pull on this issue .. you're not going to succeed .. Our blood is the least we can give to defend our homes, children, and land.. and with God's will we will always be ready to answer the call of duty in face of the Zionist enemy.. Salam
  2. It is reported that Abou Thar Al Ghafari was the first who testified the welayah of Imam Ali (as) in the Athan and Ekama in prayers after Ghadeer Khom declaration of the successorship of Imam Ali (as) by the Prophe (pbuh) . One of the Ansar reported that to the Prophet (pbuh) who said that what Abou Thar said is correct . As for Haya Ala Khair Al Amal .. it is known that Omar was the one who banned it from the Athan alongside with the Muta' of marriage and Hajj .. Salam.
  3. 1:13 Hezbullah rockets on the settlement of Keryat Shmona led to a big fire . ( source = Al Jazeera TV )
  4. well its very simple .. if Omar was always correcting the Prophet (pbuh) , then why didn't Allah make Omar the Prophet instead of Mohammed (pbuh) ? After all , why would I wanna follow a person who is always corrected by another ? I could simply follow the corrector :lol: !
  5. loool :!!!: very true .. Bro Mount_Amel .. how can we credit Omar for usurping the right of Imam Ali (as) as the successor of the Prophet (pbuh) ,setting the House of Imam Ali (as) on fire, breaking the door on Lady Fatima Al Zahraa' (as) , and breaking her ribs and aborting her fetus ? goin back to the topic .. it seems to me that Bukhari is trying to refresh the page of Omar's '' good deeds '' lol .. yet .. very poor attempt and clearly a fabricated hadeeth .. Salam ..
  6. I believe he's goin to ask for more evidence :!!!: Evidence is shinning like the sun that its preventing the sunni brothers from seeing it :lol:
  7. isn't it mentioned that Abu Baker is the window :!!!: ?? lool .. funny fabrications
  8. n they say Shia are extremists :lol: looks like they fear having different point of views on their board :!!!:
  9. A clear selection of the successor of the Prophet (pbuh) was made in ghadeer Khom by the Prophet (pbuh) himself through a Godly divine order .. ( Man Kont Mawlah Fahatha Ali Mawlah ) .. strangely , the sunni bretheren consider mawla as only spiritual leader and to be friends with Imam Ali (as) :!!!: Plz correct me if im mistaken :D As for Abu Baker , his selection to lead people in prayers does not implement that he was the chosen successor of the Prophet (pbuh) .. There are even narrations that he was not chosen to lead the prayers , but he was rather pushed by his daughter Ayesha to do so
  10. Well I can bring a loooooooooong list of ahadeeth that Abou Horayra narrated from the Prophet (pbuh) that clearly contradict with the Quran :!!!: Hence, many forged ahadeeth and lies were presented by Abou Horayra
  11. i live in lebanon :D any1 cares 2 exchange places :!!!: ?
  12. 3atham Allah ajrkom jamee3an bemosab abi 3abdillah al hussein (as) :cry:
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