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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is exactly what Sayed Hassan is doing, raising awareness of the injustice that is taking place in Gaza. "Every day is Ashura, Every land is Karbala" Needs to be action not just words... We need to actively stand up against injustice!
  2. Salam For someone coming from American it would cost an additional £200 to obtained VISA for Syria and Saudi, and cover cost of secure dispatch of passport i.e. dhl/fedex. Also you would need to pay for a ticket from the US to the UK
  3. Umraa 2008 Seven days in Mecca Five days in Medina Three days in Damascus Sayed Mustafa Al Qazwini & TBC will accompany the group When: 29th of July - 13th of August Price: Only £900 Includes: travel, accommodation and one meal per day If you are interested please contact umra2008@cyconline.co.uk Spaces are limited, we urge all brothers and sisters to sign up ASAP. DEADLINE: 1st of JUNE 2008 Brief Itinerary 29th - 1st Damascus 1st - 6th Medina 6th- 12th Mecca 12th - 13th Damascus Due to the lack of time, we require full payments with applications. Please make a £900 Cheque payable to the: 'The Arab Group in Hounslow' post it with two passport photographs (make sure you write your full name on the back of them) to following address. ICIC. Suit 14, Empire House Empire Way Wembley Park Middlesex HA9 0EW Application.doc
  4. If only we follow the examples of Imam Ali (as), our problems would be solved.
  5. Since 7/7 the UK has been on alert about Extremism. At the end of last month, cars bombs where found in London, and a car loaded with explosives hit Glasgow airport. These events have had a huge impact on the British Citizens, and in particularly the British Muslim community. With the occasion of the birth of Imam Ali Ibn AbuTalib (as), and to honour this great man, a conference has been organised to explore how to Prevent Extremism and to discuss areas identified to be forthcoming challenges for the Muslim community. It is our thought that if Imam Ali (as) was with us today, he would be actively addressing the crucial issues that will be addressed in the Conference. Clearly Foreign Policy has the biggest impact on Extremism in the UK, however this area will be outside the scope of the Conference as much as we disagree with the Foreign Policy, we cannot justify the killing of innocent people. During the conference the following themes will be discussed: 1. The Family: - Family structures in the UK have for many years now been strained and family relations have weakened. The Muslim community has suffered in the last few years with weakened family relations especially among the young and elder generations; the term often used is the inter-generation gap. Maintaining strong and positive relations with one's family is both a religious obligation and essential for a successful community. Today the importance of maintaining good family relations and marriage is so important to the British Society that it will be a crucial political issue. 2. The Identity Issue is very important. Do Muslims identify themselves as a wider part of the British Society and do they feel accepted in the wider community? Can Muslims be part of the British Society without compromising their culture and religious values? 3. Terrorism, the media and Islamophobia: - The impact of terrorism has increased Islamophobia and unfortunately the media has had a big hand in increasing Islamophobia and segregating communities. The Muslim community has to make use of the role of the media in British Society especially as there is so much curiosity about Islam and the Muslim community. 4. Lastly the role of Islamic/Muslim Institutes, with the many challenges being faced by the Muslim community, will be discussed. The Institutions are required to adapt and become more effective in dealing with the challenges. The needs of the community is changing rapidly and our Institutes need to react. We will hopefully look into accountability, grass root influence / consultation, and services providing.
  6. Sayed Qazwini delivers a powerful and inspiring speech on the day of arbaeeen. You may all remember a few month back the enemies of Islam had attempted to assassinate Ayatollah Murtadha Qazwini as he left the shrine of Imam Hussain (as). This is the first lecture he gave at the shrine after returning to continue to serve Ahlul Bayt (as) and the community. This video was made for the Al Anwar channel.
  7. Yes you can participate if your no longer a youth or if you live outside the uk sorry dont check shiachat as much these days i would of replied earlier the awards will be presented at this conference
  8. looks like a great event we have a similar event in london
  9. to submit please email competition@nooryouthonline.com
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