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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam all brothers and sisters I need a little help here i have asked many suggestions from people here and most of you have been helpfull which obviously is a job of every hussaini I'm just looking for wazifas or duas for increase and barkat in rizq and whoever has tried and tested wazifas please let me know here know doubt There are many ways to ask from Allah but then there are people whos prayers are answered within a blink of the eye And one more thing i wanted to know that if a person has jus started earning in the family and they are not financially strong Should the person give zakat or khums ? i need a little verification on that because im not clear my self before informing the person so i need accurate information regarding when and how is zakat wajib Thankyou Salam
  2. And mr.haydar by serious amal i meant which anyone has tried and tested and you cannot judge a person like this i know i have enough faith in Allah swt and ahulbayt that by their will everything will turn good with time yes im pateint since long all i asked was if anybody has tried any duas or amals which have turned successful for them :) Thank you
  3. inshAllah it will be fine keep praying to Allah and read ziyarat of imam hussain and imal Ali A.s
  4. Salam ! I need some serious help here i want to get married to a the person i love we both are syed shia but the only reason is my father disagrees that its a love marriage n hes giving excuses that he is not stable enough to keep me after marriage please iv done amals n duas i knw its a stage of patience but i need some really serious amals to make my father agree :(
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