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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Happy Eid brother and Congratulations on your marriage. It is a big life changing step. I guess I'll just be echoing the advice of others. My top advice would be from questions 1-7 is to be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin and to embody the universal principles that every human deserves. Like respect, honesty, trustworthiness etc. And being considerate toward the other party and to communicate. Life is complicated. It takes two wings to fly - two hands to clap. Sometimes females are confusing and are very emotional. Study your partner and read general information about
  2. Bundle of flowers It has a few gems Google search and download pdf
  3. Salaam all, I dont want to get anyones hopes up but i've done everything from not watching tv, movies, shows etc at all! Heck i dont listen to music or radio, i dont even go out for lunch or dinner, no vain internet surfing!!! I read all the texts, dua, quran. Its just static I still find it hard. I feel like my feelings/emotion/desire is always fluctuating and i get days where i feel so desensitized... I feel immune... I enjoy everything i do in life and then some other days where its IMPOSSIBLE! Far out! I feel so depressed and when my soul/heart is saddened i dont feel like doing a THING.
  4. I agree with deleting the thread. sayed ammar is the best. Its whats in the heart and he's not exactly doing anything against allahs sharia. You can wear a abaa or a turban, but your heart is dark black and ignorant. So whats the point. Plus this is not befitting for us How far the intellect has gone in 2013, masha'Allah as san would say..
  5. Imam Sadiq [a] said: "Verily, there are various degrees of serving Allah, but affection (and cordial inclination) for us, Ahlul Bayt, is the highest one." Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 27, p. 91 Salaam and welcome to the school of ahlulbayt, the school where all doubts and questions are answered with logic and examples of the past. May Allah bless you. And lets hope we can bring more...
  6. Ask Allah sincerely in your sujud to guide you on the right path and imbed faith in your heart. And maybe read a few islamic texts/hadiths to keep you busy and on the right track. Try to stay away from risky places in fear of falling into sin.. Where not compelled to be ...work,scool,uni etc Imo i dont know how i stopped, it just happened. Maybe sincerity is the key.. I dont know Salaam
  7. So what happens when a very very good looking girl walks past with clothing of the colour red and the tightest black short shorts in the universe with virtually only her bosoms and private parts covered but you can see the rest of it!? ...while your driving and trying to pay attention to the road and intersection. Its impossible not to notice. I had one look( not stare) and my eyes landed on her stomach and i said to myself omg astaghfirullah how could this be, its too darn early in the morning for this. I still feel so bad that i looked, i cant stop thinking about it! I feel as if Allah swt
  8. You obviously dont know what your talking about. We dont need another just the truth here thanks.
  9. Inshaallah, im at phase 4 for now ill worry about phase 5 when it is near! Nit looking forward to it. I'd think its rather opressive to get kids nowadays?
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