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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    :Sami II got a reaction from PureExistence1 in Offering Old Brotherly Advise   
    As probably the oldest brother on SC , I feel that I must start a thread to give some brotherly advise on matters concerning the youth today.
    I invite other older members to join in to share their wisdom that could benefit the young members here.
    I aslo invite the younger members to ask us questions with any issues or concerns.
    This is an open and mostly serious forum , and would appreciate good manners .
    You never know where this can take our SC communities , :Inshallah to better understand between the generations.
    Let me start with myself 
    I am in my 50s , a proud grandfather and father of many kids same age as most of you here on SC .
    I have had the most interesting life .
    I have studied under most learned :Ulemas , worked with with the most powerful people in the business world , and have had the most interesting mentors in my life.
    I have been part of the :Shia community all my life including serving the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC.
    I am semi-retired now and seek an alternative lifestyle away from the days as an Investment Banker .
    I am passing on my knowledge to my kids now , and I look at  many of the SC members like my own kids .
    Please take all I am about to say as Big brotherly advise only , I am not a religious scholar , legal advisor or any other commercial advisor.
    I am your humble old brother ready to answer some questions with the intent of advancing the :Shia community.
    Please remember I have joined again as a new member and have restrictions to the amount of replies.
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    :Sami II got a reaction from PureExistence1 in Moslem Shriners (Freemasonry)   
    (salam) brother ,
    The mystery schools have been around since the beginning of time , free masonry is a modern version made popular with conspiracy theorists and new agers.Your  description of free masonry is very basic and is applicable to the masses and lower levels of the society. It is a savvy PR psy- ops narrative to take you away from the truth.
    Shall we go back to the beginning , 
    Shakir: And He taught Adam all the names, then presented them to the angels; then He said: Tell me the names of those if you are right. (2:31)
    the mystery schools seek divine knowledge , which is mostly hidden and passed down through secret societies.
    There exist 2 groups of such secret societies ,  one that believes that :Iblees was the chosen one , a high ranking angel , and blame :Nabi-Adam (as) was the one that removed him from his high post .The other which believes that :Iblees is the accursed :Shaitan and an open enemy to mankind , he is a :Jinn , and is damned to hell.
    The first group favouring :ibless as the chosen one is made of most of the secret societies of today , with all the high 33rd degree masters occupying all the top positions in commerce , banking , religion , business and entertainment.
    The second group is the most secret of the secret societies , which is hidden from everyone's reach , and has a very selective closed membership limited to 313 , and their master is the best of the best of all creation :Al-Hujjat (as) .
    Their sacred architecture and numerology is not so hidden , but most don't understand such things. as this knowledge is not taught in schools , universities or centres of learning . They use such codes and language to communicate with each other amongst the :Jinn and men .
    Christianity and all other religions including Islam ( the religion and not the :Deen ) is a creation of these secret societies , to keep the lower levels and the masses away from the truth .
    Within the Bible  exists codes and hidden meanings which can only be understood by the high degree masters.
    The lower degree and the masses are given this current version , which is far from the truth .
    we have many so called muslim leaders who are 33 rd degree high ranking masons , including Saddam , Yasser Arafat , King Abdullah II of Jordan ,  the Saudi King Abdullah .
    These obelisks  represents :Iblees their master , which is located at very powerful  lay line and power matrix , the city of London ( Financial power ) , Vatican ( spiritual power ) , and Washington DC , ( military power ) .
    You will also find such obelisks in Mecca , and as part of the :Hajj ceremony , must be stoned as it represents :Shaitan .
    Today the Saudi king has protected his master by building a wall around the 3 obelisks.
    He has also put plans to make the :Kabba in the all seeing eye from above , in order to serve his real master :Iblees.

    this is exactly what they want you to think .
  3. My Prayers
    :Sami II got a reaction from Fakeha in Marriage; Before And After   
    I've been married collectively for over 40 years to all my permanent wives and if I include the mutah marriages would equate to about 50 + years .
    I wanted to serve my :Imam atf. by raising a family of many believing momins to be amongst his 313 , and I chose my wives for this purpose. I chose certain races with certain dispositions in order to mix DNAs and produce unique kids with admirable qualities. At the age of 16 I had put a detailed plan together in achieving this, and at the age of 21 I set out to achieve this. I tried to live a "normal " life in society but when you think like the way I think, have many wives and have serious goals to serve :Al-Hujjat atf , you are often outcasted from society. ( or from SC)
    Now We live a simple life far away from any communities and most of the time in isolation, except when i travel for business, this is sometimes difficult for some of the wives and kids as some have more sociable type personalities.
    I have learnt much from marriage and I can never remember a time in my life when one of my wives were not present to experience the gifts and blessings bestowed to us from :Allah swt.
    I consider myself as very unique, unusual and very eccentric and I realise I'm a difficult husband to live with. I have achieved what most cannot due to my unique abilities, I have met the most interesting and most powerful people on this planet and was witness to things that most of you could never imagine , and my wives were present during these times and witnessed my achievements in life. I pray that we as a family will be together when we meet our :Al-hujjat atf inshallah. This is the promise i have made to my wives in our marriage, and inshallah they will see it come to pass.
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    :Sami II got a reaction from Hameedeh in Life Expectancy Calculator   
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    :Sami II got a reaction from Husayni in Dietary And Medicinal Hadiths   
    I'm vegan about 75% of the time, and as recommended by our beloved :Rasool a.s we must eat meat occasionally.
    Interestingly a gorilla's diet mainly consist of plants and yet has the highest level of muscle mass to body ratio. 
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    :Sami II got a reaction from PureExistence1 in Dietary And Medicinal Hadiths   
    (salam) dear bother Qaim ,
    I hope you and your family are well, I really miss the skype talks we use to have.
    Mashallah such beautiful words from the most beautiful humans ever created.
    May I clarify some definitions please with your permission?
    When our beloved :Rasool a.s and our beloved :Imam-al-Khadim a.s. refers to the meat in these glorious hadiths of theirs, are they talking about the meat found in a Big Mac, the local butcher or the supermarket? 
    Are they referring to the meat from the animal that is injected with estradiol, testosterone,  progesterone, the estrogen compound zeranol, the androgen trenbolone acetate, and progestin melengestrol acetate these days? 
    Are they also referring to the animal that must be injected with antibiotics like;
    Penicillin (Procaine)
    Pfi-Pen G, Agricillin, Procaine Pen G
    Penicillin (Procaine/
    Durpen, Benzapen, Pen BP-48
    Terramycin, Agrimycin-100, Oxy-Tet 100
    Liquamycin LA-200, Procure 200, Biocor 200
    Erythro-200, Erythromycin-200, Gallimycin-200
    Tylan 200, Tylosin Injection
    Albon Inj. 40%, Sulfadadinj
    Ceftiofur Sodium
    Nuflor Injectable Solution
    Ceftiofur Hydrocloride
    Sulfamethazine Cow
    Sustain III
    Sustain III
    Are they referring to the  thousands of animals kept in the most disgusting inhumane environments, crammed into small spaces, packed into small containers, transported around the world for months in temperatures of + 50 C, given no food or water, then mercilessly slaughtered so we can have a big mac or mc kebab?
    So getting back to the glorious hadith, when these great personalities refer to the meat and it's healing power, are they referring to the meat used today?
    Because I believe today's meat has no healing power, but causes more damages to the human health, unless it's organic,free range, hormone free and anti-biotic free which is not possible to acquire for most people.
    One of the damages to human health in injecting these hormones to the meat we eat are lower concentration of sperm and possible sub fertility in men.
    We all know the widespread use of antibiotics these days have caused such a condition that we are headed for the biggest human catastrophe ever witnessed in our history to all life as we know it.
    A world without effective antibiotics is a terrifying but real prospect. The situation is so acute that the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr Margaret Chan, has warned of "a post-antibiotic era, in which many common infections will no longer have a cure and once again, kill unabated" (7th April 2011).
    http://www.ciwf.org.uk/our-campaigns/antibiotics-health-crisis/   With all due respect dear brother, is the meat referred by the holy beloved personalities the same as the meat today, and would the benefits of todays meats be the same as those mentioned in the hadiths?   Let's look at the  lentils mentioned in the other glorious hadith, is it pesticide, herbicide and GMO free ? Did the soils back in the days of our beloved :Rasool a.s contain more nutrients thus yielding better crops? Once again if I may ask the question do the lentils today have the same properties as mentioned above? These GMO lentils cannot be referred to as lentils anymore as they don't have the same DNA.   On the topic of milk, is the hadith referring to cow's, goat's or camel's milk ? You do realise back then they did not pasteurise and homogenised their milk to the extent today, and then radiate it. You do realise they drank raw milk which is illegal these days to obtain for human consumption. The cows back then actually ate real grass and roamed around the paddocks happily. So with regards to milk, do they still have such benefits, as i can source many studies that show the opposite with todays processed milks.   Please forgive an old man like me if I'm getting in too deep, but I always thought that our magnificent perfect deen was more then a place to quote valuable hadiths and somehow mix them up with not the whole picture of what is really going on these days and how the world has changed. Back in those days before the multi nationals got involved, food was a cure for many ailments. Nowadays unfortunately it is used as a weapon to cross sell other products like pharmaceuticals. Perhaps we should research more before quoting such beautiful hadiths and try to get the definitions correct and give a more up to date realistic holistic explanations because when you omit certain  truths it could change the meaning of the hadiths and resulting in being taken the wrong way. But then what do I know as I'm just an old useless man trying to make into the cook of the 313 inshallah. And as the cook I would like to offer my :imam a.s real wholesome food like it use to be in the old days. My duas to you and your family.   ws
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    :Sami II got a reaction from Hameedeh in 10 Years Completed! Reflections   
    In cyberspace my 1 earth years seem like 10 here so if I may reflect on SC and my 10 perceived cyber years here .
    LET ME OUT !!!!
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    :Sami II got a reaction from Zavon in Deaf And Hearing Shiite! Please Announce Here!   
    Welome to the right path sister and congratulations on choosing this blessed :Deen.
    Did you know your condition will not stop you from hearing our beloved :Imam (as) when he returns and calls out to his :Shia.
    Even those who have died will be raised back to life to join him .
    So prepare yourself and listen out for his call and strive to be amongst his 313 :Inshallah.

    O Allah, if death that You have made inevitably and certainly incumbent upon Your servants stands between me and him, 
    then (please do) take me out of my grave using my shroud as dress, 
    unsheathing my sword, 
    holding my lance in my hand, 
    and responding to the call of the Caller who shall announce (his advent) in urban areas and deserts.

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    :Sami II got a reaction from Safinashah in Interest- Banking...   
    Once again our scholars are very quiet about this most important topic as they don't really explain to you the truth. They hide behind misleading words here and do not tell you the real definitions and real meanings in accordance to the :Quran and to the definitions today.
    They are clever and have covered themselves as they are quoting the truth when they make decrees on interest and other issues.
    But they leave it at that , and let you the gullible people to think that the interest and money the :Quran speaks of is the same as the money and interest that is available today. This is far from the truth , but it is a very clever tactical manoeuvre to steer away from this subject.
    I'm not going to speculate as to why they do this though I have my theories , and it's their call at the end of the day as telling you the truth or not the truth has consequences to the :Ummah.
    Before I continue any further let me stress that this is not an attack on our scholars and I have respect to many who are knowledgable and do serve the :Ummah to the best of their abilities, many might have their hands tied and cannot openly say many things , and there might be some that might have no so good intentions. Once again I'm not here to pass judgement and please don't PM me for more details as I'm not into backbiting.
    Now lets start with simple definitions ;( as I have explained on SC countless times )
    Money today is not the money as stated in the :Quran.
    The :Quran definition is that it is a medium of exchange that has an intrinsic value equivalent to the good or service  being exchanged .
    eg gold or sliver has a value and this is exchanged for so thing of same value such as livestock or a service. This is determined by the market and not manipulated by a few banks or individuals.
    Todays money is a worthless piece of paper or plastic that have no real value but a perceives value and soon it will be just digits on a screen , It has not backing such as gold which was the case not long ago. It is just printed when it is required and created out of thin air on your computer screen by banks. It is printed by private companies and not governments that belong to the people . Now ready for the worst thing , money today is the :Riba that the :Quran talks of , it's not the interest you get from the bank this is what I call the lesser :Riba , the greater :Riba today is money.
    It is a debt instrument called a promissory note that is traded in the financial markets very heavily , the money markets , the currencies , futures , swaps , arbitrage , and bond markets .
    Money is an IOU issued by banks on interest on interest on interest that will never be paid back till the time the nation ( private corporations ) defaults and the bankers come in and take all the nations resources including the people. This money is secured and guaranteed by your babies , this is not metaphorical but it is literal sense , as every child born is used as guarantee and as collateral to issue this money.
    It is the worst form of :Riba that exists today.
    All countries including the IRI are involved in this atm.
    Any nation who tries to escape this is blown back to the stone age.
    Then their is your name , the account is in your name e.g. JOHN SMITH , this is not you . It is the commercial representative of you that was created at your by your country which also happens to be a private corporation.
    It is a trust and the trustee is the central bank insured against your living self as collateral by the insurer.
    This is no conspiracy theories guys , it s real accounting processes and banking procedures.
    I have witnessed it first hand.
    When you say it is your money , it is not , it belongs to JOHN SMITH , which in turns belong to the central bank and the insurer , in which the STATE has been placed as your guardian of the good ( you ) .
    Also you heard of the law maxim " possession is nine tenths of the law ", well the bank has "your " money so it's theirs really.
    And all money has serial numbers which traces back to the mint , making is legally their and they are just allowing you to borrow it .
    Therefore the money does not belong to you, so you are not the one who is receiving interest or the money and the money is not  money and the interest is not interest.
    The OPs question is like asking which is the :halal way to do a :haram act , a haram act that is the worst cancer to society .
    You might say that there is no choice , in which our :Deen allows :Taqqiya , but this can only be done if you know the true circumstance of your situation .
    You have to know the real enemy and the real sin , so you may seek mercy from ;Allah swt.
    But they won't tell you this no matter how  many times you ask . 
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    :Sami II got a reaction from Al Hadi in Would You Be A Second Wife?   
    In my household to avoid such negative feelings amongst my wives which are common in all women, I never refer to them as 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th wife. When I introduced them to people they are referred as my wife when I'm in an islamic country, or as my partner in a non islamic country. They all have their own houses, with their own credit cards, cars and 2 have their own businesses. 2 of the wives live in another country, and some meet on special occasions, and some never meet at all. I provide for them the best life they can have with all the comforts of living including maids etc. When I travel some of the wives travel with me and we spend most of our time in hotels or resorts. The other wives that I have kids with prefer not the travel and I spend time at home with them. It's not easy, but neither is the normal monogamous marriage these days. The main reason all my wives agree to this type of arrangement is because I have a plan to serve our :Al-Hujjat atf. I have convinced them that it is our duty to serve him and prepare for him. This is my only unique selling point on getting 4 western women to agree to such a thing. Of course the travel, the good life, supporting their parents and being there for them all help. And if all that fails, I know the best places in the world for handbags and shoes, and they can't say no to that.
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    :Sami II got a reaction from Al Hadi in So Can A Man Beat His Wife According To Quran?   
    I think polygamy is the answer here 
    no man will attempt to take on 4 of them 
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    :Sami II got a reaction from Ali6 in Various Marajas On Male And Female Friendships   
    all :Marajas unanimously agree that friendship between male and female is permissible provided they are husband and wife.
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    :Sami II got a reaction from Livia in Do You Approve This?   
    I remember the 60s , the culture was innocent compared to these days , the music appeared harmless , the lyrics just plain silly and the young kids polite and well mannered. It seemed harmless , but when you open the door to :Shaitan , 50+ years later , this entity has run a muck , and I think he's just getting started.
    For those thinking this is just fun , or of "best not to judge" opinion , you will reconsider  if you can see the future of how such "innocent " events shape up to something sinister and evil .
    To  have witnessed such events is one of the few advantages of being old .
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    :Sami II got a reaction from New membr in Shy Guys?!/ Any Guys Help Needed Please!   
    Is it permissible to sell goods at a discount to people you know and not to other customers ?
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    :Sami II got a reaction from Gaius I. Caesar in Anyone Driven From Kuwait To Karbala?   
    bullet proof camels are best 
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    :Sami II got a reaction from Purged in Whats The Best Lesson You've Learned?   
    never say never 
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    :Sami II got a reaction from syeduddin in Lanat On Modern Gaming   
    do any of you brothers know what this is?

    it is 100% halal 
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    :Sami II got a reaction from peace seeker II in They Don't Want You To Know This-The Final Chapter   
    salam brother Madzi,
    I accept your apology and I forgive you, please accept mine and forgive the many shortcomings I have that might have upset you in anyway. Let us begin a new beginning with your permission.
    You have heard of the saying that knowledge is power, well it is more then that, it is everything. It is the most guarded possession from both sides of the elites, the anti-313 seek knowledge at any costs, and the :Imam atf has the ultimate knowledge of everything with the permission of :Allah swt except for the end times. If this knowledge fell into the wrong hands imagine what will become of all the worlds. To control the masses and make them subjected requires the masses to be docile and dumb like cattle. It is always the first line of attack by any power to seize and control information and knowledge just look at hollywood, the media and the eduction system for example. Islam has come to free this monopoly on knowledge and free the masses from ignorance and it's unjust servitude. I as a humble shia brother had the intention to seek this knowledge that may free me and my family so I may be ready when my Imam atf returns inshallah. 
    If the knowledge you claim is so readily available, then why are not the respected Sheikhs who marry the bothers and sisters fully disclose the obligations of registering the marriage to the STATE? Why are not these respected scholars of islam who have taken an oath to serve the Ummah not letting us know the obligations under the MARRIAGE ACT, in which the STATE becomes the dominate partner in the marriage contract, and this also applies to the Birth and Citizenship registrations and Oaths to the STATE. 
    What about mass medication by fluoridating water supplies in countries to keep the masses docile and infertile, the IRI not only still fluoridates it's water supply but also it's salt and baby formula. The irony in this is that the STATE OF ISRAEL has stopped doing this practise for heath reasons. I mentioned many times that the IRI might be pressured into doing such things, but for the shias who really want to see knowledge, why don't they have private meetings amongst the scholars and let some of them know of the dangers so they may avoid it like many other things such as vaccinations etc etc etc. The fact is no one is doing it, and when you ask such questions to our respected scholars, they never reply or they reply with an answer that leaves more questions. Now Please don't get me wrong, I'm not being disrespectful to these great momins, they have chosen to be leaders and it's their call. So why don't you ask them brother, why are you asking this old unless stupid man who just trying to lead his wives and kids. I have stated many times that this information I'm sharing with you is what I have come up with, it might be all wrong I don't know, but I'm trying it on myself and my family, and they too can leave anytime as they also have a choice as islam only accepts those that enter it from their own free will.
    I hope I am reaching you in these words I write here and I hope you understand all that I'm trying to say here. And don't forget this is a public forum, it is internet, and I live in a country that has just passed strict laws on internet censorship. They have passed laws on legally retaining data and spying on everything you do for the purposes of ready "making life safer by removing the very freedoms and privacy that the so called west was founded on". Again do you get what I 'm saying here or should I spell it out for you with all due respect brother. 
    Now let's go forward by answering my questions and I will answer all yours the best I can here, and if you are not satisfied, I invite you to our Skype sessions and you can ask as many questions there as you wish. If I can categorise the information I share let's say it's the lowest basic level of 1, then to give you an idea I can go to level 2 or 3 on Skype and when we get to know each other and feel comfortable I can go all the way. I leave it up to you brother and thanks for the time to read all this. May Allah swt guide you and make you successful in your quest to seek nearness to him inshallah.
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    :Sami II got a reaction from peace seeker II in They Don't Want You To Know This-The Final Chapter   
    You moved my thread immediately after I reported 2 members, one for being disrespectful to my Imam atf with his anti-shia rhetoric, this member is now banned, and the other member for declaring that he is the Mehdi. After you moved this topic, 2 other members made rude uncalled personal remarks about my martial status and my age which is irrelevant to this topic and I reported them. But hey I got suspensions for lesser things to other members and I'm not the member that feels this on SC as it is written;
    "All SC members are equal but some SC members are more equal than others" especially when they conform to the mainstream consensus that ironically history has shown very well that the shia have always opposed the mainstream consensus.
    As for the interview with this other member which you have posted, this member to my knowledge was banned a few times for being rude to other members. Is there anything else you would like to post from previous banned members to make your claim? You remind me a lot of another mod on SC, perhaps you are both the same people, only my guess. Regardless of what accounts you have or not, please tell me how can you know my intentions when you have never met me in person? Are you a psychic mind reader, then I better put on my tin foil hat.
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    :Sami II got a reaction from peace seeker II in They Don't Want You To Know This-The Final Chapter   
    Salam bro Gaius,
    Thanks for your reply, It is very nice to hear from you, I also wish I was given the honour of being one of the 313, but I also feel I'm not worthy, that's why I would like to get the position of the cook for the 313 inshallah, perhaps we can serve them together inshallah.
    Regarding your answer to Q1., can you take out your passports, driver's licence and credit cards and write exactly the way your name appears on these documents please. 
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    :Sami II got a reaction from Gaius I. Caesar in How Do You Guys Stay Halal? Intercourse Related   
    From my own experiences and observations from being raised in the west.
    I find non -muslim women are more open and better then muslim women.
    From these women you will find those who are willing to accept the truth , change and surrender to :Allah swt , no questions asked.
    The few who do this is equal to the thousands of born :Muslims.
    These women have stronger faith , are more loyal and make the best wives.
    They desire to be women, feminine and accept the leadership of the husbands.
    They don't ask for ridiculous mahrs , and they are happy what ever you offer them.
    They make the best mothers too .
    Why ?
    Because they have been lost with no guidance.
    They have made many mistakes and realise there must be a better way.
    They search for their saviour to come and rescue them.
    They ask in their way , the way they know from their hearts to their Lord , to help them.
    This is pure and genuine , and :Allah swt is so merciful and forgiving .
    When you marry such women , it only takes you closer to :Allah swt , because you can see living proof of :Ir-Rahman , and :Ir-Rahim.
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    :Sami II reacted to ultra in They Don't Want You To Know This-The Final Chapter   
    why did the mods take it to general off topic discussion? OP asked for it?
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    :Sami II reacted to ultra in They Don't Want You To Know This-The Final Chapter   
    Patience uncle sami
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    :Sami II reacted to peace seeker II in They Don't Want You To Know This-The Final Chapter   
    No the OP didn't ask for it, and as you probably noticed this thread is totally out of place in this "off topic" section, while it is for the purpose of exposing the anti-313 and antichrist people, while discussing ways of preparing for the mahdi. personally i see it as an insult to move this thread here, and a way of a moderator to indirectly disrupt and efforts made.
    here are the two first threads made by brother :Sami with his noble intentions, that are also found in the Imam Mahdi forum:
    as you will see, almost every post discusses the Mahdi directly, or issues directly related to challenges in the anti mahdi anti islamic systems. who else attacks the riba system we live in (i never heard a marja or shiachat member doing that)? who else talks about fluoridation of water and the families that control the fraudulent financial system? i don't find many people other than :Sami doing that. (in the shia/islamic world)
    so it does not surprise me that there is lots of resistance to this.
    Here, a verse dedicated to brother :Sami who is by far the most passionate Imam Mahdi lover on shiachat, and most senior member, as well as most self critical of todays world:
    ذلك بأن الله لم يك مغيرا نعمة أنعمها على قوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم وأن الله سميع عليم
    That is because Allah would not change a favor which He had bestowed upon a people until they change what is within themselves. And indeed, Allah is Hearing and Knowing.
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    :Sami II reacted to ultra in They Don't Want You To Know This-The Final Chapter   
    thnx alot, i havn't even seen the part 1. i didn't even know it existed when i looked through uncle samis thread starts.
    i also see it as an insult to move the thread and name it (trash pit)
    anyways i totally agree with you on the above statements. Myself sorounded by muslims older than me, and some younger than me, havn't seen anyone talk like uncle sami.
    and thats the reason i follow his threads, because its very interesting what he says and claims. and i actually belive in most of the stuffs he says, because it makes sense.
    anyways many haters will he receive but aslong as he got support from God and his "grashoppers lol" i Think he is satisfied
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