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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Actually i think 1 or 2 sunni madhabs say you have to fold your arms, one says either way is acceptable but folding is better, and malikis put their arms on their sides but im not sure if they allow folding.
  2. killing children and bulldozing homes is defense, a war that resulted in a war report criticizing the war and asking the prime minister to resign is victory. thats israel for you, a country founded upon contradicting beliefs and statements.
  3. I think he meant to ask if this was the authors own opinion or own experience or not.
  4. Jnoub Libnan

    Sami Yusuf

    Who are any of you to judge him? or anybody
  5. (salam) Brother, thanks for your respectful answer. The argument is not about turning to righteous people for help, this is very much recommended. The argument is if our leaders who are still alive recieving sustenance from their lord can hear our calls to them, and if this is what they encouraged. If we look into the quran it encourages calling Allah for help, using the word dua. So the quran asks us to supplicate to Allah. The teachings of the Prophet (s) and Ahlul Bayt a.s. also back this up as we see in dua kumayl and several other duas. We see many people encouraging tawasul in the form
  6. (salam) My point was that the majority of hadiths are up for questioning, so we shouldnt use them loosely. You apologize if you have been offensive yet you call me and scholars muqassirs? you call Ayatollah Khoei someone who rejects something he knows? If you dont like him, go ahead, but have some respect.
  7. (salam) There are countless hadiths of many things, such as abu bakr being great, are those true too? Granted, those are in sunni books, but even the collectors of shia traditions have said that many of our hadiths are not true. We shouldnt take any hadith and use it just because its "a hadith", if we did that we would find our practices to be contradictory to the quran. We should also refrain from using quranic verses out of their context, such as the verse from surat al baqara you quoted. Calling my arguing "sunni" doesnt get you anywhere, only children will see that as a valid argument.
  8. They allied themselves with him, but i doubt they ever trusted him.
  9. (salam) It is not shirk not to say "ya ali", please dont spread lies. How can saying "ya Allah" be shirk? Shirk - associating with Allah, or not doing something solely for Allah such as praying only to be seen by others and not praying soley for Allah. I have found it illogical to believe in such things. Nobody called upon Imams a.s. when they were living, you have scarce evidence of this that is not even accepted by all shia. Ayatollah al Khoei, and im sure many other scholars, have stated that nobody is omnipresent except Allah. So how do these Imams hear our complaints day and night 24/7?
  10. Again, I do not see the importance of this question "is Hazrat Abbas a.s. infallible". If he was not fallible would it make us think any less of him? No, his actions and faith and devotedness to our Imam Hussein a.s. speaks for itself. Allah does not ask us to say who is fallible and who is not other than those that need to be infallible. So if people want to assume someone is infallible without sufficient proof, this is their choice. But for myself, I do not need an official statement that Abal Fadl al Abbas a.s. was infallible, he may very well have been, but i know for sure that his faith i
  11. (salam) Brother, did i say anywhere that I do not need Ahlul Bayt a.s.?? I dont understand why you asked me if the book of God is sufficient for me, i believe in al thaqalain. Please do not talk to me as if I do not follow Imam Ali a.s. and as if I am not mindful of his importance to our faith. All I did was correct what you said when you used the verse to say that Allah told us to call upon His names. You said the verse meant that His names are Ahlul Bayt a.s. You made it seem as if Allah asked us to call upon Ahlul Bayt in order to call upon Him, when the verse only says to call upon Him by
  12. (salam) The names of the Imams do not represent Allah, their personalities do. The verse that tells us to call upon Him by His names speaks for itself. "The most beautiful names belong to Allah. so call on Him by them; but shun such men as use profanity in his names: for what they do, they will soon be requited." (Surat Al-A'raf - 7:180, The Holy Quran) Call upon HIM by them, not call upon THEM by them. This verse is clearly talking about Allahs beautiful names, al Rahman, al Raheem, al Wahab, al Mujeeb, etc. " bi rahmatika YA ARHAM ARAHIMEEN" wsalam.
  13. (salam) Im sure it will calm down, since whoever committed this crime was not in association with any party in lebanon, and if they associated themselves with any party, no party gave orders for this crime. So unless some other mindless people want to do the same kind of act, this event shouldnt result in anything more than arrests of the murderers.
  14. (salam) lol why doesnt bush call him a flip flopper like he did to kerry? now that he's flopping out of his side maybe he'll flop him out of his payroll. This is a little off topic, It is true, he is only their defacto leader. But when i was in lebanon during the war, i had to stay in a druze area, and i noticed that the younger druze are'nt really that stuck to him like the older generation are.
  15. lol i didnt say i gave up on them, just that my hopes werent as high anymore and i was disappointed in them. but they pulled off the win today :D wow kwame 19 points?! i think thats more impressive than kobes 45 lol. and lamar odom is playing with a torn labrum in his shoulder... 18 points 16 rebounds 2 blocks, very underrated.
  16. (salam) Abal Fadl al Abbas a.s. was not masoom to our knowledge otherwise we wouldnt always say '14 masoomeen', he may not have committed sin, but if he is masoom or not is not an issue for us. We already know his great virtues and his great support for our Imams to support the religion of Allah. We say the 14 infallible are infallible because they are our guides and cannot make any mistakes. Although Abal Fadl al Abbas a.s. was a great source of inspiration and a great example for us, he was not an appointed Imam, so it is not a concern to us if he was masoom or not, even if he did not sin,
  17. Statement regarding the American new strategy in the region The American Administration rode the wave of sectarianism and claims that it is defending the Sunnis, after it had deceived the Shiites Fadlullah: America destroyed the region and does not care about the Gulf's security The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, warned that the American Administration started to ride the wave of sectarianism and confessionalism and to defend the Sunnis after it had deceived some Shiite parties in order to drive the region to the whirlpool of sectarian conflict. H.E also warned the A
  18. what i meant was that the 1 vs. 8 matchup in the east is usually against a team that is no competition, in the west its usually a team that may give the 1st seed at least a little trouble. its been like that for a few years now.
  19. the laker loss had to be the worst laker loss ive ever seen. that team is shameless. that was embarassing. on the radio nobody is even talking about game 3, theyre talking about what to do in the offseason. the sad thing is that the laker problems are all mental problems, theyre just not playing basic basketball right now, i guess thats what happens with young teams.
  20. lol, be excited but theres nothing to brag about... its the magic! detroit always has the easiest first round opponent cuz the east is so horrible :dry:
  21. (salam) It is well known that Allah gives power to who he wills, that is not a disputed opinion. But how do we know how much power Allah s.w.t. gave they them? Do we have the right to assume how much power they have?
  22. (salam) We are obedient to Ahlul Bayt a.s. in the way of Allah, because it has been ordered by Him to follow them and to love them, and act like them in their worship, etc. Loving Ahlul Bayt a.s. pleases Allah swt because obedience to them is obedience to him. They are our guides in this world, they tell us how to reach the path which takes us to jannah, they are our perfect examples in this life of how to please our one and only Lord. Salawat on them is full of blessings because he has ordered it, it is wajib in salat even for sunni brothers and sisters. But theres a line that they have warne
  23. (salam) What is the topic here? Is it tawasul as in "ya ali", or intercession on the day of judgement? The qur'an is clear that there are intercessors on the Day of Judgement. I thought the question was tawassul to our Imams a.s. while you are not in their presence. And for sure the topic isnt asking your friend to make dua for you, that is agreed upon.
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