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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) mashallah, those are beautiful pictures, and inshallah ill be using some for what i need. also, very large sized photos would be helpful. thanks.
  2. (salam) Im looking for beautiful pictures of the holy shrines of our imams, i would appreciate it if people can post what they have. thanks.
  3. (salam) There are different opinions on this issue, ask your marja and see what his is. Please dont post hadiths that dont answer the question. The first hadith you posted is not 100 percent agreed on, and ive never heard it from a scholar, ive only heard it on this forum. The second one ive never heard so i dont know what to say about it, but I know that marjas have different opinions on the issue, so that must mean that not every type of beat or rythmic sound is haram. Dont forget about all the shias who make rythmic beats by hitting their chests in ashura. And there are hundreds of nashe
  4. salam, many people are saying to ask ahlul khibra, which is definetly a way to get a good opinion on different marjas, but i dont think it should be used to make our final decision. Obviously there are different people from ahlul khibra who will give you many different answers. So we should consider what biases (not bad) these scholars have, for example they may have spent more time with one marja they recommended more than another, or not spent anytime with another at all, thus they are not in a position to completely judge if the one they suggest is better than the one they have not even me
  5. (salam) First id like to say that everybody should check what their marjas say about najis leather, and how to determine if the leather is najis or not. For example, Sayid al Khoei said that leather is not najis unless you know 100 percent that it has not been slaughtered islamically, so you almost have to see it with your own eyes or have some concrete information that it is not halal. Here is a ruling i found for Sayid Sistani, but i thought i remembered seeing a different too, if anybody has it they can post it, 96. Fat, meat or hide of an animal, about which there is a probability that i
  6. I read from an Arabic source that the Israeli government said the rockets were katyushas that are a different version than those of Hizballahs. So even the Israelis are not accusing Hizballah, however we'll see what this will lead to. Hizballah supporters dont just go on rocket launching missions, in fact this kind of thing has always been monitered by the lebanese army. They used to have checkpoints making sure no Palestinians go and launch rockets even before the war last summer.
  7. This is nothing new. It happens very often, even before the war last summer. But thanks for posting, Israels constant illegal acts cant go unnoticed.
  8. (salam) Im not so sure about that, Fatimids are not considered shias. I don't know much about them though, but id assume theyre closer to shias than sunnis, in beliefs.
  9. (salam) As someone said before, its very very very simple. the first 2 parts of the kalima are sufficient for being a muslim. the aliyun wali Allah is a declaration of being a follower of imam ali a.s., when someone in a shia mosque is becoming muslim they only say the first 2. the 3rd one is more of a belief that you can say if you want, but its really in your heart and actions.
  10. (salam) technically you're allowed to move your fingers while you're standing straight, but if it takes focus off prayer than you shouldnt, and its likely to do that. if you really need to crack your knuckles during prayer do it while getting up or something. but if it bothers you so much then you should try to stop.
  11. (salam) one thing i know, cracking is natural, it can happen even if you dont do it on purpose.
  12. Nobody says those things are not true, but that doesnt make them and their methods noble and islamic. Even Bush has said truthful things (believe it or not lol), but we all know his story. Remember, there were enemies of Islam within Islam at the time of the Prophet (s) and Imam Ali a.s. (khawarij), so imagine how much easier it is for groups like the khawarij (who do things the wrong way) to hurt muslims from inside the ummah while our greatest leaders are not present.
  13. How long ago did this guy leave the U.S. to join al qaida? Id assume they only put turbans on the heads of sheikh type people? It kinda makes me wonder why this guy is wearing a turban, if they just put it on him for theatrics to make the american crowd look at him differently. just my thoughts.
  14. Al qaida continues to contradict the qur'an more and more in every speech they make, which means they continue to look more fake.
  15. Why are these religious buildings in switzerland being allowed if minarets are not? They have similar structures to minarets. http://www.globosapiens.net/data/gallery/s...rne--id=774.jpg http://www.indexstock.com/store/GetThumb.a...odox-523793.jpg If they were serious about their claims they would make these churches remodel. Not that I want them to, but im just pointing out the unfairness.
  16. (salam) I really dont see the point of this argument here. This hadith is clearly wrong just because it contradicts several other hadiths that are well accepted. So the only way you can consider researching the authenticity of this hadith is if you want to change your position on the other hadiths about muta. If the hadith was not so easily refuted then without doubt it would be necessary to research it. Even if you want to say the hadith may have been twisted or mistranslated, people here are only saying that the hadith that they were given here on this topic (whether twisted and mistranslat
  17. Just remember brother, its easy for anybody to say they want to liberate al quds. Anybody can simply say these words to get sympathy from Palestinians, which would also cause a divide between the Palestinian refugees and others. When someobody says they want to liberate al quds, its hard to take them seriously these days because it seems like many who say it, such as 'al qaida', often do things that only hurt the liberation of al quds. Its sad how this noble caused is used in favor of the enemies of the Palestinians. The radical type groups have only been helpful to our enemies, and they only
  18. Do you believe they have a right to be in Lebanon? And what do you think of their claim to take attacks outside of the camps and outside of the north? Dont you think that kind of claim is unnecessary and is beneficiary to those who want Lebanon to be unstable so they can get their grip on it? Also, you mentioned Sunni representation, this group is salafi as you know. And hardly any sunnis in lebanon knew about them. Inshallah kheir. wsalam.
  19. (salam) Brother Osama, what is your opinion on why all this started? Do you think the army was thrown into this unfairly? Why don't fatah al islam try to talk this out politically? If they are innocent of the crimes then why dont they go to court and deal with it?
  20. (salam) brother abudujana, What is your opinion on the reports that they stole from a bank?
  21. (salam) Does anybody have a source, an article or something, that i can use to show somebody sinioras comments? The comment where he said he allowed this group to be in lebanon to counter hizballah. I know brother waiting posted a link, but thats a blog. I would appreciate it, thank you. english or arabic would be fine.
  22. (salam) Does anyone else sense some strange things that could become of this situation if it gets bigger. Things that are similar to other problems in the Middle East.
  23. Im not even going to talk about the army, but where was the Lebanese government in the occupation of southern lebanon that lasted over 20 years? And the 14 year old prisoners, and pregnant female prisoners who were tortured in al Khiam prison? The past will not be forgotten, the government can not be trusted to handle issues like that, we know this from their actions in the past, things like that can definetly happen again with the direction this government is heading, which is why its going to be replaced inshallah.
  24. (salam) lol @ cry in a corner, actually you did not give false information. The Imams a.s. never practiced tatbir, neither did anybody around them at the time of ashura. The people who believe in hitting themselves with chains and swords have the opinion that a hadith about Zaynab a.s. is authentic. This hadith is about her hitting her head on a pole in grief. However there is also an opinion that this hadith is not authentic because Imam Hussein a.s. ordered them not to let the enemy rejoice over what happened. So we have two opinions on the subject.
  25. Once again you fail to realize the purpose of Hizballahs weapons: to defend itself from the Zionist enemy. Fatah Islam does not need its weapons for this purpose. And you forgot that the Lebanese Army and Hizballah are on good terms and have no problems with each other. Since you're making comments here about this, I really hope you're doing something about the gangs in America with all the guns killing innocents. The problems with Hizballahs weapons have only come from American and Israeli pressure, and nowhere else. Otherwise there would be no problems at all, because Hizballah is not some
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