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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Can anybody please tell me that, At the battle of Karbala, how many horses and swords and spears etc did the Cavalry of Imam Hussain(as) had with them. An answer along with a reference would be more satisfying. I need the answer urgently, because i have to forward it to someone who asked me that. Thank you Fi'amanAllah !
  2. OMG ! ... i am late I am really Shocked ! ........ Ya Allah Panjtan Pak (as) , Bara Imam (as) , Chahaarda Masumeen (as) ke waastay , Blessing ke walid sahaab ko baksh day, aur unhain buland darajaat ata farma aur Janat-e-furdaus me jaghay inayat farma. Elahi-Ameen.
  3. thank you very much for ur prayers siso ! Allah aapko aur aapki family ko sehat o salaamti de
  4. Well ... my Duty was to tell this to all of you .. including the mods ...... now its upto them
  5. Well .... i didnt like this new change ...... because ... the part of the world i come from .... "RED" colour is meant for happiness ..... RED is used when there is some kind of Celebration or happiness ....... The colour of Sorrow and grief is "BLACK" i prefer it to be changed into Black ..... anyway ..... Its upto you.
  6. What do you guys say about Hadiqa Kiyaani. May ne recently suna hay ke, hadiqa ne aik newborn baby adopt kia hay jis ka naam usne "Naad-e-ALi" rakha hay. I mean, This name is clear cut the name of shias. Does this mean she is shia also? What do u guys think about Musharraf? .... ive heard hes also shia. And yeah, i have no doubt on Mohammad ALi Jinnah and Allama Iqbal .... they are shia for sure.
  7. I wish i had A Bomb and a Loaded Ingram. So that i could fit a Bomb in the Builiding of balaji productions. and the Ingram to Kill Tulsi,palavi and every dumb artist which work in these stupid dramas ......... i am sick of STAR PLUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yes , i have also read it some where that ..... The prophet (pbuh) was from the progeny of Hz Ismail (as) .
  9. -did they believe in one god? >>> Yes they did believe in one GOD, and they werent idol worshippers.They had the teachings of the prophets that came before Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) -did they believe in the shahada? >>> Yes they did believe in prophets that came before Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) In the right manner , which makes them Muslim. -did they believe in the quraan? >>> No they didnt believe in the quran yet, because it had not arrived at their time. But they did believe in the books and words of Allah that came before Quran.
  10. SO TRUE !!! MAn !! ....... Its very Much True !
  11. ofcourse i want to marry ! ......... who doesnt ? ...... even a married person wants to get married ! Looks like someone is using my avartar ............ Patriot !! ........... Just kidin .... i Dont mind !
  12. BINGO !!! ..... this one makes umer as the successor of prophet mohammad (pbuh) ......... but hey (Scrating head) !!! .... why is he still the second caliph ? Something to think about .......... isnt it ? well there are two possibiliteis : 1.Abubakr went against the word of prophet mohammad (pbuh) , by becoming the caliph himself. 2. This hadith is unauthetic, and a lie against prophet mohammad (pbuh) You have to choose one ......... MY Friend ..... no need to look for the refrences.We know its found in bukhari. Chilaphat was just like a fried chiken for these yard length faced ppl . Abub
  13. its is just that your prayer becomes void if you have any kind of tatoo on your body ....... even women have to remove all that makeup stuff and nail polish etc, before offering wudhu and prayer............. i mean come on !!! this is a common fact.
  14. Listen bro ........ its not that you must go to the extreams ..... matam is just a way to show love and association to imam hussain (as) , and to cricticize and show hatred towarda the yazidis . Its just that you have to show who you are with ......... whome do u cricticize, and whom do you love, It isnt necessary to go to the extreams. Here is an example for you ! Every year at the ocassion of HAJ . Millions of Muslims show their hatred towards the SHAYTAN (The Devil), evey muslim collects stones, travells a mile and then throws those stones at the three pillars .What does it mean ? If you
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