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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I released an album in 1997 for DJ play and friends only and it was a lot of fun. You are right, music can move people. Some music is considered haram b/c it moves people in the ways of shaytan, but some music is just introspective and thought provoking. I thought I would share something I wrote from that album I wrote called "Deception Without Intent". "Here optimists are held hostage/ By the apocalypse/ Your life span only approximate/ Based on the hands of another/ You Have no keeper b/c No one here is a brother/ You are identified by numbers/ And what's given in a paycheck/ No one here catches wreck/ Inspiration died a long time ago And so did your respect!/ No reason to recollect/ Your past history/ It only hightens our misery/ Victory fell over for defeat/ I never got off the blocks In life's track meet/ Should've forged ahead Instead I called for a full retreat/ Vision seems too funny/ Hindsight is always 20/20/ Remorse filled with regret/ Spending years trying to forget/ For memories sake/ Saying how I never got a fair shake/ Every pound put down and Every hug felt fake/ But reminiscing will put you Into remission/ Only remind you of your lack Of conviction/ But remember life is like A President to Interns It will only screw you over If you give it permission/" Sorry if it was a little lewd at the end, but I thought it was a good way to get my point across at the time. What do you think? Decent? Salaam
  2. This is cool. Good to see people giving Black Star and Unspoken Heard some props. One MC if you get a chance to listen to is, Immortal Technique, his language while at times crass releases great political rhymes. The Coup is another group based in the San Francisco/Oakland area that makes some noise. Well, nice post...thanks Lateef
  3. Jihad, making the community, both regional and national, better through efforts in small grassroots efforts (ie directly helping people in the name of Allah (swt) and through political lobbying effforts, making sure our voice is heard. We are vehicles for the Word....we are vehicles to demonstrate our love. We must reach out and change a world that will not change...if for nothing more than to illustrate the effort. Ma'salaam, Lateef
  4. Lateef


    As salaaualaikum, Some practical things I do to fight depression are to read Qu'ran every day as a matter of daily routine, keep my dwelling place well lit, and get out and play sports. Sports gives the adrenaline rush and keeps me upbeat...unless I lose lol. :unsure: Keep your head up...we all get through this life's tough moments. I lost my wife 4 months ago, but my days get brighter and brighter as they go on. If you ever need to bend the ear, you can email or pm me.... Ma'salaam Lateef
  5. As salaamualaikum, For me it is not a question of what I prefer, but rather where Allah (swt) would have me. Do you think Iran before 1979 was the perfect place to be Shia Muslim? No. It was westernized to a large extent. So some of us Shia muslims must do jihad here in the United States and in England. It is our duty and our obligation to strive to make the places we live better for the people of Allah (swt). This life is a fight...and even if I would be more comfortable in Iran...I will fight the good fight on the frontlines here. Ma'salaam Lateef
  6. As salaamualaikum, Wow,...this thread is popular! You know what...I wouldn't choose to be with someone whose eyes were ALWAYS checking out other men. But I have a good enough sense of self not to let that bother me. She wants another man...she is taking the loss lol :!!!: But casual glances...if you start getting concerned with this then you will have a LLLLLLOOOOOOONG life...and you will be making stuff up...seeing stuff that's not there. Ma'salaam, Lateef
  7. As salaamualaikum, I do not know if it is recommended but as a matter of personal interest I think it is a gesture of servitude ot the One who gave us a birthday in the first place. :D Ma'salaam Lateef
  8. It has been a couple of months since I have been on. I had to spend some time at home...soul searching, and remembering what it means to be a good man...and a good muslim, or perhaps a good muslim man :blink: I do not know if I am any better for the time...but I am rejuvenated and wanted to see how my friends at shiachat were doing. Inshallah, you are all well....but please if you have any news about yourselves or we have talked before please message me or reply to let me know how this wolrd finds you.... ma'salaam Lateef
  9. As salaamualaikum Sister, This is my suggestion...for donations set up a paypal account. www.paypal.com People can donate through paypal and you can deposit electronically directly into your account. All you need is an e-mail and a checking account. Other than that I can olny pray for you sister...my advice is meek. Ma'salaam Lateef
  10. Rationality and logic are based upon your three dimensional reality and to assume that there is nothing else beyond you is a crash and burn philosophy. I will not argue this point. This fundamental difference between you and I is a bridge that can not be traversed. You are descended frm ape...I from Hazrat Adam (as). When we are buried when our time comes...you will be 6 feet deep and I, inshallah will be in Jannah. You believe in the laws of men like George Bush...I believe in the divine law of Allah (swt). You love this world too much to believe in nothing. Do not believe in Allah (swt) defeats the purpose of family. There are no rules...no guidelines...you are merely stuck in your three dimensional box. And as for zealots...I would rather error in a just cause than to falter because I had none...
  11. Reggie, have you ever watched the 700 club or a speech from the religious right in America? Those people are zealots. You refuse to recognize why muslims may be "fanatical". Could it have anything to do with that pesky issue of the US eroneous foreign policy. A foreign policy that to a large extent dictates world affairs (ie global economoy). Could it be that the US plays the role of God in global affairs? Who can have nuclear technology (ie Israel and that misguide man Sharon can while Khatami and Iran can not)? The US controls the free market by putting up barriers and taxes, futies so that the market is not a free market but a US market. Policies of assasination in the past and meddling in other country's politics lead us, muslims, to seek for justice. That's what it's about...Justice....and the accountability for wrong doings. So tell me...based on the points above, and feel free to itemize out point by point Reggie, do muslims have a case to seek justice? Do you remember the Durbin convention in South Africa? The US walked out of the talks when Israel was mentioned as a racist state. The truth, ie justice, was too much to swallow. And tell me is Israel a racist state based upon what you know? Well...answer my questions point by point and we can continue...
  12. As salaamualaikum, That is a good point. Being self-absorbed and ignoring others in your prayers is definitely not a good thing. But if you are doing things (ie fasting and praying) so that you can be closer to Allah (swt) then I think there is nothing held against you. That is one of the many pruposes in this life. B) Ma'salaam Brother
  13. As salaamualaikum... Jerry Springer is getting closer to running for the Senate! :unsure: That's exactly what we need a ringmaster for the circus of American Politics... :D So will Too Hot for TV! be the ad campaign...this is too rich.... Ma'salaam Lateef
  14. Very well then. If David Koresch is a poor example of a Christian then please don't lump together every wacky terrorist you see on TV with the muslims. Fair enough? As for the separation of Church and State...part of the problem is that God has taken a back seat in this country. Accelerated violent crimes....divorce rates....child abuse cases...I think can be directly attributed to weak family institutions and a lack of religious basis. And like some other posts have indicated, I think democracy and Islam can coexist...b/c as we all know there is no compulsion in religion...
  15. As salaamualaikum, Your question is valid. I have pledged an allegiance to Allah (swt). With that being said I do have allegiance to the United States. An allegiance to hold up what is right and good as Allah (swt) sees fit. I love my country so much that I will do everything in my power, through peaceful means, to change it to the molding of Qu'ran. If the United States violates the will of Allah (swt) then do you think anyone would support it? If Bush supported programs that violated Mosaic Law do you think the Jews would support it? And to say that Christians would never rise up against the United States if called to do so I think is a bit far fetched...remember Waco in the early 90s...there was a "Christian" called David Koresch who had his "Christian" followers get involved in a stand off with FBI and ATF officials...and that ended kind of badly. You heard of him? You know he was stockpiling a massive arsenal against the US... Oh and please don't tell me that Koresch wasn't "Christian"...b/c you guys love to label Osama Bin Laden as a "muslim" no matter how much we tell you he is not one of us. The two are actually a good comparison. Oh and we can not forget the White Supremist organizations out there. These guys in Idaho who use the "White Bible"....are indeed "Christians" and they are indeed shooting people whenever they see fit. So riddle me these paradoxes and maybe we can discuss further....
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