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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, i think this topic is unnecessary, and should probably be deleted, theres nothing to gain from it. but i must correct some of the things that were said. i follow sayyid fadlallah, and i dont agree with your comments about sayyid sistani staying in a class room and praying all day. and i know for a fact sayyid fadlallah wouldnt like that either. just because it seems that way, it does not mean its true. sayyid fadlallah encourages unity with sunnis, but he also encourages unity with shias, since we are not unified the best we can be. and of course the sister you were talking to was wron
  2. salam, add me where? yeah im from the jnoub, what about you?

  3. (salam) They may not be among the top mujtahids in your opinion, but that does not mean everybody agrees with you, but for sure they are marjas, Ayatollah Yaqoobi is a marja, if you can read any arabic, read here where it says 'al marja3 al deeni sama7ad al sheikh mohammad yaqoobi' http://www.yaqoobi.com/ Ayatollah Jannaati's website says Ayatollah al Uzma, meaning Grand Ayatollah = marja. http://www.jannaati.com/eng/index.php Ayatollah Montazeris site says the same http://www.amontazeri.com/farsi/f2.asp Just because you dont know them (you said 'whoever he is'), it does not mean they don't
  4. I understand the strong disagreement with the fatwa, but even Sayyid Fadlallah doesn't recommend it, if you read all of his explanation you'd see what he says. He even mentions some of the things that you are saying (losing interest) to show its negative effects. But you should also know that if there is frigity, its probably because the spouse is no longer feeling attracted. I personally don't know why the ruling was made, but i'm sure he has his reasons and if you were really interested in knowing and not just criticizing you would try to find out. In the end, nobody asked you to agree with
  5. (salam) I did present proofs, whether you accept them or not is not up to me. First of all who told you there are only 2 with him? And how do you know the opinion of every single mujtahid? Many of the mujtahids opinions people give against him are infact not against him, like I said earlier they are indirect questions that do not even mention his name, or they are misleading questions. Second of all this method of choosing the aalam with 2 opinions for the aalim and 2 against him is not even used by people who claim to follow it. Not to mention that this is an opinion of how to choose, and i
  6. (salam) Sister spizo, Im not going to answer your post because I already have a number of times, so I'm not going to sit and go in circles, life goes on. (salam) brother Hassan, Sayyid Fadlallah mentions the weakness of certain hadiths in his opinion, and then he also gives a logical reason to why the hadith may be weak. He does not simply disagree with something and give his opinion, he uses the science of hadith, although he may have different opinions on certain narrators, and this could be the cause for some differences, however there are many hadiths which he mentions as weak and everyb
  7. (salam) You said: If you are going to sit and tell me that you did not pass a judgement on most people who follow him, then I don't know what to say. The above quote was clearly a judgement. I did not pass a judgement on you, I only told you what you did, and then I gave you Imam Sadiqs a.s. advice against what you did. You said an untrue thing by accusing most of his followers of something untrue in the quote above. And even worse, after I told you that you can not see into these peoples hearts, your only response was: Can you tell me whether you are right or not? I know you can't, because
  8. (salam) There are not even 34 confirmed, like I said a lot of those emails are misleading questions, or questions that have nothing to do with Sayyid Fadlallah at all. If you do not believe he is a marja, then that is fine, do not follow him. But there are mujtahids who approve of his ijtihad, and people have their own minds to think. Even if 34 were against him, I dont think us shias like it when Sunnis use their numbers as proof against Shia Islam, or when Christians do the same with Islam. Shia Islam does not run on ijma3 (majority) , this is a Sunni way of doing things, and it is one of t
  9. (salam) "Giving judgement is not permissible for someone who has not been endowed by Allah with the qualities of inner purity, sincerity in both his hidden and visible actions, and a proof from his Lord in every state. This is because whoever has judged has decreed, and decree is only valid by the permission of Allah and by His proof. Whoever is liberal in his judgement, without having made a proper examination, is ignorant and will be taken to task for his ignorance and will be burdened with his judgement as the tradition indicates. Knowledge is a light, which Allah casts into the heart of w
  10. So now you're judging people? Can you see their hearts to do this? from his website:
  11. (salam) Sister karbalah, please read the attatchments you posted. One of them is the same thing that I posted from Shaheed Sadiq al Sadr. In fact it says that Sayyid Fadlallahs books point to his ijtihad. You also said that he says you can't pray behind him, but it does not say that anywhere. In fact it just gives the general rules for praying behind someone, 3aadil, etc. And for the email from Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, it also does not say anything against Ayatollah Fadlallah. All it does is ask what his opinion is on the riwayat about the issues about harming Sayyida Fatima a.s. and he sa
  12. (salam) Im sorry sister karbalah if it seemed like I was attacking you, but this is a very sensitive subject which I feel has bee exploited and made bigger than it is. Please dont take anything I say as a direct attack on you. Most of the emails that were sent to those mujtahids did not even mention Sayyid Fadlallah by name. The questions lead the reader. You called Sayid Sistanis office, not Sayid Sistani himself, there is a difference. And Sayid Sistanis offices have not been consistant in what they say. If Sayid Sistani has stayed quiet because of fitna as you say, then why has information
  13. (salam) wazz, If you really want to know you should send the question to www.bayynat.org ,this is the best way. These forums have been a source of lies. lets look at an example, ive been reading this lie about Sayid Fadlallah not believing that the wilayah is part of the religion, or not an important part, lets read here what he says in his quran tafsir "min wahi al qur'an" : you can read the rest in the link: http://arabic.bayynat.org.lb/books/quran/maeda03.htm I apologize to those who can't read arabic. But basically what is written is clear that he believes that ayah 5:3 , (today i have
  14. (salam) Firstly, I dont live in lebanon. Just because you did not find the listed scholars online doesnt mean they do not exist, actually you should try typing in arabic for some. But not all mujtahids have enough followers or attention to have a website. This does not mean they studied any less though. Email Ayatollah Yaqoobi. Call him, do what you wish. Email or call Ayatollah Janaati. You're sitting telling me to call marjas, did you try to call anybody on that list yet before you told me that? Since you dont believe they exist why dont you try calling Sayyid Fadlallah and asking him, since
  15. I have attatched a file with some of the names of mujtahids who have approved of the taqleed of sayid fadlallah. The list posted is not the complete list. One marja who is not on the list is Ayatollah Yaqoobi, if you email him about the sayid you will only get the kindest words for the sayid in reply. You can try to contact the people on this list to confirm, however I can say for sure that 2 have confirmed already. I used to have a signed ijaza from Ayatollah montzeri, and I have already mentioned a confirmed email from Ayatollah Yaqoobi. And im sure the others on that list will also confirm
  16. (salam) qudsi_rizvi, im not going to answer all of your accusations because im not going to waste my time looking up every single piece of evidence against the nonsense accusations, im just going to answer the ones i know off the top of my head. Just know that many lies have been spread. Some excerpts from Ayatollah Fadlallahs ghadeer speech, and I encourage you to read it all: http://english.bayynat.org.lb/FridaySpeeches/ke28122007.htm This is another lie. I dont know how this one came about. He says the same thing as all maraja3, which is that you can pray behind them but you must say
  17. (salam) I am not too good at translating, so I dont want to make a mistake. Inshallah somebody else can translate it for us.
  18. (salam) I would also like to post this question which I have recieved, it may be of some interest to some people, and maybe it will clear things up for others.
  19. (I am not directing this towards you Abbas, but towards someone else) If a niyyah was made to recite ziyarat ashura without the cursing, by a person who does not believe the cursing is part of it, then surely he would have made the intention to read it without the cursing. Maybe somebody can confirm, but I believe Ayatollah Sistani says that the version of ziyarat ashura which includes the cursing is not authentic, or is weak, but he says its still ok to read it. This is what i found on Ayatollah Fadlallahs site, "Question: It is said on the behalf of Imam Ali (p.) that woman is evil, and
  20. salam,this is a very late reply but i just saw your comment, jnoub means south

  21. (salam) The Imam a.s. guided us by telling us to stick with the fuqaha' (the religious jurists). Following the maraja' is equal to following Imam al Mahdi a.s. because he ordered it.
  22. Those were probably duas, theyre not considered wajib parts of salat. In qunoot you can ask Allah whatever you want, im assuming its the same for sajdahs, as long as you dont say its part of salaat. Just like you're allowed to say ameen (like sunnis) but if you say it believing its part of salat then that will invalidate your salat.
  23. lets also not forget the conditions of that time. the u.s. marines were not wanted in beirut, and they were firing missiles into the mountains above beirut, naturally you become an enemy when you're on someone elses land doing that. even the marines didnt know why they were still there. hizballah never even said they did it. its just an accusation, nothing more than that. hizballah has never hidden what they do, why would they need to do that? they tape their missions and show them to the world for proof! why would they not be so proud about this one? when you show me proof other than accussa
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