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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Mansab jafri, may Allah always keep u happy , maula salamat rakhe aap ko, your answer is impeccable, your understanding is impeccable on this matter. Allah hamesha khush rakhe.
  2. salam bros/sis u know what they say, theres always a bigger fish in the ocean,,just when u think u seen all,,,another major problem pops up,,:),,,thats another name of life struggle
  3. Pumpkin friend: salam do u really think boundaries exist?,,think about it,,boundaries exist on ur paper,,,boundaries exits for us,,, but not for nation builders,,isnt that america calls it self,,,;),catchmy drift,,lets c how much nation building goes on ....inshallah nothin will happen to pakistan but keep watchin,,give it 2 years,,hardly,,i kid u not,,u will c major action against pakistan from india and afghanistan,,,,,the karzai government wants islamabad taken out....do u kno why,,,read a lil about PAKHTUN's,,,,rea dwhere deir loyalty is,,,50% ppl in afghanistan are pakhtuns,,,they all love pakistan,,:),,hence the taliban,,a name given by afghan and americans for their mutual interst against a majority group..,tahts y the afghan government hates them,,cuzno matter how many lines they draw on that map paper or maps that we wanna c,,,it doesnt effect the tribal pakhtun ppl:)....and if u wanna argue oo those ppl r crazy,,leme tell u,,,northern alliance and all that [Edited Out],,,theyre just as if not mroe screwed...when it really coems down to it,,,russians and americans they're both friends of materialism,,,,both will always coem with interst not with freedom..,,btw read bout the condition on which USA went oin afghanistan,,,NATION BUILDING,,lol,,theres not a single 2 story building standing EVEN in KABUL,,which is a capital,,what a nation building after 7 years of tyranny...have u ever read bout durrand line,,,?read about it,,,,,you will kno all tht im tryin to say,,,
  4. fo sure bro,,stay in touch,,i mite go to chapters again,,:),,and ill mak sur u get that fact:)...but is taht ur answer to mu quesetion though, iasnwered urs liek u said dishing out thing...i explained to u ,,,and now u juz overlook it...im not bieng rude im sorry if i do,,and i apologize in advance,
  5. Yes the Pakistani elite will do everything that is dished ou to them ,WAKE UPP....just like pakistani govenemnt signed papers that are out now with US government to bomb its ppl in tribal pakistan,,,i wud liek to ask help in thismatter from my pakhtun brothers on this site if any. btw pakistani government officialy denies any treaty like that, please explain to me y they dish that out,,i cant get the laod of it infact...they acknowledged it in the parliament,lolzz,,,but on World stage and when adressng the nation the ysay nothin like that can ever happen,lolz get a load of hypocrisy
  6. I just wanna get views on this..becaue to me it looks like,,there might be a hundered more agendas for this mans election but one of them that hits me is ..:|,,the timing:|,never has america faced so many coversions to islam i mena north and south america...they all look at USA as thier light,,,so it looks like they wanna show their people you can b christian and good black christian kinda mentality,,,,they wanna show people what happened to them dint happen becasue of their way of life....so now all of a sudden a black face appears as a president,,,"colored mans reaction here in americas),omg im sooooo acepted in america MY DREAMMMM,,dyam u c i told u this country is where its at,",,,and now black ppl make fun TOo whne bombs r dropped on iraq and afghans,,lolz i find that soo soo soo ironic,,nun the less question is do u think its a ploy by USA to stop This mass migration from christianity and other religiong to islam.
  7. yes yes , sorry my bad..lol,,,im at work since the last 11 hours,,lol,,i need sleep,,im sorry and yes tahts what it is.
  8. naa no denying that songs like man in the mirror and heal the world, leave me alone, who is it,,they r piece of art. u guys ever heard , punjabi ppl mite understand " Nachan da chaj avay te o vi ibadat ae"
  9. im sure i read that in CIA world maps published every few years, i saw one in chapters in political science chapters, hmm go along the line of new century plan and im pretyt sure you will find it..
  10. It is myth u follow, knightstemplar. a plain and clear myth....it was a heresy against Tamplars that they are muslims becasue the european elite dint kno what these ppl r upto, thats all. correct me if im wrong please.
  11. DOnt call Pakistan a trash yard, what u call trash mite be heaven for sum ppl, regardless of that , the political elite of pakistan is a bunch of money gathering pigs, and yes yes and yes i mean it...those [Edited Out]s r self righhteous ppl, i kid u not when i say , these so called elitist talk about islam and whn they talk bout it they make it osund like no ones ever talked about islam liek they did,,,they pick up girls from poor villages ,,GAng bang them in their houses ,,throw them in thier hosues and leave money wid them which from thier point of view is justice,,,,MONEY MONEY MONEY,,,,btw im talking from real experiences that i kno of and ihear from their mouths,,and hwne u look in their eyes while they say and joke bout it,,i find no remorse no wronging somebody, and then there r tehse millioaire [Edited Out]s dsitting in countries liek Canada who think we "omg we're not raping and pillaging" we are keeping ALOOF<.,....keeping ALOOF doesnt mean not to feed the hungry juz cuz ur counterpart [Edited Out]s r killing and raping,,ATLEAST SPEAK FOR UR PPL....omg i had to take interst,,,omg i had to rape one time,,,i had to drink one time...omg i had to [Edited Out] to kno hwta it is....please mind my language but to drive a point home i just wann say that...and this political elite i mean is bunch of chahudries and vaderas and heads of jirgas and Syeds and butts in kashmir,,,,,they have i dont kno fed them what......thes ppl LOVE ,,i mena they lvoe their EGO more then their parents...again i talk from personal experience....i see and talk to these elitish cuz they r my soo called friends in this country,, u cant even sit down with them if u even wanna think aright,,,thier instinctive reaction to sumbody crossing a road from in front of their cars is "gareeb ka bacha".,,,(son of a poor man ",,mite esound small to u,,,,,,but big to me,,,im not rich neither was my father...these so called elitist ppl like to eat and drink of a gareeb mans son,,,,but they cannot hold deir tongues ,when u speak its a reflection of ur heart which bounces out and finds it ways out of a persons mouth, this is not hate that im saying,, these things i said are teh way theu ARE and from thier own mouths,,,thier sons do cocaine ,,and then sit down and say we cant feed the whole world,,, O YE....then the cocaine u get for 100 dollar a gram and sumtimes even 300 dollar a gram for their one time sitting,,y dont they just send it as zakat,,,they level is not even this,,,no man can change no mans condition,,,,atleastttt change ur conditon,,,u mite talk the loveliest things for miliions of years,,,,but if u dont act on them U will NEVER get thru to nobody, and i kno these rich ppl who do card scams in pakistan,,,,take millions of rupees out the POOREST PPLS POCKET,.,i call them the poorest more poorer then africans ,,y becasue africans are into warfare for centuries,,,but these ppl work work work work work work work hardd.....and these pigs take deir money in one swipe and run out of pakistan and swear at pakistan , this was happening 4 hours ago in front of me.....if u ignore these ppl bieng around them and not participating wid them they say ur da same as us...but if u do what they want u to do but still advice them in good words theyre still the same,,,,,forver same in their shame. Pakistan is facing a revolution , there is no political solution to it...USA has an agenda to break pakitsan,,,CIA fact book says there is no pakistan on the map of the world in 2020,,,,doesnt suprise me whats happening in pakistan,,,but DYAmmm how much this corrupt righteous elite can do,,,i wonder still//
  12. Please refrain from using quotes , hadith and words like no true love of prophet (pbuh) for hazrat Aisha and true love for hazrat khadija(r.a) , and physical love . reason bieng , dont we all believe the prophet (pbuh) was sent as MERCY to all kinds, MERCY one of the most known qualities of Allah. Rasool-e-Pak (pbuh) did not want any woman love or that love or sum love love,,,he wanted love of Allah , dont we agree love is what you make in ur mind, the purest form of love ever seen is by rasool-e-pak (pbuh) , he did not just see the covering , he could see whats in a man's heart. u ever heard the expression whatevers in teh heart is on the face and thts how u read people, a crying faker is not the same as a person crying in love,,,the hwole point is dont categorize him in words and plz in no way am i saying what u say is wrong or nething,,i just think ur a smart guy and i just wanted to share sumthin. thnku and salam.
  13. I dont want to get into long arguement because i sriousl dont know as much as people do on this site, but after reading these arguements i just wanna ask oen thing, one question,,,do we in this chat room believe in "Duality of nature".Or is it stra8 forward all we is ,what it is. please dont think im talking in slang when i say ?a;ll we is .what it is.
  14. (salam) is dat the place u came frm beeru,,,u juz alost all ru repsect watever u had,,i think u jzu talk that way cuz u have a diff perspective,,buh dyam guy,,i c ur agenda,,KH
  15. (salam) im shia., buh i don think.not juz think i kno, sunnis dont attribute nethin liek dat to rasoole pak,,KH
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