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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, What rites/rituals should we do in this tranfer? Please understand that we live in a country where access to opinions of a mujtahid is almost unavailable. Even internet access like this is only available when we have time to go to the centers. Most of the muslim areas in the philippines direly lack facilities. Anyway, can i again seek your help to clarify what rites should we do in the transfer of the burial site? And to motivate my kins, can we cite any justification or legal opinion for such transfer? Thanks and salaam... ammarjasir3355
  2. She was born a muslim, both her parents being original muslims. but since her marriage to her christian husband she hasnt openly practiced her Islam faith like prayers and fasting, having resided in a mixed muslim-christian community, and where at that time Islamic teachings in our place was not so seriously undertaken. About her marriage to a christian, let me just clarify that her husband got converted first to Muslim, thats why I said they were married in Islamic rites. But apparently our grandpa was never serious in his conversion, thats why he became a practicing christian again. My question again is: do we, her lliving descendants, have the obligation to have her grave transferred to a muslim cemetery, If so, what are the rites to be performed in such transfer? On the contrary, what is our responsibility if we donot do anythin about it? Please dont forget to comment on the second question about reserving a burial space in a catholic memorial park. Thanks a lot again... Salaam ammarjasir3355
  3. (bismillah) (salam) :( There are two situations which are bothering me, and I hope some brothers/sisters can give some enlightenment: 1. My maternal grandmother who has a royal blood (princess of sort) was married to a christian but in muslim rites. Some of their children (including my mother) embraced Islam, but most children became catholic. When my grandma died, her living husband and catholic children exerted all effort to have her buried in a catholic cemetery. This happened several years ago ( my grandpa is also deceased now). Questions that bother me now: was the burial a mistake?... If so, what is the obligation of those who were responsible? Do we have the religious and moral obligation to transfer our grandma to a Muslim Cemetery? If so, what rites/rituals are to be followed? 2. In a catholic city where there is no known muslim cemetery, can someone be buried in a memorial park that allows a non-catholic to be buried? Are we allowed to make reservation for a burial space in said memorial park as is being done in most cities? I will be very glad to hear comments on these questions. Allah blesss us always. ammarjasir3355
  4. (bismillah) (salam) i fully agree with ur uncle's formula brother komail, and i think the formula is still perfect even in older age; e.g. at age 70, your wife should be 42! Just perfect! :) thanks and salaam ammarjasir3355
  5. (bismillah) (salam) Few years back, when i was still a sunni, i read at Al Bukhari about Taraweeh prayers. One thing that I notice, the word "Taraweeh" was never mentioned in the contents of the chapter on Taraweeh Prayer. "Taraweeh" was mentioned only in the title of the chapter. Instead, the word "nafilah" was referred to as the prayer done by RASULULLAH (SAWA), during the nights of the month of ramadhan, emphasizing the fact that such prayers were not done in congregation. It was Omar who introduced this as a jamaa prayer. But what is amazing is the statement uttered by Omar on seeing the "beauty" of his innovation: "WHAT AN EXCELLENT BIDA'A!", Omar exclaimed! Thats what Bukhari says. When I showed this finding to one of the sunni ustadz for his comment, he got mad at me. Now i heard they are coming up with a new edition of Bukhari, and I'm almost sure they will delete this particular subject from this revised edition.w/ salam ammarjasir3355
  6. salam thanks for your clarification. can you please make further clarification on the "10 day rule"? ammarjasir3355
  7. (bismillah) Brothers and sisters, Assalamu alaykum... What is really the rule regarding musafirs ( on travel ) during the month of Ramadhan? Are they not really allowed to fast even if they sincerely want to? Is there reward or punishment if a musafir opt to fast sincerely? Please help us clarify this question. sincerely yours, ammarjasir3355
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