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  1. It doesn't matter if you hated all enemies of Imam Ali and loved Imam Ali as a human being to death. The love talked about in the Sunnah and Quran is about love towards his position not as just a normal human, but as a link to God, a pointer to God, a guide to God, a means to God. That is why Quran says to Mohammad "so it's not you they deny but rather the unjust deny the signs/pointers/instances of guidance to God". It has nothing to do with Mohammad as a person being denied. Allah [exalted and majestic] is saying it's not personal Mohammad, personally you are not the problem, rather, the problem is the unjust don't submit to God's guidance and don't believe in his signs and evidence. The same is true of Ahlulbayt (as). The love asked for in Quran towards the near relatives of Mohammad is all about loving their position as light of God, them being link to God, them holding the authority of God and his Messenger, that is what it means to love them in that context. It means to submit to their chosen status and accept their holy station as a link and means between God and humans. And as far as being "Ayatallah", and having a chosen position, Sunnis are over all allergic to God's chosen ones and follow the way of the people of past in become blind towards God's revelations and the truth of God's system of religion, and also play dumb towards designations specific to the 12 Imams in Quran and Sunnah. This turning away from the path of submission to God is not acceptable in any age. Neither can the people of the book get away with it, neither can Sunnis. Had people valued God as he ought to be valued, they would of heard the Quran as it ought to be heard, and understood and reasoning would of made them see. The Quran describing those who truly believe in the beauty and value of their Creator "those who when the signs of God are recited to them, don't turn blind and deaf to them". The truth is Quran makes you after a while sour towards people inside your heart. You become sick of their insincerity towards God and their turning away from the path of submission to him. You get tired of their excuses, and apathy towards the truth. Lip service to worshiping God without sincerity is just that, lip service, without truth, it's empty, it's void. Imam Reda stated that God said "There is no God but God, is my stronghold, so who enters my stronghold, they will be safe...."but then stated "But it has conditions, and I am one of those conditions".
  2. I have an exam coming next week. I also feel hurt from something stupid. Pray all goes well. I am going to the exam with 100%. It's worth 30%. So all I need is over 66% and I get A+. Please pray I don't royally fail or anything.
  3. ^There is no contract of selling your soul. You can always repent and break any pacts with any dark people or entities.
  4. The Quran narrative shows a whole town became either homosexual or bisexual, while that can't be accounted to be simply born that way. It further classifies it as uncleanness and we know unclean forces can afflict and inspire uncleanness. The truth about this matter and I've thought about it, if it was something humans will power are afflicted with and state they become and it's not a set thing determined by genetics. Society would in this day and age react to it the same way. No one wants to say it, because everyone is afraid of society. Some people become foolish and just follow herd mentality, let's blame that on genetics as well. Quran is meant for high caliber thinking, if people don't think like the way Quran advises to think, let's plain genetics and environment that they were dumb. Never blame the person. We only control decisions, not our state, not out perpetual state right? Except Quran says everyone acts according to their state. That is the nature of their intention. If we have no control over our state we have no control on our intentions and spirit behind the actions. Also, while I know many ex-gays are faking it, I don't believe all are. I do believe there is many ex-gays that are genuine in what they state. It's part of the Agenda to disregard everything ex-gays say mainly because they rely on sheer will as well as many seem to emphasize on seeking help from the holy spirit. It's too unscientific for the west to confirm. But I believe many of them. And I believe it's possible to change. Either heterosexual to bisexual or homosexual and vice vera all around from that to that, that to that.... it's possible. In fact Quran if anything emphasized on Suratal Lut to emphasize that it was a choice and such choice happened even to over all town. Does this mean I should disrespect gay people? No well have our struggles. They are afflicted with a dark magic in my view that they have to overcome. I will say not too much about this, but I do believe magic plays a huge part in sexual life of humans, even married people. I advise people to believe in the one who gave knowledge and power to a person able to bring a throne in a blink of an eye. If you can do that, a human can do that, and you think a human cannot program his own mind to like a different sex, I think you might as well disbelieve in all spiritual power, spiritual vision, spiritual path, and limit our identities to be slaves of environment and genetics.
  5. The trick God is doing this time, is that as long as humanity rejects him, he will remain in ghayba, as soon humanity is going to receive him and come to Imam, then he will make Imam Mahdi appear. Imam Mahdi is what humans have to come to really, and not Imam come to them.
  6. It's never that simple. The past people are responsible for their actions, we are responsible for our actions. What doesn't make sense is that we travel in the earth and see all sorts of distortion in religions, and that something is off-track if God sent Messengers everywhere, so what happened? The Quran explains what happens, they did this and that, and then we then do the exact same thing. The Taghut always appears to be good and even instances of it pious, to those who follow it and value it. It seems incredibly of value and something to devote and live your life for. And something to trust. What is the Taghut? That is the question. Quran introduced the word from a foreign language to Arabic, to denote that which is worshipped aside from God, but it didn't simply mean idol but has a unique meaning. It refers in reality to that which we obey and follow and serve and value on par with God as a system. Not as a instance, but the class structure by which all idols and false leaders are instances of. Even Satan is but in instance of the Taghut. The taghut is more universal then the Satan. It's the darkness that we take as light, it's that which is baseless but we value, it's that which is to be rebelled against but we follow. And it never appears in it's true garb or rarely ever does. It's deceptive nature is that it appears worthy to be valued, appears to worthy of being followed, appears worthy of seeking knowledge and enlightenment from. We cannot keep rinse and repeat the same steps of those before us and expect a different result. If our structure copies that of all astray societies, something, is going to go wrong, like them. The taghut will take over our society like that as well and we will not be safeguarded from it's evil.
  7. To make it simple, I don't believe Imam Ali stated these words. We think God or Imams would be more exalted if they knew a written future, but I feel the opposite. They would be slaves to destiny in which they cannot change. Or God would author of destiny in which he cannot change. Or if it can be said that he can change his own destiny, why is it good that God destines everything knowing it. Not only that, but all this trial would seem in vain. We are being tried only so we come to know. But other then that, it's already destined and known. I like to pray to God and live my life according to belief, that the future is not written. The the threads of destiny are not woven yet. I don't know how I can even ask God to guide me believing it is already written that I am guided or not guided and all that I say does nothing to change the future.
  8. I don't think anyone knows anyone's salvation. That is something that God himself according to Quran is testing us to come to know. Perhaps I am wrong, but I believe the future is not written, not destined, and not known in the sense that destiny has not been written, and it's up to God to move the strings of destiny and do what he pleases with them, but it's not written in stone. And what is even written, can be erased.
  9. To be honest, I don't what it is that makes me feel this way. I think it's partially due to my schizophrenia/bipolar and partially for religious reasons. I been feeling like this since high school but always keep it in. I decided to tell people. It's partially due to sadness. I am always somewhat sad. Not depressed but sad a bit, with some grief mixed with happiness.
  10. To be honest, I don't what it is that makes me feel this way. I think it's partially due to my schizophrenia/bipolar and partially for religious reasons. I been feeling like this since high school but always keep it in. I decided to tell people. It's partially due to sadness. I am always somewhat sad. Not depressed but sad a bit, with some grief mixed with happiness.
  11. This is what I do. I wish to live a long life to serve Imam Mahdi and God. That my life be for God. It's just that I constantly crave death. For example, a person stopped smoking. He might crave cigarettes but wishes to not smoke them. I wish to live a long life, but I always crave death. I am afraid of dying because I don't want die having not given back to God a goodly gift. But I crave it.
  12. To be honest, I don't know if this is healthy at all. It's just the way I felt for a very long time, but it went away in the 5-6 years I was non-Muslim. Then I started craving it again now. Sometimes I crave death a lot, sometimes just a bit.
  13. Salam There is ahadith that God cursed nations, the evil among them, and the good among them who abandoned commanding to good and forbidding evil. What is meant by good is that those who were not caught in the vast corruption, did outwardly good, had good intentions towards their own well being, but still because they neglected their duty towards others, God punished them as well. I forgot where but I think there is something to this effect in nahjul balagha. Anyways. The thing most of us like preaching to those who already accept everything anyways. Why do we abandon those people who for example don't care about religion among our friends? Why do we act like we simply Muslims because were born into the religion to other non-Muslims. We don't say anything to our non-Muslim friends with advise of warning....of philosophy of our religion, of why we picked Islam. Why don't we ever talk about God, point to evidence of his existence, etc, to people in real life. There is no more Messengers going to be sent. We are it. We are that hand of the mercy of Mohammad and his family. We have to extent the knowledge and truth to others. We have to share our knowledge, push people to the right direction. I don't mean to over assertive, I mean just find that balance where once in a while you bring up the discussion of religion. Why do we give up on people and leave them to Satan and his forces? The other thing I want to say. Is Quran translations are horrible out there. The Quran translations leave Quran as incomplete book with no coherent argument. I am serious to this effect. It breaks it's own argument in the translations provided out there. It also neglects the theme of "by the name of God...". I feel a lot of us are like people of other faiths in that they rely on a warm fuzzy feeling instead of sound reasoning, coherent objective reasoning, and just go with the fuzzy feeling. Islam doesn't come down to fuzzy feelings. I'm sorry there is people with hardly any emotions out there in society, is Islam not meant for them as well? The argument from beauty goes something like: God's religion would be most beautiful. There must be a religion from God. My religion seems the most beautiful therefore it is the true religion. The last sentence is a not coherent. It doesn't follow because a religion seems most beautiful to you, that it is the most beautiful religion. The other problem with that is that we would be required to invesitigate in the traditions of all religions and see their beauty before coming to this decision. We have to break away from subjectivity and bring about some universal logical arguments for God, religion, etc, that no one can escape. Some people don't realize the Quran has already done this for us, it just hasn't laid it out in essay format. We have to sort of see it in a different flow, in a different type of communication. But the communication was jumbled like that, so that we, can know for sure it's from God. That type of "most people can't see the link between verses" to "wow but I see this incredible link between the verses and flow and theme", is done so we know for sure: 1. God is the author 2. Hidden enemies on the minds and hearts of humanity exist in the unseen realms. There is a verse that I shared before, but it requires all humans to become Rabaniyoon by which they teach of the book and by which they study. That is the game plan of the Messengers. It's not so we just leave it to a few while we just put on aura to others, that religion doesn't matter. You will also learn more the more you try to teach others other then yourself. You will also find that things that don't convince others sometimes should not convince you either. Lastly, don't forget in all this, the lovers of God are described "do not fear a blame of a blamer".
  14. This would also imply that all acts of worship have to be done with unison with each other. For example for Salah to be accepted (since it's an act of worship and includes that pledge to worship God), we must accept Wilayah. The same is true of accepting Wilayah, to be included in that, we have to do salah and acts that are required by it. This a tautology. And it's something that Quran points out to when it basically defines Du'a as worship. And in other places defines that as submission to God. Also, every time I come to a new discovery, I find those discoveries are all found emphasized in misbahal shariah somehow. Which makes me truly believe it is a book originating from Imam Sadiq (as). There we find the following: Reflect about what you ask for and why you are asking: supplication should be a total response to the Truth on your part, and a melting of the heart in contemplation of its Lord. It is to abandon all choices and to surrender all matters, both outward and inward, to Allah. If the preconditions of the supplication are not met, then do not look for fulfillment, for He knows what is secret and what is hidden; you might ask Him for something when He knows that you conceal the opposite of it.
  15. Salam I've seen a lot of people stat that if someone calls out to God, they are guaranteed response. Here is an argument which I think is not only valid but sound. 1. To worship God implies not associating in his worship and to value God to the degree, that nothing is valued on par with him. It also implies to submit to God and obey God sincerely in spirit and outwardly in actions. 2. Du'a is worship of God (can even be argued that it is all of worship). 3. This means Du'a contains the implications in one, and in addition to that seeks the help and response of God, and that worship implies seeking help from God and praying to him as well. 4. If not implications of 1, we cannot be said to worship God, if we don't worship God, we can't be said to make Du'a to him. 5. If we pray to God, we then are doing all of worship, and it's the whole act of worship, since by definition it includes obedience, submission, etc, but as well that of seeking help of God. 6. We reach the conclusion that Worship is prayer and prayer is worship. The same is true of submission (since prayer is part of that submission to God). 7. Naturally we reach a tautology, that submission <-> prayer, or worship<->prayer or submission <-> worship where <-> represents double implications of one another. In other words the whole of religion can be said to be "Du'a to Allah", the whole of religion can be said to be "Worship of God" and the whole of religion can be said to be "submission to God" I think this is important to know. Because it put's things in perspective. A lot of people pray for "guidance" by Suratal Fatiha but don't get it. It's because they are not meeting the requirement of "Thee do we worship". The verses of polytheists when surrounded by troubles turn to God means humanity often when troubled, will turn away from all other then God. Not only will they forget everything they worship besides God outwardly in their religion, but they will even abandon the Taghut and it's inward and outward idols. However like when God brought bani-Israel to safety, humanity, often, then begins to associate with God's worship and become ungrateful towards his favours. This perspective is important regarding all verses regarding this subject. For example, if God says "say: he would not care for you where it not for your prayer....", it doesn't mean simply calling out and that means God automatically cares for us. It means we must submit, follow God, and turn towards him. Likewise, turning to God often must be done through Wilayah of God and his chosen ones. That said since worship of God and submission go hand to hand, accepting Wilayah of Ahlulbayt is a requirement of prayer to be answered. The only exception is for sincere truth seekers who are ignorant. However to those people who don't want submission to God as the true religion, their actions won't be accepted, and no matter how much prayer they do, it will not avail them in this world or next, since their prayers are not real prayers, just as worship of God is not true worship when associating others in that worship.
  16. Salam The names "Mohammad" and "Ahmad" being interchangeable and defining what each intend to mean. And 3 of the 12 Imams being named that, confirm, Ahlulbayt have this status as well. Mohammad doesn't mean just praised, because so many people are praised, even non-chosen people, what it means is that he such that he is but nothing but that which is praised. And this implies he is the most praised, but most praised doesn't simply mean he happens to the best in praise, but that he is such that he is nothing but praised, meaning, there is no neglect in him. Rationally, the true religion would have such a person in it, that is why "Mohammad" is different in that all creation testify to him and his Messengerhood and servanthood. In this way, testifying to "Mohammad" is connected to testifying to God. This is not the case with other Messengers which neglect the praise in Mohammad to some degree, at some stage, at some time in the journey. The case with Fatima and 12 Imams, is that they are created from the exact same light of the perfect praise. But they took on different garments. So Ali when he saw Mohammad in his exalted highness took on the mantle and manifested the name" highness." Fatima saw nature in that and manifested what it means to be natural (ie. Acting to God's ultimate light is the natural state of our being which we neglected). And Hassan saw goodness and manifest the name goodness. Hussain say beauty and manifested the name beauty. Each of the 9 Imams saw angle to the beauty and took garment of it or the praise and took garment of it, or to goodness and took garment of it, or highness and took a garment, though each beauty/praise/exaltedness in reality that each manifested contained all other beauties that the others took the mantle of. At the end of it, they all manifested one another. The designation of appreciating God's light and his Messenger's message, all lies in love of the family of Mohammad. If you love the near relatives of Mohammad, everything becomes easy. You understand that God is trying us, saying, if you truly love Mohammad and his example and his Wilayah, and his Leadership, and his guidance, you would incline to those who are made from his light, and hold his virtues and are of his rank and nature. If you truly love the grace of God upon Mohammad and love being graced by this perfect servant by God as a means towards God, you would incline and love the near relatives of Mohammad who are his light, his example. God could of written the "Sunnah" all in Quran or created another book that contains the Sunnah and protected it, or made Mohammad write a book about that and protected that. The truth it's not all about the "Sunnah" being protected that Ahlulbayt were designated. Ahlulbayt main designation is due to the fact that we ought to worship God sincerely, and that is only through submission and turning away from the Taghut. He has made the catalyst by which people unite on the banner of God and his light, and submit to his commands, and submit to his way, and acknowledge God's Authority and hand on earth "those who pledge allegiance to you, pledge allegiance but to God, God's hand is above their hands". He has made them the means to avoid submission to oneself, submission to the Taghut inside of us and outside of us, but rather submit to the light of God that he has brought down. And he has made the means to acknowledge the higher path, and the higher goal in life, and the means to centre our hearts and revolve around God's pleasure. I would fear God again and again regarding belittling any of Ahlulbayt below the rank of utmost perfection possible for creation. Rationally, such servants had to exist, and a religion that doesn't have them or predict them coming at some point, is a false religion. That is why "Mohammad" was found in all revelations and still is found in the Bible today (though some people will try to hide this in translations). The "reward" of Mohammad's message asked by God, is to love his family. Another designation of the superiority of Ahlulbayt, is suratal laylatal Qadr. The night of "value" contains all value all together, and in it every wise affair is made distinct, and Angels and the spirit descend in it with every affair. Naturally, one physical night cannot contain every thing that happens physically. This logically impossible. The physical night of value which exists as well in Ramadan, is a distinct night, because of the revelation of Quran was in that night. But again revelation of Quran verses took some events to happen, and not all those events can be said to be destined. There is something more here, it's referring to a higher light. God's words in one, God's word in summary, God's word in but a night. That reality that is brought down needs to be understood and translated to limitations of creation. That mind that comprehend and hear that revelation is that living moment of that "night". Again, what makes that night better is not some sort of universal reality, but that "Angels and the spirit descent in it with every affair". This doesn't happen to everyone. You lived Ramadans and laylatal qadrs, but your moment of time, you can tell, was not better than a thousand months. Naturally, God to emphasise on the reality of the value of Ahlulbayt, has made a night in which are deeds are multiplied by 1000 months in that one night. But if we valued Quran or the message or what God brought down, the Quran says to do but one thing, which is love the family of Mohammad. Naturally to appreciate laylatal qadr, is but love of Ahlulbayt as well. In fact, we cannot know the true worth of Quran without Ahlulbayt, neither can we know the true worth of Ahlulbayt without Quran. They go together and are not separate. Islam and God's chosen ones are together. They cannot be separated. "Those who try to make separation between God and his Messengers and say we will believe in some(things) and disbelieve in in some(things), and take a means between this. These truly are disbelievers...." Naturally the perfection of his religion lies with who he perfected with. The perfection of religion lies in the trial of submission. That trial in summary: "say: I ask you no reward for it except the love of the near relatives (of mine)....". Don't try to seek robust proofs in the sense Quran says "Ali is the best of creation" or anything like that. Let it instead lead you to reasoning, and let the reasoning prove the universal religion. The Quran doesn't want to spoon feed us too much. But the design of God's plan on earth has an argument in Quran. And there is a reason why Al-Mahdi had emphasis that he has the same name of Mohammad. Inwardly, his name is "Ahmad" too, and shares that rank with the Prophet.
  17. Salam Even though I am going to the exam with basically 100% in the computer science course I am taking, I prefer between God taking my life and finishing this course, that God takes my life. It's been like that ever since high school. The only time this feeling went away was when I was non-Muslim. I don't know if this healthy, good or bad. But it's how I always feel. I get up everyday, thankful I am alive, but wish that I meet God sooner then later. The only thing is I fear that I have a lot of things I want to do in God's way. That is only the reason I want to live a long life while still craving death every day. I haven't even told this to my Doctor. I haven't told this to my family or friends. It's not that I am suicidal. I don't feel like taking my life or anything like that. I don't know how to explain this adequately. But I get up craving death every day. I wish to see God and his light like the way I saw it when I first came to faith in high school. I am tired of desires and my deceiving self. The more I do better in this world (like right now, doing good in university class), the more I crave that I die. It's always been like that for longest period (only when I was non-Muslim did this stop). Anyone else feel the same? Is it because I have no children/wife, that I crave death?
  18. I've reasoned the following: 1. To have many wives but not lasting children from them, except Khadija, was important. This is for emphasis that God had plans for an chosen offspring. If it was only four wives, we would say this is coincidence perhaps (people who deny). But with the amount of wives he has, there surely is a reason that Fatima and Hassan and Hussain are not competed with, with others. We know the Prophet had no problem having children as he did have Ibrahim, but Ibrahim didn't survive as well. This was all fate to destine the chosen offspring with no competition. 2. With the amount of wives there is, it's hard to classify them with the special meaning of "family". While if it was 1-4 wives, they would seem more special like in the case of the wives of Ibrahim, who were in fact special and chosen above the worlds. This way when people argue all the wives are part of Ahlulbayt, they would have no room to stand. This important because the Ayat Tatheer is made in contrast to the wives. 3. The thaqalain message is obvious not about his many wives this way, and it's even more obvious aside from context of Quran and the speech itself, that with that many wives, they are not meant by what the Prophet is leaving as a weighty trust. 4. Part of the trial of humanity, if they reason and only follow what they know, or rely on conjecture, and deny the path of submission to God because of that conjecture and uncertain reasoning. I think the Surah emphasizing on wives does also reveal the special unique status of Ahlulbayt and emphasize on their purity. I also feel that same Surah emphasizes not to speak evil things about God and his Prophet and the punishment of those who do. To not be like those who spoke evil of Moses. This a trial regarding that. The Prophet of course was the most detached person from the dunya.
  19. A little bit of resistance you say. It feels like a drag half the time for me, yet when I perform it and do it, I always feel better at the end and never regret it!
  20. I have to disagree. I was in limbo as a Deist, and couldn't move forward in life. I couldn't find power and motivation. The Quran records Nuh telling his people, if they ask forgiveness from God, God will increase them in power upon their power. There is key moments where God responds, removes grief, inspires resolution, resolve. Anyone who suffers from mental illness, it's upon them to seek divine help, for that is the main key to success. After that, it's to believe in oneself, for belief in oneself is a key component of relying upon God and believing in God. God can intervene between the heart and a person, and does so. He can help us with a overwhelming force of power and some du'as summon that power on the spot (like a famous one against black magic). The only reason God allowed us to be afflicted by dark forces from Jinn and humans, is because in the cure, we can come out stronger. We either break or come out stronger, better, faster, and more beautiful. He can also help maintain us on course, with patience. That is to say, life does change with spirituality and prayer.
  21. Salam I know how you feel. I complain to God of a heart that fails to submit to the knowledge it knows. The mind must constantly teach the heart and discipline it till everything opens up. We know God is the Source of all Value and value is the basis of love and what we love, yet, we show little commitment to God. The reality is Iblis and his forces are attacking us with a virus constantly. You look at humanity, and it's obvious there is a virus seeking to corrupt the beautiful program we been programmed on the onset of when we were just a embryo. It's obvious we are meant to be something more then what we have become. We have forgotten who we are, so then we have forgotten God. We don't appreciate ourselves, so we don't appreciate God. We have to appreciate ourselves, to appreciate God as well. Gratitude is what makes us truly happy and fulfilled. We are meant to exert in worship to gain taqwa, and we are meant to gain taqwa so that we become appreciative and filled with gratitude. Gratitude to God, to our ourselves, to Prophets and the successors, and gratitude to those people who we benefit from and wish us well. Appreciating the gifts of God as well as the trial. Thanking God ultimately, when you do, truly thank, will be an overwhelming state of praise and thanks, it's meant for the last state of the next world truly, and we can get some taste of that state in this world, if you ever do, make sure to do prostration of thanks. Sometimes it takes a million afflictions, to open doors to true blessings. Be patient, the light and bliss of gratitude is just around the corner.
  22. If I only loved you As you were supposed to be loved This trial would of been easy Why is that I am veiled from the glories of your Face? Why is that I am blocked from vision beyond the veils? Why is it that my soul is not with you? I constantly deceive myself with a number one desire for other then you! And every time I do, I am disappointed Grieved at what passes away from me Exulting in what I am given My soul perishes O God increase me in hatred toward your enemies And particularly increase me most in hate in that of Iblis and his forces Turn me away from the people of desires And cut me off from what cut me off from you Make me not exult myself in any success I am given pertaining to the lower world Make me center my attention to what lies with you And make me strive in this world for the sake of pleasing you And give me success in this world and the next by giving me honorable power O God make me heighten myself over your enemies And put me not among the people of desires Keep me from neglecting or missing any Salah O God love of the family of Mohammad is a good trial So give me success in that test, and help me prove myself to you O God I have destroyed your favors I have destroyed the treasure you entrusted me with I have injured and broken the trust you entrusted me with And the nature you originated me upon O God I perish with every success in this world Growing in blindness Distancing myself from you I ask you to give me success while guarding my heart from all other then you Why is despite all the clear wisdom ingrained in my mind from your Book My heart remains foolish, hardly fearing you O God I witness the masses turning away from you And making their goal and center of attention other then you I see them perish, I know the fire that awaits those who are insincere to you Yet I do worse, as the knowledge I been given, should make me take lesson and my observation, should of awakened me from my slumber O God I complain of a heart that doesn't fear you Of eyes that don't cry for your sake I complain of a heart that despite the knowledge it has Fails to warn others of the darkness and it's consequence I know truly those who don't search for you Will find nothing but disappointment I know those who don't care about you And finding the path of your chosen ones Will indeed burn for eternity I know this now with a certainty on top of certainty I see it, I taste it, I believe in with every ounce of my heart Indeed those who value others or things with a value meant for you Will perish, will be destroyed, and will not gain anything in their trade Yet I haven't done any trade but that I have always picked other then you when I was tried Never choosing you So having given up upon my merits And despairing at my habits I ask you for the sake of Mohammad and Ali And Fatima and Hassan and Hussain And for the sake of the rest of successors of the seal of the Prophet To save me for their sake by the holy spirit Give it to me, for I see no other option then it Surely I will perish without it And I stand no chance in this world without it I need it's power, I need this trial to become easy I need to go towards you with full force I cannot no longer be in this neither this or that path I want to choose you with my heart, just as my mind is convinced of your path O God make me a caller towards you And make me feel no shame in your path Feeling no fear of a blamer of a blamer I perish caring more about what others think of me by Satanic inspired vision rather than caring of my duty towards you O God the purpose of my life here is to find you So help me find you, and keep you when I do!
  23. I just want to see some sort of break of the reasoning shown and show where it is wrong.
  24. Salam I think we are so use to taking for granted that anything that is in both sunni and shia hadiths books and has "verified" chains, must be part of Islam. To me the issue I see issues like the issue of killing people who insult the Prophet or apostate to be against Quran while such hadiths are deemed authentic in both sect collections. This makes than question perhaps other things we take for granted. One of these recent things I been thinking about is the issue of Muta. The Quran categorically forbids sex from anyone except to your spouse or who your right hands possess (which was understood as slaves). That said, muta is supposed to be a form of nikah that is temporary and is taking a wife temporarily (if you are a man). One thing is that there is a verse that specifically says to marry up to four wives. So khair we can say perhaps the hadiths allowing more spouses than four including those of muta is fabricated but not the whole thing. Well this is further complicated in that it talks if you fear doing justice between them. The issue is metaphysical fairness in love is said to be impossible, so what was understood by that fairness, is that you spend equally on them and provide equally for them and some other things. But we know for people with muta, there is no obligation, to spend upon them, so in what way are you being fair to all of them? The issue is further complicated in that if muta was included in that definition, there would be no fear of not doing justice between them, and so the exception to marry one only would not make sense. If muta was included it would of said, do not marry them permanently but marry them temporarily or marry just one, it's up to you in that regards when you can't do justice. Otherwise the alternative to only marry one only makes sense in the context of permanent marriage. Again, if you recall the verse about not being able to do justice between them no matter how much we try, it then is referring to the issue of justice of favoring one financially while neglecting the others. In muta, it's one of the cornerstones of it that you aren't required to provide for the wife financially. So for example, if you marry four temporary wives, the issue of justice as far as duties to them go, would not apply as far as this verse would go. So why does it state then to only marry one as the alternative? One way to solve the issue would be to say muta is not a form of nikah or wife, but something else all together. Then we go back to the verse of only having being able to have sex with wife or who your right hand possess. The issue is putting into the latter, is also problematic, in that, when you do a contract, it's not like that person you somehow now own or anything like that. That's crazy, you are enjoying them temporarily, it doesn't mean you own them now. The phrase is also used mainly for slaves and it would seem if muta cannot be called a form of marriage because of how different it is, then more so, it cannot be called a form being owned because of how fundamentally different it is to that as well. And if we call it marriage of a temporary type, we are in the problems previously mentioned.
  25. Kept up prayers, had a good job Provided for their family A good father, a good husband But then their face is burned from evil creatures Physically blinded due to blind zeal of idiots For no crime of their own, but they were patient Their only crime he was attacked for was love of the family of Taha and Yaseen It is thus the Wilayah of God is true, he is the best reward and the best result.(18:44) Love of Ali has a wisdom, be patient with it till the end For the help is near to the good-doers Famous but turned away from their Lord Lived a life of ease, laughed and scorned One day get's diagnosed with cancer Doesn't survive, meet's the Angels Recognizes how clear the light was always Has no excuse for his denial, for his ignorance of the signs It is thus the Wilayah of God is true, he is the best reward and the best result.(18:44) Love of Ali has a wisdom, be patient with it till the end For the help is near to the good-doers Poor with no wealth, surviving on little food day to day But isn't angry with their Lord Dies from hunger Never showed anything but gratefulness and patience to their Lord It is thus the Wilayah of God is true, he is the best reward and the best result.(18:44) Love of Ali has a wisdom, be patient with it till the end For the help is near to the good-doers Took the issue of Wilayah of God through his chosen ones lightly Interpreted the book according to their desires Had support from their community Only to see them all abandon him on that day the day when a friend will not a avail a friend nor shall they be helped It is thus the Wilayah of God is true, he is the best reward and the best result.(18:44) Love of Ali has a wisdom, be patient with it till the end For the help is near to the good-doers Had awesome looks, so became a player Never truly regretted fornication that he did through out his life Too enjoyable, too much pride in it Never really shed a sincere tear of regret for it His asking forgiveness was a mere formality No true regret as death takes him It is thus the Wilayah of God is true, he is the best reward and the best result.(18:44) Love of Ali has a wisdom, be patient with it till the end For the help is near to the good-doers Is a doctor, has a family But is on the front lines Fighting in the way of God Get's killed, scents the reward as he breathes his last breath Lived a life according to inspiration of Hussain It is thus the Wilayah of God is true, he is the best reward and the best result.(18:44) Love of Ali has a wisdom, be patient with it till the end For the help is near to the good-doers
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