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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    haideriam reacted to ShiaChat Mod in Mutah is Halal   
    In Shia Islam there are two kinds of halal marriage, mutah (temporary) and nikah (permanent) and each has its own conditions, benefits and limitations. However, since Shias believe that Allah SWT cannot do wrong and His actions are Aslah (most beneficial), everything has a purpose. Mutah is only for those people who need it. As a reminder, it is not good to hate a provision that Allah created for some people, just because others do not need it. 
    Allah says: "Do not say anything false that your tongues may put forth that this is lawful (halal) and this is unlawful (haram), so as to forge a lie against Allah. Those who ascribe false things to Allah will not prosper." Holy Quran 16:116
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    haideriam reacted to Hameedeh in Mutah is Halal   
    It is Islamic etiquette that the husband should protect his wife from difficulties, especially if she becomes pregnant. Does science have an answer to how much harm can effect a developing fetus if the woman and man are not married when the child is conceived? What physical, mental, spiritual or social problems will a child have later in life if his parents were fearful of adultery when the child was conceived?
    Mutah is a legal marriage that puts the couple at ease about their relationship, that they are not committing adultery. If the wife becomes pregnant, then her child is legitimate because she is legally married.
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    haideriam reacted to Haji 2003 in Have Iran spoken against genocide of Uyghur Muslims   
    I did not say that they did.
    What I said was that if someone creates new accounts to throw charges of hypocrisy, it's somewhat cowardly because they can't be held to account in the same way.
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    haideriam reacted to Haji 2003 in Have Iran spoken against genocide of Uyghur Muslims   
    There are 12 million Uyghurs.
    There are 83 million Iranians under sanctions from the US and most of the western world. The only large countries helping to break sanctions are China and Russia.
    So while standing up for 12 million Uyghurs would be noble, if it meant 83 million Iranians would suffer more than they already do - the sums don't really add up.
    And even if Iran did take issue, the same people who complain about Iranian involvement in Syria, Leb, Yemen and Iraq would then start complaining about letting Iranians suffer in order to export the revolution.
    Obviously its easier to post under a guest account to avoid charges of hypocrisy.
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    haideriam got a reaction from Islamseeker in Why Is Answering-Ansar.org Not Working?   
    love the way they have changed their name and progressed onto the next phase.
    an excellent site.
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    haideriam reacted to notme in Iranian Military Commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani Killed in Baghdad Strike [BREAKING NEWS]   
    There's a better word for that. It's called attacking. 
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    haideriam reacted to Northwest in Is Christ God?   
    Respectfully, imagining that a transcendent Deity would condescend to our own projections is the height of narcissism. If (the) God became a hypostatic being in a human body on the plane of mortality, then the transcendent God would have submitted to human prejudices and desires. The concept of the Incarnation thus feeds rather than tempers human sin(s), among them racism, nationalism, etc. (The) God is far above His creation, though He is immanent, that is, present in creation. Research seems to indicate that the apostle Paul played a major role in propagating an anti-Semitic, pagan fiction, in which mere belief in the dying-God or scapegoat suffices. Had Christianity remained loyal to the Torah and its rituals, then many of its later flaws and transgressions and irrationality (among many, though not all, of its followers) would have been avoided. For example, homosexuality is far less common among Orthodox Jews and observant Muslims than among Christians, especially Latin Christians, that is, Western Catholics and Protestants.
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    haideriam reacted to Abu Nur in Is Christ God?   
    God does not change.
     “For I the Lord do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed. Malachi 3:6
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    haideriam reacted to Mohammadi_follower in China will rewrite the Qur'an & the Bible   
    Yeah and I find that a little strange to see that while they don't care so much abort Palestinians and Yemenis they are suddenly crying with uyghurs. 
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    haideriam reacted to Mohammadi_follower in China will rewrite the Qur'an & the Bible   
    Personaly even if I think Chinese government is not "Muslim friendly" I have some doubts about what medias say about Xinjiang. I have the feelings that there at least some exagérations of what is it happening. 
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    haideriam reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in China will rewrite the Qur'an & the Bible   
    Do you think Iran alone can handle opening up a conflict with both the west and the east at the same time? Its already busy fighting half of planet Earth on its own.
    When theres even Shias who burn the Iranian flag with Allah on it, can Iran and the struggling Iranian citizens alone fight both west and east at the same time? If the Muslims united we could for sure confront them with sanctions and geographical trade blockades, but as it stands now we are not united at all whatsoever.
    Now lets not try and derail a thread about China supposedly rewriting the Qur'an and Bible into a thread about Iran, even though I know a lot of people would love that.
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    haideriam reacted to starlight in India - Citizenship Amendment Bill passed in parliament   
    According to UNHCR countries having the most number of refugees.
    Turkey - 3.6M (whole of Europe 2.7M)
    Pakistan . 1.4M
    Uganda - 1.1M
    Iran - 979,400
    Lebanon - 974,600
    Bangladesh - 943,200
    Jordan - 705,800
    Why is India crying about illegal refugees  and killing its own citizens in the process when it's not even in the list?
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    haideriam reacted to Qa'im in "All the Perfumes of Arabia" - Muslim Self-help, Available on Amazon   
    I am excited to announce that my new book "All the Perfumes of Arabia" is now available on Kindle for only $9.99
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    haideriam reacted to The Green Knight in BREAK: Musharaff Sentenced to Death   
    Musharraf is Pakistan's savior. He made big mistakes too. But he is being punished for saving Pakistan. Specifically for maneuvering out of the quagmire USA had created after the 9/11 falseflag event in order to invade and occupy Afghanistan and some of Pakistan too based on the same excuse and more importantly to seize our nuclear assets. It almost happened but Mushy maneuvered away from that trap by agreeing to help Merica and join them in The War Against Terror / T.W.A.T. and also gave them rights to create supply routes through Pakistan. Otherwise the stage was set and puppet politicians and mullahs for hire fired a lot of flak at Mushy for that "U-turn". Our history is evident that NO politician of renown was ever targeted by the foreign backed terrorists of TTP, all except Mushy who came under suicide bombing attack 3 times. Just so you can understand he is a real hero. Then he admirably fought the proxy war for almost the next decade. Pakistani Taliban / TTP (Tehrik Taliban Pakistan) comprised of Uzbek mercs and Deobandi takfiris appeared in the border area at our side to create confusion and malign the name "Taliban" who exist only in Afghanistan, and these carried out terror missions which killed 70000 of our people over the years. Their official statement at the start was "to destroy Pakistan because omg why the Lawl Masjid was searched and their guns taken away and some of them killed for not cooperating". We killed throngs of mercs sent in from the other side, and found they were not circumsized so they were fake jihadists. We found American and Indian supply caches and arms as we cleared out the bordering tribal areas and fought the mercs. We still have a surplus of American military hardware including beretta and Indian firearms, radio equipment, flak jackets, rations, clothes, boots, survival tools and what not flooded across the border to us. Ingredients to make plastic explosives from those countries. At times Merica engaged our forces directly at the border. I'm very proud to write that in response we took out dozens of Americans as well and it made their officials hopping mad because we chose to retaliate in kind instead of just sucking it up. All due to Mushy being at the top.
    His mistakes include having not built Kala Bagh dam. It stems from his second mistake which is bothering with the for-sale politicians and taking pressure from them and letting them have a form of democracy and democratic rights. He was stabbed by judiciary as well which never sentenced terrorists so the armed forces had to resort to turn them into "missing persons" but ironically the incompetent judges howled at Mushy and attacked him in ways. One judge was very well known for being a terrorist supporter, justice Shaukat Siddiqui, good riddance a few years ago he was removed for corruption and malpractice. Mushy should have wiped clean the things especially because he knew perfectly well the venomous and treacherous nature of most politicians and political mullahs of Pakistan who did not let us build dams and kept us in the nineteenth century basically. We still use british colonial era penal codes, laws and police system for crying out loud.
    As for why this has transpired, some days ago there was a big terror event run by lawyers and their associative bodies in the city of Lahore and 14 people were murdered by the lawyers jointly (imagine the level of democracy and freedom and incompetence of the judiciary here). The judiciary also last month let the recently convicted villain since 40 years Sir Nawaz Sharif return/escape to Britain by suspending his sentence based on phony and extremely weak plea to have him medical attention abroad. They were taking a huge amount of flak for that. And now this things seems to be a lash out at the establishment. Personally I think this will be the doorway to give death sentences to politicians and other villains too and a doorway for positive changes and legislation. The mil and current gov may be in on this secretly and will probably build upon this case and use it as reference to provide death sentences to people like Mariam Nawaz and countless other politicians who have been traitors at various well documented occasions and can be persecuted under the article 6 easily same as Musharraf.
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    haideriam reacted to The Green Knight in BREAK: Musharaff Sentenced to Death   
    People are angry at the courts that have been acting haywire since as long as we can remember especially recently.
    - Sir Nawaz Sharif, the villain plaguing us for 40 years sucking the marrow out of the bones of our children through mega corruption, was convicted and imprisoned is abetted by courts to return to England last month because 'no medical facility to treat his illness' while he has no/unknown illness and is otherwise perfectly fine and living like a normal person and after reaching London to his amsased corruption hoard he is found enjoying and socializing and never received any medical treatment!
    - Despite repeated efforts the courts refused to hear trials for NS's sons and nephews stating that the accused have to bve present in order for the trial to occur, BUT, in case of Mushy who is genuinely sick and also outside Pakistan and did not take part in the trial, his medical pleas are ignored and he is awarded death sentence one sidedly. See the contrasts?
    - These same judges and courts have very often been the target of severe criticism by key figures and they lashed out awarding criticism with contempt of court trials to those figures.
    - These courts are off on Sundays but in case of powerful elite, nephew of NS they gave bail on Sundays and not allowing the national accountability bureau to arrest him. Another well known phenomenon.
    -The list is endless. I have written many times that our courts are the primary reason for missing persons and lawlessness and drama in Pakistan. They could not enforce the law but they enforce lawlessness by getting sold and abetting the criminals.
    Big problem now for our judges.
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    haideriam reacted to The Green Knight in BREAK: Musharaff Sentenced to Death   
    Above is the link to the article 6 of our constitution under which Mushy has been awarded death sentence by the kangaroo court (the term should be flattering for them). This article in its present form did not exist at the time the alleged crime took place (1999). It was modified and reworked much later in 2010 by the new and reworked regime led by Asif Ali Zardari after assassinating his wife Benazir Bhutto and transfering power of the political party to him by Condolizza Rice and G.W.Bush brought into power through the help of sold out CJ of supreme court Iftikhar Ch and the sold out Army chief Gen Kiyani who later became father-in-law to his daughter's spouse who is a US mil general. Parvez Musharraf abrogated or kept in abeyance the constitution on 12 October 1999 and not on 7 March 2007. If case has to be filed on him he is to be tried on his action of 12 October. This case is a mere victimization by the foreign agents league which included former CJ convicted PM and active top figures.
    The point being that the law and the prescribed punishment as it exists now did not exist at the time he dethroned Sir Nawaz Sharif. The latter was a cancer for the state and the nation and people had 9 years of respite and happy times under him, who cares if he was a dictator, people were significantly doing a lot better, the economy was great, the currency stable and the terrorists and foreign agents were being hunted down and destroyed. Also as I wrote earlier Mushy saved Pakistan by diplomatic maneuvering in 2001 and onwards and not only that our country was compensated for taking part in The War Against Terror (T.W..A.T.). When we saved ourselves from its great fires which were intentionally meant for us too, the foreign compensations stopped and once again the US punted away its little ally after using it. And now Mushy is being punished for saving Pakistan and winning that war.
    Now lets take a look at the judge who awarded the sentence. (Here we still use the british colonial era system where there is no jury and judge is God)
    His name is Waqar Ahmad Seth and he is CJ of Peshawar High Court. In the circles of PTM (political wing of foreign aided terror) and TTP (the militants foreign added) he is known as "the savior". They say that all that is needed for those accused for treason or terrorism simply have to appear in his court and be saved.
    - From this judge approx 200 persons belonging to PTM have received bails and pardon. These 200 persons were involved in crimes including (a) receiving foreign funding for malicious activities (b) abetting or sheltering known terrorists (c) inciting people against the state (d) raising slogans of disintegration of the state (e) inciting armed conflict with the state.
    - He is similarly compassionate and merciful towards ISIS and TTP militants. For instance, some years ago he suspended the sentences of and pardoned with one stroke of his pen 102 convicted terrorists from the Bajorh tribal area. These terrorists then fled to Afghanistan and reactivated. This matter was highlighted in social media and the people living in Bajorh area wrote that they have been again handed over to the mercy of the terrorists.
    - He also suspended death sentences awarded by military courts to some 68 terrorists upon petition by PTM lawyer. The military swiftly reached the supreme court and plead otherwise these convicted terrorists caught after army operations would have been set free by him.
    The hundreds of terrorists he has set free were involved in crimes like (a) bomb blasts (b) slaughtering people (c) armed conflict with military, etc.
    Musharraf is the hero who pioneered the war on terror in Pakistan, tackled issues like very low morale because the army at first felt it was having to fight "Muslim brothers" and this was a new generation of proxy guerilla warfare and no doctrine existed to tackle it. He took bold steps in that regard and is hated by religious extremists everywhere for that reason.
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    haideriam got a reaction from starlight in Pakistan- World no.1 travel destination   
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    haideriam got a reaction from The Green Knight in Pakistan- World no.1 travel destination   
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    haideriam reacted to Son of Placid in Ya HuWa (Oh He)   
    Jehovah's witnesses are an extra monotheistic branch of Christianity. They follow the same Bible, old and new testaments but add italics and footnotes that are different than mainstream. Of course every other Christian group rejects them because to them Jesus is a Prophet, not God. They have a few strange beliefs but I don't think they're dangerous to their salvation. 
    As with every religion, there are people who are real, and those who follow, go through the motions. I think you could have a deep meaningful conversation with them if you stick to similarities. Just remember, their job is to convert you.
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    haideriam reacted to habib e najjaar in Married men complimenting women   
    Hmm.. I don't think being teen aged is an excuse for lewd behaviour. Bad behavior is bad behavior at any age. A teenager doing this will grow up into a married man who does this. Human is a creature of habit. Or will a nikah contract act like a rolling pin and whack his hand each time he wants to do it? @hasanhh no need to comment on the rolling pin. Metaphorical.
    Proper men don't do this. Proper women don't accept/allow/encourage this.. I don't see why this should even be up for discussion in an average Muslim community. Then again, perhaps I need to get out of my cave more.
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    haideriam reacted to starlight in Pakistan- World no.1 travel destination   
    Condé Nest Traveller Magazine, the world’s number 1 travel magazine declares #Pakistan as the world’s number 1 travel destination.
    YES world’s NUMBER 1 Pakistan beats 193 other destinations to become number 1 travel destination.
    So are you all booking a seat on the next flight?? 
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    haideriam reacted to Ibn al-Hussain in I am on the edge of leaving Islam from serious morality doubts   
    Unfortunately, these type of questions cannot really be addressed on a forum in detail for a number of reasons:
    1) they require a lot of expounding of the issue to get to the crux of the matter and as well as an investigation of individual's presumptions and their validity (universality of their particular moral perceptions across time and space);
    2) addressing actual misunderstandings of what the laws were (or are) and putting them in their appropriate historical contexts to better understand their moral positions;
    3) addressing the flaws of the alternative being offered, such as the plethora of issues with secularism, secular states, existence of very similar laws such as blasphemy, treason, apostasy etc. sometimes under different terminologies. No society can completely do away with criminalizing these notions since every society holds certain ideologies and conventions sacred, even if they differ in how they decide to punish people for these crimes and what the instances of these notions are.
    All of the above reasons require much extensive writing and such extensive and elaborate writing requires a lot of time which unfortunately I do not have. Such conversations are better held face-to-face or via verbal communication.
    Perhaps try looking at https://yaqeeninstitute.org/ - even though some aspects of the discussions are specific to a Sunni understanding of Islam, generally speaking they do try to address some of the concerns you have brought up.
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    haideriam reacted to Ibn Al-Ja'abi in I am on the edge of leaving Islam from serious morality doubts   
    I can only sympathize with your situation, it's a dissonance of sorts. You act Muslim but in your mind these things which are apparently Islamic are irreconcilable with your conception of morality. Within a normative Shii framework these points you mentioned remain law with some nuances. The punishment for a fitri apostate is stated as execution in the majority of Shii fiqh, we have narrations that the Prophet ordered the execution of someone who blasphemed him which Sayyid al-Khoei deemed authentic. Sodomy, even if it is something which homosexuals and their ilk are naturally inclined to do is a punishable offense of discovered and is a grave sin regardless, as is adultery and as it seems a number of other offenses. Even if these are suspended in the time of the ghayba we must accept that these were legislated at least at some point. Slavery is permitted and is dealt with as a fact of life in the Qur'an, even if there seems to be a Quranic virtue in freeing slaves it isn't forbidden or even disliked to own them. And even if we reach the conclusion that the period for owning slaves in human history is over, we are forced to accept that this was once a practice which was legislated and considered acceptable morally. These points are perhaps a bit more nuanced than as you stated but essentially all true within a normative Shii framework. I would say that there is quite a bit of history being glossed over in the "conversion by the sword" narrative, it's frankly just bad. Empires expand and war is the natural tool for expansion of a state, the religious mosaic in these empires often changes, but there are factors involved in it -- e.g. that Christianity remained the predominant religion in Iraq for four centuries after its conquest during the Arab expansions. And that a natural imperative exists in proselytizing as a state or as individuals if one has conviction of truth.
    Nevertheless, none of the above is going to be reconciled with the modern western framework of morality you're operating with -- likely not a complex one either but simply a laissez-faire system as I like to call it. It's just not possible, you begin with different axioms and will naturally arrive at different conclusions.
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    haideriam reacted to Gaius I. Caesar in [SERIOUS] I had a talk with my mother and now, I'm feeling conflicted and lost.   
    I think you are wrong here,  my reasons for not marrying a disabled person, are as follows:
    1) What if she gets hurt or injured in some way and I am unable to help and she suffers? Do you  realize how much guilt I will be feeling?
    2) I want children, if disabled with my  disability, those contractions and the general strain on a body with CP with far more intensity and stress for a woman with CP. It could very well lead to death.
    3) My disability is on a spectrum, ranging from having a limp to being locked in their body and with severe mental handicaps. Everyone has different  experiences with cerebral palsy. However those like me  are few and between.
    4) You said that most  normal people will look down on me and never understand me, that may be true but also my intelligence and personality also, so that usually makes them rethink their choice of words. I think the most arrogant and condescending bunch of people I've met so far are the people in r/cerebral palsy and the Cerebral Palsy discord channel. I don't need to embrace my disability to overcome it, I'm not Cerebral Palsy.
     I don't define myself by my disability like that. Yet I was told if I don't embrace my disability, I would have nothing to overcome and continue to miserable. All of this because I said I acknowledge and overcome CP and don't need to lie to myself or other people in order to succeed in life.  No abled bodied person has ever told me to embrace it, just these people.
    5) I don't relate to people because they share my disability  or have a disability in general. I go for intelligence or similar experiences.
    6) Because they won't have the baggage that my family has and will see through the nonsense. In America, we don't really have extended families in the same way Pakistan, I find that meaning changes. Because here, it implies distant relatives, not aunts and uncles or cousins.
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    haideriam reacted to Ibn al-Hussain in Issues of Slaves and Slave-girls   
    There is no necessary relationship between these two sentences, since something simply being in religious literature and being justified in the past does not always mean it has to be justified today.
    The laws are always revolving around specific subject-matters and if those subject matters do not exist then the law is not applicable. Slavery laws are a good example of that since their subject-matter (I.e. slaves in the legal sense) do not exist anymore. This also does not necessarily mean there is no possibility of the world returning back to an era in the near future where slaves could again become a necessary part of society - who in their right mind could rationally nullify such a possibility? What will you do then? The abolishment of slavery is not ancient history, it is only very recently that it was abolished (there are many economic and technological reasons for that as well). Otherwise its the existence of slavery that has long been an integral part of human history (across different ethnicities, religions, geographical locations etc.).
    Most people have an issue with slavery altogether, not just non-consenual sex which for them is simply making things worse than they already are. Slavery and some of its related laws are very clearly mentioned in the Qur'an - the Qur'an recognized it as an existing phenomenon. 
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