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    Sermon of Fadak - is it reliable?

    We need a 0 star topic rating on ShiaChat.
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    Sermon of Fadak - is it reliable?

    While appeals to authority can most certainly be utile at times, they can also result in us becoming comfortable with intellectual laziness if used wantonly. A copt-out, if you will. And while our faith is built on appealing to the authority of the Infallibles through the literature of our venerable maraji', this thread is example enough to show how a lack of an understanding of these works' formulation can have consequences. Without this understanding, we're left in an ideology > objectivity framework: seeing the existence of a book by a prominent marja' linked online allows you to paste that URL whenever the argument is initiated, so there's no longer any need to consider the other side; the burden of proof is now to defend the scholar's trustworthiness rather than the merits of the arguments presented. In this context, it feels particularly great because it echoes the paradigm we've grown up listening to, and while we're at it, we can also disassociate from the Sunni caliphs -- the ostensibly more Shi'a thing to do.
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    Sermon of Fadak - is it reliable?

    But no one had either brought up or dismissed Ayatollah Golpaygani when you called Ibn al-Hussain a Random Internet guy? It's patent that you'll dismiss the opinion of Ayatullah Fadlullah on the basis of what you've been taught while Ibn al-Hussain will dismiss the view of Ayatollah Golpaygani on the basis of what he's been taught. The issue here isn't of outright versus tacit dismissal, it's of one party stepping out of line with ad hominems before the other.
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    Question about Revenge for Husain (as)?

    Leaving aside the fact that that's a misinterpretation of what it means when one talks about avenging Imam Hussain, the army of 'Umar bin Sa'ad likely numbered somewhere in the tens of thousands. The number of soldiers mentioned in Shi'i hadith vary as follows: Even literal, physical retribution against the lay soldiers of the opposing army didn't occur at the time as most of the tens of thousands were never hunted down and killed by Mukhtar. Had the Muslims contemporaneous to these post-Karbala movements thought the martyrdom avenged and the case settled, Sahabi-lead uprisings like those by the tawwabun would never have arisen, And when a modern-day Shi'i talks about avenging his Imam's death, he's plainly not referring to tit-for-tat assassinations of the people who fought Imam Hussain 1400 years ago but rather to the destruction of the forces of hypocrisy that enabled the Imam's death. The ahadith and ziyaraat mentioning the Mahdi as the avenger of his forefathers are easily searchable online. "….. and whoever is killed unjustly, We have indeed given to his heir authority, so he shall not be extravagant in slaying; surely he is aided.” [Sura 17; Verse 33]
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    Your Own Captured Photos

    My team lost by 5+ goals so I was just about the only one out of 21,000 people in the building who was suffering. :'(
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    The Short Stories Thread

    My hypothesis is that you have no friends so you can't think of any character names.
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    Your Own Captured Photos

    We were up in the cheap $40 nosebleed uni student seats so that isn't untrue , but if you watch hockey highlights in general you'll notice how easy it is to pick up the direction of the puck from the other hints around it. The sticks everyone's carrying are always swinging towards the same spot.
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    Thoughts 2019

    I think I'm at the point where I've progressed from shaykh to Arabic grammarian.
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    Build up to 2020

    People equate the social darwinism of the regressive left (which, I think, is pretty far to the left of center) with economic socialism. The backlash to the former often co-opts the latter. In America, at least, the economic policies of the parties that promote comparatively farther-left social ideologies aren't that socialist at all. I grew up in rural Canada, not the Rust Belt in the United States, so my perspective might be different. But I've always felt that the uneducated "deplorables" who vote overwhelmingly for right-wing parties do so on the basis of their disgust at the liberal stance on social issues, not economic ones; these people don't necessarily benefit from the corporate-focused economic policies of the parties they elect. The success of conservatives then depends on how they can set themselves apart when it comes to gay rights, immigration, etc. and while the indoctrinated will try their hardest to believe that right-wing economic policy benefits them, it often doesn't and doesn't even need to (as that isn't their fundamental motive for voting that way). Again, this is probably distinct from the situation in the Midwest as a lot of these Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba farmers aren't even necessitous as a result of heavy dairy and otherwise agricultural tariff protection that all of the federal Canadian parties keep in place.
  10. Don'tMakeA١٠١س

    Arabic Grammar

    @Ibn Al-Ja'abi what do you think of the al-Kitaab fii Ta'allum al-'Arabiyya textbooks that are typically used in introductory Arabic classrooms? Are they outdated? I noticed you didn't mention them in your list.
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    Asia Championship 2019

    Iran 1-0 Japan in the final. Australia & South Korea are both not as good as they once were, especially South Korea. They're not even going to have Son until Matchday 3.
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    #55 Do you get enough sunlight daily?

    @baradar_jackson is gonna hate how many people in this people want more sunlight when he gets back.
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    Your Own Captured Photos

    A Canadian pastime (Montreal, QC)
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    Thoughts 2019

    New year new me.
  15. Don'tMakeA١٠١س

    Continue The Poem

    for 2019 resolve
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    Cheer him up! He needs your support

    At least you still have Felipe Anderson, akhi @Ali-F. It gets better.
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    Liverpool FC thread

    Seems highly unlikely. Even Alireza Jahanbaksh is playing with an Israeli (Beram Kayal) for Brighton & Hove Albion.
  18. The tangent discussions aside, the statement Don Lemon made in the OP is entirely nonsensical. My replies were to the attempts to vindicate right-wing radicalism and portray whites as victims that were contained in later posts. Yes, I can see the case he's making that right-wing Caucasian men have been greater terror threats than the groups typically portrayed by medias as so (in terms of fatal attacks on American soil, anyway). See here and here. But the reflexive over-correction that follows—"we have to start doing something about them...there is no white guy ban"—is just as wrong as Trump trying to ban the entry of Muslim immigrants for the actions of a few unhinged fanatics.
  19. The point I'm trying to make is that the second and third cases you mentioned are the same. Dehumanizing the decision to be 'lazy', or placing it out its of context, is illogical if you claim that this laziness is often endemic to Afro-American communities. Let me put it this way. If large numbers of people in the ghettos are consciously choosing to live off welfare, is it just to accuse them of individual lethargy, or are they collectively responding to similar stimuli? I'll qualify this by saying that I'm not seeking to erode their moral culpability -- evidently, individuals can raise their social standing with concentrated effort, but the fact that the entire social group is not doing so in a way that is statistically significant (a point that also throws the "I know a black guy from the hood who worked hard and became a doctor" narrative out the window) points to a deeper cause.
  20. The question of whether or not institutionalized racism exists aside, the underlying assumption of some of the users on this thread is that Afro-Americans are responsible for their own situation, whether it be through 'not trying as hard' as the Chinese or Japanese or some more intrinsic, biological inferiority. The first cannot be statistically significant unless you believe the second, which is even more absurd (even if we leave aside the scientific consensus on this issue, observing the simple fact that first-generation African immigrants are one of the ethnic groups with the highest social mobility in the United States categorically disproves this).
  21. This attitude of every non-European culture being uncivilised and inferior to that of the good Christian European nation-states (whose duty it was fulfil the white man's burden) is the root cause of every racial problem that exists in the Western hemisphere today. The Europeans had guns, which is just about the only intrinsic advantage they had over First Nations tribes. Thankfully, very few people who are even remotely educated have defended this self-serving philosophy in the last decade. It's already archaic.
  22. The biggest problem the white man has today is that he's being 'forced to hate his ancestors who won a country with sword and guns.' A victimisation of unspeakable proportions. The biggest problem every other community of colour—especially the Indigenous and Afro-American communities native to the country—has is dealing with the consequences of 400 years of state-sponsored genocide, racial discrimination, segregation, fetishization, and social and electoral disenfranchisement; the consequentially rampant poverty and widespread drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions are then reflexively blamed on genetics or 'culture.' Yet holding a neo-Nazi ideology is excused and dismissed on the basis of mental health or the contemporary political climate for white men, while Black nationalists are lampooned for spreading "hate" and harming racial relations.
  23. Don'tMakeA١٠١س

    Thoughts 2018

    Thoughts 2019 > Thoughts 2018 ?
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    Messi - The Greatest of all Time

    Marouane Fellaini is the greatest player of all time.