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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Our discussion is pretty pointless since you are arguing with the belief that Palestinians are majorly anti shia, and I am arguing with the belief of the opposite. But Im going to respond to a few comments you made. How do I know the opposers are not the ones brainwashed? That's just your opinion. If Iran supported any of those other countries you listed, which at least some that I know of are sunni (probably all), would you still be calling them anti shia? You seem to call the majority of Palestine anti shia without proof, would you do the same for these sunnis? Again, SOME palestini
  2. No, I can't. You asked me if I would support a regime that kills shias, I said no. Inshallah there will be justice for all the oppressed. If Iran were to support these kinds of countries, I would certainly question it, but I would also listen to their answers before I choose to criticize or not. Thats great that you dont care brother, but i only mentioned it because of how big a role they are playing in what you are arguing against.
  3. Then use a question mark next time please, I misunderstood, sorry. Where did i say i want them to boycott ALL Sunni Arab regimes? Which sunni regimes that kill shias do they trade with and have strong ties with? I was only thinking of Syria, who's government is not Sunni. Not to sound rude, or as if I am attacking you, but if you feel that way then I do not see the point in representing them in your signature, since this issue is one of their defining issues, especially today.
  4. (salam) I'm talking about the people of Palestine, im pretty sure that was obvious with my references to "muslim brothers". My posts are referring to what the thread starter was talking about. I am not willing to have ties with those "muslim" regimes that you speak of, please don't tell me who I am willing to have ties with and who I am not. And since you are comparing the two regimes, why don't you ask Iran and Hizballah, who's flag and logo you show in your signature, why they dont support Israel.
  5. (salam) Don't assume anything. You seem to be asking me this question on the basis that Palestinians and the state of Israel as the same people. I can't give you an answer you want if that's the case. Palestinians = Muslims = Brothers However, I have no problem with the Israelis who see the wrong in all of their governments injustices, but the state of Israel is no different from any takfiri, and Palestinians are not takfiris, even if there are some among them. Let me ask you, do you support any non shia Palestinians? Or do you like to compare all non shias to Zarqawi and Sharon? Why is the
  6. (salam) Just because some idiots were chosen to be shown on tv doesnt mean they represent all Palestinians. They interviewed the ones who liked him, but why would they interview the ones who did not like him, what kind of interesting news would that be for you to watch and react like this over? Don't let the media make you generalize a whole people. A whole nation should not be frowned upon just because of the wrong doings of a few, or even if it were half, the good Palestinians who you do not like to think about deserve better than that, and they deserve our moral support to be freed.
  7. (salam) Unfortunately it is true that many Palestinians have a negative view of the Shia, BUT from experience with several Palestinians, I can say that the majority of this is pure ignorance. On the other hand there are also many Palestinians with a positive view of the Shia, as shown with their brothers and sisters in Lebanon. Since ignorance is the vehicle in occupied Palestine for those who do not like the Shia, we have to work to exstinguish that ignorance, just like Rasool Allah (s) did with the Makkans, and just like his successors a.s. did time and time again from madina to karbala to
  8. (salam) Go ahead, keep up your comparisons to the wahabis, it still means nothing, if my belief that you should not call upon other than Allah s.w.t. while they are not in your presence is similar to wahabis, then so be it, you know very well that my view is not nearly as extreme as theirs. We are sure that they recieve the salams, while we are not sure that they recieve our requests. Show me a hadith from the Prophet (s) that says he recieves the requests of the believers. There is one, as stated earlier, which says he recieves the salaams. I had already told you that I do not care about
  9. (salam) I posted Qur'anic verses. Try reading my post again. You failed to post any verses that say to call upon other than Allah for help, so if you can't find any verses for your case, why do you accuse me of not finding any? You failed to disprove the quote from Dua Makarem al Akhlaq which i posted. And once again you fail to see the point in the argument, it is not about intercession which is perfectly acceptable. And it is not about sending salams which is also perfectly acceptable since as your hadith says, the Prophet (s) is informed about these salams, as are the Imams a.s.. Sunnis al
  10. sorry bro, i havent checked this thing in a while, plus with all the site updates. back from where? la wen ro7it?

  11. (salam) Yes, correct him, because some of the sunni explanation of things do not make sense to non muslims. But do this in the most respectful way, because as you said there are many people who bsh islam not only on that site, but throughout the world. You should stay united against those people, but voice your disagreement for the truth in a kind way, as if he is your brother, which he is. Maybe you can correct him as a side note, dont make it a big issue and sidetrack the main goal of teaching non muslims. Just make sure you get the word out that there is another side of the story to what he
  12. Dua Tawassul is not considered authentic by all scholars. Thats another discussion though. You said how do I know they cannot hear us, but how do you know they can? I have not shortmarked their abilities. They have a high status which will grant them the ability from Allah to intercede for us, but this does not mean that we are to call out to them, we should not draw our own conclusions. Please find me a Quranic verse or hadith from the Prophet (s) where we are told to supplicate to anybody, anywhere? The below hadith is the type that would be the correct form of tawassul: "When the death ti
  13. We ask Allah swt for the intercession of Ahlul Bayt a.s. to be granted to us on the Day of Judgement. Please remember the argument is not about intercession. There is no problem with asking someone to pray for you. The issue is asking somebody who is not in your presence. This kind of dua is for Allah alone. Please do not misunderstand, if I saw Imam Mahdi a.s. and needed help with my own duas to be granted, i would ask him to pray for me. But I would not ask him while he is not in my presence.
  14. (salam) Here are some Qur'anic verses which you requested: Say (O Muhammad (s.a.w.a)): I invoke (make Du’a) only but unto my Lord and associate none with the ‘One’. (72:20) And the places of prostration (mosques) are for Allah, and don’t call upon (do not invoke Du’a) to other than Allah the ‘One’. (72:18) And those whom they supplicate (make Du’a to) besides Allah (SWT) have not created anything while they are themselves created (16:20) Ahlul Bayt a.s.: “…Oh Allah! Make me leap to thee in times of distress, ask from thee in times of need, and plea to thee in times of misery. Tempt me not t
  15. (salam) His words are not haram, maybe some contain a few minor sunni belief differences, but I dont think thats haram since you know its coming from a non shia. So it just depends on what your marja considers haram and halal when it comes to instruments. But I think most marjas are very vague in their definition of this. They say if it is suitable for dancing then it could be haram, but in my opinion us humans can make anything suitable for dancing if we wished for it to be. But other marjas have no problem with the majority of instruments.
  16. (salam) What you said is definetly a possibility, but technically, as the brother above me said, you can assume its halal to eat. Even though there is the possibility of cross contamintion, there is also the possibility that there has not been any, and since we do not know 100 percent for sure, we assume it is halal. You can always take the precaution if you like, but no sin is on you if you eat it, according to the technical fiqh rulings.
  17. (salam) Bro, you seem to be misunderstanding a few things, please realize i agree with 90 percent of what you said, nobody is denying the spiritual aspects of our religion. Just because many aspects are spiritual, it does not many we can make anything we want spiritual. Loving Ahlul Bayt a.s. can be spiritual, but it has limits, and we should not let it exceed those limits. The intercession on the day of judgement is the intercession spoken of in the Qur'an. Those who die in the way of Allah swt do not need intercession any longer since they are automatically granted paradise. If you meant
  18. (salam) Just ask them to use a clean knife, some places are used to this because theyve heard it before. Ask if they can wash the knife because you cant have any bit of the meat. Or if you're taking it home then just ask them not to cut it, and cut it yourself. For the gloves you can just say please wash the knife and use clean gloves.
  19. (salam) http://english.bayynat.org.lb/infallibles/baqir.htm Obedience to Ahlul Bayt a.s. is your means of nearness to Allah. Obedience to Ahlul Bayt a.s. (which is obedience to Allah) is how you worship Allah through them, because you cannot know Allah if you do not know their teachings. You do not need to call out to them in order for them to influence your life. Following their examples and impacting this world in a good way as they did is what will benefit you, and those around you. Þõáú ÅöäøóãóÇ ÃóäóÇ ÈóÔóÑñ ãøöËúáõßõãú íõæÍóì Åöáóíøó ÃóäøóãóÇ Åöáóåõßõãú Åöáóåñ æóÇÍöÏñ Ýóãóä ßóÇäó íóÑúÌõ
  20. (salam) Please post proof that the beards limit is fist length for shias, Ive heard that this was not true. It doesnt look like the beards of the marjas are fist length.
  21. (salam) Please post proof that the beards limit is fist length for shias, Ive heard that this was not true. It doesnt look like the beards of the marjas are fist length.
  22. (salam) Ayatollah Fadhlallah: For those who havent read one of these headache causing discussions before, there is a minority opinion within the shia who do not believe in saying ya ali madad. This minority does not believe it is shirk, of course unless you give the Imam powers independent from Allah. However it is not seen as the highest form of tawheed, since it is best to supplicate to Allah alone as said by the Holy Qur'an and several authentic duas from Ahlul Bayt a.s. People often confuse this belief with that of the Wahabis, when it is not the same at all. First of all as ive said bef
  23. (salam) Thanks for posting. I think an important part is how the Imam a.s. was saying that we should be moderate. When you are moderate in your ways people are more likely to understand your position.
  24. (salam) I believe people are not thinking clearly in trying to understand one another in this thread. When he says "not an essential part of deen" , just substitute that with "does not take you out of islam", its that simple. Believing in the wilayah of succession and that the 12 imams a.s. are the 12 rightful caliphs and leaders of the muslims is not an essential part to being a muslim, although it is an essential part to being a shia muslim. Sunnis generally love Ahlul bayt a.s., which is an essential part for all muslims. If you do not love Ahlul Bayt a.s. then you have stepped out of Islam
  25. (salm) just a clarification Most of the marjas such as Fadlallah, Sistani, and Khamenai allow this provided that you pray it with the intention of an individual prayer. So basically you pray by yourself but you move with them, Inshallah getting more reward. As for smoking breaking the fast, somebody questioned it, its true he does not believe it breaks the fast but he believes smoking is haram in the first place, except under special circumstances such as having a problem where if you quit it will hurt you more than if you keep smoking, these are obviously medical issues. wsalam.
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