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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) And what about Ahlul Bayt a.s. meeting each other? I have'nt had time to read the book you linked me to, so sorry if my question is answered in there. Another thing that comes to mind is the accention of the Prophet (s) to the heavens, didnt he see many previous prophets a.s. there? Maybe that has nothing to do with this, but its just a thought that i have.
  2. (salam) This probably doesnt answer your question specifically, but just think about all the millions of Palestinian refugees around the world and all the refugee camps in the middle east, this is all because zionists kicked them out of their homes.
  3. (salam) Thats an interesting comment about the entering paradise on qiyameh. Ill have to research this more. Inshallah ill look over the book you linked. Thanks for the info. But is barzakh a place where the believer gets to meet Allah if he was righteous? Of course not literally meet, but in the sense that the prophet (s) said it.
  4. (salam) The discussion is getting pretty repetitie, I could answer your posts but then we would just go in another circle of the same arguments with different words. So im just going to leave it alone, but inshallah if i find some new information to bring to the discussion i will post it. I am not sure if shaheeds dont go through barzakh, but I was just guessing from the martyrs verse in the Qur'an, doesnt it say that they are WITH their lord recieving sustenance? Correct me if im wrong, im just thinking of the verse off the top of my head. But im sure you've heard that shaheeds are with All
  5. (salam) ^ bro talib e ilm, its up to you if you feel comfortable with Ayatollah Sanaai, but like you said seniority of years at hawzah does not determine ones knowledge, but i can understand you being more comfortable with someone who spent more years there. However just because they didnt spend as many years in a hawzah doesnt mean that their studies concluded after leaving the hawzah. But it is your decision. Then you should probably read their rulings and books, and also some give lectures and other speeches that you might want to read. Ayatollah Fadlallah has plenty of speeches you can r
  6. (salam) The wives of the Prophet (s) are the mothers of the believers, I have heard that this could be why nobody can marry them after, because they should be treated like mothers. I dont know if its true though.
  7. (salam) I dont see how any of those verses and hadiths contradict what I've been saying. Knowing Ahlul Bayt a.s. gets you to know Allah, calling out to them does not help you to know them at all, from what you've been saying it only helps you to get your duas answered. As for the verse "and Allahs are the best names, Therefore call on Him with them", we've discussed this before, it says call on Him with them. It clearly refers to the names of Allah throughout the quran, and throughout duas like dua jawshan al kabeer and so on. Notice on the hadith of 'we are the most beautiful names of Allah
  8. (salam) Isnt rennet halal for shias? Check with your marjas, because I have heard that its halal.
  9. (salam) I think people jump to call it fake out of frustration. Many people try to take these things out of hand and base their faith on them. Brother Ali_Imran posted a picture of Maryam a.s. bleeding, I believe that has been used in a way to "prove" faith by Catholics. No doubt things ike this can happen, but this one is certainly something in question. Many people have pointed out that paintings of the Imams a.s. are not even full representations of what they looked like. In the end we have no reason to say that this is a miracle, not to mention its a video on youtube posted by God knows wh
  10. (salam) Ive heard they were owned by a zionist before but I wasnt sure if it was true. Thats funny though if it is zionist operated because from what I've seen on it, it doesnt really make Muslims look that bad. Usually sites trying to make them look bad would comment on the speeches they show, but memri just translates it, so nobody really puts a spin on it. Then again I havent seen too many videos from that site. Does anybody think it makes muslims look bad?
  11. are you saying that the masses who have clearly been wronged by american foreign policy have no reason to be upset at america? not only that but the u.s. foreign policies continues to wrong them and oppress millions.
  12. (salam) The best bulls eye is the most obvious one, ghadir. Tell them about ghadir, then let them see the sunni explanation of it, then raise questions and let them see which explanation answers those best. For example, the famous verse that was revealed before the declaration of ghadir khum tells the Prophet (s.) that if he does not say what he is asked to say it will be as if his message was never sent. You should ask them, what is this that he is asked to say by Allah that is so important? Im sure you know the details of ghadir to argue it, but let them see the sunni view and compare the tw
  13. Of course it does not mean something is not true, but the difference between this and making dua to Allah is that the Qur'an assures us that Allah is all hearing and invites our calls to Him. sorry, whats istigatha? We go to visit because they're our Imams a.s., and because it has great reward in it. It is best to go and say your salams to them there. These are not wahabi arguments, a wahabi argument would be based on calling you a mushrik. Then please explain the context for me, I dont see why you didnt put it in there in the first place. It is possible for Allah to give power to who
  14. (salam) Also, dont expect much out of somebody who is not there to learn. Someone who is only trying to attack is pointless talking to. The advice given above is good, take time to listen to the other side, just like you want them to listen to you.
  15. (salam) Of course you should always stick with the truth, but say it in a way where you can relate to them. And use careful wording with the sensitive issues such as the first three caliphs. Make sure you do not use anger in the discussions, you dont want to turn the discussion into a personal battle, you want to keep them thinking about the Islamic issues. Most of all try to understand where they are coming from, this way you can know the right things to say. Try to find logical things to say, ask them questions that will expose the truth. But again, and im sure you know this, do not use an
  16. Oh my God! So they have a base in South America to attack the U.S.? You mean the group which has never threatened to attack the U.S. might go through brazil, up through central america, and then mexico, blow up some minute men on the border and then attack Americans? Im disappointed, i thought there would be a better fictional story than this. lol what was funnier was when they heard that iran and venezuela are doing direct flights to each other, so they said Iran would send Hizballah militants on those flights. And isnt this the same group that is not considered terrorists by the U.N. or b
  17. A possibility does not mean something is always true. Im sure you know the definition of possibility. Ex. It is a possibility that our dua will be answered, but it is not a certainty. "us" in italics? lol, Inshallah that was not you trying to create sects, because I too believe they are alive in another realm, its in the Quran, I believe in that book too you know. If people had dreams, thats great and I am happy for them. But this does not mean that you can call out to them and assume that they hear you. lol, you constantly mistake me for some wahabi. I have no problem with ziyarats, it i
  18. (salam) Loving and following Ahlul Bayt a.s. is how we get to know Allah and please Allah s.w.t. Its similar to the Qur'an, you can't know Allah without it. The same goes for Ahlul Bayt a.s. Our point of living is to worship Allah, and thats what the thaqalayn teach us.
  19. (salam) ^ here's your answer bro http://www.lankarani.org/eng/index.html?rnd=200741204237
  20. (salam) The hadiths I've seen say that the Prophet (s) used a palm leaf.
  21. (salam) Please read the verse before it, it talks about those who slander the Prophet (s.) in the way he distributes the alms. And we all know alms are either collected and given or given out from your own wealth. 9:58 "And among them are men who slander thee in the matter of (the distribution of) the alms: if they are given part thereof, they are pleased, but if not, behold! they are indignant!" Again, this does not mean that the Prophet (s) will be giving bounties from Allah by answering requests from far and wide across the world even after his death. I've never seen this hadith from t
  22. (salam) Ive heard that Dua Jibraeel helps you in barzakh. Im not sure how true it is though, and im not sure where you can find it online.
  23. (salam) Thank you for the response brother. Sorry, I skimmed over the sayyids response so I missed that part, I should have read it all. But no, there is not a contradiction in the verses given. Notice the verse does not say Rasool Allah (pbuh) provides sustenance, although he can if Allah wills him to. "If only they had been content with what Allah and His Messenger gave them" gave = atahom sustenance = rizq Yes, The Prophet gave us a lot of things. And notice the verse is not something that is timeless. It says "gave" , not "gives". I am no Qur'anic tafsir expert, but I would assume this
  24. (salam) Im not trying to turn this into a big argument, but i couldnt help but notice the contradiction in this dua. Maybe bro spizo or somebody could explain, Why does it say that Allah alone can help, and then asks for the help of Prophet Muhammad (s) and Imam Ali a.s.? I guess because you are asking them to ask Allah to help? Although i dont agree with it, i want to know what the meaning of it is.
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