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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Because Shia Chat is only partly real - a significant (minority, for now) are virtual who won't get even a bare hearing in a real situation, but given the mod. situation on Shia Chat they get a forum
  2. not to worry, we are proceeding - and IRI has been proceeding for the past 31 years with or (mostly) without the imperialist dogs and their zionist keepers todays speech http://gadebate.un.org/Portals/1/statements/634208557381562500IR_en.pdf
  3. link to President Ahmadinejad's speech (transcript) on 9/21/2010 http://www.un.org/en/mdg/summit2010/debate/IR_en.pdf
  4. http://www.voltairenet.org/article167041.html The calls for Koran burnings by certain US clergymen on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, shook the Muslim world. The reactions to the announcement differ according to the culture. In the western world, it is regarded as a provocation which should not be overdramatized. True, the Koran is a sacred book, but it’s only paper, after all. Inversely, in the Islamic world, the burning of the Koran is perceived as an attempt to disconnect man from the sacred teachings and to deny him salvation. This gives rise to uncontrol
  5. You two sweethearts need to go find an agnostic/atheist board to hang out on... i mean are agnostics and atheists really that boring that you need to come and do it all on Shi'a Chat?! :!!!:
  6. awesome Also cool: Indian Country, Oklahoma
  7. There is hardly calm in the US - it is plain unwilling for relatively intelligent people to see the situation. IRI's perception is a problem that the US has to deal with, Iran has already earned respect amongst vast numbers of people all over the world - from Latin America to the mid-east to east Asia. Those who view Iran as a "pariah state" such as the US regime, and the Zionist entity, well given the state these societies are in now, their views hardly matters. I should note that Venezuela established a small program to help low income people of the north east coast to provide them with low
  8. [ I understand the United States quite well, enough to see what many commentators (that u might glibly dismiss) have already noted, that the third worldization of the US is not just "wishful thinking" it is already a fact. Devastated communities that once used to only dot the country, have now become entire regions. But where do you suppose I'm suggesting a wish for chaos? I'm suggesting that IRI and other independent nations come to the aid of the US to rescue it from chaos, because the US can no longer do it on its own - the loonies who think that the US is better than the entire planet are
  9. "Saudi" money is not going to last that long, nor is Chinese money, both are dependent on US consumers' spending and being addicted to shopping. With changes in US consumers perception about the economy, they are not spending much - so that recycled money is going to all dry up very quickly, as poverty takes its grips, and large sections of the US become desolate and detroitified. Iran, and other independent nations have their own internal economic structures that are not as susceptible to the third worldization of the US. As such, over the mid-term (and even short term) Iran and other indepe
  10. I think terrorism - including state terrorism such as those executed by the US/Zionist entity - may always exist, but they can be minimized. Now, of-course, if u have criminals pretending to fight other criminals to create a smokescreen for their own crimes, well thats not gonna lead to any solution, thats for sure. check this: http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/2010/fremstad160910.html
  11. ^ agreed (except for the smoking, and "atheist" part)
  12. No point in talking with u then, since you seem to think guys like Obama-Bush-Zionist creeps are OK to "police" the world. However, it is possible to keep some arms available so long as they are under strict UN security. Oh the US / "west" is not just in decline, they've already declined, its a matter of them getting their societies straight (with some aid from relatively stable societies) or you are gonna see people turn on each other like never before. All these nuts propping up, thats just the beginning. Question is if the US/"west" will wake up, or will they go down in their own flames.
  13. ^ oh i'm not putting in us vs. them at all, in fact, I'm suggesting that Iran could provide aid to the "western" third world nations, such as the US. But b/4 doing so, Iran and other nations do need to make it conditional I think, including disarmament of the US. I would agree that, if the US agrees to a verifiable disarmament in exchange for aid, then other nations should also follow suit. Those countries that refuse to disarm, they should be placed under close UN supervision. The thing is the US needs the IRI and other nations far more, and if it (the US) refuses to join the civilized world
  14. Cool, let the new world order (the real one) begin ... meanwhile, in the US (the old decaying world order) the number of people in poverty is the highest ever --- 14.3% and that's being seriously conservative 'cause the rate is determined using a seriously outdated formula! Maybe Turkey, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and other such countries could also consider developing an aid program for "western" third world nations such as the US? Not directly with the state, maybe with NGOs ?
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