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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) (salam) I send my deepest condolences to all my brothers and sisters during this tragic month of Muharram, and I curse those that were in any way part of the most hideous acts of violence brought against the beloved :Imam-Hussein a.s, his family members and all the respected great companions that was with him in the plains of Karbala. It is time for me to leave SC as I have said all I can on this platform, with all my topics getting moved to off topic, getting unnecessary warnings and being placed on the mod queue, it's time to say farewell before I am banned. This platform like all others serve a certain agenda that is mainstream, it provides for this market. Most of it's Admin, mods and members serve this agenda and live it. There are a few members and admin/mod team that has shown they appreciate input from a different "point of view". I believe there are some members who also want to get away from the mainstream, as the Shia was never mainstream in any sense but has always be outcasted and taken to the fringes whether rightly or not. I thank those that have supported me here on SC, and I ask for forgiveness to those I have offended as I'm not always "politically correct". I forgive everyone else that have insulted me or had done any wrong to me. There has also been accusations of me that I had contact with our beloved :Imam Mehdi atf, or that he has "visited me from time to time", please let me set the record straight here. Our beloved :Imam atf to my knowledge has never visited me in person, or had communicated with me directly or have given any information to me in person. I am not his deputy or any of his secret lieutenants and I have never claimed this. I have never even dreamt of him nor have I ever seen his face to my knowledge. I have mentioned that my mother, my wives and daughters had dreamt of him and in their dreams he spoke to them. These dreams were interpreted to me by prominent momins and I took this as a sign for me and I acted on these dreams. I will not disclose the messages of these dreams as it is only meant for me and my family. I feel very blessed to have our :Imam atf "visit" us through their dreams and honour our family with such communications through their dreams. I am only interested in using such information to advance my family and myself towards the preparation of our Imam atf. I am not interested in forming any cults or groups. I'm not even interested in having anything to do with the shia communities or any other community. I live a peaceful solitary life waiting for my Imam atf and the only reason I came to SC was to know the Shias communities, seek prospective husbands and wives for my Adult kids and to look at business opportunities within the shia communities for my sons. So if there was any miscommunication with any of my posts to say the contrary to this I apologise and seek forgiveness. It is the english language and your biased views that might have made you think otherwise. I also have stated for the record that I will be the cook of the 313 inshallah, this claim I have mentioned a thousands times and I pray that I be given such an honour. If any of you feel the need to keep in touch with me you can contact Br Ultramode2 or Br Peaceseeker II for details. Please remember me in your duas. ws
  2. salam brother Madzi, I accept your apology and I forgive you, please accept mine and forgive the many shortcomings I have that might have upset you in anyway. Let us begin a new beginning with your permission. You have heard of the saying that knowledge is power, well it is more then that, it is everything. It is the most guarded possession from both sides of the elites, the anti-313 seek knowledge at any costs, and the :Imam atf has the ultimate knowledge of everything with the permission of :Allah swt except for the end times. If this knowledge fell into the wrong hands imagine what will become of all the worlds. To control the masses and make them subjected requires the masses to be docile and dumb like cattle. It is always the first line of attack by any power to seize and control information and knowledge just look at hollywood, the media and the eduction system for example. Islam has come to free this monopoly on knowledge and free the masses from ignorance and it's unjust servitude. I as a humble shia brother had the intention to seek this knowledge that may free me and my family so I may be ready when my Imam atf returns inshallah. If the knowledge you claim is so readily available, then why are not the respected Sheikhs who marry the bothers and sisters fully disclose the obligations of registering the marriage to the STATE? Why are not these respected scholars of islam who have taken an oath to serve the Ummah not letting us know the obligations under the MARRIAGE ACT, in which the STATE becomes the dominate partner in the marriage contract, and this also applies to the Birth and Citizenship registrations and Oaths to the STATE. What about mass medication by fluoridating water supplies in countries to keep the masses docile and infertile, the IRI not only still fluoridates it's water supply but also it's salt and baby formula. The irony in this is that the STATE OF ISRAEL has stopped doing this practise for heath reasons. I mentioned many times that the IRI might be pressured into doing such things, but for the shias who really want to see knowledge, why don't they have private meetings amongst the scholars and let some of them know of the dangers so they may avoid it like many other things such as vaccinations etc etc etc. The fact is no one is doing it, and when you ask such questions to our respected scholars, they never reply or they reply with an answer that leaves more questions. Now Please don't get me wrong, I'm not being disrespectful to these great momins, they have chosen to be leaders and it's their call. So why don't you ask them brother, why are you asking this old unless stupid man who just trying to lead his wives and kids. I have stated many times that this information I'm sharing with you is what I have come up with, it might be all wrong I don't know, but I'm trying it on myself and my family, and they too can leave anytime as they also have a choice as islam only accepts those that enter it from their own free will. I hope I am reaching you in these words I write here and I hope you understand all that I'm trying to say here. And don't forget this is a public forum, it is internet, and I live in a country that has just passed strict laws on internet censorship. They have passed laws on legally retaining data and spying on everything you do for the purposes of ready "making life safer by removing the very freedoms and privacy that the so called west was founded on". Again do you get what I 'm saying here or should I spell it out for you with all due respect brother. Now let's go forward by answering my questions and I will answer all yours the best I can here, and if you are not satisfied, I invite you to our Skype sessions and you can ask as many questions there as you wish. If I can categorise the information I share let's say it's the lowest basic level of 1, then to give you an idea I can go to level 2 or 3 on Skype and when we get to know each other and feel comfortable I can go all the way. I leave it up to you brother and thanks for the time to read all this. May Allah swt guide you and make you successful in your quest to seek nearness to him inshallah. ws
  3. You moved my thread immediately after I reported 2 members, one for being disrespectful to my Imam atf with his anti-shia rhetoric, this member is now banned, and the other member for declaring that he is the Mehdi. After you moved this topic, 2 other members made rude uncalled personal remarks about my martial status and my age which is irrelevant to this topic and I reported them. But hey I got suspensions for lesser things to other members and I'm not the member that feels this on SC as it is written; "All SC members are equal but some SC members are more equal than others" especially when they conform to the mainstream consensus that ironically history has shown very well that the shia have always opposed the mainstream consensus. As for the interview with this other member which you have posted, this member to my knowledge was banned a few times for being rude to other members. Is there anything else you would like to post from previous banned members to make your claim? You remind me a lot of another mod on SC, perhaps you are both the same people, only my guess. Regardless of what accounts you have or not, please tell me how can you know my intentions when you have never met me in person? Are you a psychic mind reader, then I better put on my tin foil hat.
  4. Salam bro Gaius, Thanks for your reply, It is very nice to hear from you, I also wish I was given the honour of being one of the 313, but I also feel I'm not worthy, that's why I would like to get the position of the cook for the 313 inshallah, perhaps we can serve them together inshallah. Regarding your answer to Q1., can you take out your passports, driver's licence and credit cards and write exactly the way your name appears on these documents please. ws
  5. salam dear brother Ultra, since you asked so politely, at your request I will answer br Madzi's concerns; Bro Madzi, Before I answer your questions I have a few of mine; 1. Have you read my disclaimer? yes/no here it is again from my first post; Before I begin I like to make a disclaimer, that the information I am about to share with you is to make you think, ask more of the right questions and seek real answers. It is not to advise you personally on what you should do or not do. Most of you are young and live with your mother and father, they are responsible for you, and as your elders, you should seek their counsel first before attempting anything. These are my own personal views in which I have researched for myself and my family. I am not a scholar in Islam, nor am I a licensed professional advisor, I am not here to offer advise as a medical professional, I am not here as a financial advisor and I am not here to gain and pass commercial judgements of any kind. I am only here as a concerned brother who wants his shia brothers and sisters to be better prepared for our beloved :Al-hujjat atf. 2. From my post #6, please answer these questions for me; I would like to ask some simple questions to get this topic going; 1. What is your name? ( don't give your real name but keep it in the same format as you would normally write it, e.g. if your real name is JOHN SMITH, you can write here as say JACK SWIFT.) 2. What is your address? ( once again make up one but similar format to your real one) 3. What is your date of birth ? ( make it up but similar format) 3. Which of the following statements best describe you? a. I am one of the 313 of Al-Hujjat atf. b. I wish to, hope to, desire to, dream of and pray to be one of the future 313 of Al-Hujjat atf. (inshallah) c. I am not one of the 313 of Al-Hujjat atf. and have no desire whatsoever to be one of the 313 of Al-Hujjat atf. d. none of the above. I will endeavour to answer all your questions after I have received your answers, bear in mind other good brothers have also asked me many questions and they have been waiting patiently so please bear with me. ws Nephew CM, D. none of the above Dear bro, Please get it right as I have stated many times in all my posts, I never dreamt of my beloved :Imam atf, it was my mother and my wives who did and they communicated with him in the dream, I simply interpreted their dreams to be a sign from my :Imam atf to seek him and prepare for him since I was the common denominator in all their dreams. It was these dreams together with other events in my life that has sent me on a quest to seek him and to prepare for him the best I could. What are you doing to prepare besides making posts here on SC ? Dear Brother Al-Hadi, Sorry for the delay in replying to you, I did make a list of 33 characteristics of the 313 that I believed was the most likely ones. Then I thought it over to publish it here, I thought very hard if I should reveal it on a public forum whether the contents be it right or not. And If it was by any chance correct or partly correct then I am giving away this list to those that might use it against them, and for that reason I decided not to publish it here. If you would like to Skype me, then I'm happy to send them to you personally. ws
  6. wa alaikum salam brother Madzi, mashallah you have read all my posts, I am honoured that you have taken the time to dissect it and think it through piece by piece and even reply in such detail with insults and all. I wonder if you practise this in your daily life when you contract with your trusted government, you must have a thorough knowledge of all their contracts, so if you don't mind please enlighten us so we may break free of them. You're not the first one to mention Ahmad Al Hasan, someone who I never knew till I came on SC, Please show me where I claim to be the Mehdi or his 313 ? I do mention many times I would like to be the cook of his 313, with the permission of Allah swt. You forget to mention Charles Manson too, which was mentioned before as a comparison to myself by another member. As for my :Imam atf visiting me, I have stated that many times, that he came to my mother in a dream when I was in her womb, then he came each time to my wives in dreams when they were pregnant, and I have witnessed them talking in their sleep to him in Arabic, and all my wives are non arab speaking reverts. Also I did not mention that Nabi-Isa a.s was present with his mother, and once :Imam Ali a.s also came in the dream, and Imam Khomeini R when I was working in one of the embassy of the IRI. I won't discuss the contents of each dream but for me it was a form of communication meant only for me. I have witnessed many times in my life the assistant and protection he gave to my family and I, I cannot even mention it here the dangerous circumstances we were all in and only someone like him can assist us, it was truly all miraculous. But you don't have to believe a thing I say, you don't even have to read my posts any further, there are many other topics like gaming or mutah posts that many of the brothers keep busy with. heck you can even start your own topic and tell us how to be one of the 313, I would certainly read it, but I won't insult you because anyone who makes an attempt to discuss such a topic is worth congratulating, imagine if that's all we talked about here on SC. Instead of this lying old man, al hassan/manson type of crazy dude rambling on and on ...really Madzi really ...would you like I refer you too as grasshopper ?
  7. The loyal soldier never questions his commander in chief, the slave never demands answers from his master, nor demands proof, nor need any further information to follow and obey. He just says Labaik ya Mehdi, he only wants what his master wants of him and only needs want his master needs of him. For the true shia and his future 313, these questions are irrelevant as there is no I, there is no what do I want, or what do I need, but rather what do you want oh master and what do you need from me oh master, as i'm at your service for your pleasure for your glory for you only oh my master.
  8. salam I like to dedicate this thread to a true human, but unfortunately I have no photos to post of him. He has been serving humanity for over 1200 years just like his forefathers. His service goes unnoticed and un appreciated by most. He has been working endlessly day and night to those that are the oppressed, to the poor, to the needy, to the old, to the young, and most of these people don't know his name. These people that you have posted can only do what they did because of this one man, and that goes for every other act of kindness, compassion, charity and good deed in this world. It is because of this one man who has allowed the good to still exist against the all powerful evil that tries everything to extinguish it. He has lost all his forefathers who were also true humans to such evil people, especially the one that stood up against oppression in a far place called Karbala. But this did not stop him from doing good and helping everyone. He cries for all of us all night and begs to his lord to forgive us, and to give humanity another chance to redeem itself. He has promised us that he will return from the shadows and will restore peace, truth and justice. I cannot wait for that day, because he will turn this Earth into a place where such compassion and kindness is a norm and not an exception like above. Because we humans were created to treat all living things with compassion and kindness. I like to dedicate this song to this great man, to my master and the only reason that I am here.(this song is halal) In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful O Allah! Lord of the Great Light, Lord of the Elevated Throne, Lord of the tumultuous seas, and the revealer of the Tawrah, Injeel, and Zaboor, Lord of the shadows and the warmths, And the revealer of the Great Qur'an. Lord of the proximate angels and Prophets and messengers. O Allah I beseech thee, for the sake of Your Nobel Visage. And for the sake of Your Enlightening Visage, and Your ever existing kingdom. O Ever Living! O Controller! I beseech Thee in Your Name which lits the heavens and the earths; and in Your Name, by which the ancient and the latter ones become upright. O Ever living who has before every living being. O Ever Living Who shall (exist) after every living being. O Ever Living Who existed when there was no life. O Giver of life to dead. O One Who causes death to the living one. O Ever Living. There is no God except Thou. O Allah send our master the leader, the guide, the guided, the upriser with Your command. Blessings of Allah be on him and his pure forefathers from all the believing men and believing women. In the easts of the Earth and it's wests, in its plains and its mountains, its lands and its seas, from me and my parents. Blessings, which are the weight of Allah's throne and ink of His words, and whatever His knowledge enumerates and His book encompases. O Allah renew for him my covenant, pledge and allegiance on my neck in the morning of this day of mine and whatever days (of my life) I live. I shall never turn away from it nor let it ever vanish. O Allah appoint me among his helpers, aides, and his protectors. Those who hasten to fulfill his commands and obey his orders. Those who are his supporters and compete with each other to (fulfill) his intention and seek martyrdom in his presence. O Allah! If death occurs between me and him (before the reappearance) (death) which you have made obligatory and decreed for your servants, then raise me from my grave, wrapped in my shroud, my sword unsheathed, my spear bared, answering the call of the caller in cities as well as deserts. O Allah! Show me the rightly guided face of (Imam (عليه السلام).), the praiseworthy moon (referring to the face of Imam (عليه السلام).) and enlighten my vision by looking at him. And hasten his reappearance, make his arrival smooth, vasten his path, make me tread on his way and implement his authority and strengthen his back. O Allah inhabit Your cities through him and give life to Your servants due to him for surely You have said and Your word is truth, "Corruption will become rampant in land and on sea because of the evil which men's hand have earned" Then O Allah manifest for us Your slave and the son of Your Prophet's daughter, whose name is the same as that of Your messenger, so that nothing from falsehood is victorious except that he tears them (falsehood) to pieces, establishes the truth and the truth confirms him. And O Allah! Appoint him as a refuge for Your oppressed servants and a helper for the one who does not find any helper for himself except You and the renewer of all the laws of Your book which have been tampered with and the rebuilder of the science of Your religion and the traditions of Your Prophet (peace of Allah be on him and his progeny) and O Allah! make him among those whom you have protected from the evils of the adversaries. O Allah! and provide joy to Your Prophet Mohammed (peace be on him and his progeny) by his vision and (the vision of) the one who follows him on his call and have mercy on our poverty after his arrival O Allah remove his sorrow (of occultation) from this nation with his presence and hasten for us his reappearance. They (the disbelievers) consider it to be distant while we consider it to be near. For the sake of Your mercy, O the most Merciful of all Mercifuls. Then one should gently strike his right thigh with his palm and say. Hasten! Hasten! O my Master, O Master of the era.
  9. EDGAR State and Country CodesEDGAR State and Country Codes are documented in EDGAR Form D XML Technical Specification and EDGAR Ownership XML Technical Specification. These codes are used for XML filings of Ownership Reports (Forms 3, 4, 5), Form D and Form ID in EDGAR. The codes can also be used for EDGAR Company Searches and Historical Archives Searches. Note that the new codes may differ from past EDGAR state and country codes. Searches on State and Country codes will return results based on the code used by the filer at the time of the filing. The following changes have been made to the state and country codes on February 2010: V7 SWEDEN https://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/edgarstatecodes.htm It is computer code for filling financial reports of SWEDEN as required for all companies under law.
  10. Brother Light, thank you for your kind words, all the insults of this world would never stop me from showing my love for my beloved :Al-hujjat atf. I owe my existence in this world and the next to our Imam as. it is why I keep coming back so I may explain what I know to brothers like yourself. I also have to do my best to represent our belief even to those that are here for other purposes so it may help another who might be reading these posts. It is replies like that from Br Al Hashmi that makes me proud to be born a shia, I thank my parents everyday for such an honour they have given to me. ws I am just an old man dear brother but thanks for the compliment, I hope you were a good student. I will answer you in detail shortly.
  11. dear sister Zainab, you as the mother should surely know the sacrifices and patience you have given to raise your 2 sons. And because of such perseverance that you have given as a mother, they are forever in debt to you. Hence the saying "that heaven in under the feet of the mother", and everything they do, all their salat, fasting and charity you get part of that reward. Now imagine our :Imam atf carrying all of humanity like a mother, as he tends too all of us, all our calls and all of pleas for help. For all the oppressed of the world, the sick, the needy, the destitute, the inadequate of this world. We are such people that for most of us especially like myself, we are so much in distress and drowning in our own mistakes, and yet we still exist, and our prayers are still answered, our salat is accepted, though for many of us it is done on stolen lands. Our fasts are accepted though we start our fasts and end it through the consumption of foods and water from usurped lands, the money we offer as zakat or Khums is not halal as I have explained many times but it is still accepted. Why is this? It is because our beloved :imam atf looks out for us like a loving mother, takes all our mistakes and ask :Allah swt to forgive us, to give us another chance and to overlook our inadequacies. He is the first to run to us when we need help and the last to forsake us when we turn away from him. He is better then the most loving mother, and he as the only representative of :Allah on earth has more claim over us then our own parents. This is how much he loves us all and he is ready to intercede in everything we do. So this is a figure of speech that we owe everything to him. The ratios I have used to express what he does for all of us especially to those that don't believe in him are even more then want I have stated. You cannot really quantify all that he has done or will do for humanity just like his forefathers. If we really know the reality of our situations on this Earth and how the anti-313 with their riba infested system have so enslaved us, that our own worship towards :Allah swt has been blocked, if it wasn't for the presence and the protection that our beloved :Imam atf provides for us, we would have perished long ago. We are so blessed as his shia to know such a man, may our children be those that are amongst his 313 inshallah.
  12. :Imam-Al-Mahdi atf is mentioned many times in the Quran dear brother; Allah has promised those of you who believe and do good deeds that he will surely make them successors on the earth as he made those who were before them and that he will surely establish their religion which he has chosen for them (Suratul Noor 24:55) And certainly We wrote in the Book after the reminder that (as for) the land. My righteous servants shall inherit it. (Anbiya : 105) Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will most certainly make them rulers in the earth as He made rulers those before them and that He will most certainly establish for them their religion which He has chosen for them and that He will most certainly, after their fear, give them security in exchange, they serve Me (and) do not associateaught with Me (Nur : 55) And they say, why is not a sign sent to hint from his Lord? Say; The unseen is only for Allah, there-fore wait - surely I too with you am of those who wait. (Yunus : 20) What remains of Allah's provision is better for you, should you be faithful, and I am not a keeper over you. (11:86) salam my dear SFTL, I pray you are well and you are successful in your spiritual journey. Good to see you here.
  13. salam dear brother, You already know him and he already knows you, just reach out and call him and he will respond immediately. He is the one that has been there for you and kept a close eye on you from the moment you entered your mother's womb. He asked :Allah swt to provide you with all the sustenance, he allowed you to grow strong and he protected you from all harm. He was up all night crying when you made a mistake and he was so happy when you repented. Every Salaat you offered he offered 3 more for you, every fast, he fasted seven more, he paid sadaqa in your name every day. And now he waits for you to join him, he is eager and he is waiting patiently to return to you and fulfil his promise to you. He wants to make this a better world, he wants truth, peace and justice, but he doesn't want anything in return except that you serve :Allah swt, his messenger and his beloved family. He doesn't want money, or favours or any votes, he is the only one that can deliver the promise to us. He will take on the Anti-313, the Dajjal, the Sufyani L, and it's entire system made of men, jinn and AI. Together with Nabi Isa a.s, the 313, Malakas and Jinns, he will bring a sweet victory for us all. The oppressed for once in their life will taste freedom and peace, the hungry will be full, the sick will be cured, truth will be set free, good will be rewarded and bad punished. The elected leaders will not line their pockets but serve the people they are elected to do, the businessmen will not cheat you, the bankers will not charge riba and the glory of :Allah swt will finally prevail and it will be a new dawn like no other. People will compete against one another to do good deeds, men will be men, women will be women, the youth will treat the elders with respect, the elders with treat the youth with kindness, animals will not be afraid, the oceans , the sky and the mountains will rejoice as the planet will be in harmony. I envy you my dear sunni brother , because in the shia community we have so many good brothers and sisters competing for the 313 position, which leaves an old man like me with no chances. But you are the first sunni I have met in over 50+ years that have such a love for this :Imam and you have asked to be amongst him. Unfortunately to me knowledge there seems to be not such competition amongst our sunni community which increases your chances even more. Your odds are great compared to mine, you have positioned yourself well, now take advantage of these odds and run towards him, don't hesitate, if there is one thing you must hoard, if there is one thing you must go all out and not look back, it is to be by his side. Because as a sunni brother when you are beside this great man ushering the new dawn of truth and peace for us, all the muslim no matter shia or sunni can be one and live as one ummah. Don't you want this brother ? Let us unite under the banner of there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger and :imam-Mehdi is the final saviour of mankind to establish the perfect religion of his grandfather.
  14. Of course they do and they are so proud of it, as they believe they are the chosen ones and the rightly appointed representative of their master Iblees. salam dear brother blu, All the answers to all the questions of everything and anything is in our Holy book, expect for the hour of the return of :Al-Hujjat atf and the day of Judgement. It has all the secrets including what you have mentioned, we are blessed to have very knowledgable brothers here that know some of these miracles of the Quran. This book is literarily out of this world and wait till you see our :Imam atf unravel it's secrets, like a true master, I cannot wait for that day, inshallah we will all be amongst his 313 ( Me as the cook ) to usher in a new era for mankind and jinnkind. There's lots we are not told about the moon, if i started sharing some of these things here most people reading this will fall off their chairs. Whatever you are told about the moon, forget it, it's not even close to the truth, just like everything else in this reality. Truth is stranger than fiction and for most people, they cannot handle the truth, and for the few that can, most of them cannot do anything with it. If you don't know 2 momins dear sis, time to get out of that city. sure, let's say my time Sunday 30th August 2015, 00:30 ( GMT+10:00 ) I have thought much about this all my life, I find the majority of scholars at the top end pious and are good momins, they have knowledge and are leading the ummah the best they can with what they can do and I 'm not going into their position when it comes to disclosure as I'm not them. The ones that are dangerous are the ones that my aboriginal tribal members call coconuts, ie. " black outside and white inside", or in our case shia outside and khafir inside. These people copy and mimic the western life and love it, you cannot tell the difference between them and the western people. When you greet them with "salam" they reply with hello, you know what I mean. They have lost everything that represents humanity, they chase the dollar and all the bling bling. Please don't misunderstand me, I have all those things too, but for me it is a tool that I use to advance my agenda in preparation for :Al-hujjat atf, It's not a means to an end, and when I'm finished with it, I give it all away and live a simple life. These things define such people, and they hold on to their fake titles, their fake lives and their empty souls chase the american dream at the cost of this dunya and the next, as you already know anything built on a foundation of riba shall perish.
  15. The ignorant people are the most dangerous and most destructive on this planet. The Anti-313 don't trust the ignorant masses so they do everything and anything to reduce their population, they make them docile through fluoridation of water supply, through vaccinations, through GMO foods to name a few. They are kept away from real knowledge by sending them to schools and universities as they may not destroy the Earth with real knowledge, like a child given a loaded gun. There is much control and subjection to the masses of this world otherwise things would go out off control. What is worst than these ignorant masses is the Shia who are considered the elite of the elites because we have the most knowledgeable humans ever created to lead us, and yet they're copy the things given to the ignorant masses. The shia today love to eat a Big Mac, love to drink tap water, love to vaccinate themselves, love and do anything to get into schools and universities, matter of fact whilst most of them are copying those things meant for the ignorance masses, ironically a few of the ignorant masses have awaken and have abandoned this world. We see a migration of the east to west and the west to east, we see the shias once the most knowledge people on this planet love the west and pursue it with such vigor, and we see some western people leave their mass mind control system and seek refuge in Islam. The real danger are the people that say we are bothers and we are with you whilst they munch on their Big Macs and drink fluoridated water on stolen lands. they do all this in the name of Allah, in the name of his beloved messenger and his beloved family. They pay taxes and use their money and cheer for the mass mind control amusement sporting games. They attend 10 day crying programmes with speakers wearing swiss watches flying business class in the name of :Hussein a.s.They compete against each other not in good deeds but in the latest gadgets of amusement or entertainment. They allow their women folk to wonder around naked like the ignorant masses not blinking an eye at their perversity. And when a brother comes to them to warn them of this system that was only meant for the ignorant masses and not for us shias, they ridicule him and insult him. It is these people that I find the most dangerous and it is for this reason I have isolated myself from the shia.
  16. As I said many times before dear brothers and sisters, "the truth is stranger than fiction". There are so many things we are not being told about and so many lies we are being fed. I will try to peel the layers of the onion skins and those who are really interested in going deeper down the rabbit hole with the intention of helping you get closer to the 313 of the beloved :Al-Hujjat atf. Let me finish the first topic of the name. NAME- Continue I have never heard of one fatwa, one piece of advise, one talk, one article, one mention, one line or one word from our respected leaders from the shia community on the subject of our name. Why is that? Is it not the most important piece of fact to know about ourselves and our reality. The name means everything and it represents who you are and what you own. The fake name you are given in this world does not belong to you, it belongs to the anti-313, you are only given permission to use it under their rules and they can remove it anytime they wish for any reason, they can strip your citizenship, remove your passport, they can cancel your drivers license, your credit cards, your social security, your name can be deleted by the touch of a single button these days, and there is nothing you can do about it. And if you follow all the many millions of their rules, you get the privilege of using your name and the assets it has, but as soon as you break any of these rules these assets are taken away from you. So my question is since your name is not your name but belongs to the anti-313, then how can you practise the basic tenets of Islam? How can you pay zakat or khums when you are not the owner of the assets that are in your name, and since you don't earn any income, because firstly the money you make is not money, and even if you did make real money, you are not making to as you are not JOHN SMITH. Why are not our respected leaders in Islam have never mentioned this technicality of the reality and FACT of the NAME that we have these days? And it does't matter how many times you will write to them, or how many times you ask this question, you will not get a reply. So what is the solution here ? Write on the piece of paper I begin "In the the name of :Allah swt", then write down your name (don't use an A4 as they own those dimensions), write it in Arabic or quantum english, in the format of John son of Smith, from the clan of ...and the tribe of ...... Autograph it with your fingerprint using your blood, witnessed by 2 living momins. On the back of this paper write your oath of allegiance which could be dua-ahad. Then mail this piece of paper to yourself, this copyrights it, this is a well known practice for artists to copy write their works. Now you have an official document that shows your real name that is recognised by :Allah swt and by our beloved :Imam atf. For the first time in your life your real self has been born and it is the beginning of many steps to make the real you stronger so the real you may serve our beloved :Al-Hujjat atf inshallah. ( I can share the procedure in detail on a skype session for those interested) A word of Caution: This document is for yourself only and never to be used when you do business with the STATE. This is a document for the purposes of recognising your real existence to yourself and those close to you like your trusted family. It is only a personal use that will be presented to :Al-Hujjat atf when you meet him. He does not need your passport or your credit card. This is an attempt by yourself to recognise the truth about your existence, and your first attempt of many to free yourself from an all powerful system of the anti-313. This document is private and confidential and it is only for you and your :Imam atf, it has no commercial value or power in the world of the anti-313. We are not part of those crazy free man movement or patriots who want to take on the STATE, this is not our concern. We are only here to do what is right in accordance to the teachings of Islam and it's peaceful practices.
  17. Something of interest to some brothers and sisters. Hollywood is well known for it's mass mind control programming and propaganda, and it's actors, directors and producers are the best amongst the magicians of illusion and trickery. I am sorry to say that I watch many of their movies, many I would find a waste of time but there are a few that leave me thinking and asking the question what do these freaks in hollywood really know and where do they get such inside information. I personally find many hidden messages in some movies hidden in plain site under all the usual predictable plots and special effects. There is one actor that has played a "messiah" or "the saviour" type roles where he is constantly saving humanity, and that is Keanu Reeves, how can one forget his character as Neo in the Matrix or many others like it. One recent movie I watched which has him playing a retired assassin that takes out the whole of the Russian mafia single handed because they killed his dog and stole his car which is John Wick. In the opening scene we find John injured and laying on the ground outside an old warehouse. I couldn't stop noticing something odd on the left side of he screen which the numbers 313 was clearly shown, you can see in the pics below. I find this a common occurrence these days in movies and many other things around me like when I look at my watch or the clock. Is this just me with a obsession on 313 or is there more to it, want do you think?
  18. The :Imam atf will have at his disposals many technologies that are beyond imagination and beyond comprehension in today's terms for most of us. One might be the sword of his forefather :Imam-Ali a.s, the sword that was used to defend our beloved :Prophet a.s countless times. Like anything, these great men possessed, it is not of this world and these things like all things have a consciousness. It has felt the hands of Ali, Hassan and Hussein a.s, it has been their trusted companion, it has guarded them and struct only the enemies of Islam and saved the momins. It has ridden close to the bodies of such perfect creatures of :Allah swt, that makes all other creation jealous and envious of this sword. I wished I was created as this sword so I may always be close to them and protect them. For such a piece of metal has been given such a weighty responsibility, can not :Allah swt allow it to speak as everything else will speak on the day when all is accounted and weighed? The other technology is the :Al-Buraq, I consider this to be a mother ship with consciousness also, it has the ability to travel faster then the speed of light and can go backward and forward in time, as it did for our beloved :Rasool as. during his maraj. And of course the best and most powerful technology he will possess is the holy quran, as he will unlock all it's secrets. So my dear brother, if you were even the cloth in the garments that is pressed against the beautiful skin of such men would you not want to sing praises and confess your love of such people? When a non mahram woman and a non mahram man is alone, there is always another party present, and that is Iblees. You remember my dear grasshopper, fortunately we will have many other brothers and sisters joining us inshallah. And if you are the only one present on skype during our session I will call one of my wives or one of my daughters inshallah. Yes I have several years ago, I did a thorough research of the family tree of Yazid L. It took me many months to work it out but I managed to trace every descendant from the daughter of Yazid L who's 5th descendant moved to Europe, they married into all the royal families of Europe and the UK and took over them. Every descendant was a European royal, then they migrated to the USA and become all the presidents and all the most powerful people on this planet. There are more of these descendants today then there are any other families. This research was documented and I gave it to 2 trusted momins to witness and guard it.
  19. I believe most of the 313 will be Sayeds, as most of the anti-313 are from the anti-sayeds ( of Yazid L). It's all in the DNA, one being the most perfect and the best of all DNAs and the other the worst of the worst. In saying this, I also believe DNA can be altered with the permission of :Allah swt by imitating the :Prophet a.s and his :Ahylul-Bayt a.s., by reciting the quran and duas, by salaat, giving charity, by showing pure extreme love shown towards them and by opposing and hatring their enemies. If this is possible then it is also possible to alter the DNA to that of the Sufyani L simply by living and loving this system of life they have created around us. So which of the DNA sequence are you being altered to? The greatest and most powerful enemy that is within and the one you must conquer and defeat is the nafs. Only after you do this then can you attempt to achieve victories from the enemies that are outside. wa alaikum salaam dear sister, if you want you can record our talks and post it here, with a warning saying "strong aussie accent present, proceed with caution and have a google translator handy"
  20. My dearest handsome brother of mine, you will learn that this is no joke when you get married one day inshallah, you will learn that the mother in laws are the most important component in a marriage which determines the happiness and peace in the family. The formula is simple: "when the mother in laws are happy, the wives are happy and you are happy and there is peace in all the homes"
  21. salam dear brother, I have tried all the schools systems available with my first batch of kids; public school system where there were overcrowded and most teachers were overworked, underpaid and had too much on their plates to care for each child with their unique special talents that all kids are blessed with private school where the $ says it all, all the kids were snobby, competitive and didn't give a damn about anyone else Shia school where most of he teachers were non muslims and islam was only taught as a religion and not deen Sunni school where when they had to cut some time off to cater for additional subjects they chose to reduce the time for students to offer their salaat, good way to show kids that everything in life is more important then salaat.because of these reasons we tried homeschooling our kids and now our kids homeschool their kids. The last 20+ years has not been easy but it's worth it. Some tips to think over my wise dear brother; when you homeschool kids especially from a shia prospective which is preparing the kids for our beloved :Al-Hujjat atf, you need to change many things about the way you think and the way you do things otherwise it is difficult. You cannot homeschool kids in a such an environment and then expect them to choose a normal lifestyle when they become adults. So you have to decide a few things, such as the purpose to homeschool them, the results and expectations you want from your kids when they grow up, and have a backup plan if they decide to go down a path other then what you desired for them.as the father, you must participate directly in the process of teaching your kids, which means no regular work, but a home based business, or work that allows you to make the money you need with as little time as possible, preferably in this position say you work 6 months and take 6 months off.You need help and this is where networking with other groups and people really help. e.g.. your lawyer or the accountant can assist you as the kids can do work experience with them, or spend time with the local small hobby farmer growing fruits and vegetables or the local tradesmen. homeschooling doesn't need to begin or end in a certain time like regular school. You can revolve around the islamic calendar for certain events like Ramadan. In our house learning and seeking knowledge never ends, and from the cradle to the grave one must always learn is the motto in our houses.having many wives really help especially when they have certain skills and knowledge to bring to the environment.one of the most important aspects of homeschooling the kids is to seek and develop their special unique abilities and talents they have and to harness it in a positive way through love and positive encouragement, but remember to be patient.you can teach islam as a deen and not just as a religion, the quran and the teachings of the Ahylul bayt a.s can be used as the foundations of all knowledge.be well versed in the regulations of the STATE and seek expert opinion before entering into any contracts with them, homeschooling like many things are being targeted by the STATE as it gives too much "freedom" to the people.Lastly begin all in the name of :Allah swt and prepare our families for the return of the saviour of humanity, this is the only reason we are here and we are the custodians of the future generations that will serve him as his 313 inshallah.I wish you to have many beautiful sons and daughters who will be amongst the elite 313 our beloved :Al-hujjat atf. ws
  22. Salam my dear grasshopper, How have you been ? I pray you and your family are all well inshallah. Yes I'm open for skype so you can all laugh at my strong aussie accent, you know my skype, if any other brothers or sisters want to hear my dinky di aussie steve irwin type accent please PM me. Our beloved :Rasool a.s. would be labeled as many things if he was here today, but we have his grandson and we are so blessed as the shia of this amazing family from the most beautiful and amazing last Prophet of :Allah swt. (May Allah bless him and his family) ws
  23. salam brother, Thanks for your post, this organisation is probably the most talked about group of elites amongst the conspiracy theorists. Let's look at their agendas: Bilderberg Objectives The Group’s grand design is for “a One World Government (World Company) with a single, global marketplace, policed by one world army, and financially regulated by one ‘World (Central) Bank’ using one global currency.” (Only 2 countries left to join the World Central Bank- Iran and North Korea) Their “wish list” includes: – “one international identify (observing) one set of universal values;” almost done – centralized control of world populations by “mind control;” in other words, controlling world public opinion; done – a New World Order with no middle class, only “rulers and servants (serfs),” and, of course, no democracy; not far off, only a few economic crashes to go – “a zero-growth society” without prosperity or progress, only greater wealth and power for the rulers; done – manufactured crises and perpetual wars; done – absolute control of education to program the public mind and train those chosen for various roles; done – “centralized control of all foreign and domestic policies;” one size fits all globally; almost done – using the UN as a de facto world government imposing a UN tax on “world citizens;” on it's way – expanding NAFTA and WTO globally; doing it now – making NATO a world military; doing it now – imposing a universal legal system; and done – a global “welfare state where obedient slaves will be rewarded and non-conformists targeted for extermination.” almost done http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-true-story-of-the-bilderberg-group-and-what-they-may-be-planning-now/13808
  24. When you don't register the marriage under the STATE, you are not under their jurisdiction and not effected by their marriage laws. There are also other factors from a legal point that might be required as a precaution; all the "wives" having the same address as the husband, each wife should have their own home and she should domicile that address as hers onlyusing the term "wife" should be avoided, use partner, soulmate, significant other 1/8 or companion is better the wives should not accept government benefits as this gives the government more reason to get your personal information and enter into contracts with legal obligations of discloser to all parties each wife should have her own bank account separate to yours with her own credit cards etc The kids from each wife are not effected as there are no laws on the limitations of fathering children ironically. Best set up in my opinion for those intending to have many wives/partners or more significant other 1/8 are the following; Set up a company in which each wife is an equal director and shareholder and you are the secretary they will all receive an equal wage take all debts into the company create private trusts structure for each wife , make the kids the beneficiaries and appoint a trusted lawyer to oversee it put all the assets into the trust take out insurances for each wife, this includes partner life, disability, income, trauma and loss of partner business insurance.take out a private superannuation scheme linked to the salary for each wife and pegged that with a portfolio higher then inflation when the incomes in the company exceed the maximum tax thresholds, take it offshore and divided the revenue equally and always be generous to the mother in laws by appointing them as CEOs.
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