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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. LAHORE - April 26: Families of the victims of 1990 bomb blasts,which were carried out by Sarabjit Singh, stage a demonstration to urge the government not to give clemency to the Indian who is convicted of spying and carrying out the bombings. — Photo by M Arif/White Star
  2. Please dont quote wikipaedia. From nowhere in particular, just what I had known..
  3. ^Ya Allah!!! No he isn't, but he doesn't work against the Shias. But I know where ur coming from...his speeches are nothing less than a majlis(minus material)
  4. ^They aren't against the Salafies. MQM opposes Jamat-e-Islami on purely political basis. They even oppose Sunni Tehreek (very anti-Salafi organization). They are neither pro-Shia, nor anti-Shia. And I think this is one of their positive points. I know many Salafies who are part of it, and I know Abbas Kumaili is their senator.
  5. He adopted the lastname to pacify the Indian (hindu) public, on Nehru's insistence.
  6. ^Abay parody kia... kal ki speech nahi suni uski geo news per? market me naye ganay ayee hain!!
  7. ^She embraced Islam to marry Feroze Khan, but after the divorce (or separation?) she reverted back to Hinduism so far as I know.
  8. He is an Indian, just for the record :dry:
  9. How is it a hate-mongering thread? I saw this video a few months back on youtube, and thought it was hilarious. The only reason I didn't post it here was because I thought the joke he pulled was low in decency. The thread is in no way against the Urdu speaking Shias (or Pakistanis, in general). If AH wants to give funny interviews and speeches, then people WILL laugh.
  10. ^Now dont be a British-Punjabi. Respect the K's n Q's
  11. ^PLAGIARISM!!! It's QATIL LEAGUE (PML-Q), copyright Zardari!
  12. mms://wm.vitalstreamcdn.com/stream_geo_tv/ImportantEvents/DrSherAfganNiazi1.wmv here ya go..
  13. The guy is being surrounded by the women, because he had just finished talking to the leaders of the women wing of the party he is a President of. Where do you see Imran Khan, Nawaz Shareef, and Asif Zardari being surrounded by women?
  14. You dont have any sunni friends in Pakistan? Whenever they have having their jalsaas, or giyarwee shareef, baarhwee shareef... this is one quality of their "giyarwee walay peer" that they never forget to mention. It is a common knowledge amongst the sunnis that he was a "Hassani as well as a Hussaini" Syed.
  15. ^According to sunnis, Abdul Qadir Jilani was a najibutarfein Syed (Hasani and Husaini).
  16. Gujarat admits wrongful killing Police in India's Gujarat state killed an innocent Muslim man in a staged gun battle, the authorities have admitted. They then accused him of plotting to assassinate state Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the Supreme Court heard. A lawyer for the state said senior police officers were involved. "We are prepared to take immediate action." The innocent man, Sohrabuddin Sheikh, was shot dead by anti-terrorist personnel in the state's largest city, Ahmadabad, in 2005. Police at the time claimed Mr Sheikh belonged to the banned Kashmiri militant group, Lashkar-e-Toiba, and was plotting the assassination to avenge the death of hundreds of Muslims in riots three years before. BBC
  17. It isn't about she being totally false. But probably she exaggerated a lot in her book, and attempted to come out to be innocent, battered Muslim woman.
  18. I think I'll have to agree with Rawshni. Also, when I read her book, there were many conflicting events she reported (I cant recall any though).
  19. Army recalls 72 of its officers from civilian departments By Our Reporter ISLAMABAD, March 28: The General Headquarters will recall 72 army officers, including six major-generals and eight brigadiers, serving in various civilian departments by mid-August in two phases, according to Inter-Services Public Relations director-general Major-General Athar Abbas. He said that at present there were 150 officers working in various departments, but some departments had sought to retain 32 officers and also wished to re-employ them after retirement. The ISPR director-general said most of the officers would be retiring this year or next year. He said that the services of 46 officers were being retained by some departments till mid-August because of non-availability of replacements. He said the departments and ministries had been asked to get a no-objection certificate for re-employing these officers against 10 per cent quota or open vacancy through the ministry of defence. The ministry refers all such cases to the Establishment Division for confirmation. “However, from now on the GHQ will not entertain any request for retention or induction of officers in uniform in any civilian department,” he said. The ISPR director-general said that the return of junior commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers and Jawans had commenced. Athar Abbas said that retired officers were eligible for re-employment on 3- to 5-year contracts, renewable up to the age of 60 years, to a maximum of 10 per cent of annual vacancies in various groups and cadres. The re-employment, he said, was made through the Defence Services Officers Selection Board headed by the minister of interior and comprising secretaries of establishment and defence. Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani had ordered withdrawal of more than 300 army personnel posted in various civil departments on secondment. Immediately, 152 of military personnel returned to the Pakistan Army. They included six major-generals working in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). DAWN
  20. Yeah Mushahid Husain is a shia, just that he had a habit of folding his arms while praying in the company of Nawaz Sharif et al. :blush:
  21. Yeah...from what I know, he is a descendant of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani...so even his ancestors couldn't have been shia.
  22. Having seen his other wives, I doubt it. ;)
  23. PESHAWAR: NWFP to have first elected woman minister By Sadia Qasim Shah PESHAWAR, March 7: The Awami National Party has nominated a young educated woman as the minister for social welfare and women development, who will be the first woman minister in an elected government in the NWFP. Sitara Ayaz, who till recently was active in social welfare activities as director of the All Pakistan Women’s Association’s NWFP chapter, was elected MPA on a reserved seat for women. There have been a few women ministers in the NWFP but they either worked with a military government or a caretaker set-up. Meraj Hamayun is working in the present caretaker set-up in the NWFP as education minister. Dr Shaheen Sardar Ali served as provincial health minister in the military government of President Pervez Musharraf in 1999. She was later replaced by another woman, Dr Mehr Taj Roghani, when she left the ministry for personal reasons. Sitara Ayaz, set to become the first woman minister in an elected government in the province, belongs to the Swabi district’s Jhanda village. She has been affiliated with the ANP for 10 years. She does not have any link to a known political family, but is a relative of Bushra Gohar, another ANP MNA elected on a reserved seat. She holds a master’s degree in English literature. Talking to Dawn, Sitara Ayaz said she wanted to create economic opportunities for women. She said women needed economic empowerment, besides basic facilities like health and education, especially in rural areas. “I will try to start schemes for women so they can earn their livelihood while doing small business from their homes,” she said. She said she was aware of how the security situation was like in the NWFP for women. So, she said, she planned to adopt a strategy that was feasible and women were able to work while following local cultural norms. “I know there will be problems, but I will like to take the community along. I want to work along with people,” she said. Sitara Ayaz said she was confident that her rural background and experience in social welfare would help her adopt a strategy for women development. She said she would try to create coordination between government and non-governmental organisations in social welfare and women development projects and institutions. The ANP, which won the majority seats in the NWFP in the Feb 18 election for its slogans of peace and combating extremism in all its forms, has made its first progressive move by appointing a woman a minister in a 21-member cabinet, political analysts say. The ANP was also the first political party which sent a woman member to the National Assembly. Begum Nasim Wali Khan was elected to the National Assembly in 1977. She was also later elected as an MPA four times. DAWN
  24. 48 Pakistanis in Indian Punjab jails: Prison terms completed NEW DELHI, March 7: Forty-eight Pakistanis are languishing in jails across Indian Punjab even after completing their prison terms. Many of them have not even been granted consular access, which is mandatory under international conventions signed by both Pakistan and India. According to the Asian Age, 60-year-old Mukhtar Ahmad of Kasur, currently in Amritsar’s high-security central jail, has spent 17 years in prisons across India. He has spent nine years more than his sentence and still there is no sign of his repatriation. Akbar Ali of Lahore is in Amritsar jail without any hope of release. No one even ponders the prospect of his return to Pakistan because the period of his extra stay is “barely 16 months” since completing sentence in November 2006. Jail officials told the daily that they were “helpless” and could not release the unfortunate 48 prisoners because they would be “guilty” of violating the Foreigners Act the minute they were permitted to step a foot out of the jail premises. “We have no ulterior interest in retaining these people. But we can only follow the instructions from Delhi,” said Superintendent S.P. Singh. And past experience shows that Delhi could well remain silent for years. The apparent lethargy on the part of Indian bureaucracy in processing the cases of the 48 Pakistanis in Amritsar jail is surprising. Ranjan Lakhanpal, a Chandigarh-based lawyer and civil liberties activist, fought for three years for release of Fida Hussain and five other Pakistanis who had similarly languished in Indian jails years beyond their sentences. He said the high court in Chandigarh had in 1993 adopted a humanitarian approach and ordered that the prisoners be sent home by the Samjhauta Express with due compensation. “Today, Fida Hussain and his compatriots are safe, happy and with their loved ones,” the lawyer said, adding that the current bureaucratic position on prisoners was unacceptable under the humanitarian law. “How can we not be concerned about their right to liberty? Aren’t we the ones who are holding them prisoner?” he asked. And he should know after playing a key role in the repatriation of more than 250 Pakistanis from India, the daily reported.—APP
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