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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Raven reacted to notme in Married & In College....would You?   
    Being married CAN bring great comfort and stress relief. There's nothing better than knowing you have a friend who will be happy to see you at home.
    Being married badly WILL cause great stress and misery, will distract you from your studies, and will suck up all your time.
    So if you find the right one, get married. But don't get married just to be like everyone else.
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    Raven got a reaction from Deewan in Married & In College....would You?   
    Go for it, inshallah khair.
    I’m in uni right now as well, if let’s say the guy is open minded, shares the same values and beliefs as me, I’d definitely go for it. But if a guy comes off as abusive and disgusting than I’d rather be a cat lady, so first get to know him and see if hes the one. Just make sure the marriage does not interrupt your studies and goals in life. 
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    Raven got a reaction from iCambrian in Ban Liberal Enemies Of Iran   
    Just stop.
    Seriously, you're embarrassing. 
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    Raven got a reaction from Agora in Ban Liberal Enemies Of Iran   
    Just stop.
    Seriously, you're embarrassing. 
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    Raven reacted to David66 in Ban Liberal Enemies Of Iran   
    Often, religion mixed with young men with more testosterone than brains and little guidance result in a tragic mix.

    All the Best,
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    Raven reacted to Saintly_Jinn23 in Boko Haram Has Nothing To Do With Islam   
    @Marbles: For the most part I agree, but I also think you are being a tad harsh. For starters, even in Nigeria, vigilante organizations have formed to combat extremists like Boko Haram, but it's very scary when you are dealing with monsters like this who have almost no conscience. If you have scars from surviving one of their attacks, it's just a signal to them that they didn't finish you off well enough the first time. When someone insults the Prophet (pbuh), this is usually something that can unite both moderates and extremists (and even then most of the people you see in the streets probably don't represent the majority, let alone a significant fraction, of the people who usually just stay in their homes). Plus, you have to consider things like national boundaries. While someone in Tunisia or Egypt or Lebanon might hear about Boko Haram and be like "Oh, that's terrible! What disgraces to Islam they are!" most of the people in these countries don't feel like taking time out of their day that they need for work or school to protest and try to fix Nigeria's problems. It's the same thing over here. It's horrible what's happening in Mexico with the drug cartels and gangs, but most Americans don't feel it's necessarily their business to fix Mexico's problems. Mexico should learn to handle it's own issues. It's not our job to nanny them. It's pretty much the same way in the Middle East, plenty of Muslims outside of Nigeria likely see Boko Haram as evil, but they don't feel like it's their business to fix what is Nigeria's problem. Either that or they think there's nothing they can really do anyway except disassociate themselves from such groups and what's happening so that their own image doesn't become tarnished.
    With regards to the Shi'ite community, I'll be honest and say myself that while I am concerned about anything like Boko Haram causing pain to anyone or spreading, I also tend to think that it's not necessarily OUR business to fix what is clearly much more an internal problem for the Sunni community than it is for us. Nor do I think we should have to go out of our way to explain it to people since we shouldn't even be associated with these people, let alone the Sunni population to any excessive degree. I do feel like some of the source for these issues lies at least in part in with the flaws of certain aspects of the Sunnis' own social and religious structure. Our community is more often the victims of these kinds of groups. And so while a part of me thinks we should go out of our way to prevent these problems for the good of all Muslims, another part of me says in response to it actually happening that we should mostly just be concerned with protecting ourselves and fixing the problems in our own community. Meanwhile, the Sunnis should be forced to clean up their own garbage without it spilling over onto our neck of the woods. If they want our help and we can afford to give it, I say we should, but otherwise it's not much of our business to go out of our way to do anything if they are completely content with the way things are for them, I say. But when these groups begin attacking Shi'ites or using fierce anti-Shi'ite rhetoric, then we should make it our business. At least that's the way i feel about it.
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    Raven reacted to Maryaam in Child Marraige Law In Iraq.   
    The age of 9 is so young and it is kind of jolting that that age keeps getting mentioned for girls maturation. Currently, girls get their period on average about 12 - 13 years; however, the "average" range is stated as between 10 - 15 (I just looked it up). I knew one girl who started at 10 (who told me she was terrified and thought she was dying) and one who started at 15 (who was starting to worry that there was something wrong with her) and lots who started 12 - 13 - so guess it is on a bell curve!  Even though it is possible, I have never met anyone who started at 9. Historically, girls were around 13 - 14 before reaching biological puberty - which is when many had their first child.
    Kids of 9 or 10 definitely should not be having babies - especially in some far off rural area with limited health care.
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    Raven reacted to Wahdat in Child Marraige Law In Iraq.   
    ^ The problem is that they all talk theory...and have not seen the act live.
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    Raven reacted to Marbles in Boko Haram Has Nothing To Do With Islam   
    From Nigeria to Pakistan and from Afghanistan to Cairo it's the same story everywhere.

    Take 'Islam' away from them and their violent ideology will cease.
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    Raven reacted to Wahdat in Boko Haram Has Nothing To Do With Islam   
    No the real problem in the Muslim world is stupidity  & denial. Now without acting like a freak- arent those groups all Muslims? Denial never solves anything if you are after solution.

    Acknowledging a problem is the first step towards solving that problem.
    Denying a problem is the first step towards prolonging that problem.
    Write ^ that down.
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    Raven reacted to Wahdat in Boko Haram Has Nothing To Do With Islam   
    Islam was more modern than West and hence it was more powerful than West.
    West is more modern than Islam and hence it is more powerful the the Islamic world.

    not only powerful but also humane, advanced, innovative, and secure.
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    Raven reacted to Marbles in Boko Haram Has Nothing To Do With Islam   
    Just imagine African leaders gathering in Tehran or Ankara or Cairo or Riyadh for the meeting and there Muslim countries offering to send in their troops to help the government of Nigeria. Wouldn't that be a proactive approach for the otherwise slumbering Ummah? But this is something that never happens. When Malala Yousafzai was hit by Taliban bullets and luckily survived she was flown to the UK for security reasons. Canada and France also offered to host her and some other Western countries which I don't remember the names of. But what I absolutely remember that not a single Muslim country offered her take her. A teenage activist for girls education and speaking against the Talib dogs wasn't good enough to make her a hero in contemporary Muslim mind....These and millions of other examples.
    I have long said that instead of victimising ourselves to the conspiracies of the powerful foreigners, and instead of still being stuck in the all-my-problems-come-from-colonialism mentality, Muslims need to own up to their problems and do something to solve them. There is not only denial on the government level, which are led by autocrats and dictatorships of all stripes, but the denial runs much deeper and sits at the base of the worldwide Muslim society. Colonialism was worst in Africa and South East Asia. They aren't blowing up themselves are they.
    When some right wing commentators in the West say that the the roots of Muslim rage lies not just in colonial or neocolonial experience but elsewhere, they are castigated as haters and racists. Wouldn't it do us some good to do some self introspection as a community?
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    Raven got a reaction from Ali_Hussain in Ban Liberal Enemies Of Iran   
    Just stop.
    Seriously, you're embarrassing. 
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    Raven reacted to coldcow in Summer Time: Not Looking At Something Haram   
    It's tough, but like Fatima Hussain said, focus on the eyes when talking face to face.  We all look, but it's the second glance, or the prolonged glance that's the problem.  Next time you see something arrousing think of something completely unarousing, like carpet, or concrete, or poor starving kids in Africa.  I think that'll help wipe the dirty thoughts out of your mind.  Eventually you just get used to them and it's almost like you don't even notice them.
    What's funny is how so many men dictate how women should act as if they knew more about being a woman than women themselves.  But when a woman opens her mouth to offer her opinion, she's told to shut it because she's too simple to understand such matters.  Equality at its best.
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    Raven got a reaction from Jahangiram in Ban Liberal Enemies Of Iran   
    Just stop.
    Seriously, you're embarrassing. 
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    Raven got a reaction from Bilal33 in Ban Liberal Enemies Of Iran   
    Just stop.
    Seriously, you're embarrassing. 
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    Raven reacted to Reza in Boko Haram Has Nothing To Do With Islam   
    Ridiculous that this even needs to be said. 
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    Raven reacted to race in Make This Summer A Good Summer   
    As-salaam mulaikum. For those wondering on how can they make this summer a good summer, here are a few tips.
    If you don't find the motivation and energy to complete your daily tasks such as job, studies, exercise, then one thing which you can implement is the reading of the tafsir of Quran. Reading it will give you the motivation and energy required in your day to day tasks. Try reading Tafsir al Mizan
    Another tip is to eat when hungry and eating healthy food, avoiding unhealthy food. If you do feel like eating unhealthy, then proceed towards healthy food, so once your hunger goes away, you will not feel like eating unhealthy food.
    Physical exercise will keep you in shape, will keep you active and alert throughout the day. And it will even help you with regards to healthy food. Yes, those asking how to motivate myself to eat healthy, well try exercising
    Recreation: if you can, then have some recreation in the form of sports, games, documentaries,.
    Contemplation: contemplate and exercise this power of yours for your own benefit. According to one tradition, one hour of contemplation is better than a year of worship. It really helps relax ones mind and improves your thinking and alertness
    I will update this by adding more tips as days pass by so if you have anything share, please do so. You can post verses of the Quran or hadith, or general tips.
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    Raven got a reaction from Saintly_Jinn23 in Ban Liberal Enemies Of Iran   
    Just stop.
    Seriously, you're embarrassing. 
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    Raven got a reaction from Abdul Zahra in Ban Liberal Enemies Of Iran   
    Just stop.
    Seriously, you're embarrassing. 
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    Raven reacted to Saintly_Jinn23 in Ban Liberal Enemies Of Iran   
    Or maybe you could try discussing things intelligently for once instead of just repeating the same soundbites as you project your own desires onto another country because of the frustrations you have with your own.
    Who are these individuals you speak? What is their agenda? You may as well start name dropping instead of tiptoeing around like a coward.
    All you ever do is complain about people whose opinions upset you because it's "too far" and of course, because you lack the knowledge or intelligence to actually engage their opinion, you stoop to just calling them puppets or shills.
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    Raven reacted to notme in Artificial Meat   
    Eating actual animals is so primitive. This is just what the Galactic Empire has been looking for. Milk, eggs, and even cheese are permitted. Is there any reason why it wouldn't be halal, so long as the source cells come from a halal-to-eat animal?
    *Explanation, for the Sci-fi illiterate: Isaac Asimov's Foundation series mentions many times a "meat" cultivated from yeast.
    I love science fiction because so often it foretells the future! Did you see recently a team is working on an apparently promising way to convert energy into matter? I'm thinking that within 100 years we will have Star Trek type replicators instead of keeping a store of food.
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    Raven reacted to jaguar_knight in Summer Time: Not Looking At Something Haram   
    It is compulsory to get married if we are going to do haram. However seeing as how muslim girls are above everyone, including ahlul bayt (as), to get married. That ruling of sistanis needs to be amended. We guys do need a break. I don't really want to be like a christian/buddhist monk.
    Wouldn't mind being a jedi knight though for anyone who knows star wars... but I digress
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    Raven reacted to Khadim uz Zahra in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    Skyrim is just one lovely game. I can't wait for the next Fallout or Skyrim game. At least, Far Cry 4 is coming in a few months.
    As for Black Flag, damn, with the advent of the "next-generation" console, the requirements have just gone up too much. I used to be able to play the latest games at either high or medium settings; now, even at the lowest, games like Black Flag stutter on my computer.
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    Raven reacted to MFAHH in Nigel Farage Lbc Interview   
    Personally, I think both Farage and O'Brien are halfwits, so I didn't care for either one outdoing the other. Definitely popcorn worthy though.
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