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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. They might have a Shia Mosque in San Antonio.
  2. Salam, I have been sending questions at english@alsistani.org, but haven't received any replies from them in months. Has anyone else has similar issue, i know i can send question at najaf,org but i prefer sending directly to Iraq? W/salam
  3. Asalamualekum, I can relate to you in many ways, but i don't know what is bothering you and reason behind your depression. The thing is following Any religion is hard and you have to be disciplined, daily salats, fasting, and keeping away from many sins is difficult. But that's how it is with any religion, i have a friend who is christian and he feels the same way. The reason i pray and offer salat, or do any other religious activity is because, I don't want to end up dead, without following islam. My entire life, i did not pray or did many religious activities, so i don't want to be that same person my entire life W/salam
  4. Asalamualekum, I know shaving from sides of the face is not allowed and one can shave the cheeks. But is it allowed to trim some of the height “top and bottom” of the beard from sides. Meaning can I shave some parts below the cheeks from sides of the face. W/salam
  5. Salamalekum, Does Khamaeni permits watching TV channels from countries such as Pakistan, india, where womans appear without hijab? There are different answers on his website. Q1176: What is the view on watching satellite programs? And is it permissible for the people living in the provinces neighboring the Gulf States to watch those states’ television stations? A: Programs broadcast via Western satellite television stations and those of most neighboring countries teach misleading thoughts and misrepresentations. They also contain lahw and corrupt items and watching them often leads to corruption, going astray and committing ḥarām acts. So, it is not permissible to access these channels to watch the programs they broadcast. To Look at a Non-maḥram Picture To watch a movie or look at a non-maḥram picture for lust and ill intentions is ḥarām. Should looking / watching be without lustful intention, one does not know her and doing so does not lead to vile consequences, it is no problem Many thanks!
  6. Asalamalekum, I am having anxieties that someone will harm my wife. If she goes out of the house wearing hijab, because of the current political situation. I want my wife to do proper hijab, but at the same time i fear for her safety. I read all the time muslims specially "womans" who wear hijabs being attacked and discriminated in America. What should i do in this situation? do you feel the same way about your loved ones, when they go out wearing hijab? W.salam
  7. no i did not lie, i told them everything correctly about my education, back ground check, work experience. But i did not mention one of the job i held 3 years ago. Instead i mentioned my last two jobs and one other job.
  8. Salam, I would advice read some good books like "nahjul Balagha" by Imam Ali as, and from other notable scholars. LISTEN CAREFULLY to any lectures, majalis, sermons. And lastly Analyze what you read and listen for 10 to 15 mintutes. Good luck!
  9. Salam, I would advice read some good books like "nahjul Balagha" by Imam Ali as, and from other notable scholars. LISTEN CAREFULLY to any lectures, majalis, sermons. And lastly Analyze what you read and listen for 10 to 15 mintutes. Good luck!
  10. Asalamalekum, Recently, i have been hired at a new job, and i am getting training at the moment. Moreover, I have just gotten married couple months ago and was hunting for full time job in the few months. Hence, this job is really important for me and my family. But i have a problem, during the job application process. I did not mention the name and phone number of one past job i worked at. Because, i committed some mistakes their, which i deeply regret and feel sorry. Instead, i mentioned some other jobs i worked at. At that time i was young and immature, therefore, if i would have written that older employer name and phone number in the application process. My current employer could have call them and found out about my past mistake which i deeply regret, and i might not get this job which "i really want". I had other jobs in the past and have been loyal and hardworking towards those companies and received a lot of praise from my bosses. Therefore, i would like to know what is the Islamic ruling in this situation. I deeply regret my past mistake, and if i tell my current employer about one of my last job. They might call them, and find out about this mistake and i could end up getting fired. Many Thanks!
  11. thank you so much for taking the time and helping me!
  12. Asalamalekum, Can the negative and fearful thoughts about the Nikah not being recited properly, void and invalidate the marriage? Even though I know from bottom of my heart that my Nikah was performed correctly almost 2 years ago, My Nikah was performed almost 2 years back, the problem was that “the representative asked me twice if I accept my wife in marriage and I said yes each time. Later when I went home I started getting negative and unwanted thoughts about my nikah, that the scholars are supposed to ask me three times.” Therefore, I contacted a Mujtahid and he said my nikah is valid. But the thoughts would not stop and kept on bothering me, I don’t know if its shaytan, but the thoughts kept playing in my head all day wherever i was. The sending of the bride ceremony did not occur at the time of the Nikah, and I went abroad leaving my wife back home. So, I decided that these unwanted thoughts would remain with me forever unless I recite the nikah formula again. So, when I went back for our “sending of the bride ceremony” this January, I stayed at my in laws house for couple day. And me and my wife were together, and we got intimate and I think we might have done intercourse but I am not sure. Because I had received a fatwa from a Mujtahid that my nikah is valid and I don’t have to repeat the “segha” but it is also permissible and no problem even if I repeat it. Afterwards, "before the sending of the bride ceremony" I went to the scholar and he repeated the segha again. But now I am really confused about few things; 1) was my first nikah recitation valid? 2) the intimate relationship I had with my wife before the second recitation, was that halal? 3) And was the last recitation valid and can the negative and unwanted thoughts about nikah not being done correctly void my nikah? Many thanks for helping me!
  13. An Indian engineer was killed in a shooting in a Kansas City bar on Wednesday, an attack that some eyewitnesses said could be racially motivated. Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, died at a hospital and his colleague, also an Indian, sustained bullet injuries after a white man opened fire in the crowded suburban bar. Adam Purinton, 51, the alleged shooter, thought they were Middle Easterners and was heard telling them to “get out of my country” at the time of the shooting. He was charged with murder and attempted murder on Thursday. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/02/kansas-city-shooting-investigated-hate-crime-170224063319878.html
  14. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/02/kansas-city-shooting-investigated-hate-crime-170224063319878.html
  15. i think if its in hijab without make up than it is okay, with modest dressing!
  16. I was very nervous on the day of my nikah, and after my nikah performed. When i went home i had doubts for no reason that my nikah might me incorrect, even though i have no reason to believe this. But i still want to recite it again and clear my mind of any doubts, because next week is my wedding. Furthermore, i also have anxiety that if i recite it again, it might void or harm our marriage?
  17. Asalamalekum, 1. In order to remove any doubts that a Marriage Formula (segha) might have been recited incorrectly by the (Wakil) representative. Can i repeat the Marriage Formula (segha) to remove any probable mistakes or any negative doubts in the mind? 2. Is the Divorce necessary to Recite the Marriage Formula (segha) again, or the Marriage formula can be recited again without divorce given to my wife? thanks!
  18. Can a person with type 2 diabetes perform fasting, is it safe to do so? thank you!
  19. Asalamalekum, If someone takes a Oath, Vow (Kasam) in the state of Anger, is the Oath valid or invalid? Can you please quote the Ayatollah who's answer your referring to. Thanks!
  20. there have been plenty of discussion already posted on this topics in the past. You can look them up in the search bar.
  21. Brother, i don't know how old you are but masturbation has side affects on long term basis. I am 30 and i can tell you that from my personal experience that it has negative consequences such as knee and shoulder pain. You might night get it at 20 but over long period of time it will damage you. If you have to do it than keep it on moderation and get marry soon!
  22. Salam Thanks for replying. The problem is that one doesn't know who is the most knowledgeable in a single subject, and it is extremely difficult, if not possible to find out that marja. In that case can one just pick the most learned marja and just imitate him in all the islamic laws?
  23. I'd say if you want to do mutah with a christian. Don't be upfront because they would think your crazy, try to make a bond and relationship for few days. You have be really smart about it, and when you think it is the right time, than do the explaination.
  24. what happened anyways? was the site hacked?
  25. i am married but away from my wife due to visa issue. I agree with you to some extent about fasting, i have tried this method before. It works if you are single, and sincere about controlling, personally i feel masturbation and food intake go hand in hand. The less you eat, the less horny you get, one time i went couple of months without masturbating. After that i just gave up, i realized that i can't fast forever and hurried up my marriage process.
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