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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think that was a reaction to a never-took-place-before decisions and actions of the judges of higher courts. Action is needed to yield a reaction...
  2. Pakistan charges Bizenjo, Mustikhan, Sahi and Ayub Qureshi with treason Pakistan on Thursday charged three politicians and a trade union leader with treason for making speeches against President Pervez Musharraf's imposition of emergency rule, court officials said. The four were remanded in custody for two weeks by a court in Karachi, two days after they were arrested for criticising Musharraf in addresses at the city's press club, they said. Treason -- or sedition, as the activists have been formally charged with -- carries a maximum sentence of death. The arrested men are Baluch nationalist leader Hasil Bizenjo, his party's provincial chief Ayub Qureshi, the vice-president of the National Workers Party, Yusuf Mustikhan, and trade union leader Liaquat Sahi. The men were also accused of distributing pamphlets against the state of emergency , police and Bizenjo's party spokesman Jan Buledi told AFP. On Wednesday, Karachi police also registered sedition cases against eight lawyers, including a woman, on charges of inciting people against the state of emergency. The lawyers have gone into hiding. Earlier this week police beat and arrested hundreds of lawyers for launching a campaign against emergency rule. -AFP
  3. Elections before Feb 15: President Musharraf ISLAMABAD: President General Pervez Musharraf said that the general elections will be held before February 15, 2008. He also announced to take off his uniform before taking oath as the president for the second time. "General elections in the country would be held by February 15 next year," Musharraf was quoted as saying after chairing a meeting of the National Security Council. "The tenures of the national assembly and provincial assemblies were ending on different dates and after studying the option whether to hold elections on separate dates, it was decided to go for holding the election simultaneously on or before February 15, 2008," it quoted him as saying. Musharraf said he was "committed to holding general elections and the transition to full democratic civilian rule in the country," it added. State television also reported that Musharraf renewed his pledge to quit as army chief before taking the oath for his second term in office, but did not give a date, state television said. The report came after the attorney general, Malik Mohammad Qayyum said earlier on Thursday that the polls would be in February following Musharraf's declaration of a state of emergency on Saturday. "Elections will be held in February, it has been decided," Qayyum said. "The emergency will be lifted in one or two months."
  4. SL, what you have posted is all theory: 1) You talked about apolitical role of intelligence agencies: The political department in ISI was founded by the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, ZAB. 2) In all honesty, regular elections didn't do much to curb corruption. Transparency International's reports on corruption in the judiciary isn't very heartening. (Pakistanis consider judiciary to be as corrupt as the political parties, both of which are considerably more corrupt than the Pakistani army.) Something to dwell at: How do you free the courts? They were neither independent under the bureaucracy (Maulvi Tamizuddin's case), nor under the democratic governments (Nawaz Sharif's tussle comes to mind), nor were they independent under the military-government (ZAB's case, Musharraf-CJ tussle, etc).
  5. ^afa I know, he never claimed to be one. His wife, however, had been very open about her beliefs and even had alams and panjas in her political ad campaigns on TV (I believe in 1996?)
  6. SC full court declares seven-judge decision against emergency void ISLAMABAD: The eight-member full court of the Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday declared the seven-judge decision against the declaration of emergency as null and void. The full court ruled that the decision was null and void as it was taken after the declaration of emergency and they had ceased as judges with declaration of the emergency. It was binding for the said seven judges to take oath under the PCO to continue as the judges of the Supreme Court but they did not and ceased as judges, the ruling said. The petition against the decision of the former judges of the Supreme Court was filed by Attorney General Justice (Retd) Malik Abdul Qayyum.
  7. Pakistan was the FIRST to recognize the Islamic revolution and the government of Khomeini Sahib.
  8. It is not an emergency, it's martial law: Gen. Hamid Gul ISLAMABAD: The police on Sunday arrested Hamid Gul, an outspoken former chief of Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan's premier spy agency, during a small public gathering. “I am going to break a news that Former ISI chief Lt General (Retd) Hamid Gul has been arrested,” said, the senior analyst of Geo Television Network Dr. Shahid Masood. "It is not an emergency, it's martial law. One man has put the country at stake to save his rule," Gul said before he was pushed into a police van and whisked off.
  9. It’s not the emergency but martial law: Sajjad Ali Shah KARACHI: Former Chief Justice, Sajjad Ali Shah has said that along with the enforcement of emergency the constitution has been suspended and this was not the emergency but martial law. Talking to Geo News, he said that the emergency in the country has been clamped through a wrong process, as the Supreme Court had issued stay order against the emergency, but in spite of that this action was its blatant violation. Sajjad Ali Shah said that the country was moving towards a treacherous turn and feared the law and order situation would further deteriorate by the slapping of emergency.
  10. His father was called Syed Musharrafuddin.
  11. The one who was recently sent home isn't the same as Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal, son of Allama Iqbal. The former retired long ago, if memory serves, as the Chief Justice of West Pakistan.
  12. There are two conflicting news in the media: 1) The new CJ overturned the ruling by 8 judges against the PCO. 2) No such ruling was ever issued by the Supreme Court. Which one's true?
  13. I think the only, atleast openly, declared shia is her mother, Nusrat Bhutto. Now, I was told that they had an 'alam flying over Bilawal House, too? If there is some truth to it, then I'd believe atleast one of the two, Zardari or BB, is shia. BB's visit to Iran and Iraq for ziarat was also filmed and distributed (because she was allowed access to places where most people aren't). I remember her visiting Turkey, she kissed Imam Ali's sword...and then went on to kiss Usman's.. So I would say, she hasn't declared herself a shia, but could be called 'shia-friendly' and that might be one of the reasons why Shias chiefly supported PPP.
  14. Anyone can provide the facts, but only a few can derive sensible conclusions from it.
  15. How is one supposed to know if all the tv channels, save PTV, land lines, internet, cellphone are disconnected? :squeez:
  16. KUDOS TO BENAZIR FOR TAKING THIS BRAVE STEP!! Benazir flying back to Pakistan from Dubai: Zardari ISLAMABAD (updated on: November 03, 2007, 19:54 PST): Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto boarded a flight back to Pakistan from Dubai on Saturday, her husband said, after President Pervez Musharraf invoked emergency powers and suspended the country's constitution. "(She's flying back) tonight, yes of course," Bhutto's husband Asif Ali Zardari told Reuters by telephone from Dubai, saying she was already on the plane. "It's definitely not pleasant news, it's not welcome news," he added. "We're hoping to build institutions, not destroy them.
  17. Telephone lines down in amid emergency ISLAMABAD (updated on: November 03, 2007, 19:33 PST): All land and mobile telephone lines went down on Saturday after President Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency, witnesses said. No phone, no TV, no internet...?!
  18. *sigh* I guess Musharraf's days are numbered now...Benazir was right, advisors that buzz around Musharraf aren't doing any good to him.
  19. Indian team looks much more experienced, and somehow lately have been going against their past record against Pakistan... But, ofcourse, my patriotism will bias my prediction and I will invest my hope in the young Pakistanis to trashh the Indian buddhi team.. Ayy Jawan, Ayy Jawan...Jeet hay teraaa nishaan!!
  20. Who says there're only 40 wealthy families in Pakistan? The list simply states the top 40 (and it could be argued)...if you want, you can have top 30, top 10 or top 5..
  21. Nahi jee, nahi aya... :wacko: Jinnah wanted Sindh to be separated from the Bombay presidency so that Muslims could be in majority in one more state, right? What does that has to do with Bhutto family moving from Junagadh to Larkana? :unsure:
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