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  1. (bismillah) (salam) I think I've read that book sometime ago. It contains also a topic about the best and worst times of a day (whats the Arabic term for this?). I've been looking for a copy of the book but haven't seen it again. Will somebody please tell where we can find this book online? What's its real title? Thanks ammarjasir3355
  2. (bismillah) (salam) Are you sure its really haram? Without any condition? Is Friday prayer considered fardh? Will someone please give a scholarly answer to this and my other questions regarding Jum'ah prayer. 1. In sunni dominated areas we shias are always in danger of being in trouble if we join their congregation prayer, and we have no mosque of our own; so we are always forced to pray at home. Are we committing any sin if we dont join the Jum'ah congregation prayer? 2. If Jum'ah is Fardh why is it only required for males? 3. What was the condition of performing the Jum'ah prayer during the Prophet's SAWA lifetime? a. what time did they perform the Jum'ah prayer? Is it true they performed it before noon? b. did they still perform the Zuhur prayer after doing the Jum'ah? 4. Are there conditions or prerequisites before Jum'ah prayer can be considered as validly done? 5. Is the phrase "...and after standing in prayer disperse ye thru the land.." referring to the Jum'ah prayer or any prayer for that matter? 6. Is it really true that the Jum'ah prayer was imposed to replace the Zuhur prayer? If so, then what happened to the covenant that transpired during Al Mi'raj where the Five Fardh Prayers were imposed? Please somebody give us answer to these questions because in our place in the Philippines especially in the remote Muslim areas where sunnis are still the overwhelming majority, the issue of doing or not doing Zuhur prayer after Jum'ah prayer has caused a lot of heated discussions and sometimes trouble. Salaam to all... ammarjasir3355
  3. Salaam... Again let me go back to my main point of querry: presuming that scientific evedence will prove that urine has therapeutic value especially for problematic ailments, will it still be considered haraam? Regarding that hadith, I suggest you donot bother yourself anymore. This is one of the usual fabricated hadiths. ammarjasir3355 :)
  4. Salaam :) Thanks for this referral brother. I do hope others would have the time also to read wikipedia before making some conclusions. May I make the following points clear: 1, My main point is to know the religious basis of urine therapy. I therfore enjoin brothers/sisters not to make personal comments without legal (shariah) basis. 2. It is understood that I am not advocating that everybody should use urine to cure ailments when some remedies are readily available. If it is allowed by religion and granting urine can be proven of therapeutic value, then it can help many poor people or those afflicted with almost incurable ailments.( and urine seems to be the only cure). Hope there are more comments on this. Thanks again and salaam. :) ammarjasir3355
  5. :) Salamun Alaykum... :) Let me share my honest thoughts on this topic. First, practicing polygamy or doing mutah should not be an issue at all. It is tolerated by Islam, isn't it? As long as the intention is honest (not for mere purpose of promiscuity), I believe it is halal for men to do it and therefore there is no need to seek permission of first nikah wife, althogh it would be the most ideal scenario if the wife consents sincerely and honestly. Forgive me sis, but I dont see any reason for putting a condition in the marriage contract prohibiting something which is allowed by Allah (polygamy or mutah). I cannot see how "women's rights" should fit into something that is not prohibited by Islam. Loving somebody means allowing her partner to practice what Islam tolerates. Allah would have not tolerated polygamy if it were not for good reasons. You see, unlike men, women reach the so-called menopausal period during which time she may not be able to fulfilll her husband's biological needs. What then should a man do? Precisely to prevent zina from happening, polygamy is tolerated by Islam. Because men, as long as they live still maintain their biological needs. Lucky are wives whose husbands prefer to suppress their biologic needs and remain faithful to their wives "till death do them part". Marrying another woman does not necessarily mean diminishing or even losing one's love for his wife or family. In fact I believe that if only women would allow their husbands to marry other women the more they will be loved and respected by their husbands. If you love somebody, by all means you must be willing to grant what he wants or make him happy, as long as it is not prohibited by religion. Please dont get me wrong, there's no malice or offense meant here. By the way, I'm probably one of those many men suffering in silence for suppressing my desire to take another wife because I dont want to hurt my first wife. Sometimes I wonder: am I not committing a sin by doing injustice to mysef ( by not taking a second wife, which is not even prohibited by Islam)? May Allah's blessings and hidayat be on all of us... Salaam :) ammarjasir3355
  6. Salaam brother Zenadine Wow! Your advise was just superb, fantastic, practical and I believe Islamic! How I wish I can read some more comments from you about other important topics. Keep it up brother, may your tribe increase. ammarjasir3355
  7. Salamun alykum Now we are getting closer to it, that urine of some animals can be taken if used for medical treatment. Maybe at the time this verdict was given this issue about human urine was not yet seriously discussed. How I wish someone can help us verify this issue from our respected ulama. I really dont know how to contact them. Please help us find the answer (please no personal opinion without legal basis!). As to Zareen's comment that " Urine is a mechanism to flush out toxins": are not toxins precisely the trigger to produce antitoxins to cure diseases ( the mechanism behind active immunization)? Even the venom of the most potent cobra is now used as medicine, isnt it? Thanks again for all the comments. Hoping some more brothers/sisters will share their time/comments on this subject. ammarjasir3355 :)
  8. (bismillah) (salam) Many articles have been written alledging that URINE can be a cure for many ailments like asthma, cancer, diabetes, etc. Don't we consider the urine haram, thats why it invalidates wudhu? If it is haram, and if it is true it can cure some ailments, what does our religion say about it? Some authority please clarify this. Thanks and salaam ammarjasir3355 :)
  9. "And if you obey most of those in the Earth, they will lead you astray from Allah's Way; they follow but conjecture and they only lie." (bismillah) (salam) The simple question to ask is: why is it that, inspite of our claim that Islam is the only true religion, muslims are in total disarray, are feared, hated and subject to all kinds of suspicions? The answer is simple: Simply because most so-called Muslims exist only in name, and are not true followers of Islam. Most muslims have deviated far far away from the true teachings of Prophet Mohammad SAWA. Most so-called Muslims have not fulfilled a simple personal obligation: to know about their own religion. The truth is, present Islamic teaching tells us that the only criteria now to be called a muslim is if you pray five times a day to the mosque. If you do, then no matter what monkey business you do, you are still okay as a muslim. If you are not seen doing so, then you are not a muslim. Only very few muslims cared to learn the true teachings of Islam, most especially the history of the religion, specially the part that dealt with the Guardianship as mandated by Allah after the demise of the Prophet PBUH. The so-called Roots of religion have been discarded in favor of the so-called branches of religion. Having ignored this most important aspect of the religion (Guardianship), muslims naturally went on their own, like a ship in the vast ocean without a captain, each group giving their own subjective, biased interpretation of the Islamic teachings, taking into consideration their own interests, mostly lust for power and material things. And this is what is happening in the world today. Those who are clinging to truth, who have chosen the path of sacrifice, are only very few, the minority. But who cares about the numbers anyway? To me whats important is the truth, the real Islamic teachings as propagated by the Prophet PBUH and his Ahlulbayt AS. After all what counts is the life in the hereafter. Ramadan Mubarak to all! :) ammarjasir3355
  10. (bismillah) (salam) Can someone please tell me when is start of Ramadhan in the Philippines and where can we possibly get a prayer schedule including fajar/sunrise/sunset times? Is the moonsighting.com ok to be used by Shia? Do shia have any website re Islamic calendar? By the way, who compose this so-called Hilal Committee and which country do they belong or are based? Allah bless us all in this Holy month. ammarjasir3355
  11. Some Alims say that it is not fardh to establish Jumu'ah but if it is established (i.e. your local mosque has regular Jumuah prayers) then it is a Wajib prayer. (bismillah) Salaam, Thanks to Dhulfiqar and Amir Ramadhan. But sorry to say that my main question has not been answered,i.e. should we or should we NOT perform zuhur after attending the Jumuah? Those who say that jumuah is enough contend that jumuah prayer substitute the zuhur prayer and that doing both jumuah and zuhur tantamounts to doing six fardh prayers on friday. Sunnis especially in the urban centers cater to this idea. On the other hand, those who still do zuhur after jumuah believe that one of the requirements for jumuah is a Just Leader or Imam, aside from the fact that the concerned community s under an Islamic government. Also, they say that zuhur, being one of the five fardh prayers included in the Miraj covenent, cannot be abandoned lest one commits a grave sin. Most shia and rural sunnis follow this idea. I am just a Shia beginner. Please help enlighten me on this question especially on the history and rationale behind the jumuah prayer. ammarjasir3355
  12. (bismillah) (salam) Will somebody please enlighten me on some questions regarding Friday Congregational prayer? In our country, the Philippines, especially in the rural areas (where I live), questions regarding "Jumuat Prayer" have caused a lot of problem, discussions and animosities. On the one hand are native folks who maintain that the Zuhur prayer must be performed even if one has joined the Jumuat prayer. On the other hand, especially in the urban centers which are dominated by so-called learned preachers (sunnis of course) we are told that there is no need to perform Zuhur prayer after Jumuat prayer. Which is correct? Should we perform Zuhur prayer or not after the Jumuat prayer? Can you enlighten me on related questions? 1. when did Prop. Mohammad SAWA perform Jumuat Prayer, was it after or even before the revelation of Sura Jumaat? 2. During the Prophet's time,did they still do Zuhur prayer after the Jumuat prayer? 3. Is the Jumuat prayer fardhu or sunnat? 4. Please enlighten me more about the significance and reasons for the Friday congregational prayer. Salaam to all. :) ammarjasir3355 ;)
  13. (bismillah) (salam) When you donot carry the torch of truth you will always be torn apart. As usual, those wahabis put forth fatwas without any basis and just like most of their sunni brothers, when they are clobbered in a discussion with a Shia, they will hurl all sorts of invectives against their shi'a counterpart. Pity our women in the sunni society. Inspite of the fact that Qur'anic and Prophetic sayings enjoin high regards and respect for women, our sunni society continue to disregard the rights of their women, giving all sorts of prohibitions as if only men have been gifted with the ability to delineate between good and evil. It is this kind of fatwas that muslims continue to become illiterate and backward. Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah for giving me the light of the AHLULBAYT recently after uselessly spending almost my lifetime as a sunni. Wd salaam to all... ammarjasir3355 ammarjasir3355
  14. (bismillah) (salam) Reading on some of the comments, its a great wonder why some shiite members are against cleric rule in Iraq. If the opposition came from a sunni brother then I can understand because in the first place they are the minority in Iraq altho they lorded it over the shiite majority for so many years until the shameful exit of the despotic Saddam. I thought we shiites believe that the real government is: Of Allah, By the Prophets/Imams and For Allah ? That the real democracy, and hence a just government or laws is one which is contained in the Qur'an? If we doubt the capabilities of our mujtahids to run a just government, what then is the use of putting our trust in their fatwas? The situation in Iraq is just ripe and ideal for the establishment of another Islamic Republic. If only the majority shiites will unite, then they will take the helm of leadership. It is a golden opportunity and a great challenge for the mujtahids to prove that even before the coming of the Great IMAM AS our religious scholars can be capable of running a just government. Why should we worry what will happen to the sunnis and other minority tribes under a shiite rule? If we doubt that our shiite clerics wont be able to run a just government and instead become dictatorial, can we still safely say that shiism is the real followers of the true Islamic faith? Its a great challenge to our mujtahids. And I dare say that I have great trust that they will carry on a just rule as expected of the Holy Prophet and the Holy Imam AS. A word of caution: the US and its cohorts will do everything to prevent another Islamic Republic under the leadership of an Ayatollah from ever happening. But Allah's will shall eventually prevail. May Allah bless the Iraqis and grant their freedom soon under a just ruler. Salaam to all... :) ammarjasir3355
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