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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How is that possible?? :blink:
  2. Muahahahahahhhahaahhahha Ohhhhhhhh Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd LOL I just cant control my laugh :lol: Woh aik PTV per atee thee na kabhi kabhi laraka se aurat, u sound just like her, muahahahahahaha. :lol: haha yeah FUNNNNNEEEEEYYYYY <_< aur tum uss aurat say pitnay walay SHERFoO lugtay ho o my god tumhari tou pic bhi waissi thee abb khiyal aya tumhay daikh kay kiska khiyal a raha tha :!!!: Hhahaah kitni hasi ki baat hay, hahahahaha <_<
  3. I have already defeated you in urdu, so shush :P
  4. maachis u mean...im having an asar on u ^_^ LOOL jee nahi yeah machis.. mein nay bohot deyr tak socha laiken yaad nahi araha tha word.. "matches" yaad araha tha but mein nay kaha mein to aik match ki baat kar raha hoob so why "matches" :lol: ahh well getting old i guess..
  5. lagta hay Urdu per bohot zoor dey kar likhtee ho.. :rolleyes: Thanks, aapko zarda, saag, bajray ki roti aur sari paindo dishes mubarak.. :rolleyes: Oii, oil per jalti hoe match phayk rahee ho!! :angry:
  6. Zain aur Hussain ka bandhan hay Aisa Makhmal mein paywand laga ho jaisa :!!!: [Thts coz Hussain is a Pakistani. :P ]
  7. Muahahahahahahhaahhahaah :lol: :lol: Kia kehnay Syedmed, bohot khoob.. Loot liya Mushaira aapne to :lol:
  8. (salam) Everyone has different taste. For sure your future husband will think you are beautiful. :) Tip: If you have confidence in yourself, others will too. WaSalaam, Hajar great tip!! It's all confidence... I have seen average or even below average (I know I shouldnt be saying this but just for the sake of defining their looks) people impressing and kinda of RULING others just because they are confident enough! Btw, beauty does matter for me. I think Islam also encourages us to marry beautiful spouses so that we will have attraction towards them and wouldn't have to look around..
  9. chicken legged Lion :blink:
  10. Aslamo 3alikum, According to Aqai Seestani: Namaz-e-Jumuah is Wajib Takhyiri, which means that we have an option to offer Jumuah prayers, if its necessary conditions are fulfilled, or to offer Zuhr prayers. Hence, if Namaz-e-Jumuah is offered then it is not necessary to offer Zuhr prayer. (I have not included the full masala) According to Aqai Khui(ar): If the certain conditions for Jummah prayers are met then it is wajib to offer namaz-e-Jummah, while namaz-e-Zuhr can be offered as "Rija'" According to Aqai Mohsin Hakeem At-Tabatabai' (ar) : In this era, Namaz-e-Jummah is "Rijah" ,It is wajib to offer Namaz-e-Zuhr after offering Namaz-e-Jummah. According to Mirza Jawad Tabrizi: If in the era of ghaybah of Imam-e-Zamana the Friday prayer is established with all its rules and with the Imamate of Hakim-e-Sharah in whose hand there is power or in the Imamate of any Imam who is eligible of Imamate and in appointed by hakim-e-Sharah then as an obligatory precaution one should attend it , except for the following people: 1) Those who are old and weak 2) Women 3) A man who is a traveller in that place where Jummah is being offered 4) Patient (sick) and two more ( I cant translate them) And if above rules aren't fulfilled then, it is wajib to offer Namaz-e-Zuhr .. According to Sayyid Muhammad Saeed Tabatabai' Al-Hakeem: If a person offers Namaz-e-Jummah (which fulfills its conditions) then he is not obliged to say Namaz-e-Zuhr. It is necessary to point out two things: 1) Every Muslim has a choice between Namaz-e-Jummah and Namaz-e-Zuhr, he can offer Namaz-e-Jummah or Namaz-e-Zuhr (anyone of them) 2) Between two Namaz-e-Jummah the distance shouldn't be less than 6 km (approx.). This is Salatul Jumma According to Sheikh Fazel Lankarani: In the era of occultation of the Holy Imam Zaman (may Allah hasten his Holy appearance), Friday prayer is Takhiri obligation (it means that the obliged person can offer Friday prayer on Fridays instead of Zuhr prayer) but Friday prayer is more important and Zuhr prayer is more precautionary and, as a strong precaution, it is better to offer both of them. A person who has offered Friday prayer is not obliged to offer Zuhr prayers; but, as a recommendatory precaution, it must also be offered. Sayyid Ali Khamenei': Today, even though Friday prayers is considered a takhyiri {selective} obligation {an obligatory duty which is fulfilled by the performance of one of two specified duties} during this period of time and it is not considered obligatory on people to participate in it, one should not deprive oneself of the blessings of the prayers solely due to doubt in the adalah of the Imam or due to irrelevant excuses. Wa'Salam Ali
  11. 1721. After the death of a person his eldest son, as an obligatory precaution, should observe his qadha fasts as explained in connection with the prayers earlier. Sayyid Seestani's OMG :blink: lets hope my father doesnt have any qadha fasts Inshallah. Or else i'm screwed :D
  12. wow u got her, thats amazing.. Yeah I think chando.. saw thatd drama long time back.. lol :D
  13. Which one, now I am curious.. LOL I dont know her name or anything.. You know she is really dark and short and bit "healthy," and hmm I dont remember any of her dramas, shejust comes once in a while... Mostly comes in roles like servants or you know ppl like that.. In one drama, she was like (while askin her neighbor for the flour): Ali (her son) jid kariya hay, Aalo ke puroothay khaonga, Aalo ke uroothay khaonga :lol: And erm in another drama, she had her son married her pre-teen son to a girl older to her (who always beat him) and she (the one we are talking abt) is like: fear fear!! you will be "roasted" (yes, roasted!) (in qiyamah). :D
  14. actually it just depends on your genes.. Some people eat nothing, yet they are too obsessed, others eat too much, but are the fittest! Anyways, include dairy products in your everyday meal.. and yeah fries and such things LOL :D
  15. peer, the mother also is responsible for supporting/raising the family. many women today have the double task of not only raising families but also helping their spouses in financially supporting the family. it's totally plausible that she might miss some of her salaat. i still don't understand why doing qaza prayer for her is not as certain as it is for the father. But Islamically she isnt responsible for supporting the family.. It isn't even wajib for her to feed the kids (it's father's duty, and the wife csn charge him for breastfeeding the kids..)
  16. Where are all those fake philosophical lectures about being nice and caring an blah blah? :angry: Zain: go ahead, I have seen that pic, and it isnt that bad. Wa'Salam Ali
  17. Amen :!!!: Alf Mabrook bro. Ali & sis. Heaven. :) May Allah always keep you two united, Amen.
  18. scared? nah! Just felt sorry for that poor pinkish creature.. :(
  19. Bro this is one of the most beautiful verses I have ever heard!! Kitni deeply poet nay kia kuch samayt liya 2 lines mein... *shruggs* Akhbari- Thanks, bro, the poet deserves the real wah wah. :)
  20. Whichever is higher (for abnormal ppl.) Both must be the same for normal guys..
  21. Shiites call us wahabis,qizilbalshs,etc. But I only Worship Allah(swt) and I only follow Prophet Muhammad(S) like the holy Quran says. Why do Shias don't do the same???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? That was for Ayatollah Malang, not you. :blink:
  22. Nahi beta, bas mazakh tha. ^_^ Aur Nida, shayr sahee sey parho :angry: , bhanjay ki waja sey mamo ki bakhshish hoee hay..
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