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  1. Salam sister, thank you for your response. Im in the united states and am willing to pay whatever fees come with it. I am just asking for it to be certainly from the holy and blessed land of Karbala. Hussainiyas here in the states are closed, for the majority unfortunately. If you can provide any online stores that you know are in fact turbahs from the precincts of karbala al muqadassa i would appreciate it. Thank you all in advance, salam.
  2. The “cleaner” versions from his family that you mention are clean because they are purified. They (RasoolAllah and Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام). ) are not filthy , or flawed as you would expect from a normal human. Aisha hadiths from bukhari are self explanatory, to say the least , most hadiths were purchased from muawyia.
  3. Salam to all, if anyone can PM me where i can purchase a turbah from the holy and blessed soil of karbala with certainty, i would appreciate it. May Allah reward all regardless, salam
  4. Salam to all, if anyone can PM me where i can purchase a turbah from the holy and blessed soil of karbala with certainty, i would appreciate it. May Allah reward all regardless, salam
  5. When iblis sees a companion leaving, he attacks in full strength. Many people have had this, less, same or worse. Ignore and do tasbih of the Majestics عزّ وجلّ beautiful names, in specific ( Al Muheet). iblis is like a dog, all he can do is bark, it is up to you to ignore or give in to the barking. Salam
  6. I’m not worshipping Bassem karbalai as a diety for you to say ive turned “this religion” into christianity, nice try though. I applaud your assumptions on myself and everyone else you deem fit. Imam al Sadiq (عليه السلام). Says “ If you want to know the religion of a man, do not look at how much he prays and fasts, rather, look at how he treats people” Im done with this thread.
  7. This is not criticism, sorry. This is borderline defaming someones character. If you feel thats ok, go for it. I don’t feel the need to watch every move people do especially Shia who have helped spread the love of Ahlul Bayt. Wether he makes 20 perfumes or is crowned king of mars doesnt change anything for me, God made some infallibles and the rest arent
  8. I apologize, I don’t agree. No human has the right to critisize anyone.
  9. Sure is a lot of backbiting going on lately. I regret reading this thread.
  10. Sheikh Abdul Hamid Al Muhajir Sayyid Nasrat Kashakish Hasanain Rajabali
  11. Maybe he is forwarding most of his earnings to homeless or orphans or any other that helps in mankind/children. Not something to worry about or judge as no one knows what happens in secrecy and it isnt our position to judge.
  12. Salam. Im not in the position to pay, this is the reason of trying to get an answer. I will have to refer to the marja as it seems no one has answered. Thank you for your efforts bowtie. Salam.
  13. Salam to all, inshAllah Allah a.w.j blesses everyone health and faith this year. Does anyone know the ruling on make up prayers ie; if i am making up prayers on my behalf , can i also for my deceased father as well. I know that you can not make up prayers for anyone if you yourself have make up prayers , but the question is can i make up for myself and for someone else at the same time. Trying to avoid sending in to the marja and waiting on an answer. Thank you in advance. Salams
  14. Great response. You will find the person that is meant for you inshallah, Arif. You shouldnt be upset or discouraged. Prayers for your success in your mission of establishing half your faith. Salam
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