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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This isn't abduction, but MEDIATION. Nawaz Sharif's family got the Saudi Royal family involved to rescue him in 2000. So the King was acting as a guarantor. It was like the Indus Basin Treaty (?) between India and Pakistan. WB was the guarantor and thus MEDIATED on the request of Pakistan on baghligar (?) issue.
  2. Do you really think politicians are THAT honest? I am sure, since your father was a government employee, you must've had first-hand experiences of the transgression of authority made by politicians. Is it a coincidence that the government departments, offices, even schools would be filled up by the Sindhis when BB's in power; and by Punjabis, when Nawaz's in power? (And whoever comes in later has to do away previous appointments for being "politically motivated.") And if NROs keep popping up every 10 or 15 years, how can they be sentenced? You knw the average time for a case to be heard in the Supreme Court?
  3. Thats just a stereotype (just how you have jokes about blondes being dumb; they have jokes in Pakistan about Pathans, or Pushtoons, being gay). I think there are as many (or as few) gays amongst pathans, as there are in any other part of Pakistan.
  4. ^This is one of the shows banned by the government. Aaj TV "temporarily" discontinued this show to have their channel back on air. So the guy, Talat Hussain, is having it outside the press club..
  5. ^and that Hamid Mir also held his capital talk there..
  6. ISLAMABAD - Nov 22: Aaj Tv anchorperson Syed Talat Hussain hosts “Live with Talat” in front of the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Press Club Camp Office on Thursday. — Dawn
  7. Benazir said he probably went to offer prayers--and I agree. jab koi president banta hay, PM banta hay, CM banta hay, ya CMLA banta hay...they usually make a quick trip to Mecca. It's been happening in Pakistan for quite some time.
  8. ohk.. Mujhe aisa laga ke me nay Geo per suna ke "unki namaze janaza Yasrab Imambargah me ada ki gaye aur unhein wahein dafnaya gaya." Asif: haan, laiken usually people who end up getting buried in imambargahs hold some scholarly reputation; or are the trustees/founding members of the imambargah.
  9. Why was he buried in the imambargah? :unsure:
  10. Chief of UAE's Media Watchdog says they're reconsidering putting back on air Geo and ARY One World...
  11. I think she meant that she didn't like the channel anyways; so she could care less if it's being closed down now.
  12. Now they say, only the current affairs, news departments are to be closed. They would still be able to air dramas, and entertainment programmes. Capital Talk is on, right now.
  13. Geo TV network being closed: TV report KARACHI (updated on: November 16, 2007, 22:57 PST): There are reports that the government of Pakistan is using its influence with a foreign country to get the Geo TV network closed down. It should be noted that Geo news and its entire sister channels had been closed down across Pakistan after the imposition of emergency. Earlier, the cable operators in Pakistan were forced to close all channels being operated by Geo Network and the Pakistani viewers were deprived of the great source of information. However, the Geo TV was on air from its Dubai office. The latest developments are that the government of Pakistan has gone to the limit of seeking the closure of Geo News network across the globe through a country.
  14. Abuzar: lol, never heard of the phrase before, but thanks!
  15. Does anyone know what word was used in last friday's editorial in Daily Telegraph that resulted in the expulsion of three journalists from Pakistan? Musharraf didn't reproduce the word in his press conference today. I am just curious to know what did they call him.
  16. National Assembly to be dissolved on Nov. 15th, 2007. Interim government by Nov. 20th, 2007. Elections by Jan. 9th, 2008.
  17. How does it being official help? If anything, it worsens the image. Politicians are the representatives of awaam. THEY have the rights to make laws; not the army. Army is the servant of the public and the civilian government, to quote Jinnah. If we want to know whether or not an average Pakistani supports the imposition of emergency, we're to listen to their elected representatives--and NOT the army chief (who according to recent polls, is on the lower side of popularity in his 8-years as CE/President).
  18. I dont know what happened to the positive portrayal of Pakistan in the world? Images on the front pages of newspapers from NYTimes to Toronto Star showing lawyers, journalists, politicians, HR activists being beaten, thrown tear gas shells at, aren't helping the cause..
  19. 20 ex-generals ready to join fight for democracy Friday, November 09, 2007 By Ansar Abbasi DUBAI: A considerable number of prominent ex-servicemen including many retired generals are all set to join the civil society and the legal fraternity to fight for the country's return to democracy and for the restoration of the deposed Supreme Court judges who rejected the new PCO. More than one dozen retired Generals, including the former colleagues and seniors of General Pervez Musharraf, would even court arrest to resist the brutal suppression of the civil society, lawyers and political parties. Things are being kept secret right now to avoid any pre-emptive crackdown by the government that is showing zero tolerance to any protest against the second martial law, named emergency by the government. Some senior lawyers are in contact with retired generals, who are enthusiastic to play their role to save the country's future at this crucial juncture. A leading lawyer, who is in contact with a group of retired generals, told The News from Islamabad on phone that he was expecting some 20 retired Generals to join the lawyers' movement in the days to come. "They (ex-servicemen) have assured us that they would even be ready to court arrest," said the lawyer, who has requested not to be named to avoid the government's possible "pre-emptive strike". The lawyers community, which is presently facing the worst state-brutality that includes arrest of hundreds of lawyers all over Pakistan, would remain focused on the restoration of the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and all other judges of the apex court and the high courts who did not take fresh oath under Musharraf's latest PCO. Although, during the initial days of the recently promulgated emergency-cum-martial law the general demand has been for the lifting of the emergency and holding of early elections, the restoration of the deposed CJ and others and revival of the pre-November 3 judiciary has not been in the focus. However, the situation has now changed. The lawyers' struggle to revive the pre-November 3 judiciary has now been joined by the two leading political voices – Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto. Nawaz Sharif was the first politician to insist that the likes of honourable Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry be reinstated to their positions that they were holding before the imposition of the renewed military rule. Benazir Bhutto, who had not previously talked of the deposed judges' restoration, on Wednesday demanded that the revival of the Constitution and lifting of emergency should come along with the restoration of the deposed judges. Without the revival of the independent judiciary, it is believed, the cause of sustainable democracy and moderation in Pakistan would remain a far cry. It is generally believed that the November 3 unconstitutional action was mainly targeted against the "defiant" judges, whose removal and incarceration is believed to be due to their upholding the rule of law, constitutionalism, and the rights of the downtrodden people of Pakistan. These judges were considered by the masses as the last bulwark against executive excesses in Pakistan. They were involved in enforcing habeas corpus petitions, hearing cases against the missing persons many of whom were recovered from intelligence agencies, hearing petitions against illegal land grab by the mighty and the powerful. In numerous cases, these judges were responsible for hearing petitions regarding violence against women and providing relief.
  20. I didn't disagree with your theory, but called it so b/c the practical facts ran against it. What are they? They say they have their own 'internal check'. They say they are answerable to none, but themselves! Was it really Chaudhry Iftikhar who was able to bring people to street; or was it the political parties that allied with him (in bughze muawiyah, perhaps?)
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