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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^There are many like him. And Amnesty International does raise such issues/cases every now and then, but who cares?
  2. bhaji kha kha ker yeh haal ho gaya hay iska... demagh nahi kaam karta
  3. So far as I know (through newspapers), she does have a claim on Jinnah's mansion in Mumbai. If memory serves, the case is pending in an Indian court. Moreover, it's not about whether she has claimed her part or not, but rather that if Jinnah disowned her, he wouldn't have left her anything in his will (in which he left bits and pieces for everyone from his sisters to the schools he had attended.)
  4. ^That's true. He was born a Parsi, but later on converted to christianity... As for Jinnah disowning her, I think they mended their relation before Jinnah died. I've read that there are some pictures and letters that suggest so. Also, if memory serves, Jinnah left a huge chunk of his wealth in his daughter's name. Had he disowned her, it wouldn't have been the case...
  5. They aren't Jinnah's real grandchildren, but thru Jinnah's sister who moved to Pakistan in late 60's I believe. Also, they do get monthly stipends from the GoP, but I amn't sure, how much do they get. As you've said, Jinnah only had one daughter who lives in the US.
  6. I think Ahmad Ali married a white lady, and died in the UK...I think they had a daughter together.. Shireen Ben's family still lives in Karachi.. never knew there was someone called bande Ali..
  7. gheyr-only??? --- unrelated, non- (gheyr muslim=non-muslim) makhluk -- creation (Allah ki makhluq= God's creation) tawassul -- intercession kaarzaa (I know karzaa is debt) sifat-characteristics? --u've it right boutraab -- Imam Ali's title (i think it means "father of soil") kalaam -- speech, poetry tabeegh -- tableegh means to invite to islam fataah (as in "Husain ki fataah kaa nieshaan") --- victory mubtila -- involved, indulged.. ghazab -- anger tabdili-change? -- yep! Ghulzaar -- flowery Tarjumaa-meaning -- more like "translation" Hurf -- alphabet Taanaa -- taunt Allah ki ZAAD (?) se madad nahi maangrahe hain�. not askin Allah for help VASILAA(?) math banau kisi ko -- do not make anyone means (to approach) Maghfirat-forgiveness? .. yes! Ali arsh (?) aur farsh(?) pe hai (some such phrase)�Ali is in sky and earth??? ... yes Ibtedaa .. beginning Intehaa -- end Vida -- farewell Aamdaanie kaa zariyaa .... source of income Mohib -- lover Shaamdi -- ?? Muntazir -- one who's waiting Ye to mustaqbil (?) ki baat hai ... it's about future(=mustaqbil) Sawaal ko jhiro (?) nahi Moukadas cheeza ...sacred thing Risaalat--something with prophets??? ... yeh means prophethood alrite..i'll leave the rest for rawshni
  8. lol, alrite..i'll try to do as much as i can...and leave the rest for others: Tajalee -- i think it means light Dukhal -- interference Ameeen -- trustworthy Hurmat, and how is that different from ehteram? --- hurmat: sanctity; ehteram: respect Khilkat Kudrat vs. fitrat -- Afzal -- greater Mukhtalaf -- different Mukam -- status Nazil -- descend, or to come down.. Taqdir -- kismet Bergae -- ?? Ilahi -- God Taluk -- relation Waahi ko nazia kiya -- if it's "wahi ko nazil kiya" it'd mean: a revelation came down Fakhre -- if u mean "fakhar," it'd be translated as pride. Jalwafroz Beikhtebear (talwar) Ek zariya tha -- it was a way Moayyam -- if u mean "moayyaN" it means "fixed" or "determined" as in "time of one's death is pre-determined/fixed" Kefiyat -- feeling Azeem hasti -- great personality Mahdud -- limited Fakhad -- only (maybe it could be better translated) payaam -- message Ghobaar -- fog
  9. ^His younger sister, 14-year-old, knows...so I think he would, too (but not very well). I think Bilawal would be smart enough not to put the pictures online... It's said that when Army personnel raided 70 Clifton, Benazir destroyed all the family pictures she thought could be misused..
  10. Lol, it was funny how Ghinwa was pushing her kids: "I think Fatima and Zulfiqar Jr. need to show their leadership skills now."
  11. Farewell to Wadi Bua By Fatima Bhutto LARKANA: My aunt and I had a complicated relationship. That is the truth, the sad truth. The last fifteen years were not one we spent as friends or as relatives, that is also the truth. But this week, I too want to remember her differently. I want to remember her differently because I must. I can’t lose faith in this country, my home. I can’t believe that it was for nothing, that violence in its purest form is so cruel and so unforgiving. I can’t accept that this is what we have come to. So, I must offer a farewell. One that is written in tears and anger but one that comes from a place far away, from the realm of memory and forgiving –- a place where at another time, we might have all been safe. As a child, I used to call my aunt Wadi Bua, Sindhi for father’s older sister. When I got the news, I was told that something had happened to Wadi Bua. It was an expression I hadn’t heard or used in a very long time, when I heard it said to me over the phone I remembered someone different. We used to read children’s books together. We used to like exactly the same sweets –- sugared chestnuts and candied apples. We used to get the same ear infections, ear infections that tortured us and plagued us throughout the years. I have never before written an article that seemed so impossible. We were very different. Though people liked to compare us, almost instinctively, because well, they could. It is difficult for me to write about two people, one in the present tense and one in the past, at the same time. Especially when one person’s passing makes the other one wonder whether there is a cusp to things and whether or not there really is a past and present to life. I never agreed with her politics. I never did. I never agreed with those she kept around her, the political opportunists, hanger-ons, them. They repulse me. I never agreed with her version of events. Never. But in death, in death perhaps there is a moment to call for calm. To say, enough. We have had enough. We cannot, and we will not, take anymore madness. I mourn because my family has had enough. I mourn for Bilawal, Bakhtawar, and Asifa. I mourn for them because I too lost a parent. I know what it feels like to be lost and left at sea, unanchored and afraid. I mourn for the workers of the party, those who have been bereaved of their own loved ones in this tragedy. When congregants gather in a church, temple, or mosque they offer prayers for those that reside beyond. The congregants sing to the heavens and they offer the divine their hymns of sadness and hope. There are no hymns consisting of frustration or anger –- this too shall pass, they say, remember that. What hymns do we sing now? In those hymns, there is hope encapsulated in the sadness. There is a lingering sense that after darkness a dawn will rise. What then do we have to be hopeful for? And how do we proceed to wake the dawn? I have always been honest with you, I promised that to you at the beginning. Honestly, I am at a loss. I am compounded in a state of shock. I am in shock because I have yet to bury a loved one who has died from natural causes. Four. That’s the number of family members, immediate family members, whom we have laid to rest, all victims of senseless, senseless killing. I was born five years after my grandfather, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s assassination. I was born into the void of his absence and for my father, Murtaza, I was a new chance at life. I grew up hearing my grandfather’s speeches, watching him on old black and white video cassettes, enamoured at his every word. My father was a young man when his father was killed and it was something he carried with him every second, every minute for the rest of his life. I was three when my uncle Shahnawaz was murdered. I remember Wadi Bua sitting with me and telling me stories while the rest of the family was with the police. When I was fourteen, my life was ended. I lost my heart and soul, my father Murtaza. I am and have been since then a shell of the person I was. I suppose there are cusps in life, and thank god for that because that way we can stay in between. And now at twenty five, Wadi. But this isn’t about me, it’s about those whom we have lost. It’s about the graveyard at Garhi Khuda Bux that is just too full. I pray that this is the last, that from this moment onwards we will no longer have to bid farewell too quickly. . Wadi, farewell.
  12. Suicide bomber has been recognized to be from the tribal area, and belonging to the wahabi militant group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
  13. Asif Ali Zardari coming home tonight...
  14. unconfirmed news say Benazir is dead!!
  15. around 20 dead. BB rec'd a bullet in her neck..
  16. Yaar aisa kuch nahi hay...haan, Pakistan kay ander kuch departments aisay hain (maslan, try getting a police certificate without paying for chai, pani) jahan $$ ke baghair koi kaam nahi hota, laiken aur kuch aisa nahi hay.. yaar mostly agla banda sahi keh raha hota hay...hum apna kaam jaldi karwanay ke liye connections dhondte hain... The last time I went to the Pakistani consulate was to get my passport renewed...now the guy there told me that it's gonna take a week for that... now, since I was having my exams, and had to leave for Pak right after that, I didn't have enough time on me, so I had to call my broher and had it done in a couple of hours. Ab agar systematically dekhein to aap wo banda sahi keh raha tha... ghalti to meri he thee...aur woh bhi na hoti agar mujhe pata hota ke koi connection nahi dhond sakta me... Also, agar receptionist aik gori bitha dein aap...to logon ka rawayya dekhiyee...aur agar bichari desi with a Pakistani accent bitha dein...to to log chorein na usey... So at the end of the day, it's the people, the awaaaam....
  17. meray khayal say qasoor hamara bhi hay, ke hamein "connections" dhondne ki adat parr gayee hay..
  18. lol, a few video with Abida Hussein:
  19. Sindh card plays well in Sindh and Balochistan. Where she has lost some of her members in the upper Punjab area; she has gained some, too (abida hussain comes to mind). Also, the tussle between the Q and the N would benefit her (and there are talks about seat adjustments with N)..This would, in part, help undo the consequences of seat adjustments between the Q and the PPP (SB) in Sindh (b/c of which Benazir had to withdraw her nomination from one of the seats in Larkana). Also, I think PPP would do better than Tehreek-e-Jafariya in the shia areas of the North.
  20. I never said in my post about whether Nawaz Sharif should have been ejected out of Pakistan, or not. What I said was the role that the King played was that of the mediator, and not the abductor. Thankyou.
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