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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sorry if I am being dense, but Army is supposed to provide protection to people who attack the gas installations every now and then? Who attack army patrol teams, who kill engineers because they work for the government? Who destroy schools the government put up for the people of Pakistan? Is army supposed to provide protection to the people of Pakistan and their properties, OR Nawab Akbar Bugti?
  2. I have no idea what are you on about :wacko: Private military is called private security? since when? Anti-aircraft guns, missibles, plenty of illegal/legal arms, grenades.... it's all part of a private security? And that too to be used against the government personnel and foreign engineers? As I wrote above, they tried having dialogues for years--on all levels!! From Chaudhry Shujaat to Mustafa Kharr. Kisne nahi ja kar baat ki? Aur yeh tamam political personalities he hain. Also, Balochs and Nawab Bugti's family aren't to be confused to be representing the same agenda. For example, Baloch Student Federation (or Youth Federation, whatever they're called) keeps on asking the federal government to raise the number of schools in the province. Nawab Bugti, on the other hand, destroys the already established government schools. See the contrast?
  3. J bhai, woh MAFROOR tha... aur baghi tha Mengal bhi koi naiki ka putla nahi, laiken mafroor nahi hay. Is liye usko ziada say ziada arrest kia jata hay aur phir choor dia jata hay. Also, what is so illegal about it (if we're to believe the official story, and not to assume things) ? Two army helicopters were attacked, the place was bombed, as a result Bugti died as the cave went down on him... O bhaijaan kia ho gaya hay aapko!! Army ka maqsad hay difa karna apne mulk ka Bugti jese anasir ke khilaaf!!
  4. Bugti bhaga hua mujrim tha, us per baghawat aur qatl sameet dasio ilzamat thay. ruposh tha woh. Raid huee, mara gaya.. Uske do potay ghaliban abhi bhi jail me hain. err.. so armed forces supposed to take care of rebels as well?
  5. Then who deserves to die? If not someone who has his own private military, his own private justice system with most brutal of the laws. If not someone who has been kidnapping businessmen, ministers for ages for ransom. If not someone who keeps damaging national assests, of extreme value, every weekend. If not someone who keeps murdering Pakistanis and Chinese working in gas fields in Balochistan. If not someone who is against the development of his own province and against the prosperity of his own peasants! Who keeps destroying schools, gas pipelines, highways and all other kinds of properties owned by the people of Pakistan! Who then deserves to die, if not him?
  6. There is a short speech by Syed Mahdi Modaressi, you guys might be interested in it. He hasn't gone in much detail about this phrase here, but does touch on it a bit. Ashura; A Day Like No Other!
  7. Sadqain/Jibran: Unfortunately the forum he was guest at, is no more up there (al-hewar.com) and so it isn't possible to retrieve the archive section of their website. He might be able to reply to this question here: http://www.modarresi.org/english/index.htm
  8. I am not sure if you guys remember when Syed Mahdi Modaressi was a guest and we were able to pose these kinda questions to him. He said that it is no hadeeth. People usually refer it to Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) , however, it isn't found in any of the collections. Also, it contradicts a very major and authentic hadeeth of Masoom, which goes something like: No day is like Ashura, and no land is like that of Karbala.
  9. May be the coincidental deaths of four of her proposers put her in this psychological state where she's blaming things on this jinn? May be ask her to make this non-human proposer of hers to meet her parents/family?
  10. Haha Jeeto'n to tujhe paao'n Haaro'n to piyaa teri.. Anyways, me ja raha .. is Neverland Queen ko thikanay laganay.. Have a fun day, guys!
  11. ^Hahahaha.... haar nahi manni kabhi? LOL.. anyways... talk to ya soon.. i wanna tell ya something!!
  12. Nahi, bas mujhe ghar puhchanay ki adat hay :P ;)
  13. Haan jee. Laiken shuruwaat Sindhu-desh say he huee thee. (F)
  14. QUOTE(>Learner< @ Aug 13 2006, 09:03 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sindh may have been the first. But first does not mean the most important. Muslim rulers have never administered India from Sindh. It has always been either from Afghanistan or from UP, Bihar region of India. Sindh was a mere province in the many Islamic empires of India.Now everyone knows that Urdu started near the Lucknow area (also in UP). Not surprisingly since this was the cultural capital of North Indian Muslims. Punjab, Kashmir and Sindh only began emerging when the British came. Before that, Muslim leadership was from UP, Bihar or from Afghanistan. Which Muslim leaders came from Pakistan(Punjab, Sindh area)? as for the NW frontier, that was always a part of the greater Afghan land. It is only the British that changed that by creating the Dhurand line. Those people are culturally closer to Afghanistan than to Punjabis and Sindhis. Great Muslim leaders and warriors may have come from NW frontier province, but not as Pakistanis, they came as Afghans. Aslamo 3alikum, 1) Everybody doesn't know Urdu was born near Lucknow. It's just one of the possibilities--most historians say it was born somewhere near the Pak-Afghan border. 2) Cultural capitals of North Indians kept moving. Lucknow was but one of them (along with Delhi and Lahore). 3) Muslim rulers have administered (not all of it, since that have never been the case) from the regions what now makes Pakistan. I dont know how does that make a difference, but yeah, many have. Lahore even served as a capital for some time during the Moghal era. Actually, as I said earlier, these were the ONLY Muslim-majority states in India, the first shia-state in India (Sindh & Punjab), first state to have relations with the Ahlulbayt (Sindhi woman mothered Imam Zainulabideen's son), as well as the first independent states to have a Shia ruler (during Imam Ali's era). 4) Your last sentence doesn't really make sense, since this region wasn't called Pakistan back then. They came from what's now called Pakistan, period. True. But that was also thru Sindh. Arabs used to have trade-relations with what is now Pakistan (particularly Sindh, and may be Balochistan too). Thru what is now Pakistan...
  15. Zara sa enjoy karlenay me kia buri baat hay? Bahar nikal jatay hain, thora sa nach lete hain, patakhay phor lete hain... is me kia buri baat hay? Aur jo hadsa hua to woh hadsa tha... ihteyat karni chahiyee thee.. laiken uski waja say yeh to nahi ke sab kuch he band kardein.
  16. I know eh.. bechari ki shadi ho gaye warna bandi thee woh bhi kaam ki :lol: tum satya gaye ho... Ulfat me teri tanha, aik hum he nahi ruswa.. In ankhon ki masti ke, mastanay hazaro'n hain, dewanay hazaro'n hain..
  17. ^So far as I know, Sayyid Seestani doesn't believe in copyrights. To be sure, and verify, search for it within this forum. It has been discussed here before, and fatawas from many maraji' has been posted.
  18. Sab sey khubsurat ghazal ankho per pata hay konsi hay? Mirza Ruswa ki " In ankho'n ki masti ke.." Umrao Jaan Ada say :wub:
  19. Congratulations :D PAKISTAN ZINDABAD! :D
  20. Jee jee. Amen. [Kithay ghaib hondi ho tussi? ] Waisey bhi achi baat hay Pakistan jese mulk me shioo ko fouj me jana.
  21. Mubarak ho bohot bohot. Ab to aapse taluqat barhanay hongay ;)
  22. QUOTE(>Learner< @ Aug 12 2006, 03:15 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>From what I have read of Islamic history of India, the classical Indian Islamic civilization was in UP, Bihar or in the south in Dekhan.Islam entered this region thru Sindh (Southern Pakistani Province). It was thru this region that Islam entered what is now India. First Muslims were from this area. First Shia-State was founded in this region. Even first sada't were from what's now Pakistan. :angel: Muslim-majority provinces made Pakistan (excepting Kashmir, for reasons you already know..) Urdu is said to have been born either near the outskirts of Peshawar, in Lahore or in Lucknow. Two of these probables are located in Pakistan. Some rulers lived in what is now India; others, in Pakistan. That's your opinion. Even better had English not left!
  23. Aww the Punjabi lady touched 30 eh.. Enjoy the jawani while it lasts.. Happy Birthday :D
  24. Yeh ke mazhabi aitbar say woh Ibne Taymiyyah thay Hindustan ke, aur Siyasi aitbar say Nehru jeso'n ke rufaqa. Qibla o Kaba.
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