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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^Laiken issey to yeh lag raha hay ke Rasool (saw) nay kisi kism ki investigation bhi nahi karwai.. jisne bhi akar bola ke rape hua hay mera us ka yaqeen karlia aur kaha ke baghair kisi muqadme ke usko ja kar maardo? There needs to be more to that story
  2. ^Mullahs are opposing the changes. More liberal and nationalist leaders (PPP must be mentioned here) want it changed. Last time Muslim League walo'n nay bacha lia tha. Salay, Zia-ul-Haq ke palay hue hain akhir
  3. ^I think yeh weak point Islamic law me he hay. Agar aurat 4 aisey mard paish nahi kar pati jinho nay actual penetration dekhi ho, to ulta aurat per zina ka muqadma chal jata hay.
  4. haha lol tht was funny.. i thought he said lemme look at ur back, and i was like why would anyone wanna look at my back hahah... funny kid..
  5. LOL, why.. what do i sound like.. some very mature, old guy?
  6. Kuch ajeeb si lagti hay yeh wali, jo probably na samajh anay ki waja say hay, laiken khair hadees kuch yun hay: Azmaye hoe ko azmana bewaqofi hay
  7. REVIEWS: In the line of fire? It ought to be Reviewed by Bahzad Alam Khan Let’s get the frequently asked question out of the way: should President Gen Pervez Musharraf have written his memoirs? Yes, he should have. Firstly, academic hair-splitting over the constitutional restriction on autobiographies or books by serving government officials ignores the peculiar problem that the president faces: he may not be able to write his memoirs once he is out of power. If he is, as he bravely puts it, “in the line of fire” at all times, he may not always get lucky. And in the unlikely event of a peaceful retirement, the establishment may not allow him to write the kind of controversial book he, being self-confessedly part of the establishment now, has written. Secondly, his enemies and detractors — the same tribe, in his eyes — have produced a considerable body of literature that hurls all sorts of outrageous accusations at him — these he feels impelled to refute. Nawaz Sharif’s diatribe Ghaddar kaun? says — and quite convincingly — that Gen Musharraf committed treason by dislodging him from power. Minor politicians have written books on the Legal Framework Order and other extra-parliamentary steps taken by his government from time to time. Given a chance, Dr A.Q. Khan could also write a vengeful, and perhaps more revealing, book. Indian writers and ex-servicemen have written tomes describing how Pakistan’s army first occupied the Kargil heights on the sly and, having received a thrashing at the hands of the Indian army, staged what was widely described as a shameful climb-down. Thirdly, the president has taken so many extra-constitutional steps — more about them a little later — that one innocuous violation can perhaps be disregarded. After all, his recently launched book has further enlivened the conclaves of the chattering classes, provided much-needed fuel to dreary columnists and scandalised all those high-minded readers who previously considered the disclosure of state secrets a grave offence. As a rule, startling revelations by film celebrities and politicians sell, and Simon & Schuster can publish such a poorly edited book only when they are guaranteed massive sales. And while there are a number of startling revelations in President Musharraf’s memoirs — for instance, the country did not have an operational nuclear arsenal during the Kargil crisis — one is pleased to note that the president’s take on sensitive issues was “circumscribed only by certain dictates of national security”. But he throws caution to the wind when he talks about the domestic political scene and the international war on terror. It appears that the president harbours nothing but disdain for politicians and Muslim terrorists. And it is in the treatment of both that the president shows no regard for laws. Just as an elected prime minister, howsoever dim-witted, is ousted from power without the slightest compunction, relatives of terrorists — “including a newborn baby” — are cast into prison without so much as giving them a fair hearing. Gen Musharraf dresses up his old argument in the book about the fateful events of Oct 12, 1999. He insists that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif staged a coup by attempting, albeit unsuccessfully, to remove him. He shores up his argument by citing Sharif’s untenable decision of not allowing the plane carrying the army chief to land anywhere in Pakistan. He then argues that the prompt army action against Sharif was actually a countercoup. Sharif’s move was indeed indefensible. For this misdoing alone he should have been impeached by parliament. But, constitutionally speaking, Sharif, a popularly elected prime minister, was well within his rights to remove an army chief he could not get along with — the Kargil conflict being reportedly the cause of an unhappy estrangement between them. By the same token, it was the senior command of the army that violated the constitution by arresting a prime minister. But history, as we know very well, is written by victors. So, President Musharraf’s version of the Oct 12, 1999 events is at odds with what a constitutional (and conscientious) historian of Pakistan would write. The president recalls: “[Former chief of general staff Lt-Gen Mohammad] Aziz Khan, [former Rawalpindi corps commander Lt-Gen] Mahmood, and [former director-general of military operations Maj-Gen] Shahid Aziz had not the slightest doubt that Nawaz Sharif’s coup had to be thwarted. Enough was enough. They would lead the countercoup.” In a society governed by the rule of law, these gentlemen would certainly not have been feted in an autobiography. One last point. While not everyone is an admirer of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, his are the only books that can be held up as an example of intelligent writing by a Pakistani head of state. Books by Ayub Khan and Gen Musharraf merely show that the ghost-writing abilities of one particular family have stood enormously impaired over the years. Read an elegantly written and thought-provoking para from the president’s memoirs: “If you want democracy, then you must be responsible to vote for the right people. If you don’t, then don’t bellyache about the poor quality of parliamentarians and ministers.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the Line of Fire — A Memoir By Pervez Musharraf Simon & Schuster. Available with Liberty Books, Park Towers, Clifton, Karachi Tel: 021-5832525 (Ext: 111) Website: www.libertybooks.com ISBN 0743283449 368pp Rs1295 http://www.dawn.com/weekly/books/books7.htm
  8. Oh I thought Shias used to say that in their sarcastic manqabats B)
  9. ^What made you say that? Following is from his website: Also, in his resalah amaliah, he doesn't have "male" as a condition for a mujtahid-to-be-followed (as most others, who believes so, do). It only states that the mujtahid needs to be: 1) Adult 2) Sane 3) Shia Ithna Ashari 4) Of legitimate birth 5) Living 6) Just Also, I think Fadlallah and Jannati have similar views.
  10. Yeh wala qaul summary me yaad hay: Zarori nahi ke tumharay dost ka dost tumhara dost ho, laiken tumharay dushman ka dushman tumhara behtreem dost sabit ho sakta hay.
  11. Jin logo nay Imam Ali ya unke dushmano me say kisi aik ki side lenay say inkar kia tha, unke baray me Imam Ali nay kaha tha ke "They have forsaken religion, and are of no use to it." Jitni bhi hadeesein likhi hain, is me ya dosri wali thread me woh sab zehn say likho hain to alfaz thoray agay pechay ho saktay hain.
  12. I think test ke liye parh raha tha. I am not too enthusiastic about eids. It's been many years since I even bought shalwar kameez to wear on the day.
  13. Imam Ali ka qaul hay: A patient man would never be deprived of success, though it may take a long time to reach him abhi filhal bas yehi yaad araha hay
  14. hum log aftari nahi kartay. Yahan to khair sehri bhi nahi kartay, laiken Pakistan me bhi jab thay to direct khana khatay thay, aftar nahi. Bas pakoray tal deti thein amma kabhi. Great!! Aik aur cheez try karna.. woh "Quetta Hotel" is type ke hotay haina, pathano walay? Manji Hotel bhi kehtay hain jinko.. un walay kisi restaurant jana (Lasbella per hain bohot) aur sehri me Parathay aur Balai khana.. woh dood patti chai ke sath (balai per cheeni charak kar)
  15. Don't worry about it. Amma ki zimmedarian hain yeh sab, unhi ko nibhanay do. Warna log kahein gay "lo, kuch ziada he excited ho raha hay apni shadi ke baray me." Aur 14- or 18-carat gold is worthless, and nobody likes it there. I am sure there are plenty of Jewellers dealing in 24-carat gold there in Aus (as there are here in North America). It will just cost you a bit more. Ya phir sabse achi baat, platinum lelo. :D
  16. ^He is talking about "his" country, honey. :P
  17. I don't know why do people say that. I have never been to Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, or anywhere in the ME, save a couple of countries: Does this mean I cannot have my opinions on Arab-Israeli conflicts? Since you mentioned Dera Murad Jamali, let me tell you what Jamalis had to say AFTER Mir Jamali was removed as a PM by Musharraf: Dalla, Musharraf ke ilawa kisi aur nay to banana bhi nahi tha Baloch ko PM. (I know, I was shocked too when I heard it the first time, but dalla in Balochi apparently means "Yaar.") And J bhai mentioned Nasim Zahra. I read that article a few days back, and even she said that Musharraf's equalization policy w.r.t Balochistan has been exemplary. I'd say it again: Here we're talking about Bugti and his family--not Balochs. Aap Sahih keh rahay hongay. Laiken iska marna zaroori tha.. decades say gand machai huee thee isnay.. Akri gardan cuttee hay to maza ata hay. Same is the case here, probably. Aur assi saal kay budhay nay marr to jana he tha khud say, laiken phir kia? uske betay aur potay ajatay... Mengal aur Mari ko bhi shay' milti. Aap abhi tak Mushahid and Shujaat Hussains ki baato'n per itna ghor-o-fikr kartay hain? :wacko:
  18. As I mentioned earlier, it isn't fair to call it a "baloch" way; it's the way of Nawab Bugti (and his allies in terrorism, Mengal and Mari).
  19. pata nahi, bas mujhe lagta hay. Acha? Mein nay suna tha Fajr say pehle wala waqt behtreen hay, aur raat ki namazein usi waqt parhni chahiye (fajr say forun pehle aur phir uske baad fajr) ?
  20. Apni decision-making per tawajju deni chahiye aur kia.. Waisey I pesonally think it has a lot to do with your genes..
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