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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Kia Musharraf nay is party ka manshoor likha hay? Ya woh is manshoor ki himayat karta hay? Ya aap sirf is bunyaad per usko qasurwar thehra rahay hain ke tamam Pakistanio ki jaan, maal, izzat ki hifazat karna uski zimmedari hay?
  2. kisi nu tay bakhsh dia kar kuriye :squeez:
  3. sirf wohi nahi, aur bhi bohot kuch acha hua hay. Aap Karachi me rehte hue behter janti hain. Laiken baat woh nahi hay, baat yeh hay ke jo jiski ghalti hay wohi bolein na. Agar aap bolein ke yeh kia kar raha hay Musharraf ke itnay saray important opposition leaders ko jail/house-arrest me daal raha hay. Imran Khan per har kuch weeks baad pabandi lag jati hay Sindh me entry ki. To chalein it makes sense if you hold Musharraf responsible for all these unfair actions. laiken yeh thori ke har cheez ka zimmedar wohi hay
  4. kia baat kar rahay hain yaar aap. Kia Iran mein agar MKO hay to woh Khomeini Sahab ka qasoor hay?
  5. matlab a desi could say that if, say, NZ is playin AUS...but not when India is playing Pak!! anyways, good game, guys!! bas aik kasak si dil me reh gaye hay :squeez:
  6. Behead Karuna, say seers LUCKNOW: Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi’s anti-Ram tirade has generated much holy rage in Ayodhya. First, sants from different sects joined hands to launch a campaign against the ‘Ramdrohi’ and then took to the streets. Now, a powerful lobby of mahants has taken a leaf out of the fatwa-fetish maulvis' book and former UP minister Yaqoob Qureshi's, who announced a bounty for the killing of a Danish cartoonist who lampooned the Prophet. They have publicly issued a "dharmadesh" (religious diktat) to behead DMK chief minister for calling Ram a "piyakkad" (drunkard). Quoting extensively from religious scriptures, member of Shri Ram Janam Bhumi Nyas and one of the prominent Ayodhya sants Ram Vilasdas Vedanti, a former BJP MP, made an offer "to weigh in gold any person who brings Karunanidhi's head to Ayodhya". The religious diktat, he told reporters, had been issued after "due deliberation from the entire sant community of the temple town". DMK leader and TN electricity minister Arcot Veerasamy vowed to retaliate. He said he would hold organise black flag demonstrations at BJP offices in the state if Vedanti didn't withdraw his 'fatwa'. "If anybody says a minister should not indulge in such activities, I will quit as a minister as post is not important to us." He added, "We will make them understand that we will not tolerate any offensive remarks about our leader." The parivar in TN sought to distance itself from Vedanti's remark. BJP state president L Ganesan said his party has "nothing to do with Vedanti". He said he did "not subscribe to such fatwa". Vedanti told TOI on Saturday, "It is a misfortune that Karunanidhi is still alive even after such a vitriolic attack on Bhagwan Ram. The man has no right to live." The decision was taken unanimously after taking discussions with more than 2000 holy men, Vedanti said. It was backed by Mahant of Sadguru Sadan Siya Shiromani Sharan Ji Maharaj and Manas Bhooshan Ramayani Ram Das Ji. On Friday, as the news about the DMK leader's comments on Ram Setu and Ram trickled in, hundreds of godmen and their followers took out a procession from Naya Ghat to Raj Sadan in Ayodhya. The enraged men in saffron burnt effigies of Karunanidhi, Union tourism and culture minister Ambika Soni and minister of shipping road and transport TR Balu. Later in the evening, the religious diktat was announced. Defending his action, a belligerent Vedanti told TOI "if Haj minister in the UP government could announce a reward of Rs 51 crore for beheading Danish cartoonists who had lampooned the prophet in Denmark, why wouldn't the Hindu sants feel enraged at such an audacity right under their nose?" In Karunanidhi's case, execution of his diktat would be easier because, "the culprit is not only sitting in India but is also holding a public office of the chief minister." The punishment to Karunanidhi, he said, was 'shastra sammat' (prescribed by scriptures). "Shrimadbhagvat and Ram Charitmanas have categorically laid down that the devout must slice the tongue and heads of those who dare to defame Bhagwan Ram." Interestingly, even those who do not see eye-to-eye with Vedanti, are supporting the campaign. Mahant Dharam Das, head of famous Hanuman Garhi temple told TOI that anti-Karunanidhi forum had his full support. The head of Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Parishad, Gyan Das also said that they would go all the way to ensure punishment to the "treacherous man". Times of India
  7. ^No it's not.. AUS vs. NZ nahi ho raha, Pak vs. India ho raha hay!!
  8. ^Jan Ali Shah ke kehnay say Musharraf sabse bara ghaddar nahi ban jata hay...If we go by what these respected orators have to say about him, then Abdul Hakeem Butrabi used to talk so much on Mush's goodness. But anyways, I do think Pak Army needs to get off the civilian posts to improve its military capabilities. They should cease being the head of government corporations such as the Railways, PIA or any other of the civilian institutions--they should be restricted to the ministry of defence, or agencies like the ISI. I hope that would help restore some army-spirit and integrity in them, and that would certainly earn them real respect.
  9. In my opinion, "if it portrays a negative image of Islam" is a very weak argument that they put forward, and it isn't really possible for them to defend much on this. Alot of examples can be put forward that might not portray Islam in a very positive light.
  10. Pakistan mein slims ke naam say milti hain, mircho wali finger chips.. uske sath ketchup ka sachet para hota hay.. Uff I so much feel like going to Pakistan and have all those foods..
  12. Peer

    Such a sweetheart...Who did Imran Khan leave Jemima for? HR in hijab!

  13. Today's program on Hazrat Abu Talib was good though.
  14. So the final is between PAKISTAN and AUSTRALIA? B)
  15. Demagh kharab karke rakh dia hay jahil insaan nay... chobees ghantay ata rehta hay TV per!! :angry:
  16. Team get Musharraf praise, bonus for Australia win ISLAMABAD (updated on: September 19, 2007, 09:51 PST): Pakistan's cricketers received praise from President Pervez Musharraf and a 10,000-dollar bonus each for their win against Australia in the Twenty20 World Cup, officials said on Wednesday. "The president spoke to captain Shoaib Malik on late Tuesday and congratulated him and the team for an outstanding performance," President Musharraf's spokesman Major General Rashid Qureshi told AFP. Pakistan upset Australia by six wickets in a group F match of the Super Eights on Tuesday to virtually seal a semi-final place in the Twenty20 world championships being played in South Africa. "The team's performance has made the country proud," Qureshi quoted president as telling Malik, who put on a century partnership with Misbah-ul Haq in the match. President Musharraf, who is also patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), hailed the team's "very spirited performance and praised Malik's leadership and how well the seniors and juniors in the team have gelled as a unit," Qureshi said. Pakistan's second win in the group has left them needing a point in the last match against Bangladesh in Cape Town on Thursday to move into the last four. The PCB has also announced a cash reward of 10,000 dollars for each player following the victory, a spokesperson said.
  17. Why CAN'T they change their affiliations? And Abida Hussain switched her party long time back, not recently. And how is she "using the name of Bibi Pak Daman to justify her deal" ? She just said that she prayed for Benazir at the shrine, how is that what you said?
  18. Yaar is mein misuse ki kia baat hay? Achi baat hay agar logo nay lease per garia le kar business start kia ussey..I think it's a positive point rather than a negative one. Aur traffic ka masla to tamaam baray shehro me hain... Karachi is one of the biggest cities in the world.,to is me to aisa hona he hay. And the government shouldn't ban car-financing/leasing procedures (I dont think that's very good for our economy, or for our very rapidly improving banking sector). What the city needs to do is PLAN--and plan well in advance. Everyday thousands of people migrate to Karachi. So the city needs to develop more--and BETTER!--bridges, underpasses, fly-overs. They need to do something about the buses!! May be start some sort of a subway system (that should go under ground, and not run on the roads like old circular railway system). I remember during BB's government there were some plans about over-head train system... Whatever happened to that?
  19. no..but i think we were talking about what choice do we have.. Nawaz Sharif was very well known even before he became the PM. He had served as a finance minister under Zia-ul-Haq, and then later as the Chief Minister of Punjab. And if by fame you mean popularity amongst the masses, then he is much better than Imran Khan. Bhutto ko bhi phaasi dey di thee CMLA nay.. doesnt mean usko zalil karke jail me sara ker phaasi dey di... his popularity remained intact.. but anyways...I,personally, would prefer Imran Khan on Nawaz Sharif any day! chalo enough of this topic now.. it's getting dry.. oh ramzan mubarak ^_^
  20. Bhaijaan benefit of doubt ki baat na karo. 1999 say 2002 tak, teen saal Musharraf-Only government thee. If Mush was so bad, how come Imran Khan never realised in three years? Acha, I need to check on that, but he did support Mush in 2002 referendum. Well, if you go by that, then Imran Khan--with less than 1% public support--is certainly not up there. The choice we have (and, ofcourse, coming elections can bring about some changes) limited to: 1) Nawaz Sharif (probably with MMA) 2) Benazir (probably with ANP) 3) Musharraf (with MQM, and bits 'n pieces from PPP and PML) Mashallah say graduate Parliament hay hamari ^_^ Although, it may seem so (and they may act so, one may argue) but I think the majority of our politicians are very well educated. Just have a quick look, and you would come to the same conclusion, I think. The same could be asked for BB, Nawaz? --- By the way, I am not really against Imran Khan, or for Musharraf... but I think Imran Khan isn't "the best," and he becomes less worthy to be seen as a PM, considering how much support his party has been able to muster in ten years.
  21. Didn't they move to Larkana AFTER the partition?
  22. ^maslan madressa banoria... acha..bohot hayrat ki baat hay ke woh Iman Ali ki awaz thee...mujhe to kisi gori ki lagi bilkul..aur isi waja say boht unnatural dubbing lag rahi thee..
  23. oh btw, Ali, I think Iman Ali ki dubbing kisi gori say karwai hay... Iman Ali ki awaz nahi hay woh
  24. ^ohk. Good that he accepts putting an Army Chief in power. So what does he say now? I'm sorry...I put my own interests before the interest of Pakistan...now I'm a true democratic leader? Give me another chance, please? I will prove to be a goodboy?
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