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  1. My grandfather died while in salah in a Masjid in Karachi, Pakistan.
  2. blu115

    Salat Al Layl: Salat Al Witr

    thank you for the clarification. duas.
  3. Salam I want to know if this the correct way of doing things for Salat al Layl 8 rakats 2 rakats prayed, beginning with Niyyat of nawaytu an osaliyah salat al layl qurbatan il-Allah Then after those rakats prayed, do i get up and give the niyyat again and so on? Then for salat al shab i give the same niyyat except for shab replacing the other namaz? and finally, the same questions for salat al witr. Is the qunoot optional for salat al witr? eg, for salat al witr, can i skip the lengthy asking for forgiveness for 40 mumineen, doing tasbih, saying dua, etc?
  4. blu115

    Salat Al Layl: Salat Al Witr

    Salam Thanks for the clarification regarding niyyat. My other questions however, remain. Wasalam
  5. blu115

    The ♥ List

    physically attractive, not necessarily a maiden from heaven, nor magazine-cover-hot, but she has to look decent. thoughtful, decently read, and not crazy, physically fit.
  6. blu115

    Making Dua For Each Other

    Salam Please make dua for me that my laziness vanishes and that I am more punctual in Salah You may identify me as Hussain ibn Abbas in your duas. I humbly request your assistance, dear bros/sisters. Wasalam.
  7. blu115

    Slept On it...And Ended Up Buying...

    A PlayStation 4. It's nice to have, but ultimately a waste of time and money. It stops you from thinking. It makes you a dull and shallow minded fool especially when you play certain types of games. Unfortunately, I'll probably get right back to it. Oh yea, and plenty of clothes that I didn't think though. Wasted so much money by not taking the time to find my measurements/shoe sizes and clothes that suit me.
  8. blu115

    Hot Seat: A Chat With ShiaChat

    Thanks, I don't post often so I am a bit obscure. But I read a lot of posts from you.
  9. blu115

    Hot Seat: A Chat With ShiaChat

    I turn 20 in 6 days, I guess that's interesting.
  10. blu115

    Doubt and Batil Salah

    Thank you very much sister, this is very useful and informative. It used to be that I would break salah and redo very often due to doubt and forgetfulness. Duas
  11. blu115

    Doubt and Batil Salah

    Salam Sometimes, I experience doubt in salah due to lapses of concentration. It may be that I recite a surah absentmindedly and then have doubts regarding whether or not I recited it or not. For example, I am reciting surah fatiha, but then i hear myself in my head finishing surah iklhas. Then I am confused whether or not recited surah ikhlas and/or surah fatiha. In such a situation, do I have to restart salah? How much doubt does it take to render a salah batil?
  12. good, because eating in lower light settings will increase the amount of fat absorbed from the food.
  13. I have some information to share. It's fitness related but not push ups. Anyways, researchers have claimed recently that they have found a "best workout technique in the world" The instructions are basically this: Three times a week, 20 minutes per day, on a pedal or bicycle, pedal as fast as possible, for 8 seconds, and pedal normally for 12 seconds, and keep on doing this. I have thought about trying this with running. I'd give you the link, but I found it on the app FlipBoard, so it's lost somewhere in the mag. Sorry.
  14. Salam After the update, Safari has been unable to open to shiachat, it simply redirects me to a 404 error code page. I am using firefox at this moment. Running El-Capitan Beta, OSX. I'd be grateful for light on this issue. Thanks. ws
  15. blu115

    All About The 313!

    there are also secondary positions of 40,000 to be filled. So even if you aren't a 313, you can still earn great honor by serving under a 313 member. the 313 are the Imams (a.s.) administrators, governors, chief of staff, generals, essentially his (a.s.) senior officers.
  16. By being physically fit, you are helping yourself by preparing for Imam Mahdi a.s. I'm sorry if I sound corny, but here goes. Get those reps in..you never know when some anti-islamic thugs might try to get the beat on you, especially if you live in the city. The only kind of pain i enjoy feeling is the destruction and reparation of muscle fibers..it makes me feel good that I've done good for my body. There's no doubt many of us here would stop making mutah threads and teary-eyed posts complaining about loneliness and lack of confidence if we'd make it a point to hit the gym routinely. I promise to make some more so that I can see you all do well. Oh, and don't forget to eat leaves and fruits. It's been a year since i've dropped soda. I still eat rather poorly but my face isn't as pudgy anymore. My jawline is starting to get sharper too. Starting to feel the ladies eyeing me more often :)
  17. blu115

    let's talk about cheese

    There was a hadith posted in a similar topic. It essentially said that cheese is to be eaten with walnut, as it may cause imbecility. and vice versa. Cheese should always be eaten with walnut and walnut should always be eaten with cheese.
  18. blu115

    Getting Into Shape

    High Intensity Interval Training burpees are a type of exercise url
  19. blu115

    Getting Into Shape

    combat sports are a great work out. even just punching a bag is great. I recommend boxing. I'm already very sore after just three-1 minute rounds of light sparring with a friend. granted I'm still young, but the movement of boxing is noted to have been a more effective workout than running or HIIT. soccer is also fun when you're just messing around or if playing seriously. I'm not saying you should fight your kids, but yeah, boxing is fun. other suggestions: crossfit walking
  20. blu115

    If You Could Go Back In Time

    sparing the life of abu sufyan, or perhaps stopping ibn muljim. curse on both
  21. blu115

    Salam. Welcome Your Somali Shi'a Brother

    congratulations, and welcome. :)
  22. you shouldn't be rude especially if the person asking the question wasn't rude to begin with.
  23. good thing i started boxing lessons yesterday
  24. blu115

    Muslims Condemn Paris Terror Attack

    you are extraordinarily...wrong
  25. blu115

    Experiences In The Wild

    Nope, he's literally cut open a camel corpse, and slept inside of it.