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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks for your opinions everyone. I must confess that I'm still not any clearer what the correct thing to do is here but I do appreciate your help.
  2. Dear All, Please would someone point me to a source that could confirm to me whether or not it is permissible to attend the cremation of a friend. Thanks JJ
  3. SA everyone, I've recently been informed that a Scottish soft drink, Irn Bru, contains 0.05% alcohol. Because the concentration is so low the ingredients do not need to state that there is any alcohol present. I've seen the drink served at many mosques and the drink seems to have a dedicated following in the Muslim community in Scotland. I've searched for guidence on the net but can only find Sunni sources. I have also checked various Marja sites but found nothing definitive. I wanted to know if anyone here could point me to any source that could give me clear guidence as to whether or not alcohol is permissible in minute quantities. Thanks JJ
  4. AS All, Just a quick question. Does anybody know what the Islamic status of Langoustines is? I think they are related to prawns/crabs/lobsters but not entirely sure. Thanks Jawad
  5. Thank you Bathool. Do you have contact details because i can't seem to find them on the net.
  6. SA, Does anyone know where i can read this book online? Or buy it in the UK?
  7. 'youth and spouse selection' please could someone post a site where i can read the book online
  8. SA I have had a very painful experience with Istikhara recently. I would suggest that you study the subject thoroughly and make sure you are clear in your own mind about what you are doing before going ahead with it. Jawad
  9. SA All, I was hoping someone on here could explain to me exactly what it means to be Khoja/Koja. I myself am supposed to be one but no one in my family is able to give me a complete answer as to what it means to be one. Is it simply a meaningless label? I'm sure it has to do with culture/family history rather than being based on something religious.
  10. SA All, Thank you all for your advice and input. Whilst i believe i made a mistake in taking out Istikhara when i was sure of the course of action to take, i have decided that it is better for me if i move on and do not go against my father's wishes. One lesson i have learned from this episode in my life is to put much more of my time into learning about those aspects of my faith in which i do not possess sufficient knowledge.
  11. Salaam Could you give me more information on istikharat al tark as this is the first time i have heard of it and know nothing about it. Thank you
  12. Thanks for the reply. I thought i was doing the Islamically responsible thing by going ahead with Istikhara. But to be honest i didnt study the subject much i simply asked my father about it and that was my mistake. I have always been a loyal and obedient son but i have never felt so personally unhappy about anything before. I don't think my father will accept a marriage to this woman under any circumstances. I know i should never put my happiness before my parents but i still find it very hard to let go and move on.
  13. Salaam Allaikum, I have a very troubling problem. I found a very good Muslim woman and told my parents about her. I followed my parents every wish and never strayed outside Islamic boundaries. My parents and I met with her and her parents. After our meeting i was sure that she was an ideal fit and that we were compatible. I asked my parents for their opinion and they said that they could not find a fault with the girl. But they said because the girl and i were brought up in different communities that they were unsure of how she would fit with our close family. They suggested i do Qu'ran Istikhara. I asked my father if i could do Istikhara even though i was sure that i wanted to marry the girl. He said yes. So i did Istikhara and it came very bad. So i ended the talk with the girl and her family. After the result i began to do more research into Istikhara and i found that i may have been wrong to do Qu'ran Istikhara if i was sure about her. If one is sure about something then they should carry out that action but pray to Allah to always guide them on the right path. My question is in the situation i have described is the Istikhara valid if i was sure before the Istikhara took place? My father is convinced that the Istikhara is correct and that if i marry this girl it will be very bad for me.
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