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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Zanjeer Zani and Qama Zani is nothing but Cultural act. No religous value...
  2. Salaam Depends on what kind of Shi'a you hang around with. Islam and Shi'a fiqh teach us to be polite and well mannered. IF some Shi'a go to extreme its not 'Tabarra' which is at fault but the idividual. Although its true at some of the things that the '3' did, but I know alot of Shi'a who seem to spice the story up to show thier hatred, which isn't right. But what can you do, you can't stop every Shi'a for taking their rage on them in extremism, for the oppression they caused... Well, this is a tricky question. There are plenty of riwayat present in both Shi'a and Sunni books which confirm that some Sahaba added Ali yun Wali Allah in Adhaan, and the Prophet never said anything against it. Remember, Sunnah of prophet is not only the things he did, but also the things which he may have not done but never argued its validity while in presence. However, most of those reports are considerd as week and forged. Some scholars have argued, Shayk Mufid being one of them, that this action was not present at the time of Prophet and was introduced later on by Guluw, extremist. Ali Yun Wali Allah is itself considerd as Mustahab and not wajib so I dont' see why people argue soo much. If you have problem, then dont' recite it, theres no harm init. But if you want to make a stand and tell the world that still, after all the oppression and killings, Shi'as of Ali (A) are still alive and following the true message of Prophet (S) and his religon, then recite it. Also, don't forget to tell him about the 'Bidah ul Hasna' that Umar Bin Kattab introduced. Simple...Sunna of Prophet (S). Hadith are Saheeh both in Shi'a and in Sunni books. The only typical argument that Sunni brothers have is, Why must the Turbah be from Karbala? I say, well because the land is Holy. It was also a gift given to Umme Salma (ra) and we all know its importance through the Hadith of the Imams. Its Mustahab to rapy on Turbah of Karbala, but sajda can be done on other things aswell. Same reason why the Malaki School prefers. There are no indication that the Prophet (S) used to pray like this, and was introduced by the great Umar BIn Kattab...Once again...
  4. ^ I don't think thats why our Sunni brethern think. I think this is the offcial Shia postion. Fatima (A) is better then every human that has existed on the face of this planet, save His holy Father (S). The postion of Fatima (A) is the same as of Imam Ali (A).
  5. ^ I just want to make sure if i'm right. Its permissible to do mutah with Ahlul Kitab? I'm trying to convert this women, who isn't muslim but is a Ahlul Kitab. Now she's only 17, and i don't think shes a virgin. She repents for her sin (adultery) and says she needs more time to think about islam. Can i do mutah with her? Do i have to tell her parents?
  6. (salam) I was wondering if there is video of the debate? Thank you
  7. HAHA, best day ever. YOu pakis are bunch of kids.
  8. I think this is the best thread ever! May Allah(swt) raise his rank, and grant him paradise. Bro Ehsan, you have a way with words, very well written. You made me cry!
  9. NO! Especially when the men in your mosque are obesse and look like monkeys. Its just gross.
  10. Actually, some historians have said that Imam Hasan (as) use to wear earings; and i've heard this from several alims. As for what the malangs wear, they have this braclet that kinda looks like sikh one, only it says Ya ali madad... its kinda dumb...
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