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  1. haideriam

    Ignorance and Perfection

    I think brother this is a very fine point and the choice to know only comes into play once any one of them are in the seat of wilaya so to speak. They are protected for sure. This is how I understand it so could be wrong.
  2. haideriam

    Ignorance and Perfection

    Imam Ali(عليه السلام) perfection if one can call it such results from the saying of the Holy Prophet(sawws) 'to return the trusts and accompany the ladies to Medina'. Now this is absolute trust that even if injured etc he(عليه السلام) would be accompanying the ladies to Medina because the Holy Prophet(sawws) had said so.
  3. The occultation or the ghayba is like the ghayba of Hazrat Yusus(عليه السلام) in that the Imam(atf) is here and present but we lack the recognition/maarifa of him and hence when the announcement comes then we will say that 'yes I think I have seen him before'. It is not like the ghayba of Nabi Isa(عليه السلام). Sheikh Shomali had explained this many years ago.
  4. haideriam

    Sermon of Fadak - is it reliable?

    Brother Ibn al-Hussain Without getting into the noise and the fluff Kindly expand on the first one and give us a run down of the second one as he has some references there too which are not the one you quoted. Would all his references be secondary? Appreciated.
  5. haideriam

    Sermon of Fadak - is it reliable?

    You answered yourself there brother. Anyway try not to get personal, especially on social media. The only time one should get personal is when one is sitting just a foot across from the other person.
  6. haideriam

    Sermon of Fadak - is it reliable?

    I think by now a lot of us are familiar of the finding of Noah's Ark and the tablet found in it. From what I could research it was a fake. 1. The paper had ceased publication on the referenced date given. 2. No such plate in the Moscow museum 3. And there was something about the article attributed to the Professor in that things did not match of either names or University etc. Although we know that these are two quite different scenarios. But we have had people fabricating hadith from both sides of the divide. Like you said above the brother will provide us with more insight.
  7. haideriam

    Sermon of Fadak - is it reliable?

    Exactly brother. If someone knows more than me than should I a. Try to learn from him/them b. Be jealous and try and put them down without evidence or understanding. I know the wiser choice and pray and know my other brothers do the same.
  8. haideriam

    How do you draw X's?

  9. haideriam

    Sermon of Fadak - is it reliable?

    Salam brother Ibn al-Hussain Many thanks and I wish we had someone as knowledgeable in terms of having read the same material as yourself to discuss this in more depth with academic counter arguments. It is a pleasure to have people here one learns from. Did you say you had attended the hawza!! Wasalam
  10. Welcome BowTie The mahr is technically different to the one we think of in the Indo Pak Subcontinent. A bit like our understanding of laan and the proper understanding.
  11. haideriam

    Help me choose a new smartphone

    check this one out for $48.99 https://www.wewbay.com/products/p-pz0353bb-eu-128?variant=19840290979940
  12. haideriam

    Iranian Government Stocking Up On Food

    Shiaism would survive irrespective of IRI, Iraq, Pakistan or India after all we have survived the times of the Ummayads and the Abbasids. No learned Iranian would think otherwise. The quality and the thought process would be less aware. And the institutions along with the one man the shias in particular and the muslims in general need to be thankful to. Had IRI been a sunni state they would have been better off in the worldly sense. Paraphrasing "there are many trials and tribulations on the path of Muhammad(sawws) and Ali Muhammad(as)" Shiaism would have been poorer as things stand in the present times. And just considering population numbers without other factors like a state and the literacy level etc would be a poor understanding of the demographic and the projection equations. And in Islam numbers have never had an edge.
  13. haideriam

    Taqleed of today's Scholar

    Dear brother Asghar Ali Karbalai The very first question above shows that you are making up a question from your bias which has no relation to reality. My dear brother there is a lot to understand and read. Do not come into the beautiful 'faraib' of the 'makkars' For last one like laan is not cursing likewise azadari is not just controlled matam. And yes no matter how much of a difference we have we should not split.
  14. Mashaallah Mr Hadith Guy. Well done bro.
  15. Great topic bro Panzerwaffe Here I thought you were our official historian. I am sure you know more but are trying for us to learn and think as well. For sure some more knowledgeable bros will come along and give us the more required detail. Thanks