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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. Aslam o Alikom, many happy returns of the day. Happy Birhthday to you!!

    Ya Ali Madad!!

  3. Happy bbbirthday :) hope yu have an awesome special brother. May the Almighty grant you and your family a properous life in this world and the hereafter inshallah! My salams :)

    Fee amanillah

  4. Salâmun 'Alaykom! I hope you don't listen to those who disrespect your choice. According to Islam, a man is permitted to marry only a muslim woman. But in certain cases and according to several scholars, it is permissible to marry a woman from Ahlul Kitab (ie. Christian, Jewish or one who adheres to Zoroastrianism), but if she is from another religion than those mentioned, she will be regarded as a Kâfirah, and it wouldn't be permissible to marry her. If your wife is Kâfirah, it isn't permissible for you to have a relationship with her, unless she reverts to Islam. I hope that someone can com
  5. Salâmun 'Alaykom! Do you have any source to this news? Wa'Salaam, Bani Hashim
  6. Asalamu 'Alaykom Warahmatullâhi Wabarakatuh! The question that was send to Sayyed Sistanis office: The answer that we received: Wa'Salaam, Bani Hashim
  7. Al salamu aleikum

    Brother from another mother :-D

  8. Asalamu 'Alaykom Warahmatullâhi Wabarakatuh! Brother Abdallah, Is it permissible to have a wolf in the area you live in? I know that it is only a myth that wolves hunt down people. ;) Wa'Salaam, Bani Hashim
  9. Asalamu 'Alaykom Warahmatullâhi Wabarakatuh! Having a wolf is not Harâm, just like having a dog, it's not Harâm, but it is most probably Najis, considered, that a dog is of the same line as wolves. I will Insha'Allâh ask the Marâji's about this. PS: It's good seeing you here Brother Abdallah, I have missed your illuminating face. ;) Wa'Salaam, Bani Hashim
  10. Asalamu 'Alaykom Warahmatullâh Wabarakatuh! Sister Tears of Karbala, 1. Could you please define what Iran is, and what the Maraji' are? - Because it is a known fact that Iran has tons of Maraji' al-Taqleed, and last I checked, Iran wasn't a country led by non-muslims, if that is what you're stating. 2. Where does the Iranian Law state that it is permissible for a man to have sex-change-operations, if the sole reason is to have pleasure from men? 3. Have you ever considered that non-iranian Maraji' doesn't differ in their statements regarding this issue, that totally nullifies the thought of
  11. Asalamu 'Alaykom Warahmatullâhi Wabarakatuh! We are a group of Shi'â-students in Denmark, and we are making a website solely for removing the hideous image of the true Jihad, so therefore, we would be very thankful, if you could provide us with good articles on Jihad, and also the views of 'Ulama on the subject. Thanks in advance Wa'Salaam, Bani Hashim
  12. Alhamdulillâh, thank you for the answer :-)
  13. Asalamu 'Alaykom Warahmatullâhi Wabarakatuh! ÇÓÊÝÊÇÁ ÔãÇ ÈÇ ãæÝÞíÊ ÏÑíÇÝÊ ÔÏ Wa'Salaam, Bani Hashim
  14. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh inshallah everything is good with you brother. It has been a while inshallah everything wiil go well with you and the nikah. Take care

  15. Asalamu 'Alaykom Warahmatullâhi Wabarakatuh! Is Israel ready for a re-match, after what happened to them last time? :!!!: Zionists are always welcome :shaytan: Wa'Salaam, Bani Hashim
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