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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. is it okai if one wears the faroza on their right arm as a braclet and not on their finger? is it the same or does it have to be on the finger??
  2. i dun even get it y owuld they be gay i know theyre not born with it...they just choose to be gay...or lez w.e rite? they cant be born wit it bah some ppl say that they are...?? but i duno but i heard its a sign of qayamat? im not sure...i jus heard that.....?? is that rite?
  3. mmm isnt it supose to be when islam wears out?i duno i dun think islam is wearing out rite now nOW...like maybe ... in another 100 yrz...but only Allah knows...
  4. zgirl

    Science Courses-

    i thought phys was supose to b more hard....oh shoot i TOOK CHEM...taht was supose to be easier....owell summa SKOOll...:P
  5. i use to sware ALOT coz ppl round me all did n that became part or our grammer.... but then i stopped doin it as much....hopfully ill stop soon.....
  6. http://www.renaissance.com.pk/mjuq9815.html Question: The mannat of Bibi Fatima is that once your mannat has been fulfilled, you read the story of Bibi Fatima and then distribute sweets amongst women and children only. Isn't this the sort of a thing that people do when they go to Data Darbar? Isn't this a form of 'shirk'? Answer: I think there is no need to comment on such a senseless practice. The thing, however, which needs to be kept in mind is that making religious vows (nazar/mannat) in itself is something which is discouraged by Islam. It is not a very sound approach to make good deeds conditional to certain results of the future if they come out be as a person desires. The Prophet (sws), it is known, never made a vow. Of course! making vows is not forbidden. In fact, if a person happens to make one he should go on to fulfil it. The Prophet (sws) has said that all vows which result in the disobedience of Allah or are against Islam as well as sense and reason must be broken and must also be atoned for. This atonement (kaffarah) is a punishment for being irresponsible and is the same as that of breaking oaths mentioned by the Qur’an (See 5:89). okay so werent we told to do nasir and mannats? i duno a lot about islam can someone help me here...really confused...
  7. zgirl


    srry i cant help that much but my friend says he dad said music is haram becoz it changes your mood....?? correct me if im wrong ppl...there are many other reasons too n it has bad effects on your ears too..but im sure other people can give u a btter n more detailed answer... Allah hafiz..
  8. i got it as a fw....its really sad how children can be so ungreatful..
  9. can someone tell me where to find the dua Tawassul?.... :huh: plz
  10. WOW...im scared ill do really bad in it...ugh...summer skool.... :squeez: sis plz if u do get a site can u send it to me thanx,....
  11. ^YA ALI brother do you know what the sermon number is? can u tell me...thanks.. :D
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