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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Pakistan to grant amnesty to Benazir ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Oct 2 (AP) - Pakistan government agreed Tuesday to quash corruption cases against ex-Premier Benazir Bhutto. President Pervez Musharraf will issue an ordinance as early as Wednesday granting amnesty in cases up to 1999 in which politicians had not been convicted, Deputy Information Minister Tariq Azeem said _ meeting one of Benazir’s key demands in long-running talks with Musharraf on a possible power-sharing deal. Azeem also said that talks between representatives of Benazir and the government had been held in London and Islamabad on Tuesday. There was no confirmation from Bhutto's party.
  2. Sir Abdullah Haroon was memon? I always thought they were shia..
  3. Ok, so shariah is the law...now who heads the government?
  4. ok.. I will also take the opportunity and ask our urdu-daans a question thats been bothering me for a few days: What's the difference between "ayeen" and "dastoor" dono ka matlab "constitution" hay, ya kuch farq hay dono me?
  5. I don't know where did I read it. Most probably, he said in a remark while hearing the case during its initial stage after which he opted himself out and constituted a larger bench. EDIT: ok, I just read your post again... I thought you said that about SC's decision on Musharraf holding two offices. And actually when I read it again now, my post is worded wrong.
  6. Shahji, I don't think either of us is supporting this action by the government. I still think that if Pakistani media is independent and free today, credit goes to Musharraf. Now it's another debate that it should be freer than it is. If Mush is to rig the upcoming elections, why all those talks with BB? Why not re-elect, what was termed during last elections, the "King's party?"
  7. 1) Lashkar-e-Jhangvi was banned on 14th August 2001. 2) Sipah-e-Sahaba was banned in a speech to the nation on January 12th, 2002.
  8. Government interrupted Geo's transmission covering protests outside the ECP. Uski jaga cricket ka match laga dia hay :wacko:
  9. Just to add: CJ himself said that there was no need for a full bench, and Justic Rana Bhagwandas--one of the judges who ruled against what came out to be the result--ruled against constituting a full bench to hear the said case.
  10. I just checked my statement. They have waived the charges. Meray khayal say 30 June ke baad say jin logon nay khulwaya hay account unke liye hay, Hamay next year say denay pareingay meray khayal say.
  11. Let's just keep the rumours aside, and focus on the facts: 1) Musharraf BANNED, not supported, SSP and LeJ. Most notorious of their leaders were arrested or killed under his government. 2) Sectarian killings are much lower and controlled now than they were in the past. Me nay pehle he kaha tha aapse, ke kia agar MKO Dastaghaib Shirazi ko shaheed karti hay, to kia unke khoon ke zimmedar Khomeini Sahab hongay?
  12. What is the right translation then? Was he mistranslated at BOTH the occasions? 1) I dont think I was unfair in what I said. I said that for someone sitting in the audience. How does it make Ahmedinejad's case appealing when he said, for example, that women have a very high status in Iranian society and that they are respected more than the men, etc. Lets say, a neutral guy is sitting there, he says cool, cool, everything sounds perfect, but then Ahmedinejad comes up saying homosexuality doesn't exist in Iran. Now all the case Ahmedinejad might have made up for Iran goes up in the air--alongside laughters from the audience. 2) I never tried to make any links between him and Bush.
  13. ^Oh c'mon, whiz.. He said, "In Iran, we don't have homosexuals, like in your country" *audience laughs* as he continues, "In Iran we do not have this phenomenon. I dont know who has told you that we have it." Later on, a girl asked: "...and also you mentioned there isn't such phenomenon as homosexuality in Iran, could you please elaborate on that? I know a few myself!" He replied by saying "Seriously, I don't know of any." Again he came back on that, and said, "..as for homosexuality, I don't know where it is. Give me an address so that we are also aware of what happens in Iran.
  14. I stated what I saw on the TV. Ahmedinejad said there are no homosexuals in Iran in his speech (I believe at Columbia University). A girl amongst the audience, questioned him on that and said she herself knows a couple. Ahmedinejad replied by reiterating that there aren't any gays in Iran. And if the girl knows then she should tell the President so that he knows what's going on in Iran. (the words might not be 'exactly' as I wrote) -- You tell me now: What did I hear, read, understand and judge wrong?
  15. And how do you prove that this particular group is supported by Musharraf to achieve its aims in Pakistan, as outlined in its manifesto? Ofcourse, awam ki jaan, maal, izzat ki hifazat karna hakim ki zimmedari. Laiken meray khayal say aap ghalat apply kar rahay hain usko.
  16. Nahi yaar, unki email ayee thee jisme aisa likha tha.. I will check my statement and get back to you
  17. pata nahi yaar me nay apni bank statement check nahi ki, kiunke me yeh account istemaal nahi karta, bas aisey he khola hay. Laiken account kholne ke aik ya do mahinay ke ander he mujhe aik email ayee thee inki taraf say ke net-banking ki sahulat istemal karnay walay customers per Rs. 50 /month charge lagay ga starting June 1st (or may be July 1st). Oh acha? matlab UBL to UBL online funds transfer ho sakte hain? Like e.g., meray account say meray dost ke account me?
  18. pata nahi, I don't find it convincing.. VSG: Probably it's.. I don't knw for sure, but the style is very similar to rehan Azmi's other kalam..
  19. Yeh kia baat hui janab. Kia Abbas Kumaili Sahab bhi fasiq hain kiunke MQM ki seat per senator banay hain woh?
  20. Ahmedinejad denies there are any homosexuals in Iran.. That was funny, and puts in doubt everything else he said (tried to defend).
  21. True, but banks need to be encouraging people to opt for net-banking. In the end, bank ka he faida hay...usi kay kharchay kam ho rahay hain. Is tarha fees laga kar to yeh logon ko discourage kar rahay hain.
  22. Yaar 50 rupay /month would mean Rs. 600 /year. Which I think isn't justified. Aur meray khayal say MCB waghera me aisi koi alag say fees nahi hay net-banking ki. Acha kia me UBL me apne account say, say,MCB me apne bhai ke account me funds transfer kar sakta hoon? (i.e. direct transfer, not email transfers).
  23. ^UBL ke e-banking me account khulwaya hay do teen mahinay pehlay. I think they need to provide some more facilities over the internet. Oh aur 2 mahinay say pagalo nay 50 rupay charge karnay shuru kardiye hain for providing with the facility of net-banking. hadd hoti hay!!
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