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  1. salam,

    i think this topic is unnecessary, and should probably be deleted, theres nothing to gain from it. but i must correct some of the things that were said.

    i follow sayyid fadlallah, and i dont agree with your comments about sayyid sistani staying in a class room and praying all day. and i know for a fact sayyid fadlallah wouldnt like that either. just because it seems that way, it does not mean its true. sayyid fadlallah encourages unity with sunnis, but he also encourages unity with shias, since we are not unified the best we can be.

    and of course the sister you were talking to was wrong, sayyid fadlallah is one of the more known and followed maraja3 out many that we have. ive seen followers from lebanon, iraq, the arab gulf, pakistan, and iran.

  2. (salam)

    Arrite, even if you're right (you're most certainly not), who all of the PROMINENT MARAJE have given Fadlallah approval? Yaqoobi, Montazeri, Janaati, Historshidi (whoever he is) are all mujtahids, not Maraje. And these names in the list are not even "prominent". If by prominent you mean 'well-known' or 'qualified', then the credentials of some of the names mentioned in the list are themselves controversial.

    They may not be among the top mujtahids in your opinion, but that does not mean everybody agrees with you, but for sure they are marjas,

    Ayatollah Yaqoobi is a marja, if you can read any arabic, read here where it says 'al marja3 al deeni sama7ad al sheikh mohammad yaqoobi'


    Ayatollah Jannaati's website says Ayatollah al Uzma, meaning Grand Ayatollah = marja.


    Ayatollah Montazeris site says the same


    Just because you dont know them (you said 'whoever he is'), it does not mean they don't exist, or they are not knowledgable. There are marjas that I did not hear of before, but people say they are more knowledgable than the most popular ones. There are different opinions and theres nothing wrong with that.

    Why is it that Sayed Fadullah refused to discuss his stance on certain issues with Ayatollah Tabrizi and Ayatollah Waheed Khorasani when they asked him for a discussion?

    Sorry brother, but I've heard the opposite. I was told that Ayatollah Fadlallah invited Sheikh Tabrizi to discuss it, and he did not accept for whatever reason - I dont know, maybe it was health issues.

    But anyways, I dont think either of us know the details to what happened there, so its best we dont talk about it so we dont make any unfair judgements.

    But Sayyid Fadlallah says this issue is like thin air to him, he has other priorities, Islam has other issues to worry about. It's an old topic, so lets move on.

    Today 91 people were killed in Baghdad, we need to stop putting holes in this ship that Rasool Allah (s) described the Ummah as and start worrying about those takfiris and other enemies of Islam.

    If you don't want to believe he is a marja then don't follow him, but understand and respect the fact that other opinions do exist. He is a marja for many people whether you accept it or not. I've never heard that Lankarani said anything, but you throw the names of Tabrizi and Khorossani at us as if it is wajib on us to listen to them. Maybe you have a high respect for their opinions, but not everybody will give the same level of weight to what they say as you do. I have no problem discussing these things, but with some people there just comes a point where you have to agree to disagree and move on for the sake of Islam.

    Allah humma y3ajjil dhohoor Imam al zaman

  3. the purpose of posting that here was we are discussing his views and to show that the fatwa is not in line with islamic thinking.

    pornography cannot be classified as medicine. throughout the 1400 + years of islamic history how many shia ulama or how many ahadith do we have that support watching 3rd parties fornicating in public to cure frigidity? it didnt need any scientific discoveries, its not medicine. there is no need for a fatwa to fuel a haraam industry.

    imagine the negative implications this would have on a marriage! how would a person feel if their spouse started to watch things and then actually became less attracted to the spouse? how on earth is pornography supposed to cure frigidity?

    I understand the strong disagreement with the fatwa, but even Sayyid Fadlallah doesn't recommend it, if you read all of his explanation you'd see what he says. He even mentions some of the things that you are saying (losing interest) to show its negative effects. But you should also know that if there is frigity, its probably because the spouse is no longer feeling attracted. I personally don't know why the ruling was made, but i'm sure he has his reasons and if you were really interested in knowing and not just criticizing you would try to find out. In the end, nobody asked you to agree with it.

  4. (salam)

    I did present proofs, whether you accept them or not is not up to me.

    First of all who told you there are only 2 with him? And how do you know the opinion of every single mujtahid? Many of the mujtahids opinions people give against him are infact not against him, like I said earlier they are indirect questions that do not even mention his name, or they are misleading questions.

    Second of all this method of choosing the aalam with 2 opinions for the aalim and 2 against him is not even used by people who claim to follow it. Not to mention that this is an opinion of how to choose, and is not mentioned in the hadiths. We see many people following different marjas, I am more than sure that 2 people believe that Sistani is not aalam, and that it is another like Tabrizi (or was in this case), Khamenai, or anyone else. Likewise I am sure that there were mujtahids who would disagree that Khamenai or whoever else the aalam, and that it was infact Sayid Sistani who was/is the aalam. And I can go on and on, each person will make the same case for his own marja, otherwise they wouldnt be following them. There are contradictions everywhere, and I have never seen a list of who is aalam from each mujtahid. On top of that each mujtahid does not have sufficient information about every other mujtahid to be able to judge who is aalam in a fair way, their opions are just opinions from what they have seen. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that going to mujtahids for advice is wrong, but it is not the only way. Anyways, this is another topic that its probably best not to get into.


    The method of rejecting hadith is through placing it in the light of Quran. All shias agree on this. Sure you can discuss weakness etc, but when we have a hadith which does not contradict quran and an opinion, which should we take? Furthermore I have read through many rulings of Seyyid Fadhlallah where he places the majority of the emphasis on science and ignores the Islamic perspective. Simple examples of this are:

    a) Female Masturbation

    B) Moon Sighting

    For example with a) he overlooks many narrations which lay people like myself have come across and says because there is "no sperm" that it is mubah. More worryingly he uses a christian arabic dictionary to give the meaning of "menee".

    As for B) he ignores the agreed upon hadith of the visual sighting (or you may claim uses "his interpretation").

    The most worrying this I have come across is when I see him saying that there is only 1 hadith which narrates such and such and that it is weak. I look to see if it is true and discover there to be at least 20 narrations on the subject! I have read this with my own eyes a couple of years ago.

    As for Qiyas, he often asks for the judgement from scientists and bases his rulings on that. As far as I can see that is qiyas.

    (salam) Hassoon,

    Sayyid Fadlallah always uses the Qur'an in rejecting something. If a hadith is weak, it does not mean you reject it unless it disagrees with the quran, or contradicts other strong hadiths. Just because the Sayyid has different opinions on some things, it does not mean he doesnt follow the correct way of determining things. Has it ever occured to you that maybe he just looks at some things differently? Many other mujtahids themselves disagree on issues even though they study it the same way, but sometimes the way one understands something may be different. Shaheed Muttahari has mentioned that the family of Imam Hussain a.s. did not go back to Karbala on their way back to Madina for arba3een:

    Another example relates to the day of 'Arba'in. At the time of 'Arba'in everyone relates the narrative that leads the people to imagine that the captives of the Imam's family arrived at Karbala' on the day of 'Arba'in, and that Imam Zayn al-'Abidin met Jabir (ibn 'Abd Allah al-Ansari) there. However, excepting the Luhuf, whose author is Sayyid ibn Tawus and who has denied it in his other books, or at least has not confirmed it, such an episode is not mentioned in any other book, nor does it seem very reasonable to believe it. But is it possible to expunge these stories, which are repeated every year, from the people's minds? Jabir was the first visitor to Imam Husayn grave, and the significance of 'Arba'in is also nothing except that it is the occasion for the ziyarah of Imam Husayn's tomb. It is not for the renewal of mourning for the Ahl al-Bayt, nor on account of their arrival in Karbala'. Basically, the road to Madinah from Syria is not through Karbala' and the two ways diverge from Syria itself.

    First Sermon, http://al-islam.org/al-tawhid/ashura/

    Another difference in opinion is playing chess. Why do Ayatollah Khomeini r.a. and Ayatollah Khamenai allow the playing of chess, while many other mujtahids do not allow it. I don't think those who rule that chess is haram do it on the basis of obligatory precaution either, please correct me if i am wrong, but I have read a ruling by Sayyid Sistani saying that playing chess against the computer is not allowed because of obligatory precaution, so i'm pretty sure he says the rest is outright haram in his opinion. There are many other differences as well. It's a difference of opinion like I said. If we all had the same opinions then there would be no need for ijtihad.

    Sayyid Fadlallah usually uses science to further explain his opinions, but he does not use science over the Qur'an and hadiths, infact the proven sciences would not contradict hadiths anyways. For example we often use scientific examples to show people how amazing the Qur'an is. But in no way does Sayyid Fadlallah put anything over the Quran or strong hadiths.

    The examples you gave only prove the point of what i just said. With female masturbation, if you look on his website, he gives the hadith that many scholars say forbids it, and then he gives his perspective on the hadith, he only uses a scientific explanation to further strengthen his point. I've never heard of the christian dictionary definition you speak of, I always thought sperm is sperm lol, but I'm sure if you send a respectful question to their office about that, they would answer you as to whether its true or not.

    The same goes for moon sighting. If you listen to Sayyid Fadlallahs lectures, or read his website on this issue, you will see him mention the hadith that you speak of. He does not deny it in anyway. He uses Sayyid Khoeis r.a. method in sighting the moon (sharing the same night), but as you know accepts the form of calculations alongside of this. Now go ask Sayyid Sistani what he thinks about using calculations. He will say that if one is on yaqeen (certainty) that these calculations are right, then he can use them. So Sayyid Fadlallah uses the calculations that tell us where the moon is certainly visible, and if it is visible in a certain area, then the areas which share the same night will have eid the next day. Furthermore, if we know the moon is there, but we dont bother to make sure just because we didn't see it when we stepped outside, then we end up fasting on eid, that is not right. Anyways, if you are not convinced by this then that is your opinion.

    I think you've made a mistake on seeing 20 hadiths, or you misunderstood him. Sometimes there are many hadiths on the same subject, but maybe 1 only has a certain description or certain detail. I really don't think he would miss something that big. Misunderstandings happen often, even with other marjas, but since there is not as much negative focus on the other marjas, they wont be exploited when something they say is misunderstood.

    If you want to keep insisting that he uses qiyaas then go ahead, but Allah is our witness.

    Once again i'll mention how little we should care about all of this. If you do not believe Sayyid Fadlallah is one of the most knowledgable then do not follow him, its as simple as that. But there are people who believe otherwise, so respect their views and his for the sake of Islam. There is no problem with having healthy discussions about his opinions, but we should be careful what we say since many untrue things have been spread.

    The method which people use to attack his beliefs is the same method that wahabis use to attack shias. They take a belief of ours and spin it into their own definition, no matter how much we explain to them that what they say is not what we believe, they just keep on insisting that it is our belief. So please keep this in mind when hearing certain things. Of course some people will insist on continuing to say the things they say, just like the wahabis do. I don't know why we can't just leave things to Allah, all we're doing is complicating the Islamic situation and fogging up our view in seeing the issues that we should be focused on.

    Again, I ask for this topic to be closed because nothing new is being brought to the discussion. I will keep answering misconceptions as long as it is open, but I think its better this topic be closed and we can let the people do their own research through PM'ing or asking the sayyids office.

  5. (salam)

    Sister spizo, Im not going to answer your post because I already have a number of times, so I'm not going to sit and go in circles, life goes on.


    I see everybody discussing fiqh issues here as if they have some authority. I don't think any of us have the right to criticise fatwas individually with regards to Seyyid Fadhlallah.

    I used to do taqleed of Seyyid Fadhlallah and have met him on one occasion. He is a lovely man. However the issue I have with him is the way he uses opinion over hadith. Seyyid Khoei (ra) was one of the greatest meraj' to ever exist and he would always put a weak hadith against his own opinion. On the other hand Seyyid Fadhlallah ignores hadiths and uses qiyas. Just have a read through his books and see how he uses qiyas (often with science) and ignores quran and hadith.

    The problem we have with Seyyid Fadhlallah is not him as an individual, he is a great guy. The fundamental problem is the method by which he derives laws and now the laws themselves.


    (salam) brother Hassan,

    Sayyid Fadlallah mentions the weakness of certain hadiths in his opinion, and then he also gives a logical reason to why the hadith may be weak. He does not simply disagree with something and give his opinion, he uses the science of hadith, although he may have different opinions on certain narrators, and this could be the cause for some differences, however there are many hadiths which he mentions as weak and everybody else agrees they are also weak, yet the other scholars have their own respected reasons for continuing to believe in certain things.

    As for qiyaas, please look at post 93 where I posted an email I recieved from the Sayyids office. If you can't read the arabic, it says that the Sayyid does not use any qiyaas in his fatwas, and qiyaas is not allowed in our madhhab.

    Salam Alaikum

    That is also my finding. I don't have any animosity with him, I don't know him personally, but by other people's witness, I believe he is a good person. In the face of criticism from sincere people, his followers tend to believe that it is just a personal or political grudge against him, which is of course nonsense.

    I have the same issue which you have with his type of ijtihad. I posted before a serious and obvious inconsistency to which I have received no satisfactory reply from his followers nor from his office. People are not appreciating the responsibility of a marja and and seriousness of this error by Sayyed Fadhlullah.What I deduce from such instances is that he takes his pre-conceived ideology first and foremost, such as friendship with Ahlus-Sunnah, before any objective and constructive analysis of our sources of ahadeeth.


    (salam) brother Abbas,

    No disrespect intended, but what you are saying is simply your own opinion on him. Sayyid Fadlallah gives proof for everything he says. I dont see what his attempts at unity have to do with this. He makes the same attempts at unity with ahlul sunna that Imam Khomeini r.a. made. And these things have no effect on his rulings. I may have posted this on this thread, but I once sent him a question about praying behind Sunnis. I had already known that according to him, if I pray behind a sunni, I must pray it as my own prayer by saying all the words myself, and having the intention of an individual prayer, but I wondered about maghrib and Isha prayers. Since we have to say those prayers in a audible voice, I asked if it was ok to say them in a inaudible voice while praying behind a sunni. He said that I must say it in an audible voice. This is one example that he does not put unity with sunnis over the rules of the religion and its beliefs. I have also heard in many speeches and read many times where he speaks strongly against Umars actions, if he had wanted to please sunnis, he would have stayed away from this topic which he did not have to talk about.

    And most importantly, he often speaks about those who denied Imam Ali's a.s. right.

    One time I was looking through the website which is known for criticizing Sayyid Fadlallah, and I came across the accusation that I had heard many times on this forum, but I had thought that people made it up, because it seemed too unlikely to be a real problem among scholars. I have often seen people accuse the Sayyid of saying that Imamah is not a major part of the religion, one of those people has posted in this thread about it on other forums as well as on this forum.

    But i was very surprised to see that a scholar would actually make a similar accusation when he used a quote from Sayyid Fadlallahs book to complete the thoughts of the sentence himself and say that Sayyid Fadlallah believes that the Wilayah came after the religion was completed. So I quoted the part of the book this scholar used and sent a question to the Sayyids office about it. And it clearly states the Sayyids believes that the Wilayah was the completion of the religion. However this is not my point, my point is that baseless accusations have been made and this is how the situation got bigger than it really was.

    Brother Abbas you have mentioned that it is nonsense to believe there is an agenda against him, but when I see such baseless accusations being made by websites promoted by scholars, and not to mention accusations made by scholars themselves, I really begin to wonder why such comments are made. When I say this, I do not point fingers at anybody personally, but it just really makes me wonder why such ridiculous things are said.

    If you strongly disagree with Sayyid Fadlallahs opinions, that is fine, you have the right to disagree, but please do realize that there are SHIAS who follow him as a marja. So even if he is not your marja, or you do not believe he is qualified to be a marja for you, then at least keep in mind that he is a marja for other people. I have given my proofs that there are mujtahids who agree that he is a mujtahid, if you agree with another opinion about him, then go right ahead, but let us keep in mind that different opinions do exist, and let us keep the Islamic situation in our minds first and foremost.

    This topic really seems to be lost- as most of them end up-, I suggest that if it looks like it is of more harm than good, it should be closed, we've pretty much gone over everything anyways, and its best that we worry about the bigger things which face Islam everyday.

  6. (salam)

    You said:

    Anyone sincerely researching Islam would come to know the truth eventually. Most people who follow him are either his followers because he does good work in Lebanon or because of their nationality being Lebanese or because of his "feel-good" fatawa (which he doesn't have the credentials to conjure up in the first place).

    If you are going to sit and tell me that you did not pass a judgement on most people who follow him, then I don't know what to say. The above quote was clearly a judgement. I did not pass a judgement on you, I only told you what you did, and then I gave you Imam Sadiqs a.s. advice against what you did.

    You said an untrue thing by accusing most of his followers of something untrue in the quote above. And even worse, after I told you that you can not see into these peoples hearts, your only response was:

    As for the reasons given for people following him, can you tell me whether I'm wrong or not?

    Can you tell me whether you are right or not? I know you can't, because I know you do not have a survey of thousands of people. So since you can't prove whether you are right, why did you make the accusation?

    Good. At least you admitted, not because he has the qualifications.

    Knowledge is the qualification.

    I have already given proof for his marja3iyah from others testifying to his knowledge and level of ijtihad.

    There is a whole lot of difference between the quote from Sistani.org and what I posted from Bayynat. In the latter case, Sayyed Fadlallah decided to take the role of issuing fatawa upon himself without any endorsement from any teacher of his. This was when he was acting as a link between the people and the Islamic world - which Bayynat says, all he used to do was, when asked by the people, give them the fatawa of various Maraje', not issue his own. While, in the former case, it is clearly stating the Sayyed Khu'i was endorsing Sayyed Sistani as his successor. Can you show me the same thing from Bayynat?

    Sayyid Sistani was in Najaf, a city where there is usually one top scholar, like Sayyid Khoei r.a. was, this is why he was endorsed in this way. This does not mean that he would not have become a marja if he was not endorsed to be the next leader, it simply means that he was endorsed to be the top person to keep the marja3iyah alive. Reread the quote and you will see it.

    The part you quoted from bayynat only tells us at what point that Sayyid Fadlallah decided to become a marja. I really don't know why you're reading so much into it.

    If you want more info ask him.

    This discussion is starting to get repetitive and unproductive. Even though you dont want an apology I am sorry if you feel insulted by me, insulting you is furthest from my intentions, but you should realize that what you said was a clear judgement, if you did not mean it in that way that it appeared then you should at least reword what you said. But I think that if I told you "most people who follow Sayyid Sistani only do so blindly because most others do, and they dont even care if he's the most knowledgable or not" - you would call that a judgement that is untrue, and it definetly is untrue.

  7. (salam)

    There are not even 34 confirmed, like I said a lot of those emails are misleading questions, or questions that have nothing to do with Sayyid Fadlallah at all.

    If you do not believe he is a marja, then that is fine, do not follow him. But there are mujtahids who approve of his ijtihad, and people have their own minds to think. Even if 34 were against him, I dont think us shias like it when Sunnis use their numbers as proof against Shia Islam, or when Christians do the same with Islam. Shia Islam does not run on ijma3 (majority) , this is a Sunni way of doing things, and it is one of the big differences between the way the Shias and Sunnis determine things, and it is also why we have the system of ijtihad.

  8. (salam)

    That message was for everyone, including me. If Fadlallah believes in the truth, then I might as well believe in it. If others believe in truth, then I would follow it. If anyone researches Islam sincerely, they would come to the truth eventually not on the basis of what scholars say or our opinions, but on the basis of Qur'an and Ahadith.

    As for the reasons given for people following him, can you tell me whether I'm wrong or not?

    You are defending him not because you want to defend the issues but because you want to defend the personality.

    Did he have the ijaza to issue fatawa? There's no mention about it. He started issuing fatawa only when (from his website):

    "Giving judgement is not permissible for someone who has not been endowed by Allah with the qualities of inner purity, sincerity in both his hidden and visible actions, and a proof from his Lord in every state. This is because whoever has judged has decreed, and decree is only valid by the permission of Allah and by His proof. Whoever is liberal in his judgement, without having made a proper examination, is ignorant and will be taken to task for his ignorance and will be burdened with his judgement as the tradition indicates. Knowledge is a light, which Allah casts into the heart of whomsoever He wills."

    --Imam Jafar as Sadiq (as)

    Lantern of the Path

    Section 6: Giving Judgement

    I don't understand why you keep assuming when I have reminded you about the consequences of saying untrue things. I'll say this again, you can't see into other peoples hearts, so stop making judgements. Many people follow Sayyid Fadlallah because of his knowledge. Of course there are people who follow him for the wrong reasons, but the same thing happens with the followers of every other marja, this does not make the majority of their followers insincere people. Many people only follow Ayatollah Sistani because everybody else does, does this mean that everybody who follows him is insincere? No of course not. Many people follow Ayatollah Khamenai for political reasons or because of all the excitement around the political things, but once again this does not make all his followers insincere people who do not believe that he is knowledgable.

    Many people in Iraq as well as the gulf countries follow Sayyid Fadlallah. Do you really want to take the responsibility of having judged every one of their decisions without knowing if what you say is true or not? Allah is our witness.

    I have already posted fatwas from Mujtahids who approve of the Sayyids ijtihad, and those are not the only ones. If you want to follow the opinion of some other people, go right ahead, but I have given my proof.

    There is nothing wrong with what you quoted from bayynat, stop trying to demonize everything. The people at bayynat are only trying to explain to you what the situation was and why he decided to take this role.

    Let me show you a similar quote from Sistani.org:

    Some masters in Najaf Ashraf relate that, after the demise of Ayatullah Sayyid Nasrullah Mustanbit, many scholars had suggested on Ayatullah Khou'i that he should prepare the appropriate base by choosing a personality from the hawzah (of Najaf) so that the religious authority may remain alive and effective. His choice became correct and the choiced was Sayyid Sistani for his knowledge, good manner, stable policy, and many other virtues.

    Ayatollah Sistani then began to perform the prayers at the niche of Ayatollah Khou'i, and started studying in his school.

    Lastly, you mentioned that you did not make any personal attacks, but what you assumed about myself and many many many other muslims was indeed a personal attack. You have unjustly judged us, but as the Sayyid himself says, the personal attack is not important, it is this attack on Islam which harms us all the most. People forget that these assumptions and false judgements are also attacks on members of the Muslim Ummah who Allah asked us to respect and to be kind towards, and to speak kindly to, and to smile at. So in essence when you unjustly attack a Muslim, you have transgressed what Allah has asked you to do. I don't think an apology is wanted, but I do suggest you turn in repentance to your Lord.

    does anyone have comments to make about this fatwa?


    I don't mean to say this in a negative way, but what was the purpose of posting this here? Since you posted it here, I have no choice but to answer it.

    I am not accusing anybody, but this is a ruling many people use in order to exploit the differences. People simply look at one part of the fatwa and ignore the rest, and go on to assume that the Sayyid allows the viewing of pornographic films in general. I have a lecture where the Sayyid expresses deep disappointment when somebody asks him a question in which they complain about young men who watch pornographic films in the internet cafes of lebanon.


    The ruling for FRIGID husbands:

    Q: Is it permissible for a frigid wife or husband to watch pornographic scenes?

    ... if a husband or a wife, or both suffer frigidity in the absence of any means of treatment, whether natural- through mutual excitation -or through medication, and if the only treatment is watching pornographic scenes, then this will be permissible, only because this is the only means, keeping in mind that this should be done apart from any excess, just like taking the proper dosage of the medicine prescribed, provided that this passive situation may threaten their matrimonial life.

    He also mentions that he does not recommend this, and clearly mentions that it is a LAST RESORT after every other means of treating the problem is not available, so this is probably a very rare case, and if the person abuses the rule then it is his own fault for not being aware of the correct ruling like he should. Some mujtahids have allowed transexual surgury, it doesnt mean they promote it, its for special cases.

    If you keep reading the link that you posted you will find other questions on pornography:

    Q: Is it permissible to watch sexual or pornographic pictures on the internet? 6/10/2006 9:27:55 AM

    A: It is impermissible to watch pornographic pictures because they lead to corruption, deviation and loss of the moral immunity.

    Publish Date: 10/10/2006 12:16:35 PM

    Q: Is permissible to watch films that include pornographic scenes? 5/26/2006 11:22:50 AM

    A: It is impermissible to watch pornographic films and scenes because they may cause corruption and deviation and may also make the pious person or the believer lose his moral immunity.

    Q: Is it permissible for a married man to look at some pictures of naked women to arouse his instincts only before having a sexual intercourse with his wife? 4/18/2006 1:14:19 PM

    A: It is not permissible for a man to look at those pictures, unless, it is the only treatment for frigidity.

    Q: Is it permissible to watch T.V programs, knowing that the actresses of these programs are unveiled? 2/21/2006 9:32:27 AM

    A: It is permissible to watch them if they do not arouse the instincts.

    If you don't mind, this is a public website, and I think its best that certain topics are best discussed in other ways. Im pretty sure you don't follow the Sayyid, so I don't think you need to worry about this ruling anyways. If you still want more information, then I suggest you contact him or his representatives.

    Wasalamu Alaykom.

  9. Anyone sincerely researching Islam would come to know the truth eventually. Most people who follow him are either his followers because he does good work in Lebanon or because of their nationality being Lebanese or because of his "feel-good" fatawa (which he doesn't have the credentials to conjure up in the first place).

    So now you're judging people? Can you see their hearts to do this?

    Marja'iyyat? Lol, is this a joke? Fadlallah hasn't even completed his educated from the hawza and he started giving out fatawa only because he considered himself a link between the people and Islamic world as he states in his biography.

    from his website:

    His first teacher was his father Sayyid Abdulraouf Fadlullah.

    He completed with him the course called Sutouh in which the student reads the book and listens to his teacher’s explanation. He also studied the Arabic language, logic and Jurisprudence, and did not need another teacher until he studied the second part of the course known as Kifayat at Usul which he studied with an Iranian teacher called Sheikh mujtaba Al-Linkarani. He attended the so-called Bahth Al-Kharij in which the teacher does not restrict himself to a certain book but gives more or less free lectures.


    The Sayyid attended the Bahth Al-Kharig of some of the greatest scholars and religious authorities of that time including:

    Sayyid Abulkassim Al Khoui: He was born in 1306h? He emigrated to Najaf in 1318 and there he studied with some of its greatest and most prominent scholars including Sheikh Shari`a Asfahani, Editor and researcher Dia’ Al-Iraqi. Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Al-Asfahani Al-Kimbani, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Na`ini, Sheikh Mahammad Jawad Al-Badkoub who was considered to be the greatest leader of the academic moment in Najaf for a long time, and was a religious authority (Marga) until he died, May Allah have mercy on him.

    Sayyid Muh`sin AL-Hakim: Born in Al-Najaf in 1306H/. And attended the courses of scholars such as Sheikh Khurassani the author of Kifayah, and Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Anna`ini. He is considered one of the most prominent Marga. For he condemned Marxism that was invading the Muslim community at that time and considered it in his bold and famous judgment as” unbelief and atheism”.

    Sayyid Mahmoud Shah`roudi: Born in one of the villages of Shah`roud in 1301H/. He went to Najaf and attended the courses of Sheikh Muhammad Qazim Al-Kharassani until the latter died. Then he attended the courses of Diaz Al-Iraqi and Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Na`ini. He then became one of the few Marga that were recognized all over the Islamic world.

    Sheikh Hussein Hilli: He was first taught by his father who was one of most prominent teachers of his time. He then studied under several teachers the last of which was Mirza Hussein Al-Na`ini with whom he spent several years, and became known for his wide knowledge, research skills, good morals, honesty and humbleness. He died in 1349H/.

    Mullah Sadra Al-Qafkazy who was known as Sheikh Sadra Al-Badkoubi.


    After 21 years of studying under the prominent teachers of the Najaf religious university he concluded his studies in 1385 H and returned to Lebanon.

  10. (salam)

    Sister karbalah,

    please read the attatchments you posted. One of them is the same thing that I posted from Shaheed Sadiq al Sadr. In fact it says that Sayyid Fadlallahs books point to his ijtihad.

    You also said that he says you can't pray behind him, but it does not say that anywhere. In fact it just gives the general rules for praying behind someone, 3aadil, etc.

    And for the email from Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, it also does not say anything against Ayatollah Fadlallah. All it does is ask what his opinion is on the riwayat about the issues about harming Sayyida Fatima a.s. and he says that they are well known among the shia and then says salawat on them and curses their enemies... thats it.

    There is a difference between disagreeing with a mujtahid and saying that someone is not a mujtahid. Ayatollah Makarem simply gives his view to the issue, but says nothing about Ayatollah Fadlallah.


    I forgot if it was posted in this thread or in another... but someone made the accusation that Sayyid Fadlallah allows Qiyaas, so I'm going to attatch a fatwa from the Sayyids office about qiyaas.

    Some people are making comments here that the Sayyid is leading people out of Shia Islam. None of the differences contradict the Usool al Deen or even Furoo3 al Deen. In fact the things that he differs on are issues which many shias don't even know about themselves, or they dont practice them. The core aqeedah beliefs are the usool al deen, everything else is based on ones own research. Sayyid Fadlallahs followers do not have to agree with his beliefs, as we know taqleed in aqeedah is haram.

    The truth will always prevail, so why are we afraid of hearing different opinions? Opinions which are not even the core parts of our madhhab.

    The Sayyid also gives proofs for his beliefs, whether you agree with him or not is a different story.

    Is it haram to call the issue of hitting Sayida Fatima a.s. a historical issue? Is that not what it is? Ashura is a historical issue as well, that does not lessen its importance. Fadak, where the transgressors wronged Sayida Fatima a.s. is also a historical issue. Its not aqeedah, and its not fiqh, so its historical.

    Loving Ahlul Bayt a.s. is aqeedah. Some people try to claim that the Sayid questioning (not denying) this event is an act of hate against Ahlul Bayt a.s., this is furthest from the truth and nothing but emotional thoughtless talk. Listen or read his lectures (english ones are available on his site for reading) before you comment on how he feels about Ahlul Bayt a.s.

    Another accusation that somebody has made in this thread is that the Sayyid has only done half the research. Astaghfirallah, once again we see baseless accusations without proof. People should try to speak to the source itself before they possibly slander somebody. And this is what i meant when i said its a matter of the hereafter, we should be careful about what we say about others.

    It is also being said that the Sayyid questions the issue simply because he believes it is improbbable. This must make him a horrible scholar because now he's just denying things out of the blue right? Well the thing is, this accusation --- surprise surprise--- is also not true.

    First of all, Sayyid Fadlallah, may Allah protect him, believes that the riwayahs are dha3eef, or weak. If you want information on why, then I suggest you go to him.

    Secondly, there are other versions of what happened after Umar made the threat to burn the house, shias that believe Sitna Fatima a.s. was hit even do not agree on the details of what happened, and I believe that there are hadiths which mention that she a.s. was not hit. By the way, nobody disagrees that Umar made the threat to burn the house, this is what Sayyid Fadlallah believes is thaabit, or firm.

    Thirdly, when the Sayyid mentions that the Muslims had love for Sitna Fatima a.s., he is right. When Umar said to burn the house, another man said "but Fatima a.s. is in there". Notice he did not say "but Ali a.s. is inside" or "but Ali a.s. and Fatima a.s. are inside", he mentioned Fatima a.s. This should be taken into account along with the study of the hadiths and their authenticity, and the different versions. And of course after Umar heard this, he said "Even if" or "So what", and this itself is a big insult and disrespect to Sitna Fatima a.s., her Father (s), Ahlul Bayt a.s., and most of all, Allah s.w.t.

    People should know that Sayyid Fadlallah is not the only scholar who questions these things. Shaheed Mohammad Baqir al Sadr expresses the same doubts, yet we see nobody attacking him and throwing him out of shia islam, slandering him, and making up things that he says.

    If you do not believe me go buy yourself a copy of Fadak fil Tareekh (Fadak in History) by Shaheed Sadr. In the english version, on page 26, Shaheed al Sadr says:

    "Omar, who attacked you (principles) in your house in Mecca,, which the Prophet had made as a centre for his mission, attacked the family of Muhammad in their house (in Medina) and set fire to it or was about to do so"

    So please, lets see you criticize Shaheed Sadr in front of the Ummah like you criticize Sayyid Fadlallah.

    Sayyid Fadlallah also mentions in a speech that Shaheed Sadr had the same view, and this book confirms it. Sayyid Fadlallah and Shaheed Sadr knew each other very well, they used to write a magazine together in Najaf.

    Shaheed Sadr is known to have sad " All those who left Najaf lost something on leaving except Sayyid Muhammad Hussein Fadullah and in his case, it was the Najaf University that lost."

    As for Sayyid Amili's book, there is a book which answers things that he said by Sheikh Jafar al Shakhoori al Bahraani. Its called marja3iyat al mar7ala wa ghibaar al taghyeer. Unfortunately it is in arabic.

    I will try to reply about what was said about Sheikh Mufeed, but it is difficult to abtain this information at times. But people should know that just because you heard a little bit of an explanation, does not mean you've heard it all, and the same goes for myself of course.

    I want to once again remind everybody the danger of this situation. This situation is not specifically about Sayyid Fadlallah himself, but it is about Islam. We must protect this religion and not attack each other to wound ourselves and let our enemies attack us, and we must refrain from saying untrue things about each other, especially about the most learned people among us.

    Wa Alaykom Assalam.


  11. (salam)

    Im sorry sister karbalah if it seemed like I was attacking you, but this is a very sensitive subject which I feel has bee exploited and made bigger than it is. Please dont take anything I say as a direct attack on you.

    Most of the emails that were sent to those mujtahids did not even mention Sayyid Fadlallah by name. The questions lead the reader.

    You called Sayid Sistanis office, not Sayid Sistani himself, there is a difference. And Sayid Sistanis offices have not been consistant in what they say. If Sayid Sistani has stayed quiet because of fitna as you say, then why has information leaked out to this office you speak of? That is not staying quiet!!! Its possible that the people gave you their own opinion or something they heard which was not true. Regardless of the Sayids respected opinion, there are other opinions, and althogh his knowledge is great, it is not agreed that he is the most knowledgable by everybody... otherwise every shia would be following him, and i say that with the utmost respect towards him.

    I have attatched some emails from Shaheed Mohammad Sadiq al Sadr, and from Ayatollah Montazeri. Since people have persisted in advertising the names of mujtahids with mostly indirect questions, I will post these which are direct.

    Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi and Ayatollah Fayyaadh as well as Ayatollah Yaqoobi are also not against Sayid Fadlallah.

    I will do my best to get more Inshallah.

    Shaheed Mohammad Sadiq Sadrs email says that his books show his ijtihaad.

    Here is a clearer version of Ayatollah Montazeris reply from the attatchment:

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã¡ ÓãÇÍÉ ÂíÉ Çááå ÇáÍÇÌ ÇáÓíÏ ãÍãÏ ÍÓíä ÝÖá Çááå ÏÇãÊ ÈÑßÇÊå Ýí ÈíÑæÊ ÚÇáã ãÌÊåÏ íÎÏã ÇáÅÓáÇã æíäÊÝÚ ÈÚáãå æÈßÊÈå.

    2 ÑÈíÚ ÇáÇæá 1324 (åÌÑí ÔãÓí)

    ÍÓíä Úáí ãäÊÙÑí.

    I dont want to translate it wrong, but I have highlighted the part where he calls him a 3aalim and a mujtahid. He also speaks about he serves Islam and about his books.

    This is also a site arabic readers might want to see:







  12. (salam) wazz,

    If you really want to know you should send the question to www.bayynat.org ,this is the best way. These forums have been a source of lies.

    lets look at an example, ive been reading this lie about Sayid Fadlallah not believing that the wilayah is part of the religion, or not an important part, lets read here what he says in his quran tafsir "min wahi al qur'an" :

    ÅßãÇá ÇáÏíä.. ÈæáÇíÉ Úáíø (Ú)

    {Çáúíóæúãó ÃóßúãóáúÊõ áóßõãú Ïöíäóßõãú æóÃóÊúãóãúÊõ Úóáóíúßõãú äöÚúãóÊöí æóÑóÖöíÊõ áóßõãõ ÇáÅöÓúáÇóãó ÏöíäÇð} åÐÇ ÇáÏíä ÇáøóÐí ÊßÇãá ãä ÎáÇá äÒæáå ãäÌøãÇð Úáì ÇáäÈí(Õ) ÍÇãáÇð ãÚ ßá ÂíÉ ãä ÂíÇÊå ÇáãÝÇåíã ÇáÚÇãÉ ááßæä æÇáÅäÓÇä æÇáÍíÇÉ. æßÇä ÇáÊÔÑíÚ íÎØæ ÎØæÇÊå ÇáËÇÈÊÉ ÑÇÕÏÇð ÇáæÇÞÚ æãÑÇÞÈÇð ÍÇÌÇÊå áíÃÊí Ýí ÍÌã ÇáãÔßáÉ¡ æßÇä Çááå ÑÝíÞÇð ÈÚÈÇÏå¡ Ýáã íäÒá Úáíåã ÇáÞÑÂä ÌãáÉ æÇÍÏÉ¡ æáã íÈÚË ÇáÃÍßÇã áåã ÏÝÚÉ æÇÍÏÉ¡ Èá ßÇä ÇáÊÏÑÌ åæ ÇáÎØ ÇáøóÐí ÎØøå ÇáÅÓáÇã ááÅäÓÇä áíÕá Èå Åáì ÇáÊßÇãá¡ ÍÊøì ßÇäÊ äåÇíÉ ÇáãØÇÝ æÃßãá Çááå ááãÓáãíä Ïíäåã¡ æÃÊãø Úáíåã äÚãÊå Èå¡ Ýåæ ÇáäÚãÉ ÇáøÊí áÇ äÚãÉ ãËáåÇ¡ áÃäøóåÇ ÇáÓÈíá Åáì ÇáäÌÇÉ Ýí ÇáÏäíÇ æÇáÂÎÑÉ.. ÝÑÖí áåã ÇáÅÓáÇã ÏíäÇð.

    you can read the rest in the link:


    I apologize to those who can't read arabic.

    But basically what is written is clear that he believes that ayah 5:3 , (today i have completed your religion...) was revealed for the wilayah, which is the completion of the relgion.

    If you study this great mans works with an honest heart, you will see that he has only answered everything within the boundaries of how one should study islam. You will notice that he has not said anything which contradicts the usool al deen, nor the fooro3 al deen. I can't say how many of these things i hear about him are lies. You all can see it yourself right here on this thread, people accuse him of believing that Imam Ali a.s. drank wine, and that he sinned, that is ridiculous.

    People try to twist his words just to cause problems between the Ummah, because the enemies of Islam (zionists and their friends http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html...75AC0A961948260) know how much this man was doing for islam, they realized his impact. They tried to kill him before because he spoke too much against the enemies, but they failed, so instead they decided to taint his image by putting these thoughts into our minds.

    I warn you all to be careful about what you hear, so it does not haunt you in the afterlife, do not slander your muslim brother. A difference in opinions is no reason to deny someones marja3iya, epecially on different opinions which have valid questions and logical arguments. Why do we even have a system of ijtihad if everytime someone goes against a mainstream view he is attacked from all sides? Even if you do not agree that he is a marjaa, he is muslim, and shia, and he is at a very high level of knowledge which you must respect. And at least except that he is a marjaa for other people who differ from your opinion, so please let us focus on what is more important for islam and for Ahlul Bayt a.s.,

    Sayid Fadlallah only wants to protect Ahlul Bayt a.s. like all of us, this is why he speaks of their infallibility, their great akhlaq, their great knowledge, and most of importantly their leadership which Allah chose them for, and all of their amazing qualities. Of course some people will still deny his love for Ahlul Bayt a.s., but of course they do this while not paying attention to all of his sermons and books.

    And I cant say enough how shocked I am everytime i see an accusation and look it up. The truth is there for those who want to see it. Alhamdulilah Sayid Fadlallah has done a good job at not letting this deter him from his work in the way of Allah, and for speaking out for all muslims in order to remind the muslims of their situation, and this is what those outside of Islam want to see stopped.

  13. (salam)

    Firstly, I dont live in lebanon. Just because you did not find the listed scholars online doesnt mean they do not exist, actually you should try typing in arabic for some. But not all mujtahids have enough followers or attention to have a website. This does not mean they studied any less though. Email Ayatollah Yaqoobi. Call him, do what you wish. Email or call Ayatollah Janaati. You're sitting telling me to call marjas, did you try to call anybody on that list yet before you told me that? Since you dont believe they exist why dont you try calling Sayyid Fadlallah and asking him, since this is what you tell us to do. Ask him about the people who you say dont exist.

    Unfortunately Sayid Sistanis offices have not been consistant in their answers.

    no emails,,I sent an email 2 yrs ago and they say exatly the reply you got,,,but ask yourself,,,if you ask sayed sistani about any otehr marje3,,,they will say yes,,,,why this obscure reply??

    A better question is why is there no reply? With all due respect to Sayid Sistani, may Allah protect him, his opinion is not the only opinion, whatever his opinion may be.

  14. I have attatched a file with some of the names of mujtahids who have approved of the taqleed of sayid fadlallah. The list posted is not the complete list. One marja who is not on the list is Ayatollah Yaqoobi, if you email him about the sayid you will only get the kindest words for the sayid in reply.

    You can try to contact the people on this list to confirm, however I can say for sure that 2 have confirmed already. I used to have a signed ijaza from Ayatollah montzeri, and I have already mentioned a confirmed email from Ayatollah Yaqoobi. And im sure the others on that list will also confirm.

    It is true that there are marjas who do not approve of his marja3iya, but this doesnt mean that we should forget about the ones who do approve of his marja3iya. If we want to have an opinion when negatively saying something about someone, we should make sure we know what we're saying is true. This is very important, it effects our akhira, if you slander this man, or anybody, you will be reminded about it on the day when an atoms weight of good and bad deeds are judged.

    I strongly advise everybody who has any problem with the sayids views to talk to him about it, and to get as much information about it as they can before speaking, so that they do not speak the wrong words. This means that if you really want to say something about his beliefs, you should study them in depth, one simple email doesnt always answer the question fully, offices are busy and may not always give you the most in depth answer in an email. And if you decide its too much work to take another step in getting more information then i suggest keeping things to yourself.


  15. (salam)

    qudsi_rizvi, im not going to answer all of your accusations because im not going to waste my time looking up every single piece of evidence against the nonsense accusations, im just going to answer the ones i know off the top of my head. Just know that many lies have been spread.


    Below are some of the things which Sayyid Fadhlullah has written along with the references:

    (2)In the speech on the day of Ghadeer, Rasoolallah(saw) indicated the preference of Imam Ali's(as) khelafa and didnot make it obliatory.-Al-Ensan wa Al-Hayat, Pg.257.

    Some excerpts from Ayatollah Fadlallahs ghadeer speech, and I encourage you to read it all:


    Thus all Muslims knew that the Messenger named Ali as his successor, especially that this story is agreed upon by both Sunnis and Shiites, although that some Sunni's have tried to interpret the word mawla as meaning the one whom I love or support. But such an interpretation is naive, because it is meaningless for the Prophet to gather the Muslims in that very hot day just to tell them this, especially that he began his address by saying: "Do not I have none right over the believers than themselves", and went on to say if I do than Ali does, meaning I am your ruler than Ali is too.

    Yet the events that took place after the Prophet's death, denied Ali his right in being a caliph. But we do not want to talk about that to preserve the Muslim unity. Nevertheless, we want to wonder why he chose Ali. Certainly it was not a personal wish, for Allah told him. O Messenger! Deliver what bas been revealed to you from your Lord; and if you do it not, then you have not delivered His message, and Allah will protect you from the people; surely Allah will not guide the unbelieving people.

    The Messenger used to say to the Muslims who asked him to marry Fatima. Were it not for Ali no one would have been qualified to (marry) Fatima. They were both the students of the Messenger, with Fatima learning what Ali was learning. Thus Ali was the only one qualified to be the successor of the Prophet for he was the most pious, the most willing to sacrifice and struggle for the cause of religion.

    Then after the Messenger, when he was denied his right he felt that he was responsible for Islam outside the caliphate, just as if he were a caliph, that is why he gave those who came before him and denied him his right all assistance and advice for he wanted them to stay on the course of the straight path to the extent that the second caliph said: Were not for Ali, Omar would have been doomed. He shouldered the responsibility of Islam as a child and continued to shoulder it, through out his life. That is why he said: I will keep the peace as long as the affairs of Muslims are maintained and the only injustice believes on me.

    Ali was born in Kabah and martyred in a house of Allah. That is why, when we celebrate the anniversary of his Wilayat, we should be linked with him through our minds, and souls, and inspire his teachings and consider him a role model for our spirits and life, for Ali does not take us except to God. He represents in every thing he did, what Allah wants Islam to do and adopt.

    In the light of this, we have to stand in this day, the day of Ghadir, to pledge our loyalty to the line of Imam Ali, and on all the knowledge, thought perseverance and patience he taught us or gave us. We should thank God for making us of those who believe in his wilayah. We should thank him for completing our religion and His Grace.

    We should say to the Imam: we are with you. We ask God to make us succeed in emulating you to help us be patient as he was, to uphold Islam as hid, and be faithful to Allah as he was. For he loved Allah, as His Messenger did. Was it not the Messenger who said: "I will give the banner tomorrow a man who loves Allah and his Messenger and who is loved by Allah and His Messenger.

    You have loved Allah and was loved by Him, for you dedicated your life to Allah. O Commander of the faithful, intercede for us, for you are close to Allah. May peace be on you the day you were born, the day you were martyred and the day you will be brought back to life.

    (4)Performing the Friday Prayer in a Sunni Mosque, behind a Sunni Imam is permissable and there is no need to perform it again. Fekr waa Thaqafah magazine,No.8, 10th May 1996.

    This is another lie. I dont know how this one came about. He says the same thing as all maraja3, which is that you can pray behind them but you must say the prayer with the intention of an individual prayer, and inshallah you will recieve the reward of a congregational prayer. I myself sent the question, and i got a 2 page response on it! Even for jum3a prayer he says you can pray it with them but you must pray duhr. I have attatched the fatwas from the email i recieved if you dont believe me.

    (5)Placing the right hand on the left hand and vice versa (al-takfeer) during salat, with the purpose of submisiveness to Allah, is permissible, unless it is done as a part of the Salat.- Al Masael Al-faqhiyyah, Vol. 1, Pg 91.

    I've never heard that one before, but you said it yourself, 'unless it is done as part of the salat' i dont know if he really said that, but dont other scholars say the same thing about saying ameen after the fatiha? they must be sunnis right? but if you really want to know, just send a question to his office.

    (6)The sins of Ali, which he asked Allah to forgive, are so serious that anyone of them is enough to break a strong back. If Allah judges Ali (on the judgement day) on the basis of his actions, he will derserve none other than the torture (of hell). -Fi-Rehab Doa al-Komayl, Pgs. 94 & 275.

    nonsense, May Allah guide the liars.

    (8)Ali drank wine. - Min Wahi al-Quran, Vol 7, Pg.182.

    (9)There is no definite proof to the fact that Fatemah was an extraordinary woman.-Ta'ammolat Ismamiyyah Hawl al-Mar'ah, Pg.9.

    (10)The urges of Ali overcome his intellect, so he commits sins. The heart of Ali acquired sins.-Fi rehab Doas al-Komayl, Pg.159 & 169.

    (11)Prophet Sulayman's action is not justifiable in God's law.-Min Wahi al-Quran, Vol. 19, Pg.289.

    more nonsense.

    Sister (i hope im right) karbala, i think you have been given the wrong information from whoever you asked. I have asked heard from representatives of Sayyid Sistani (ha) that he does not give his own opinion on it. If you send a question to sistani.org they will not answer you. Maybe a certain office does answer this question, but most of them do not.

    sayid khoei doesnt have an opinion on him, if you heard an opinion it was representatives and not his own, since sayid khoei r.a. passed away around the time sayid fadlallah first became a marja.



  16. With one sentence you have called hundreds of mujtahids, from Al-Kulaini to Al-Khomeini, of being mushriks.

    As for the answer of Ayatullah Sistani, the translation is:

    "The Kaffarah is wajib, IF the niyyah for his nadhr included the recitation in the manner in which it is narrated and in the way it is familiarised."

    This means that if one does a niyyah for his nadhr that he will recite without the cursing (rather than the full uncensored ziyarah), and he recites it without the cursing, then kaffarah will not be wajib on him.

    (I am not directing this towards you Abbas, but towards someone else)

    If a niyyah was made to recite ziyarat ashura without the cursing, by a person who does not believe the cursing is part of it, then surely he would have made the intention to read it without the cursing.

    Maybe somebody can confirm, but I believe Ayatollah Sistani says that the version of ziyarat ashura which includes the cursing is not authentic, or is weak, but he says its still ok to read it.

    What does Sayed Fadhlullah say about the saying of Imam Ali from Naghul Balagha where he says women are weak, deficient in faith etc?

    What does Fadhlullah say about the number of wives in mutah a man can have?

    This is what i found on Ayatollah Fadlallahs site,

    "Question: It is said on the behalf of Imam Ali (p.) that woman is evil, and the most evil in her is that she is indispensable. Is this right?

    Answer: I think that the face value meaning of this saying is impossible to be issued by Imam Ali (a.s.), why? Because we have an Islamic standard for all sayings, set by the members of the house (a.s.) to distinguish between the valid & the invalid sayings. This standard suggests that in order to know whether a certain saying is authentic or not, we have to compare it with what is stated in Koran, the book of Allah; if the saying conforms , with the meanings of the Koran, we accept it, but it disaccords with it, then we reject it.

    When the Holy Koran talks about women & men, it gives them equal responsibilities, so if the women are evil in their nature, then why she should be given such responsibility. According to the divine justice in Islam, women are like men; she is neither totally good nor completely evil.

    Consequently, there is no harmony between the face value meaning of Ali’s (a.s.) saying & the Islamic concept of the divine justice.

    It is very possible, as suggested by the interpreters of the «Nahj Al Balagha», that the seduction practiced by women in their deviated relationship with men brings forth evil, or paves the way for it. The history of human societies clearly shows this fact. Some try to relate this saying with the enmity between Imam Ali (a.s.) & Aisha; they claim that enmity caused a psychological complex in him towards woman.

    On the other hand, if one understands the Imam’s aspirations and the supreme rank he reached, he knows that Imam Ali (p.) does not judge matters according to personal measures, but he is with the truth & truth is with him. In talking about his experience with truth he says: «truth did not leave me any friends ».



  17. ^Some ppl say Ya Sareeur Ridha in the last Sijdah. Is this bidah? And once I went to pray Salat with ppl and they had a different qunoot and they mentioned Ayat Khamenei in it. Bidah?

    Those were probably duas, theyre not considered wajib parts of salat. In qunoot you can ask Allah whatever you want, im assuming its the same for sajdahs, as long as you dont say its part of salaat. Just like you're allowed to say ameen (like sunnis) but if you say it believing its part of salat then that will invalidate your salat.

  18. lets also not forget the conditions of that time. the u.s. marines were not wanted in beirut, and they were firing missiles into the mountains above beirut, naturally you become an enemy when you're on someone elses land doing that. even the marines didnt know why they were still there.

    hizballah never even said they did it. its just an accusation, nothing more than that. hizballah has never hidden what they do, why would they need to do that? they tape their missions and show them to the world for proof! why would they not be so proud about this one? when you show me proof other than accussations ill believe it.

  19. US and Israel are not a terror entity like the way Iran is by supporting a terrorist group. Thus accidental killings cannot be put in the same level as Muslims using terrorism to kill people.

    Oh really?



    There is NO excuse for killing hundreds and hundreds of innocent children.


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?search=&m...p;v=0Py_cMPyku4 - they dont even know who they shoot at

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9A_vxIOB-I u.s. troops 'liberating' iraq by messing with people their own age and size.

  20. (bismillah)


    Yes brother, last year Seyyed Nasrallah(HA) publicly said that Hizbullah has recieved reports from Libya that Seyyed Musa as-Sadr(HA) was still alive in prison. And he accused Ghaddafi and the libyan government of holding him, something that made the libyan ambassador (he was speaking to arab ambassadors in Beirut) angry and he stood up and critized Seyyed Nasrallah(HA) and Hizbullah and immediately the guards of Seyyed(HA) escorted him out with force.

    May Allah hasten in the return of our beloved Seyyed(HA)!

    Illahi Ameen Ya Rab al-Alameen!


    Bro do you know if theres any video coverage of that online?

  21. (salam)

    While I agree with Sheikh Shabbir that this discussion is just going back and forth and is of no good, I have to clear up some things that were said.

    Someone mentioned that Ayatollah Fadlallah says it is makrooh to say Aliyun Wali Allah in adhan, I have heard from the Sayids own voice that its ok, and I have an email as well about this issue saying it is ok. So I really do not know where this 'makrooh' comment comes from.

    At least, not through this way:

    People from various regions came to the Sayyid and asked him to undertake this task, for they were used to asking the Sayyid about the fatwas of the various Marga’s until he became the link between the people and their religious authorities all over the Islamic world. They had a lot of trust in the Sayyid especially after the long struggle they had gone through together, in addition to their certainty that he was a just, righteous and pious man, he had to respond to their plea and hold his responsibilities.

    Sister spizo, where does it say in that piece you quoted that this was the only reason he was qualified to be a marja? All it hints is that this could be the reason that the Sayid had finally decided to take the responsibility of becoming a marja, but it does not say that this is why he is qualified. If you quote the rest of the biography you will see that it talks about his works, experience, and extensive studying which is one of the reasons why he is qualified.

    There were also many issues which were commented on, which I would post about but I find them a little innappropriate to a younger audience who may be reading. But in the end those who are sincere in their research will do complete research, and those who are not will simply repeat what others have said. So I trust that the sincere researches will find their answers and see that the accusations are not as bad as some people make them seem, even if they disagree with the opinion of Sayid Fadlallah.

    As for the infallibility accusations, I'll never understand why they are made.


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