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  1. Exactly, unlike men we can't go outside without being gawked at or looked at weirdly.
  2. I enjoy listening to epic soundtracks from composers like Zack Hemsey, Hans Zimmer (Gladiator movie), Thomas Bergersen, and many more.
  3. Go for it, inshallah khair. I’m in uni right now as well, if let’s say the guy is open minded, shares the same values and beliefs as me, I’d definitely go for it. But if a guy comes off as abusive and disgusting than I’d rather be a cat lady, so first get to know him and see if hes the one. Just make sure the marriage does not interrupt your studies and goals in life.
  4. Just stop. Seriously, you're embarrassing.
  5. The real Iraqi Shia men are off fighting in Syria defending Sayeda Zaynab's (a.s) shrine....and the majority of them are men from Jnoob el Iraq. (Awlad el Mal7a)
  6. Yeah I’m sure they’re happy when 276 Nigerian girls are missing, the butchering of Syrians, stolen lands and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, oppression and imprisonment of the Bahrainis, killing and bombing of Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakis etc… not to mention the starving Somalian babies; that were all caused by the rich western white men whom they seem so happy to please and appease. So I ask, where are the videos of Muslims outraging against these acts? As to answer the OP, there's something wrong with a hijabi and a bearded guy dancing. Why do we have to dance and degrade our religion to make others feel all warm and fuzzy inside?
  7. Raven

    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    1. Ruq


      =D! so sweet, thank you.

  8. I agree, it doesn't look good at all on a religious Muslim. Keep your chicken legs hidden please.
  9. Are you using internet explore? If so, those features don't work on the IE browser....for now use google chrome or firefox.
  10. I usually wear an abaya, not out of modesty but out of laziness. They're great because you can walk around in sweat pants that you slept in and no one knows.
  11. Maybe they can exclude you, such ignorant thinking is dangerous to society.
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