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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i have been wrapping different types of turbans for the last 30 years, this was the hardest to figure out. the biggest clue given was on this site. i'm going to make a video and put it on youtube. i tie mine on my head. i have always been impressed by that neat spiraling and floating effect, the difference in my wrap is i don't use my MAIN tail as the " lock down flat wrap" across the front. i use the last wraps for that .
  2. I for got to mention the amamah TURBAN, mainly wraped najafi style in white or black or DARK green. not that bright royal green like Sufis wear.
  3. the clothes are in three layers 1. the long thawb or dishdasha 2. the jubba qabaa that crosses in front with a "v neck" look or the one that closes to the top of the neck, I forget the name but it is a more expensive jubba like Egyptian al azhar jubba with no collar. 3. the outer ABAA or Bisht with out the ugly embroidery of gold around the front. usually in black, or various shades of brown and some times sheer see through expensive fabrics.
  4. Middle East Collectibles has a nice looking prewraped turban but i prefer to tie my own turban. in the US the fabric can be bought from the online fabrc stores or sikh websites. the best fabric is the malmal or F74 they are very light weight
  5. i saw one sheikh tie his turban on his knee back in 1994 i was in Qatar, the imam was from Iran, he was with a group who were comming back from hajj. I never knew this was done on the knee. I have been impressed with this style since 1979. i use to watch Irani tv in the states. the larger turbans look better to me. I like the way the young imam asSadr wears his. i have been trying to copy that. im still looking for a video instruction. ive been wearing turbans of different styles since the early 80's.
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