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  1. Condolences on the passing of your dear Father. May God comfort your dear Mother, you and all of your family during this time of loss and sadness. He was a good man and so are you. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon.
  2. Dear brothers All these points are covered by just the Hadith of the two weighty things, if one looks at the hadith with a little depth and understanding. And just by virtue of this hadith, when understood by other hadith and aya, tells you unequivocally that there is no theology that comes even close except for the Ithna Asheri theology and madhab in fulfilling the criteria of the hadith and all your above queries.
  3. These lists to boycott are being researched by people who work together to achieve this objective. The success of these types of movements can easily be seen in the rabid zionist backlash in the form of trying to use the states to ban these movements. I have answered enough and you will have to get your own answer now.
  4. It is boycotting the biggest and most visible perpetrators. And yes it is hurting just like the Quds march is hurting.
  5. Seems like this makes a lot more sense for the reason of first asking Aisha, also in I believe the book Al Farooq by Shibli Nomani he mentions that this Umm Kulthum was a 'sageera' which translates to about the age of 5 maybe 6. Only snag being that if she was the daughter of Habiba bint Kharija, then why was consent of Imam Ali(عليه السلام) required etc.
  6. Also if it was even Umm Kulthoom bint Abi Bakr who was in the care of Imam Ali(عليه السلام), it would sound not nice. She would be the sister of Muhammad bin Abi Bakr.
  7. Salam Alaikum looking for this book you mentioned in one of threads caliph's caliphate written by some Bengali scholar refuting Tohfa ithna ashari.... please if u can provide link

    ..... Wassalam


    1. haideriam


      Salaam Alaikum brother.

      Check this link and hopefully we can find a source online.



  8. Imam Ali(عليه السلام) is Ahlulbayt(عليه السلام) and the sahaba are not. The sahaba have to send salutations on the Ahlulbayt(عليه السلام) in their prayer or their prayer becomes void. I thought this was very clear.
  9. Exactly like there is a vertical hierarchy too, but we digress
  10. Cherub my brother I honestly thought you were a well read sunni bro. False and or wrong accusations is not having integrity for oneself in the first instance. And please Aqeel Gharavi is an Iraqi and an Hindustani, so Arabic and Urdu are his mother tongues. Though I could agree that he should not have used that word considering the audience. One cannot disseminate a higher level of ilm to students of a lower class' and where it causes confusion. He literally is a master of Urdu and Arabic lughat and connotations.
  11. This is not Hussaini Azadari and is Yazeedi faction who celebrate, the victory of Yazeed really but call it, Hussani victory and not defeat. Our parents make mention of this in Karachi when they used to come from one of the side roads and try and merge with the main procession of Ashura but were not allowed to and eventually scattered once the whole of the procession had passed. If people ask their parents they will remember this from the 'Numaish' area/Lines Area of Karachi. Incidentally just looked on the map with my parents and notice that in that barren ground has sprouted a Jama Masjid e Qudsia Ahle Hadees. There is an excellent presentation by brother Sayyid Ali Imran on Azadari and it being a living tradition (that is evolving within sharia) on Iqra online probably. If not we could request him to put it there or here if he so chooses.
  12. That is why we are to follow our marja. What they deem permissible is fine and there rests some duty on us too. Like speaking against and stopping a wrong but that does not mean that the practice in its' totality is wrong and should be avoided. Aza is a living dynamic institution. The walk, the matam the visitation have been encouraged as worthy of extra reward but we do not seek reward we seek Hussain(عليه السلام). And Hussain(عليه السلام) leads us to Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). Would or could there be anything greater than that.
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