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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) (salam) I send my deepest condolences to all my brothers and sisters during this tragic month of Muharram, and I curse those that were in any way part of the most hideous acts of violence brought against the beloved :Imam-Hussein a.s, his family members and all the respected great companions that was with him in the plains of Karbala. It is time for me to leave SC as I have said all I can on this platform, with all my topics getting moved to off topic, getting unnecessary warnings and being placed on the mod queue, it's time to say farewell before I am banned. This platform lik
  2. salam brother Madzi, I accept your apology and I forgive you, please accept mine and forgive the many shortcomings I have that might have upset you in anyway. Let us begin a new beginning with your permission. You have heard of the saying that knowledge is power, well it is more then that, it is everything. It is the most guarded possession from both sides of the elites, the anti-313 seek knowledge at any costs, and the :Imam atf has the ultimate knowledge of everything with the permission of :Allah swt except for the end times. If this knowledge fell into the wrong hands imagine what will bec
  3. You moved my thread immediately after I reported 2 members, one for being disrespectful to my Imam atf with his anti-shia rhetoric, this member is now banned, and the other member for declaring that he is the Mehdi. After you moved this topic, 2 other members made rude uncalled personal remarks about my martial status and my age which is irrelevant to this topic and I reported them. But hey I got suspensions for lesser things to other members and I'm not the member that feels this on SC as it is written; "All SC members are equal but some SC members are more equal than others" especially whe
  4. Salam bro Gaius, Thanks for your reply, It is very nice to hear from you, I also wish I was given the honour of being one of the 313, but I also feel I'm not worthy, that's why I would like to get the position of the cook for the 313 inshallah, perhaps we can serve them together inshallah. Regarding your answer to Q1., can you take out your passports, driver's licence and credit cards and write exactly the way your name appears on these documents please. ws
  5. salam dear brother Ultra, since you asked so politely, at your request I will answer br Madzi's concerns; Bro Madzi, Before I answer your questions I have a few of mine; 1. Have you read my disclaimer? yes/no here it is again from my first post; Before I begin I like to make a disclaimer, that the information I am about to share with you is to make you think, ask more of the right questions and seek real answers. It is not to advise you personally on what you should do or not do. Most of you are young and live with your mother and father, they are responsible for you, and as your elders
  6. wa alaikum salam brother Madzi, mashallah you have read all my posts, I am honoured that you have taken the time to dissect it and think it through piece by piece and even reply in such detail with insults and all. I wonder if you practise this in your daily life when you contract with your trusted government, you must have a thorough knowledge of all their contracts, so if you don't mind please enlighten us so we may break free of them. You're not the first one to mention Ahmad Al Hasan, someone who I never knew till I came on SC, Please show me where I claim to be the Mehdi or his 313 ? I
  7. The loyal soldier never questions his commander in chief, the slave never demands answers from his master, nor demands proof, nor need any further information to follow and obey. He just says Labaik ya Mehdi, he only wants what his master wants of him and only needs want his master needs of him. For the true shia and his future 313, these questions are irrelevant as there is no I, there is no what do I want, or what do I need, but rather what do you want oh master and what do you need from me oh master, as i'm at your service for your pleasure for your glory for you only oh my master.
  8. salam I like to dedicate this thread to a true human, but unfortunately I have no photos to post of him. He has been serving humanity for over 1200 years just like his forefathers. His service goes unnoticed and un appreciated by most. He has been working endlessly day and night to those that are the oppressed, to the poor, to the needy, to the old, to the young, and most of these people don't know his name. These people that you have posted can only do what they did because of this one man, and that goes for every other act of kindness, compassion, charity and good deed in this world. I
  9. EDGAR State and Country CodesEDGAR State and Country Codes are documented in EDGAR Form D XML Technical Specification and EDGAR Ownership XML Technical Specification. These codes are used for XML filings of Ownership Reports (Forms 3, 4, 5), Form D and Form ID in EDGAR. The codes can also be used for EDGAR Company Searches and Historical Archives Searches. Note that the new codes may differ from past EDGAR state and country codes. Searches on State and Country codes will return results based on the code used by the filer at the time of the filing. The following changes have been made to the
  10. Brother Light, thank you for your kind words, all the insults of this world would never stop me from showing my love for my beloved :Al-hujjat atf. I owe my existence in this world and the next to our Imam as. it is why I keep coming back so I may explain what I know to brothers like yourself. I also have to do my best to represent our belief even to those that are here for other purposes so it may help another who might be reading these posts. It is replies like that from Br Al Hashmi that makes me proud to be born a shia, I thank my parents everyday for such an honour they have given to me.
  11. dear sister Zainab, you as the mother should surely know the sacrifices and patience you have given to raise your 2 sons. And because of such perseverance that you have given as a mother, they are forever in debt to you. Hence the saying "that heaven in under the feet of the mother", and everything they do, all their salat, fasting and charity you get part of that reward. Now imagine our :Imam atf carrying all of humanity like a mother, as he tends too all of us, all our calls and all of pleas for help. For all the oppressed of the world, the sick, the needy, the destitute, the inadequate of
  12. :Imam-Al-Mahdi atf is mentioned many times in the Quran dear brother; Allah has promised those of you who believe and do good deeds that he will surely make them successors on the earth as he made those who were before them and that he will surely establish their religion which he has chosen for them (Suratul Noor 24:55) And certainly We wrote in the Book after the reminder that (as for) the land. My righteous servants shall inherit it. (Anbiya : 105) Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will most certainly make them rulers in the earth as He made rulers those
  13. salam dear brother, You already know him and he already knows you, just reach out and call him and he will respond immediately. He is the one that has been there for you and kept a close eye on you from the moment you entered your mother's womb. He asked :Allah swt to provide you with all the sustenance, he allowed you to grow strong and he protected you from all harm. He was up all night crying when you made a mistake and he was so happy when you repented. Every Salaat you offered he offered 3 more for you, every fast, he fasted seven more, he paid sadaqa in your name every day. And now he wa
  14. Of course they do and they are so proud of it, as they believe they are the chosen ones and the rightly appointed representative of their master Iblees. salam dear brother blu, All the answers to all the questions of everything and anything is in our Holy book, expect for the hour of the return of :Al-Hujjat atf and the day of Judgement. It has all the secrets including what you have mentioned, we are blessed to have very knowledgable brothers here that know some of these miracles of the Quran. This book is literarily out of this world and wait till you see our :Imam atf unravel it's secret
  15. The ignorant people are the most dangerous and most destructive on this planet. The Anti-313 don't trust the ignorant masses so they do everything and anything to reduce their population, they make them docile through fluoridation of water supply, through vaccinations, through GMO foods to name a few. They are kept away from real knowledge by sending them to schools and universities as they may not destroy the Earth with real knowledge, like a child given a loaded gun. There is much control and subjection to the masses of this world otherwise things would go out off control. What is worst than
  16. As I said many times before dear brothers and sisters, "the truth is stranger than fiction". There are so many things we are not being told about and so many lies we are being fed. I will try to peel the layers of the onion skins and those who are really interested in going deeper down the rabbit hole with the intention of helping you get closer to the 313 of the beloved :Al-Hujjat atf. Let me finish the first topic of the name. NAME- Continue I have never heard of one fatwa, one piece of advise, one talk, one article, one mention, one line or one word from our respected leaders from the s
  17. Something of interest to some brothers and sisters. Hollywood is well known for it's mass mind control programming and propaganda, and it's actors, directors and producers are the best amongst the magicians of illusion and trickery. I am sorry to say that I watch many of their movies, many I would find a waste of time but there are a few that leave me thinking and asking the question what do these freaks in hollywood really know and where do they get such inside information. I personally find many hidden messages in some movies hidden in plain site under all the usual predictable plots and s
  18. The :Imam atf will have at his disposals many technologies that are beyond imagination and beyond comprehension in today's terms for most of us. One might be the sword of his forefather :Imam-Ali a.s, the sword that was used to defend our beloved :Prophet a.s countless times. Like anything, these great men possessed, it is not of this world and these things like all things have a consciousness. It has felt the hands of Ali, Hassan and Hussein a.s, it has been their trusted companion, it has guarded them and struct only the enemies of Islam and saved the momins. It has ridden close to the bodie
  19. I believe most of the 313 will be Sayeds, as most of the anti-313 are from the anti-sayeds ( of Yazid L). It's all in the DNA, one being the most perfect and the best of all DNAs and the other the worst of the worst. In saying this, I also believe DNA can be altered with the permission of :Allah swt by imitating the :Prophet a.s and his :Ahylul-Bayt a.s., by reciting the quran and duas, by salaat, giving charity, by showing pure extreme love shown towards them and by opposing and hatring their enemies. If this is possible then it is also possible to alter the DNA to that of the Sufyani L simpl
  20. My dearest handsome brother of mine, you will learn that this is no joke when you get married one day inshallah, you will learn that the mother in laws are the most important component in a marriage which determines the happiness and peace in the family. The formula is simple: "when the mother in laws are happy, the wives are happy and you are happy and there is peace in all the homes"
  21. salam dear brother, I have tried all the schools systems available with my first batch of kids; public school system where there were overcrowded and most teachers were overworked, underpaid and had too much on their plates to care for each child with their unique special talents that all kids are blessed with private school where the $ says it all, all the kids were snobby, competitive and didn't give a damn about anyone else Shia school where most of he teachers were non muslims and islam was only taught as a religion and not deen Sunni school where when they had to cut some time off to c
  22. Salam my dear grasshopper, How have you been ? I pray you and your family are all well inshallah. Yes I'm open for skype so you can all laugh at my strong aussie accent, you know my skype, if any other brothers or sisters want to hear my dinky di aussie steve irwin type accent please PM me. Our beloved :Rasool a.s. would be labeled as many things if he was here today, but we have his grandson and we are so blessed as the shia of this amazing family from the most beautiful and amazing last Prophet of :Allah swt. (May Allah bless him and his family) ws
  23. salam brother, Thanks for your post, this organisation is probably the most talked about group of elites amongst the conspiracy theorists. Let's look at their agendas: Bilderberg Objectives The Group’s grand design is for “a One World Government (World Company) with a single, global marketplace, policed by one world army, and financially regulated by one ‘World (Central) Bank’ using one global currency.” (Only 2 countries left to join the World Central Bank- Iran and North Korea) Their “wish list” includes: – “one international identify (observing) one set of universal values;” almost don
  24. When you don't register the marriage under the STATE, you are not under their jurisdiction and not effected by their marriage laws. There are also other factors from a legal point that might be required as a precaution; all the "wives" having the same address as the husband, each wife should have their own home and she should domicile that address as hers onlyusing the term "wife" should be avoided, use partner, soulmate, significant other 1/8 or companion is better the wives should not accept government benefits as this gives the government more reason to get your personal information and ent
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