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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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  1. @hafiz Sister, hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow. We miss you!

    1. hafiz


      thank you. bit busy with life

    2. Hameedeh


      Glad to see you, Sis. :) 

    3. hafiz


      sending love back your way

  2. i miss you for some reason. Ramazan starts on monday. i hope you are well and your children are well too. i dont see you online here. 


    Love and Salamz.

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    2. hafiz


      Im gud. Talk to me sometime. I think ill add u on skype n watsapp


    3. hafiz


      Im lonely. Donf hav anyone to talk abt Ahle bayt as with. I dunno u mention hussain as to a sunni n a volley of insults comes ur way. 

    4. hafiz


      How can i message u my watsapp number?

  3. you shudnt believe in any aspect of sufism if its not in accordance with the sunnah and shariah. @AnaAmmar1
  4. hey you chapli kebab eater. what's up? :D

    1. hafiz


      nothing at all. how are you and the kids? :) 

    2. apofomysback


      doing alright - you tell me?

    3. hafiz


      im gud sis. i miss u. and sc wont be same again if you arent here. may Allah and His  Beloveds as watch over u and urs.. iA


  5. You think you are alive
    because you breathe air?
    Shame on you, 
    that you are alive in such a limited way.
    Don't be without Love, 
    so you won't feel dead.
    Die in Love 
    and stay alive forever.


  6. Love is the surest wine.

  7. The aashiq is alive,

    The others are dead.


  8. There are love stories,
    and then there is obliteration into love.



    The Prophet said that women
    totally dominate men of intellect and possessors of hearts, 
    But ignorant men dominate women,
    for they are shackled by the ferocity of animals.
  10. God so impressed. I wish i got french too. I took a course in college but flunked because i didnt feel like studying for exams.
  11. Unity will be the end, as this will be wat imam mahdi as will call to.
  12. Love your family and don't get angry at them, they'll be your strength. and dont argue with them. make good frends...sc is a good place. and if people are good...sunni shia or sufi...treat them with respect...or love if they're your friends. you'll stop feeling lonely if u are loving and there's people who reciprocate your love without harming u in anyway.and there's many ways to get out of life's problems and there's always muslims and even other humans going thru more. so you keep ur chin up, and ur head turned towards Allah. be diligent but give urself margin of error. the best u can do at ur age is get thru high school with good grades and enter a good uni. study well and push for a job. so u can support ur family. iA you won't find yourself alone. but take responsibility and study. so u can support ur family later and be like a father to ur sibblings and a right hand to your father. avoid people who break your will down and are negative like are jealous or hate you. bcoz you need all the positivity. Pray salah, read Quran when you can. pray for your mother. read durud. keep her in your duas. people who love us don't die. they just go to another world. one day when life ends, for a good muslim it ends only to unite you with Allah, Ahle Bayt as and all our deceased loved ones. her prayers and love will be with you thruout ur life. and read tawassul dua when ure down, because Imam Ali as does give strength. Also, it helps to remember Imam Hussain as...he went thru much much more than we can all imagine...whenever you feel you don't have the strength any more...you remember Imam Hussain as. Like him as don't give up, don't let your strength die. you take strength from his example. ive gone thru rough times in life...and when i lost all hope. i asked for help from Ahle Bayt as and only the fact that they know what you're going thru will take some stress out of your life. to take away the rest of stress away, ud have to study hard and then work hard later. and its not impossible...it doesnt take immense intelligence either. just hardwork. Allah and Rasul Allah sallou alayhi wa alihi are watching over every innocent going through these rough times. But He burdens you only with that which you can bear. So now you focus and study well. thats the best you can do for now.
  13. you cud try and convince her of Islam. like just talk about it. and see her reaction. many people convert even from hinduism. women accept islam for marriage. but convincing may take a lot of time. a lot of patience. i thought this post would be something of like an intro to some good yoga instructor's lessons. like b k s iyengar. no such luck.
  14. ill try that. i got sick of cheese sauce and tomato base.
  15. @Noor al Batul if you could please share how you made the pasta sauce?
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