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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. You see why us persians dont like ARABS....they aint nuttin but cowards with their ugly towels that goes around their faces...they aint nothing.... IF they had the guts they would of stayed their instead of running away like the dogs they are...tehy think they can attack the persians and get away with it !!!...we killed ENOUGH arabs during shahs time...and killed even more during the islamic republics time...see wats gonna happen to all of arabia !!!... INSHALLAH ALL OF ARABIA WILL FALL AND CRUMBLE....ALL U WAHABIS OUT THERE CAN JUST GO KISS PERSIAN ASS.... WE OWN ALL YOU ARABS ANYWAYZ !!! WE HAVE BEEN USING ARAB SALVES SINCE THE PERSIAN EMPIRE WAS ESTABLISHED !!!!! NOTHING BUT COWARDS AND MALAKH KHORES !!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  3. (bismillah) if u look closely more then half the ppl in the pic u posted are wearing white turbans....so no they are not all sayyids....open ur eyes and maybe u would of seen it :dry: and dont open a stupid thread like this if you wont even look up your facts....!!!!
  4. (bismillah) now now ali imran you wouldnt do that :huh: would u ^_^ ^_^ IRAN RULES !!!! :lol:
  5. (bismillah) i dont care what people say bout Persians because of several things...because of persians there is a real establishment of islam in the middle east...because of us the shias in lebanon took down isreal...and it is because of us who wont let america and isreal come and take over the entire middle east...so say what you want....bottom line is persians are the strongest race in asia and by far we are the most powerful...if it wasnt for the persians all you shias rite now wouldnt even be alive...most likely the wahabis would of finished u ppl off long time ago...and those that dotn like persians a bit of advice...stay out of my homeland and dont come near it...
  6. (bismillah) This topic has been botherin me for a while because i never really got a straight answer... :wacko: :wacko: i wanted to know if someone does get possessed by anything or gets a curse on them how can you possibly help and make the curse or the possessed thing go away...??? :huh: i would look kind of stupid goin to the masjid and asking for exorcisim ^_^ lollll but any how i would like to know how u can get rid of them....thanxxxx B)
  7. :huh: how can that be...just because i devote my self to god but im christian means i get to heaven...do i not have to believe in the Prophets of Allah...if im christian then i believe that Jesus Christ is the lord and saviour of mankind...is that not wrong??? so how do i go to heaven ??? how does the pope get into heaven??? :unsure:
  8. As u can see the Zoroastrians in Iran are not treated bad at all...Infact they pray for the Islamic Republic and Aytollah Ali Khamenei. Ardakan, Yazd prov, April 1 - Iranian Zoroastrians perform their religious rituals in total freedom, respect and peace in light of the Islamic establishment of the country, said a senior Zoroastrian religious figure here on Thursday. Local Zoroastrian priest Goshtasb Balivani made the remarks in an address to a group of Zoroastrians at Hirom Baad rituals at Pir Herisht temple, 17 kilometers north of this central Iranian city on Thursday. The temple is called after Pir Herisht, nicknamed as Morvarid, one of the servants of Iran's Sassanid King Yazdgerd. Zoroastrians from provinces of Fars, Kerman, Tehran and Yazd, present at the meeting, recited parts of their religious book, Gataha, and then performed Hirombad rituals at Sharifabad fireplace. The participants then prayed God Almighty for prosperity of the Islamic Republic system worldwide and for longevity of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei. There are many Zoroastrian holy sites in Yazd province, including Pir Narki, Pir Sabz, Khatun Banu, Narestaneh, Pir Herisht, Setti Pir, Pir Elias Shah, Heram Yazd, Pir Mehr Izad and Chehel Cheraq
  9. As a born Iranian i have to say that i have noting against Zoroastrians because thanks to them they made the names "Persians" and "Persian" known....still today we do their traditons for example...Nowruz...eventhough the Islamic Republic is against it the people of Iran still celebrate it....as a muslim even i celebrate it because it is the heritage of my people....and i am not going to turn my back on them...I will alwayz love Persian "Iran" no matter who runs it...Zoroastrians or Islamic leaders....
  10. wat is the big deal about the pope....i mean ya he was a good guy and all and ppls say that he served Allah all his life but did he not serve Allah in the wrong way...According to muslims if you do not believe in Allah and the messenger of Allah then u obviously cant go to heaven rite??? or is this not the case???....so then wats the biggy :dry: in ur opionion do u ppl think the pope will go to heaven eventhough all his beliefs go against Islam and wat Allah states in the Quran...???
  11. :SL: Most people try to capitalize at the chance of giving dawah and provide information about their faith as much as they can and making dua that with the information provided Allah guide the questioner, hmm but not you. Maybe you should stick in Sunni Mosques, just for the purpose of learning how to speak to people n giving dawah. It will be beneficial. I assure you. But I will take a look at the site. :SL:
  12. :SL: Erm...I want the tafseer of the ayats above. Surah Maryam 41-46.
  13. :SL: Can you bring me the shia tafseer for those ayahs up there? :SL:
  14. :SL: I never attacked your hadith. Jeez you shia are just....violent. I was just saying, maybe you should tell ur muhadditheen to do that. They are not as arrogant as our muhaditheen? erm...wha?I think what our muhadittheen did was pretty smart. makes the lives of common sunnis much easier. Does the book have the grades labelled in it? like under each hadith Class: Sahih? or Mawdoo? or Da'eef? That is also convenient. :SL:
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