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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I got married last year, and my wife is in pakistan at the moment. She has not come to live with me yet. At the moment she is with relatives who are looking after her. Do they provide for her or me??? I'm confused.
  2. salam, no it's not an agreed separation. The wife is studying abroad and staying with her relatives. And I would like to know if its the husband's duty to send her money or do the guardians of the wife have to provide her money?
  3. I would like to ask the shiachat members if it is wajib for the husband to provide for the wife even if she is living abroad. Is it the duty of those looking after the wife or does it still remain the duty of the husband, even though the husband is in another country?
  4. Both my parents are of old age, and I am thankfull to Allah that they are both with me in their old age. You cannot appreciate your parents too much. My prediciment is a sorrowful one at best. The married ones in my family seem to treat my parents with no respect that they rightfully deserve. One sister, seems to think that her husbands family is more important than her own parents. And the same goes for my brother. Never did he take my parents out anywhere in his car before marriage. But on the other hand, when he got married he showed MORE respect and attention to his inlaws than he did his
  5. We need to ditch the zionist system and adapt Islamic banking. If only we followed the way of Rasool (pbuh) :cry: . There would be NO muslim debt at all if we did. That goes for personal debt too. I learned the hard way about the dirty zionist system and now I am paying the price for it.
  6. That's why we should post videos showing the beauty of Shia Islam.
  7. (salam) We, shia do not curse the "sahaba" as you claim. We curse the enemies of the Ahlubayt (as). If the "sahaba" happen to fit the description then there is no hesitation in including those individuals in the curse. The sahaba were not infallible, and of course there must have been many hypocrites, as mentioned in the Quran.
  8. The logic is correct. Their parents were NOT believers so it stands to reason and common sense that they were born of illigitimate birth.
  9. I'm sure that the sunni brother's would not mind sharing the source code for their programs, after all, it's all for a good cause. It's suprising that the shia world lacks even one mobile phone prayer software. My programming skills are minimul to say the least so I'm no good. :!!!:
  10. (salam) What are we doing about this terrible and disgusting videos posted on youtube giving shia Islam a bad name? I ask the brothers and sisters on shiachat to post videos showing the true maginficance and reality of shia islam. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=y8s1AIMdJ5w Why are we so laid back??????????????? This wahabi fitna spreader is posting videos like some kind of sick game. I need help, I cannot do this on my own. POST VIDEOS OF : 1.MAJALIS 2.NOHAY 3.ANYTHING RELEVANT AT ALL.
  11. The zionists are getting more and more people into debt.
  12. (salam) When are we goinng to have a shia prayer timetable software for PC's and mobile phones. There are many sunni versions available so why not shia versions? I am sure that there are many talented programmers on shiachat so what are we waiting for?
  13. (salam) That's the difference between you and us. You have openly showed your disrespect to Rasool (pbuh) as well as your blind love of the sahaba over Rasool (pbuh). No sane person with understanding would say what you have have said. The family tree of Rasool (pbuh) is pure and blessed.
  14. hz saffiyah was not infallible so it's no suprise that she would support the caliphate of umar, as you claim.
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