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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just don't understand as to how we could tolerate the likes of him and some zakirs. Then we blame the others for following Diesel.
  2. Thanks for informing us that we do not alone control the domain of Jahalat
  3. You get the point though brother Why would they even ask the narrator for explanations if it(Ahlebait(عليه السلام) ) were not mentioned earlier hence shows someone has dandified/eaten like a goat bits from the hadith .
  4. Forgetting the them trying to mislead the people bit by the shazz bit, it makes no sense. Why would it be the hadith of two weighty things if we were to sdhere to only one and Why would they need such a vast explanation of the AhleBait(عليه السلام) if they were not mentioned above as one of the two weights.
  5. eThErEal, not seen you fumble as bad since I have been reading you. his is what happens when one tries to defend a wrong. One ends up wronging one's own soul.
  6. See this is the problem brother, at least compare apples with apples.
  7. These thoughts and opinions come from qiyas also in that sense. eg you have Imams of guidance and Imams of misguidance, so by your logic we should shun the Imams. Actually the poor guys who espouse these theories are not well versed and the poor indoctrinated ordinary people(incl users here) just follow suit. Sayyid Dildar Ali is a good example that comes to mind that as his knowledge increased so did he start to move to the more rational approach in religion being a code for all times to come. As you say trust you on this or that so to trust you have you read the hadith about how emerging problems are to be dealt with. Fatwas cannot be issued which go against Qur'an and Sunnah. And in the later part how do you know you are not doing Qiyas. Do you know what Qiyas is brother? Simplest example Sole is to feet what palm is to hands, this is western logical thinking which is qiyas. You jumped from saving the akhira to organ donation without a clear nas, which is what you people want. You are looking for clear nas and not the usool for then you would be usoolis without realizing or knowing it for you just have been indoctrinated into it.
  8. Have you noticed it is usually the Somalian or the Pakistani, for we are foolish enough to be entrapped and indoctrinated by these intel agencies. Problem is that generally we are not allowed to think or question, killer is (رضي الله عنه) and the poor killed is (رضي الله عنه). Like as if nothing happened and it was just a puppy play fight gone wrong by mistake. This is our problem.
  9. Brother Aql does not cross its limits as says the hadith. Qiyas and guile are not Aql but what Amr Ibn Aas used thinking it was aql. The innocent use guile thinking it is aql and that is why one needs to be trained in the science to be able to differentiate between the two.
  10. MashaAllah my brother is at a level which many Maraja of the past and the present have not arrived at yet. Brother do you know how fatwas are derived, and let me help you it is definitely not by sitting at home on a keyboard. In India Pakistan it is a fashion to call oneself an Akhbari without being fully aware of what an Akhbari is. This is to give unnecessary importance to the self. Man by nature is rebellious. Brother McIssac had explained it very well a long time ago. Anyway good luck brother in your search and journey.
  11. Usoolis take rulings not clearly mentioned by the usools or the asl as you point out , qiyas is haram in our madhab and is used by the Sunnis. So what is the big difference. You are a hybrid usoobari.
  12. You make valid points there but just a couple of facts Older ladies used to recite this in the 80s and of course courtesy of the Khoja ladies they were friendly with. In the sub continent our marja was an amalgamation of 2 or 3 top Ayatullahs in the form of a book called Tohfa tul Awam( a gift for the public/masses). I think after 79 the awareness in the masses increased in geometric proportion and hence what was known by the very very few came into the fore. Hope I helped
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