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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Nahi janab, west ki naqal nahi, balke bijli bachanay ki koshish me aisa kia hay. Warna ghanto loadshedding karte thay gharo'n me, bohot hangama ho raha tha, log pareshan thay, aur election qareeb :) Fazool hay, I know, aik dum nikammay log hain
  2. i) Joint Family ii) 24/7 presence of others, perhaps elders is a great re-assurance iii) Freedom to do as we both want to
  3. Lol, dost, thanks for putting it here.. Fazool tareen budget tha waisey..
  4. ^abay tum to bohot ghustay ho khawateen me.. You know what? The thing u cling most to, will push you just as hard.. ;)
  5. I Hate National Post!! There's a beautiful article on Star today, on the front page, by Thomas Walkom. Here's the link for anyone who'd be interested: TorontoStar
  6. chalo, Kaneez, wow tum ko bakhsh dia.. kia yaad karogi :P
  7. ^Shaykhs are investing in every field: Banking (UBL, DIB, etc), Energy (KESC), Telecom (PTCL, Al-Warid), as well as hotels and residential lands..
  8. Wooohh... Congratulations :D
  9. ^Pakistan has always denied the third option--Kashmiris going on their own. It says either join India or Pakistan. Only recently Musharraf proposed some new options but even that doesn't have this complete independent status for Kashmiris.
  10. ABAY HE WAS AN ENGLISHMAN WANNABE!!! Anyways, sorry, you can't meet him - he's dead. :P Choro, dont wanna talk about him any further, lets leave the dead dead. Khair: Nahi Hay Khoof Ke Hay Dil Mein La'Ilah Mere Uloom-e-Taza Ki Sargarmian Gunah Nahin Urdu mein type karne ka time nahi hay.
  11. There is an excellence in Dubai which can be exported to Pakistan: PM Aziz LONDON, June 3 (Financial Times website) Dubai is poised to become the biggest foreign investor in Pakistan following the announcement of property, financial service and infrastructure projects worth billions of dollars, UK’s Financial Times reported Saturday. The Pakistani government welcomed the plans - revealed during a visit by Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, to Islamabad - as a significant vote of confidence in the country's two-year-old economic recovery and said Pakistan would take extraordinary measures to facilitate UAE investors. "There is an excellence in Dubai which can be exported to Pakistan," Shaukat Aziz, Pakistan's prime minister, told the FT. "These investment plans run in to several billion dollars - the largest investment of its kind and something which signifies a great deal of investor confidence." Details of the projects have not been released but some reports say business groups Emaar and Dubai World are poised to invest in property projects worth more than $30bn. Dubai Islamic Bank has also sought permission from Pakistan's central bank to establish between 50 to 70 new branches across the country - the largest expansion by a foreign bank ever. Aziz said investors from the UAE had already begun increasing their stakes in Pakistan since last year's privatisation of Pakistan Telecom - the main telecoms utility, whose 26 per cent stock and management rights were taken over by Etisalat, the UAE-based telecoms company. One of Pakistan's six mobile phone companies and one of the three largest public sector banks, which was privatised three years ago, are owned by UAE investors, the FT report added.
  12. Karachiites are pretty hot :dry: Er... 1) He had a masters degree in ENGLISH literature. 2) Always wore business suit. 3) He owned a house in Lucknow, which he rented out to Hasrat Mohani (they ddin't live in the same house) Ab bolo :squeez:
  13. LOL, you wouldn't have said that, had you known him :P Aur aam Karachi walon say kafi behter Urdu hay meri :huh:
  14. ahemmm... :ankhein roll karte karte thak jati hain:
  15. Hasrat Mohani Lucknow me hamaray dada ke ghar rehte thay :D
  16. Yeh ada, yeh naaz, yeh andaaz... aapka dheray dheray pyar ka bahana ban gaya :D
  17. He was put under house arrest, and his place was attacked, after he criticised Sayyid Ali Khamenei. Anyways, even those who placed such restrictions on him doesn't question his ijtihad. He is a recognised maraji' and thats why we have him listed as such. I am closing this thread, if you wanna discuss about the specific letter Abbas_Zaidi linked, search for it on this forum, and there are plenty of threads about it. Thanks, Ali
  18. Shaykh Montazeri was released a few years ago.
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